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AdvisoryHQ recently published its list and review of the top investment companies, a list that included T. Rowe Price.

Below we have highlighted some of the many reasons T. Rowe Price was selected as one of the best investment companies.

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T.Rowe Price Review

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One of the largest investment companies in the world, T.Rowe Price has been a leader among the best investment companies since 1937 when it was founded with the mission of helping clients invest confidently and create secure financial futures. T.Rowe Price is not just one of the largest investment companies and one of the best investment companies for beginners, but they were also named as one of FORTUNE Magazine’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” in 2016.

T.Rowe Price Review

Source: T. Rowe Price

Currently, T.Rowe Price has more than $776 billion in assets under management, more than 6,000 global associates, and 16 international offices.

Key Factors Considered When Ranking This as One of the Top Investment Companies

When creating this list of investment companies, the following are reasons T.Rowe Price was included as one of the top-rated investment firms.

T. Rowe Price Review: Values

Since its founding, T.Rowe Price has operated with an eye toward maintaining what they call their enduring values. These values are in line with a sense of character and a sound investment philosophy. The values of T.Rowe Price that have led it to become one of the best investment firms include:

  • Putting clients first
  • Cultivating intellectual curiosity and innovation
  • Embracing diversity and collaboration
  • Being disciplined and risk-aware
  • Acting with integrity and accountability
  • Pursuing excellence with passion and humility

T. Rowe Price Review: Disciplined Investment Approach

Another way that T.Rowe Price is unique from other of the biggest investment companies is because of their approach to investing, which they define as being consistent, client-centered, and disciplined.

The heart of the T.Rowe Price philosophy is guided by the use of proprietary research. This research then directs the selection of active investments and diversification, the result of which is reduced risk.

All of the T.Rowe Price investment professionals share their insights, ideas, and opinions with one another to uncover the best solutions for international investor clients.

T. Rowe Price Review: Collaboration

When looking at what makes T.Rowe Price unique from other of the largest investment companies, one thing that they emphasize is collaboration. Collaboration is an essential element of their investment approach, and it’s a big part of what allows their clients to be successful.

The culture of T.Rowe Price encourages the constant exchange of ideas and information, and this exchange then leads to innovation in investments.

All of the analysts that are part of T.Rowe Price, one of the best investment firms, work with one another and portfolio managers during the decision-making process.

T. Rowe Price Review: Capabilities

Important in the creation of this list of investment companies and ranking of the top 10 investment companies were diverse capabilities, and this is certainly something T.Rowe Price has to offer to clients.

For example, T.Rowe Price has almost 80 years of equity investment experience based on a comprehensive familiarity with companies across the corporate life cycle, as well as insight-driven fixed income capabilities. The fixed income experts at T.Rowe Price cover every major global market, and they develop independent ideas based on proprietary research and the all-important collaboration.

Other capabilities offered by T.Rowe Price, one of the best investment firms, include asset allocation, mutual funds, and a range of services not only for individuals but also advisors, institutions, and sponsors of retirement plans.

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