Definition: What is a Stock Ticker?

A stock ticker provides an up-to-date summary of the movement and activity of stocks.

In the past, a stock ticker was a physical device that printed out the price of a given stock, whether it had moved up or down, by how much, and how many shares of a given company had been bought or sold.

Electronic Stock Tickers

Over the last four decades, electronic stock tickers have completely replaced physical ticker devices.

They often run along the screen of a business network on TV, on investing websites, or on custom software set up for investors on their computers.

What is a Stock Ticker

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They display very similar information to the replaced ticker devices.

They indicate how much stock of a given company is moving, whether the price has moved up or down, what the current price is, and what the differential between the current price and the last recorded price is.

Providing Real Time Information

A stock ticker is a very valuable tool for someone who buys and sells stock on a daily basis.

It allows a person to get current information about the trending direction of a given stock.

Electronic stock tickers are updated in as close to real-time as is possible.

Certain shorthand is part of the way that a modern stock ticker communicates information to investors.

All publicly traded companies have a three or four letter code that indicates their stock symbol.

Green numbers mean that a stock has risen in value, whereas red numbers mean that it has decreased.

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