Intro: Finding the Best Stitch Fix Competitors & Women’s Clothing Subscription Boxes

Among women’s clothing subscription boxes, Stitch Fix is one of the most well-known services out there. Their business model is solidly positioned for the woman who doesn’t have time to shop, providing personal styling delivered right to your doorstep.

But what if the Stitch Fix women’s clothing subscription box is not for you?

Maybe you’ve read too many negative reviews of Stitch Fix and would rather use one of the Stitch Fix competitors. Or, perhaps you’ve experienced Stitch Fix firsthand and would rather use another company like Stitch Fix.

Many reviews of Stitch Fix express frustration over not being able to choose items before they are shipped, low quality clothing, and prices that are much higher than expected.

Stitch Fix competitors and companies like Stitch Fix exist—you only have to know where to look. In this review, we’ll look at some of the top Stitch Fix competitors to see what your best options are for another women’s clothing subscription box.

The most popular Stitch Fix competitors include:

We’ll explore Trunk Club reviews to compare Trunk Club vs Stitch Fix, Wantable reviews to discuss Wantable vs Stitch Fix, and Le Tote reviews to see if you should choose Le Tote vs Stitch Fix.

If you’re still undecided, rest assured—by the end of this article, you will have all the information you need to choose the best women’s clothing subscription box for your individual taste, style, needs, and wallet!

Stitch Fix Competitors and Alternatives

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Stitch Fix Competitors | Why Would You Want Alternatives to Stitch Fix?

Although Stitch Fix is enjoying a huge amount of success, reporting $730 million in sales last year, there is an increasing demand for services similar to Stitch Fix and companies like Stitch Fix.

Part of this is because Katrina Lake, the founder of Stitch Fix, undoubtedly tapped into a gold mine—in 2011, there was no real women’s clothing subscription box service.

Once Stitch Fix began to take off, it was only a matter of time until Stitch Fix competitors and companies like Stitch Fix started to capitalize on this underutilized market.

Although it’s unlikely that this women’s clothing subscription box company will be unseated any time soon, each of these Stitch Fix competitors gains success from addressing a gap or problematic component of Stitch Fix’s service.

Based on reviews of Stitch Fix from fashion bloggers and subscribers, the most common criticisms of Stitch Fix are:

  • The 3-day return window is too short
  • High prices for low-quality clothing
  • $20 non-refundable styling fee
  • Stylists not listening to customer feedback

In the following sections, we’ll examine Le Tote vs Stitch Fix, Trunk Club vs Stitch Fix, and Wantable vs Stitch Fix to see how each Stitch Fix competitor fills the gaps left by other women’s clothing subscription boxes.

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Stitch Fix Competitors | Le Tote vs Stitch Fix

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in San Francisco, Le Tote is a fast-moving startup that seeks to make connecting with fashion easy, convenient, and affordable.

Often called “the Netflix of fashion,” Le Tote stands out among other Stitch Fix competitors because they allow subscribers to both buy and rent clothes online.

Here’s a quick overview of how this Stitch Fix competitor works:

  • Select the styles that you love and add them to your virtual closet
  • Items are taken from your closet and moved to your tote
  • View your tote beforehand and make changes
  • Wear clothing and accessories for as long as you like
  • If you love something, keep it (at a discounted price)
  • Send the rest back and order a new box (no laundering necessary)

Trunk Club Reviews

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Le Tote vs Stitch Fix—The Basics

When considering Stitch Fix vs Le Tote, both companies operate on a similar business model but have their own unique characteristics.

If you’re thinking about Le Tote vs Stitch Fix, here are a few key differences between the two women’s clothing subscription box services:

  • Le Tote lets you browse their inventory and choose items to try
  • Stitch Fix gives subscribers no control over what items they receive
  • Le Tote subscriptions allow you to buy and rent clothes online
  • Stitch Fix is a purchase-only women’s clothing subscription box
  • Le Tote will send gently used items
  • Stitch Fix will send brand new items

Another big difference to consider between Le Tote vs Stitch Fix is how their pricing models work. As one of the top Stitch Fix competitors, Le Tote offers one tote per month or unlimited totes, meaning that subscribers could exchange their closet multiple times.

Currently, their monthly pricing plans to rent clothes online are as follows:

Women's Clothing Subscription Box

Photo courtesy of: Le Tote

Of course, while comparing Le Tote vs Stitch Fix, there are a few similarities to be had between the two. For those choosing between Stitch Fix vs Le Tote, it might be worthwhile to consider that, similar to Stitch Fix, Le Tote also offers:

  • Maternity clothing
  • Free shipping and returns
  • New and traditional designer brands

Le Tote vs Stitch Fix—Le Tote Reviews

For the most part, Le Tote is bringing in great reviews from fashion bloggers as one of the top Stitch Fix competitors.

Nearly all of them praise the company for allowing subscribers to view their women’s clothing subscription box and make changes before it gets shipped out.

Others liked the wide selection of wardrobe basics, while some criticized the Le Tote inventory for not being adventurous enough.

Overall, however, bloggers seem to have a high opinion of Le Tote and their service to rent clothes online. If you’re still deciding between Le Tote vs Stitch Fix, check out the links below to read reviews from fashion bloggers:

There are, however, some Le Tote reviews that may make new subscribers pause when choosing between Stitch Fix vs Le Tote. While there are only 9 reviews posted on the Better Business Bureau, all of them are negative.

Additionally, there are 25 complaints registered through the Better Business Bureau. Complaints and negative reviews seem to focus on credit cards being charged even after cancelling their subscription, and clothes arriving with visible wear and tear.

Le Tote does seem to be responding to all complaints and actively resolving them, which has given the company an ‘A+’ rating with the company, despite the negative reviews.

Le Tote vs Stitch Fix—The Verdict

Ultimately, choosing between Stitch Fix vs Le Tote will come down to your personal preferences regarding price, quality, and the structure of each women’s clothing subscription box.

Le Tote will be one of the best Stitch Fix competitors for women who:

  • Like the idea of temporarily refreshing their wardrobe on a regular basis
  • Don’t mind taking the chance of clothes arriving with a little wear and tear
  • Want a flat-rate subscription that gives them unlimited exchanges
  • Find themselves getting tired and bored with their clothing purchases
  • Want the ability to try clothes out for an extended period of time before purchasing

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Stitch Fix Competitors | Trunk Club vs Stitch Fix

Trunk Club was once a subscription box that catered to men, but after its acquisition by Nordstrom in 2014, they expanded their services to include Trunk Club for Women.

With a large inventory of high-quality apparel, Trunk Club strives to provide exceptional value and customer service within the women’s clothing subscription box market.

Before choosing between Trunk Club vs Stitch Fix, here’s a quick overview of how this company like Stitch Fix works:

  • Take a style profile to answer questions about your fit, style, and budget
  • Chat with your personal stylist via phone or instant messenger
  • Review the items in your trunk and make changes within 48 hours
  • Return anything you don’t want within 5 days

Trunk Club vs Stitch Fix—The Basics

When considering Stitch Fix vs Trunk Club, there are a few key differences to keep in mind about these two women’s clothing subscription boxes:

  • Trunk Club makes it easy to directly connect with your personal stylist
  • You may get multiple stylists with Stitch Fix, though you can request the same one if they are available
  • Trunk Club allows you to see your shipment and make changes
  • Stitch Fix does not let you view your shipment beforehand
  • Trunk Club sends 6-10 items per trunk
  • Stitch Fix sends 5 items per fix
  • Trunk Club gives you 5 days to send items back
  • Stitch Fix gives you 3 days to send items back

Another big difference between Trunk Club vs Stitch Fix is the overall pricing of the clothing. Our Trunk Club review found that this Stitch Fix competitor is likely to have higher price points, which may not be surprising considering that the clothing is supplied by Nordstrom.

While Trunk Club advertises a range of budgets, their prices are significantly higher than that of other Stitch Fix competitors. For example, their dresses range between $60-$500, and denim typically falls between $60-$300.

Conversely, the average price point of items from Stitch Fix is $55. The difference in pricing between the two could make a significant difference for those choosing between Stitch Fix vs Trunk Club.

Stitch Fix Competitors

Photo courtesy of: Trunk Club

While there are plenty of differences between Trunk Club vs Stitch Fix, the two companies operate on similar principles. Similar to Stitch Fix, Trunk Club offers:

  • Free shipping and returns
  • $25 non-refundable styling fee (applied towards purchases)
  • Detailed style profile to determine fit, preference, and budget
  • Ability to order recurring shipments or one-time shipments

Trunk Club vs Stitch Fix—Trunk Club Reviews

Trunk Club reviews from fashion bloggers and journalists can be found from Yahoo! Finance, People Magazine, and everything in-between.

Each Trunk Club review praises the quality of clothing and the high degree to which they feel that their stylist “really gets it.” Although all Trunk Club reviews mention that the higher prices made it impossible to purchase everything, the price points did not seem to detract from the overall value of the experience.

In fact, many Trunk Club reviewers—like Amelia Madden—surprised themselves by keeping one or two items, despite the higher prices.

If you want additional input on Trunk Club vs Stitch Fix, take a look at the Trunk Club reviews below:

While Trunk Club reviews from news outlets and bloggers are universally positive, it’s impossible to find positive Trunk Club reviews from traditional customer review sites.

In fact, even the Better Business Bureau only has 5 Trunk Club reviews.

While one Trunk Club review clearly applies to the women’s clothing subscription box, it’s unclear as to how many other Trunk Club reviews are talking about the men’s or the women’s service.

There are also 5 complaints that have been filed against Trunk Club, primarily for billing issues. Still, the Better Business Bureau has awarded the company with an ‘A+’ rating for promptly responding to and resolving customer issues—and for our Trunk Club review, that’s a great sign.

Trunk Club vs Stitch Fix—The Verdict

Choosing between Stitch Fix vs Trunk Club will ultimately come down to your personal budget, how many items you want delivered, and your preference for Nordstrom brand names.

Ultimately, our Trunk Club review found that Trunk Club for Women will be the best Stitch Fix competitor for subscribers who:

  • Want access to more expensive designers
  • Prefer the ability to view and change their items before shipping
  • Don’t mind paying extra for higher quality clothing
  • Would rather choose from a wider selection of clothing
  • Prefer direct contact with their stylist via phone or messaging

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Stitch Fix Competitors | Wantable vs Stitch Fix

With a mission to promote beauty, style, and fashion, Wantable is the most diverse Stitch Fix competitor.

Rather than focus simply on providing a women’s clothing subscription box, Wantable gives subscribers the option to receive products across five different categories:

  • Style—Clothing and accessories
  • Fitness—Performance and athleisure
  • Makeup—Full-sized, luxury products
  • Men’s Fitness—Performance and loungewear
  • Intimates—Choose from cozy, sexy, or polished collections

Regardless of the category you choose, here’s a quick overview of how this Stitch Fix competitor works:

  • Pick a category and complete a brief quiz
  • Receive 3-7 handpicked items (depending on your category)
  • Buy the things you love & return the things that you don’t

Wantable vs Stitch Fix—The Basics

Because Wantable offers a wide range of products not offered by Stitch Fix—like makeup, intimates, and fitness wear—it’s difficult to compare Wantable vs Stitch Fix.

For our Wantable review, we’ll focus primarily on the Style boxes (called Edits) to fairly compare Wantable vs Stitch Fix as a viable Stitch Fix competitor.

When it comes to the women’s clothing subscription box, there are a few key differences between Stitch Fix vs Wantable to consider:

  • Wantable sends 5-7 items each month, whereas Stitch Fix sends 5
  • Stitch Fix provides a 25% discount if all 5 items are purchased
  • Wantable provides a 20% discount if you keep 5 or more items
  • Stitch Fix focuses primarily on clothing and accessories
  • Wantable allows subscribers to take advantage of multiple types of subscriptions, including beauty and intimates

Stitch Fix Competitor

Photo courtesy of: Wantable

While there are plenty of differences between Wantable vs Stitch Fix, the two companies operate on similar principles. As one of the top companies like Stitch Fix, Wantable also offers:

  • Free shipping and free returns
  • A $20 styling fee that can be applied towards your purchase
  • A customized lifestyle quiz to identify your budget, style, and preferences
  • Men’s clothing options

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Wantable vs Stitch Fix—Wantable Reviews

Wantable reviews from fashion bloggers are filled with positive comments on the women’s clothing subscription box. Common themes included feeling as though stylists truly listened to their needs and providing them with fun, fashionable pieces.

One Wantable reviewer even noted that, when comparing Stitch Fix vs Wantable, although the pricing seemed similar, the quality of clothing was much higher at Wantable.

To see exactly what fashion bloggers said in their own Wantable reviews, check out the links below:

SiteJabber contains only 6 Wantable reviews, which makes it difficult to determine the value of this Stitch Fix competitor. With a total score of 1.5 stars, the vast majority of these Wantable reviews are negative.

It’s worth noting that nearly every negative Wantable review expressed frustration over stylists not listening to their feedback or ignoring their preferences listed in their lifestyle quiz.

The Better Business Bureau has no Wantable reviews listed, and there is a total of 9 complaints. However, our Wantable review took a closer look, and perhaps the complaints should be taken with a grain of salt.

There are a handful of negative Wantable reviews that seem to have resulted from fraudulent or unfair customer complaints. Here’s an excerpt from an email sent from a Wantable representative to the Better Business Bureau:

Over the course of two weeks, ****** emailed us 15 times.  All of which were extremely combative and uncooperative.  We explained several times that we would refund her if she sent the product back.  She refused to do so, claiming we were a fraudulent company.  The Customer Advocate even included a youtube clip to show her how the process works.  She simply ignored the request to send the product back.  

Wantable vs Stitch Fix—The Verdict

When comparing Wantable vs Stitch Fix, our Wantable review found that the two companies are the most similar in price and basic structure of their women’s clothing subscription boxes.

Compared to other Stitch Fix competitors, Wantable is probably best suited for subscribers who:

  • Don’t mind the Stitch Fix model, but are looking for something slightly different
  • Want to get a few extra items every now and then
  • Like the ability to get multiple boxes from the same company

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Conclusion: Which Stitch Fix Competitor is Right for You?

After reviewing each Stitch Fix competitor and company like Stitch Fix, how can you determine which women’s clothing subscription box is right for you?

Make sure you evaluate each Stitch Fix competitor closely, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is their average price point? Am I willing to pay it?
  • Would I rather pick out each item myself, or be surprised?
  • How many items come in each delivery?
  • Do the stylists pay attention to each shopper’s individual style?
  • Do I have enough time to decide on what to keep?
  • Do I feel comfortable with potentially losing the styling fee if I don’t find anything I like?

Whether you’re choosing between Le Tote, Wantable, or Trunk Club vs Stitch Fix, make sure you look at the reviews for each Stitch Fix competitor to identify any potential problem areas or additional questions that you may have.

Although Stitch Fix may not be right for everyone, there is one thing for certain—Stitch Fix competitors are everywhere! With new products and companies appearing every day, the era of the women’s clothing subscription box is just the beginning.

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