Intro: Snapdeal Review | Is Snapdeal Safe? What You Should Know About Snapdeal

Consumers have begun to recognize that global ecommerce sites are becoming the norm for online shopping. Companies such as Alibaba are relatively well-known in this sector, but what do you know about Snapdeal?

Similar to other online ecommerce platforms, Snapdeal’s presence in the online marketplace has only grown over the past five years.

There is increased consumer interest in learning more about Snapdeal and the services it offers to customers around the globe. Shoppers are asking questions like:

  • What can you tell me about Snapdeal?
  • What are the primary Snapdeal complaints?
  • What is special about Snapdeal offers?
  • Is there a Snapdeal app?

In our detailed Snapdeal review, we aim to answer all of these questions and more. As a consumer, you want to know more information about the places where you choose to spend your hard-earned money. Our Snapdeal review will help you to decide if Snapdeal online shopping is for you.

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What Do You Know About Snapdeal?

Founders Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal didn’t create their business to focus on Snapdeal online shopping.

Instead, the page originally focused on local group deals and Snapdeal promos, similar to an Indian version of Groupon. However, they weren’t satisfied with what the site had to offer consumers, so at a board meeting in the tail end of 2011, Bahl and Bansal shocked their investors by declaring that they were changing the vision and the model behind Snapdeal.

After surveying the way that Chinese ecommerce site Alibaba worked, Bahl and Bansal decided to create a Snapdeal online shopping model that would function similarly in India. Vendors are allowed to sell their wares through the site after entering into a legal agreement to sell high-quality goods.

The two men created the first online marketplace of its kind in India. Business has since boomed, making Snapdeal online shopping the largest ecommerce site after Flipkart. At one point in time, they were adding a new product to their page every twenty seconds.

In June of 2016, Amazon announced a significant investment into Snapdeal online shopping. They pledged $3 billion dollars to the startup in order to assist its growth in foreign markets. A quick Snapdeal review of finances points to a total of $5 billion invested in the company so far.

With big-name investors coming alongside and behind the Snapdeal brand, Snapdeal reviews are mostly positive. So far, they have been associated with Alibaba, eBay, and Amazon – three big names for ecommerce platforms that have set the bar high for successful online shopping.

Snapdeal reviews its own work constantly, aiming to set goals that push them into the lead position. Currently, Snapdeal boasts millions of users and over 300,000 vendors on their online marketplace. Even people living in remote regions of India have heard about Snapdeal, and the company strives to reach those individuals. As of this writing, they deliver to over 6,000 towns and cities within the country.

What do you know about Snapdeal online shopping? What sort of products can you purchase from their vendors? With more than 35 million products across 800 categories, Snapdeal offers something from virtually every shopping sector you could imagine. You can search for Snapdeal shoes, Snapdeal watches, and Snapdeal mobile phones just to get a taste of the vast selection of products available.

snapdeal offers

Image from Snapdeal

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Snapdeal App

The Snapdeal mobile app expands the ease of use for Snapdeal online shopping. Those who are curious about Snapdeal watches or Snapdeal shoes can click through the Snapdeal app (available for iPhone or Android) to browse through the deals.

Because Snapdeal is based in India, mobile phone usage is still on the rise, as is the use of the Snapdeal app. Just a couple of years ago, 150 million people in India had access to the web through mobile devices, even though it was slower than what consumers stateside are accustomed to.

Of those who accessed the site through the Snapdeal app, 55 to 65 percent of their orders were received through this method, leading to an anticipated 75 to 85 percent Snapdeal app order placement over the course of the next two years. The conversion rate for the Snapdeal app was significantly higher than that for PC users.

Taking a look at the download options for the Snapdeal mobile app, it seems that end users are pleased with the overall feel and navigation of the Snapdeal app. With over 1 million Snapdeal reviews and downloads, the Snapdeal app is still able to maintain a 4.1-star rating with over 77 percent of those users giving it four stars or higher. If you have any doubts about the quality or ease of use on the Snapdeal app, the numerous glowing Snapdeal reviews should quickly dispel those feelings.

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Snapdeal Reviews

What is it about Snapdeal that users enjoy so much? Is it the quality of the Snapdeal shoes or Snapdeal watches that Snapdeal offers? Is it because of a Snapdeal promo code that saves users additional money? We are going to take a look at the favorite features cited in Snapdeal reviews.

First and foremost, most consumers applaud the vast selection that Snapdeal offers to consumers. No matter what sort of product you are interested in, you’re likely to find some version of it through Snapdeal’s ecommerce platform. By allowing third-party merchants to sell their own wares, Snapdeal offers consumers better pricing by eliminating the middleman or by having to offset the cost of their own inventory.

Second, Snapdeal reviews its own policies and has created great tools to make buyers feel more secure in their purchases through the site. Most notably, Snapdeal offers shipping through their logistics partners and through their order fulfillment system, SafeShip. The seller must package your Snapdeal mobile phone or other items and get the order ready, but the courier picks up the package from the vendor in order to ship to the customer.

Snapdeal does not review the order once it is packaged, but this does eliminate the issue of tracking shipments placed from third-party sources. Consumers are quickly and easily given a tracking number on each shipment.

Third, the payment services that Snapdeal offers are very likely to be secure. There are few Snapdeal complaints regarding a scam or phishing from their payment options. In fact, Snapdeal offers a program known as TrustPay,which is closely affiliated with and modeled after eBay India’s own Paisapay. Instead of automatically issuing payment to the vendor, Snapdeal online shopping order money is placed in escrow for one week until Snapdeal reviews the order and sees that it has shipped.

snapdeal online shopping

Image from Snapdeal

TrustPay also features a couple of other unique features: a seven day return policy, 100 percent payment protection on every order, and a guarantee of authentic items. According to the Snapdeal review on their policy, “all purchases on Snapdeal are new and genuine.” Vendors who sell through their ecommerce platform are legally bound to sell new and genuine items — nothing used, duplicated, or a knock-off.

There are very few Snapdeal complaints from this Indian ecommerce platform. Most of its users have positive Snapdeal reviews, even with a lack of Snapdeal promo code offers. Overall, the Snapdeal reviews are positive.

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Snapdeal Complaints

With the majority of the Snapdeal reviews featuring positive comments, even as the company is still in its formative years, it is important to acknowledge a few Snapdeal complaints. As with all ecommerce sites that allow consumers to purchase goods through third party vendors, it can be difficult to offer a Snapdeal review of each individual product. Even though Snapdeal does handle all shipping through the SafeShip program, they do not get to see whether your Snapdeal mobile phone or Snapdeal shoes made it into the box.

Early last year, The Times of India ran a story on a vendor who shipped a customer pieces of wood instead of the iPhones he originally ordered. In response to one of these rather egregious Snapdeal complaints, the company promised to rectify the situation and was investigating the use of tamper-proof packaging to prevent similar issues in the future. Similar Snapdeal complaints have been made of receiving used products instead of the new ones that were promised.

The legal agreements that each vendor must enter into before selling their wares on the site is supposed to prevent situations like these from arising. Snapdeal reviews each of their vendors to ensure that they have the ability to send quality, original products.

Other Snapdeal complaints come from those who desire to see the availability of more Snapdeal promo code offers. Unfortunately, with so many different vendors, there do not appear to be may Snapdeal promo code offers. However, they do offer daily deals (similar to Amazon’s daily Lightning Deals) that spotlight items with steep discounts.


Is Snapdeal online shopping for you? Snapdeal offers such a broad array of items from Snapdeal watches and Snapdeal shoes to Snapdeal mobile phones and more that many consumers could spend hours clicking through their virtual storefront. While it is technically an ecommerce platform with third-party sellers responsible for the materials you receive, it seems that Snapdeal reviews sellers and their products before allowing them to sell through the site.

Whether you look at the Snapdeal reviews or just browse through their popular Snapdeal app, you will likely find many positive features about this Indian online marketplace. Snapdeal is quickly becoming one of the most successful startups in India, valued around $5 billion in the United States though it only services India.

When it comes down to it, Snapdeal decision to change from a daily deals site to an online marketplace was a smart call. Consumers in India should be able to trust the reliability and quality of the products they receive from Snapdeal, even if there are a few Snapdeal complaints floating around out there.

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