2017 Guide: Finding the Best Sites for Senior Travel Insurance Coverage

It’s certainly no secret that traveling at 60 or 70 years of age will be a much different experience than traveling at 20 or 30. As age increases, health risks and difficulties with mobility will naturally increase. 

While traveling may not be as effortless as it once was, seniors can certainly continue to safely travel. In fact, many wait until retirement in order to plan their vacations and trips. People are staying younger for longer, and they are continuing to stay active far into their golden years.

Thankfully, with travel insurance for seniors, exploring the world and welcoming new experiences is safely within reach.  

Sites to Get Travel Insurance For Seniors

Award Emblem: Sites to Get Travel Insurance for Seniors

Navigating through over 65 travel insurance policies can quickly become a complicated process. With so many available options, it can certainly be difficult to find the cheapest travel insurance for over 50s.

Many insurance providers offer travel insurance coverage online, which makes finding the best travel insurance for seniors a much more convenient process. Today, travel insurance for over 70 can be purchased from the comfort of your own home, though it helps to know where to look.

Our review will take an in-depth look at the best sites to find travel insurance for seniors. Whether looking for cheap holiday insurance for over 50s or travel insurance for over 80, these sites are a great starting point.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Best Sites for Senior Travel Insurance Coverage

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the website names below to go directly to the detailed review section for that website):

Top 6 Best Travel Insurance for Over 65 Sites | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Best Travel Insurance for Over 65 Sites

Pre-Existing Condition Waiver Available?

Types of Travel Insurance for Seniors

Allianz Global Assistance






Insure & Go USA












Table: Top 6 Best Travel Insurance Coverage Sites | Above list is sorted alphabetically

Common Risks for Travelers 65 or Over

Travel insurance for over 65 is popular for multiple reasons. As age increases, there are a few unique issues that begin to appear, making travel insurance for seniors much different than traditional travel insurance coverage.

When considering travel insurance for over 65 or travel insurance for over 80, keep in mind the following risks that senior travelers commonly face:

  • Issues with pre-existing medical conditions: Travel insurance for over 65 is extremely important for medical reasons. If a pre-existing medical condition flares up during travel, medical coverage may be denied unless the correct travel insurance for seniors is in place. Travel insurance coverage helps keep all branches of insurance informed, so insurance providers can be prepared to act quickly and efficiently when called upon for assistance.
  • Medical emergencies: No one wants to consider the possibility of a medical emergency while on a trip, but it certainly does happen. Because travel so often involves new landscapes, environments, climates, activities, and foods, medical emergencies are much more common amongst senior travelers. Purchasing over 65 travel insurance can ensure that medical emergencies can be quickly and efficiently resolved.
  • Cancellations: While they try to avoid it as much as possible, cruises and tours have been known to cancel or reschedule. Unfortunately, not all of these activities allow for reimbursement. Purchasing travel insurance for seniors can provide peace of mind and help recover the cost of expensive cruises and tours that have been canceled.
  • Frustration when looking for help or advice: It’s safe to say that every traveler has probably experienced frustration when looking for directions, assistance, or advice when in a new place. For those who have crossed the globe, a language barrier can make this especially difficult. One of the great benefits of travel insurance for over 70 is that it can connect travelers with foreign language assistance.

Of course, these are only a few examples of how travel insurance for seniors can benefit elderly travelers. Many travel risks that seniors face are common across all age groups—though as age increases, the impact and risk of each challenge increases as well.

Travel Insurance For Over 70

Image Source: Allianz Global Assistance

Types of Travel Insurance Coverage for Seniors

Just like each trip has different risks to consider, each traveler will have their own set of risks. Travel insurance for seniors comes in many different forms, although there are a few core components that contribute to the most popular over 65 travel insurance plans.

When looking for travel insurance for over 65 travelers, consider the following types of coverage:

  • Trip protection: There are many reasons why a trip may need to be canceled or changed, although senior travelers are at a higher risk for trip cancellations. Medical issues and hospital stays are common interruptions for planned trips. Travel insurance for over 70 that includes trip protection can cover 100% of nonrefundable deposits and expenses.
  • Medical and/or dental coverage: If a medical emergency occurs while traveling abroad, traditional insurance policies may not be able to cover the expenses. In these cases, waiting until the trip is through will often exacerbate the problem, which could escalate health issues for senior travelers. Travel insurance coverage, on the other hand, is the best way to ensure that travelers will be covered away from home. Many over 65 travel insurance plans provide between $10,000 and $250,000 in medical benefits.
  • Pre-existing medical condition coverage: Many travel insurance coverage plans do not include this type of coverage. Finding travel insurance for seniors means looking for travel insurance for over 70 that offers a waiver. This allows for pre-existing medical conditions to be treated and covered, just as with any other medical issue. 

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Detailed Review—Top Ranking Best Sites with Travel Insurance for Seniors 

Below, please find a detailed review of each website on our list of travel insurance for seniors. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these sites for senior travel insurance coverage to score so high in our selection ranking.

Allianz Global Assistance Review

Allianz Global Assistance insures 21 million individuals each year, and their travel insurance coverage is their most popular product.

Their parent company, Allianz, has provided insurance for more than a century. Most famously, this includes insurance for the Wright Brothers and construction of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Travel Insurance For Seniors

Image Source: Allianz Global Assistance

Over 70 travel insurance through Allianz Global Assistance is split into two categories: single trip and annual plans. Each category has separate plans for domestic and international travel with varying degrees of travel benefits.

Their Classic Plan is particularly beneficial when used as travel insurance for seniors. Existing medical condition coverage is included, and children 17 years or younger are covered for free when traveling with a parent or a grandparent.

Because grandchildren can also reap the benefits of travel insurance coverage, this is a great website to visit to find holiday insurance for over 65 years of age.

Allianz Global Assistance also provides tips for finding the best travel insurance for seniors, making this website a great resource for finding travel insurance for over 80 years of age.

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IMG Review

IMG (or International Medical Group®) has been providing insurance coverage and medical assistance across the globe for nearly three decades. For applicants who need global travel insurance coverage, IMG is a great place to find travel insurance for over 70s.

Travel Insurance For Over 65

Image Source: IMG

One of the best features of travel insurance coverage through IMG comes from their international services. No matter what plan you choose, purchasing travel insurance for seniors through IMG comes with the following benefits:

  • Emergency services from anywhere across the globe
  • International & multilingual customer service
  • Online access to informative tools & features
  • Access to a global network of medical providers

While IMG offers a wide range of insurance packages, they do provide travel insurance coverage specifically for seniors. The GlobeHopper® Senior plan is a great option for travel insurance for over 65 years of age.

Users can opt for short-term or long-term coverage, making it an ideal choice for frequent travelers or for holiday insurance for over 65.

As an additional benefit, this type of medical travel insurance coverage provides access to more than 17,000 medical providers across the globe. For a globally accessible medical network, travel insurance for over 70s through IMG is a great option.

Insure & Go USA Review

For a quick and easy travel insurance coverage quote, Insure & Go USA is a great option. They offer a wide range of options for travel insurance for over 65s, with easy-to-read charts and lists for each travel plan.

Additionally, an 8.8/10 rating on Trustpilot speaks to high levels of customer satisfaction from senior travelers.

Travel Insurance Coverage

Image Source: Insure & Go USA

Those looking for travel insurance for over 70 will be pleasantly surprised by the range of travel insurance coverage offered through Insure & Go USA. Key benefits include:

  • Pre-existing medical condition waiver
  • Emergency accident & sickness coverage
  • 24-hour emergency assistance
  • Travel delay & baggage coverage

Insure & Go USA offers three different travel insurance for over 65 plans, and even the cheapest travel insurance for over 50s offers essential coverage like emergency assistance, travel assistance, trip cancellation, and most importantly, pre-existing condition waivers.

Keep in mind that, although pre-existing medical conditions can be covered under travel insurance for over 70s, it will have to be purchased within 14 days of booking.

Travel insurance for seniors through Insure & Go USA is not only comprehensive, but quotes are quick and easy to get. Simply enter in basic information about your trip and begin creating the best over 70 travel insurance plan.

InsureMyTrip Review

As the very first travel insurance comparison site, InsureMyTrip is a leading source of travel insurance for over 65s. The site functions very similarly to a flight or hotel comparison site, except users can compare providers of travel insurance for over 70 years of age.

Those who are familiar with using search engines to find the cheapest options will adapt quickly to finding travel insurance coverage through InsureMyTrip.

Travel Insurance For Over 80

Image Source: InsureMyTrip

InsureMyTrip provides a couple of options for those looking for travel insurance for over 65s. Users can choose to search by provider, as InsureMyTrip partners with over 20 different providers of travel insurance for seniors.

If you prefer to search by plan instead, the site offers five different categories: comprehensive, medical, evacuation, Schengen Visa, and accidental death.

While comprehensive is the most popular over 70 travel insurance plan, it’s worthwhile to note that InsureMyTrip does provide options for specific categories of travel insurance for seniors.

The ability to search by either a specific provider or a specific plan makes this website a great choice to find travel insurance for over 65 years of age. As an additional benefit, their FAQ section provides an array of helpful articles to assist users throughout the process of purchasing over 70 travel insurance.

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MoneySupermarket.com Review

MoneySupermarket.com acts as a massive search engine for senior travel insurance coverage, scouring the web for the cheapest travel insurance for over 50s.

What makes MoneySupermarket.com into a top-rated travel insurance for seniors site is that it features search engines that cater directly to senior travel needs.

Rather than sort through various policies, users can directly search for travel insurance that covers pre-existing medical conditions. For those looking for travel insurance for over 70, this is a time-saving feature.

While this insurance provider is based in the UK, there are certain travel insurance coverage plans that are available outside of the country. Still, for travelers who plan on spending time inside the UK, purchasing travel insurance for seniors through MoneySupermarket.com may be worthwhile.

The site provides access to nearly 200 providers of holiday insurance for over 65, making it a competitive source for cheap holiday insurance for over 50s.

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SquareMouth Review

A New York Times article by Michelle Higgins highlighted SquareMouth as having “the most comprehensive list of travel insurance products,” adding to a long list of praise.

Today, SquareMouth is the highest rated travel insurance coverage website, making it a great tool to use when searching for cheap holiday insurance for over 50s.

Over 65 Travel Insurance

Image Source: SquareMouth

SquareMouth allows for three different categories of travel insurance coverage: single trip, annual, and group. These three categories create a grand total of 112 policies from 21 providers, making this one of the largest databases of travel insurance for over 70 years of age.

For those who don’t mind doing a little extra research on their travel insurance coverage provider, SquareMouth makes the research process simple. Each provider has a brief bio and direct link for company details. 

As an additional benefit, SquareMouth organizes each provider by the benefits most commonly searched for: trip cancellation, emergency medical, trip interruption, pre-existing medical condition, and more.

With a clean-cut, organized, and easily navigated site, SquareMouth is one of the best sites to find travel insurance for over 70.

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Conclusion—Top 6 Sites for Travel Insurance Over 65

Retirement is an ideal time to travel and see the world, though retirement years do bring their own challenges. Vacations, cruises, and sightseeing may be more taxing after 65, but it certainly doesn’t have to be less safe.

Thankfully, travel insurance for seniors makes it possible to take trips without worrying about health or logistical complications away from home.

When looking for the best travel insurance for seniors, keep in mind that each insurance policy is different. Make sure to choose the right travel insurance for over 70 or the best travel insurance for over 65 that suits your individual needs.

With the right travel insurance coverage, traveling in later years can be affordable, safe, and most of all, enjoyable.

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