2017 Guide to Finding the Best Travel Insurance Quote

Heading off into the unknown for a luxury vacation or international adventure? Chances are you’ll want to protect yourself with travel insurance. You never know what could happen while you’re out on an adventure, and it’s best to be prepared.

Travel insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense to some consumers, but it’s an important aspect of protecting yourself in the event of an emergency. You want to be sure that you’re getting a good deal, so you will want to compare travel insurance when possible.

Travel Insurance Comparison

Award Emblem: Top 6 Best Sites to Compare Travel Insurance Quotes

There are some websites designed specifically to allow for a travel insurance comparison of the various offerings from top companies. These travel insurance comparison sites will allow you to receive travel insurance quotes online as you compare travel insurance plans.

Save yourself some time and money by taking a few minutes to compare travel insurance. Take a look at our detailed review and ranking of the top places for travel insurance comparison. You’ll feel more at ease heading off into the wild blue yonder knowing you’re protected.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Best Sites to Compare Travel Insurance

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the site names below to go directly to the detailed review section for that travel insurance comparison website):

Top 6 Best Sites to Compare Travel Insurance | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Websites for Travel Insurance Comparison

Viewing Results


Compare the Market

Sorted by price low to high

Offers extreme sports insurance, family, backpack, annual, and other types of travel insurance quotes online


Filter by coverage, price, or provider

Plans based on consumer ratings and must maintain 4 stars


Filter by coverage type, sort by price

Unique rating scale for coverage and protection


Filter by coverage type and sort by top seller, recently purchased, price, or rating

Zero complaint guarantee, 112 policies from 21 providers

Travel Guard by AIG

Sort by silver, platinum, or gold levels of coverage

Policies from 12,000 different providers, sorts into categories


Filter by coverage type, sort by price, rating, and coverage type

Secure purchase transactions, large education center with articles

Table: Top 6 Best Sites for Travel Insurance Comparison | Above list is sorted alphabetically

Tips to Compare Travel Insurance

Not every travel insurance quote is created equal. You’ll quickly find that there are many different types of travel insurance available on today’s market. Being prepared and understanding what you really need for your trip can go a long way toward helping you compare travel insurance plans and compare travel insurance prices.

Compare Travel Insurance

Image source: Pexels

For trips that are both involved and expensive, you won’t want to take any risks with your vacation. Situations like these are likely to lead you to look for a travel insurance comparison on trip cancellation insurance. If you’re heading somewhere exotic, you’ll likely want a travel insurance quote for medical services.

What are the different types of plans you should be considering in a travel insurance comparison?

  • Trip Cancellation: This is a very popular option for consumers who are trying to compare travel insurance. Trip cancellation insurance allows you to be refunded for some or all of the cost of your trip if you need to cancel under certain circumstances.
  • Trip Interruption: Similar to trip cancellation, trip interruption can help cover your expenses if you need to end your vacation earlier than expected.
  • Medical: Depending on where you’re traveling, you may discover that your health insurance plan won’t cover you. Travel insurance quotes online can give you a specific type of insurance that will be valid for the duration of your trip.
  • Lost baggage: Worried that you’ll end up in a foreign country with nothing to wear? A travel insurance quote for lost baggage protection gives you some resources for finding new outfits and gear for tomorrow’s itinerary.

These are the four most common types of coverage presented in a travel insurance comparison. Be sure to evaluate which option would be the most beneficial for you and your trip before committing to any one specific company or plan. Your travel insurance quote may even need to encompass more than one of these types of coverages bundled together.

Be aware that in order to accurately make a travel insurance comparison, you need to compare travel insurance plans apples to apples. Make sure each travel insurance quote that you view side-by-side is offering the same type and amount of coverage for a more accurate travel insurance comparison.

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Detailed Review—Top Ranking Sites to Compare Travel Insurance

Below, please find the detailed review of each site on our list of travel insurance comparison websites. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these travel insurance comparison sites to score so high in our selection ranking.

Compare the Market Review

Compare the Market is a website that allows you to compare travel insurance and more with a number of flexible options. Their travel insurance comparison offers a couple unique features that set it apart as one of the best places to get a travel insurance quote.

Like many of its competitors, you can request a travel insurance quote for just a single trip. The pricing for this travel insurance quote will be based on where you’re traveling, your current health conditions, and the activities that are on your itinerary. From there, your pricing will depend on how much and what type of coverage you feel you need.

Frequent flyers will love the option to compare travel insurance on an annual basis with a specific holiday insurance comparison. Does it make more sense for you to purchase your insurance online for the entire year versus for just your one holiday trip to another continent? Compare the Market recommends considering this option in your travel insurance comparison if you intend to go away twice a year or more.

Also consider a few of the other options available through Compare the Market for travelers:

  • Backpackers’ travel insurance
  • Family travel insurance
  • Business travel insurance
  • Cruise travel insurance
  • Extreme sports travel insurance

With highly specific niche programs, Compare the Market generates a travel insurance quote to cover almost every scenario you could possible imagine.


Sorting through the results page to compare holiday insurance can be tedious. You want to find travel insurance comparison sites that make it as easy as possible for you to find the results you’re interested in.

If price is your primary concern, then Compare the Market makes finding the cheapest travel insurance quote simple. You can compare travel insurance prices quickly and easily with all choices sorted with the price from low to high. From there, you can also compare travel insurance plans based on ratings, medical coverage, baggage coverage, cancellation coverage, and the amount of excess you would pay in the event of a claim.

InsureMyTrip Review

For peace of mind regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, InsureMyTrip can offer you a travel insurance comparison that can help. All of the companies included in their travel insurance price comparison will feature 24-hour assistance for those who sign up for their services.

Travel Insurance Quote

Image Source: InsureMyTrip

Unlike some travel insurance comparison sites that focus solely on providing you with the lowest prices in their travel insurance comparison, InsureMyTrip works slightly differently. All of the options included in their travel insurance comparison are based on consumer ratings. Plans must maintain a four-star rating or higher to continue to be viewed when you compare travel insurance quotes.

Another important feature to mention is that you can compare travel insurance quotes from other companies with a guarantee that the plan won’t be cheaper elsewhere. They feature state-regulated prices, and no reputable website should be able to offer a travel insurance quote for an identical plan at a lower price.

If you decide during the review period that your travel insurance quote isn’t for you, you also may have the right to cancel the policy. Fees and actual refunds will be subject to the terms and conditions set out by the company you selected when you used InsureMyTrip to compare travel insurance online.


If you were hoping to compare travel insurance plans from a variety of providers all in one place, InsureMyTrip is likely to be a top choice for you. Their extensive list of providers allows you to compare travel insurance quotes quickly and easily without moving from website to website.

You can sort their providers through any number of methods:

  • Highest rated
  • Most popular
  • Most recommended
  • Claims rating

When you do begin to search for your travel insurance comparison, you have the option to sort the results in a similar manner. You can compare travel insurance quotes by their ratings, specific coverage types, by price, or by provider, just to name a few. The holiday insurance comparison through InsureMyTrip is easy for any consumer to find and make the most of.

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QuoteWright Review

QuoteWright is an award-winning website that boasts more than 70 years in combined experience with travel insurance comparison. It’s been featured in the likes of Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance.

Unlike many of the other sites used to compare travel insurance, QuoteWright does not rank policies based on consumer reviews. Instead, your travel insurance quote will be based on their own system of ranking providers according to coverage.

With a scale of 0 to 100, you can compare travel insurance based on the type of coverage that you desire, including:

  • Trip cancellation (for any reason: work reasons, terrorism, or weather conditions)
  • Trip interruption (for terrorism or weather)
  • Medical expenses or emergency medical evacuation
  • Baggage delay
  • Waiver of pre-existing medical conditions

Their rating system allows you to compare travel insurance in great detail and to see what you need and desire all in one quick glance.


The results of your holiday insurance comparison are easily filtered by both the type of coverage desired and by the price. This gives you the freedom to view your results in a way that makes the most sense for your particular shopping experience.

Realize that you made a mistake when entering the information to compare travel insurance plans? Modifying your original information is simple. All you need to do is click the requote button, and your previous inputs remain the same.

Once you make the changes you need to, it’s even easier to return to the same screen that allows you to compare travel insurance prices based on their coverage.

Squaremouth Review

Squaremouth boasts an impressive number of policies available for a travel insurance price comparison. Consumers who want to be certain that they have plenty of options when shopping for travel insurance quotes online will love Squaremouth for their 112 different policies.

Compare Travel Insurance Quotes

Image Source: Squaremouth

You can perform a holiday insurance comparison in no time at all with a travel insurance quote from one of their 21 providers. Not only that, but they also collect consumer reviews to help you more accurately compare travel insurance plans.

Purchasing a policy through Squaremouth automatically gives you access to their Zero Complaint Guarantee. When the provider of your travel insurance quote doesn’t resolve a claim to their satisfaction, they simply take the provider off of their website. Consumer ratings are highly prized by this company.

Customer service is available 24/7, every day of the year. If you have a question about your experience when you compare holiday insurance, someone is available to assist day or night, even on holidays.


When you set out to compare travel insurance quotes through Squaremouth, you should be aware that you can compare holiday insurance for a single trip, an annual form of coverage, or group coverage. Being able to compare travel insurance quotes for all three in one convenient location is great for saving you time.

Policies can be sorted by type of coverage, even giving you the option to see more detailed information. It will allow you to compare travel insurance quotes for extreme sports insurance, evacuation, and more detailed medical policies, to name a few. You’ll find it easy to compare travel insurance quotes and filter by the exact type of coverage you need.

You can also choose to sort your results by top sellers, most recently purchased, price, rating, and more. The ability to view your travel insurance price comparison in such great detail is a part of why Squaremouth ranked as one of our top travel insurance comparison sites.

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Travel Guard by AIG Review

With some of the best selection available in a holiday insurance comparison, Travel Guard by AIG provides quotes from more than 12,000 different providers. Because of their extensive list of insuring companies, you receive the benefit of comprehensive insurance plans for both single trips and annual traveling.

Travel Guard also has a unique method for allowing you to compare travel insurance quotes. They sort policies into a silver, gold, or platinum category with each type offering different amounts of coverage. It should also come as no surprise that as you move up a category, the price also increases in their holiday insurance comparison.

Not sure which type you should look for in your travel insurance comparison? You can use their “Find the Right Plan” tool to find out. This walks you through basic questions regarding your trip to show you which category is your top choice and which should be your runner-up.

Customer service is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to answer your questions about holiday insurance, alerts, and more. You can also file your claims online for added convenience.


Results are displayed in a detailed and easy-to-read chart. You can view all three plan categories side by side, making it easy to compare travel insurance quotes. Prices are listed at the very top so you can make a decision on what you can afford.

Coverage types are listed, and a green check mark indicates whether or not that type of coverage applies to your specific policy. It also includes information about the deductible, maximum payout for specific categories, and any optional upgrades you can add on to your travel insurance quote.

TravelInsurance.com Review

TravelInsurance.com takes quotes from top insurance companies and puts them all in one location for you to compare travel insurance quotes. In a travel insurance comparison, you can use this site to search for policies from companies such as:

  • Travel Guard by AIG
  • Travelex Insurance Services
  • RoamRight
  • Assistance USA

They guarantee that they will have the lowest price in your travel insurance comparison, as long as you are searching through reputable websites. You can search for a travel insurance quote, compare travel insurance, and purchase all through the site. Purchases are protected by a 256-bit encryption to keep your information safe.

It’s simple to find a travel insurance quote on the website as well as to educate yourself on taking trips and insuring them. They have an extensive collection of articles to help you find the information you need in a hurry.


Searches can be narrowed down based on the type of coverage you need in your travel insurance comparison. You can compare travel insurance online based on many of the more popular categories including: cancel for any reason, accidental death and dismemberment, car rental collision coverage, baggage and personal effects, and emergency medical evacuation.

You can also sort according to price, ratings, or types of coverage that you need in a plan.

Compare Holiday Insurance

Image Source: Travel Insurance

The rest of the results for your travel insurance comparison are relatively easy to understand. Price is listed in large font to the right with a small chart detailing deductibles and pricing to its left. You can also click through to view the reviews from others who were trying to compare travel insurance quotes online with a recommendation rating.

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Conclusion—Top 6 Best Sites to Compare Travel Insurance

When it comes to shopping for the best travel insurance quote, using a travel insurance comparison website is often your best bet. You can view quotes from top companies and compare travel insurance plans and prices from the comfort of your own home.

An abundance of these types of websites can make it challenging to figure out which site is the best to compare travel insurance online. You want to find one that offers quotes from a wide selection of top-rated companies, but you also want to find the best price.

Using our list of the top-ranking best sites to compare travel insurance, you should be able to find the exact policy you need. Don’t let your trip take a turn for the worse without knowing you’ll be protected, financially and otherwise. You don’t want your trip of a lifetime to end up costing you more than you bargained for.

AdvisoryHQ (AHQ) Disclaimer:

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