Introduction: How to Find the Best Gap Health Insurance and Gap Car Insurance

Having insurance takes a lot of stress off of us. Life is unpredictable and an accident or sudden health problem can change one’s economic situation in a hurry. Even if you have a quality health insurance or car insurance plan, however, there are still a number of situations that can arise that can cost you a lot of cash out of pocket. Purchasing gap health insurance or gap car insurance is a great way to add an extra layer of protection.

In this brief article, AdvisoryHQ will help you discover how to best compare gap insurance options. We will begin by looking at gap health insurance coverage and answer the question: Is gap insurance necessary? We will then offer a comparative table of the main features of the top six websites to help you compare gap insurance.

Best Sites to Compare Gap Insurance Quotes

Award Emblem: Top 6 Best Sites to Compare Gap Insurance Quotes

In our FAQ section, we will look at why it is important to do a gap insurance comparison before committing to gap medical insurance or gap insurance for a used car. We also will look at the factors that affect the average gap insurance cost for gap health insurance or gap car insurance. Finally, we offer a complete review of the top six websites that can help you with your gap insurance comparison.

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What Is Gap Health Insurance Coverage, and Is Gap Insurance Necessary?

Nobody enjoys spending a lot out of pocket for expensive insurance premiums. What is even worse is when that insurance doesn’t cover the majority of your expenses, leaving you with a heavy deductible or co-pay. Finding cheap gap insurance is a great way to help you cover some or most of the costs that your regular insurance doesn’t cover.

In the case of gap health insurance, this type of insurance will help you cover the expenses associated with your co-pay, deductible, or uncovered health issues that your regular health insurance simply doesn’t cover.

According to healthedeals.com, gap health insurance “is a type of supplemental health plan. This coverage is not major medical insurance, nor is it ACA-compliant. However, it can work in tandem with your ACA-compliant health plan.”

Some common medical expenses that gap medical insurance can help to cover include:

  • Medical bills before a deductible is reached
  • Copayments that you’re forced to pay
  • Prescription medications
  • Living expenses related to a health condition
  • Other non-covered healthcare expenses

In the case of gap car insurance, this type of extra or supplemental coverage will protect you in the case of the total loss of a vehicle while the cost you owe on the vehicle is still higher than the vehicle’s value.

For example, if you bought a $20,000 new car, as soon as you drive it off the lot, the car loses significant value, sometimes as much as 20%. If your car is totaled or stolen within the first year, and if you didn’t put down a large down payment on the car, chances are that you still may owe close to the original $20,000 in principal. However, your regular car insurance will only reimburse you for the blue book value of the car.

The difference between the value of the car and what you owe on it is where gap car insurance comes into play and can help get you out of a bind. You may also be able to find gap insurance for a used car if you are in the same situation.

AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Gap Insurance Quotes

List is sorted alphabetically (click any gap insurance quotes below to go directly to the detailed review section for each gap insurance qoutes):

Top 6 Best Gap Insurance Quotes| Brief Comparison & Ranking

Gap Insurance Quotes Name

Country Medical System

Type of Gap Insurance Comparison

Free or Paid?

Direct Gap UK

United Kingdom

Gap Car Insurance




Gap Car Insurance




Gap Car Insurance




Gap Health Insurance




Gap Health Insurance



United Kingdom

Gap Health Insurance


Table: Top 6 Gap Insurance Quotes | Above list is sorted alphabetically

The Importance of Doing a Gap Insurance Comparison

When it comes to finding cheap gap insurance, you need to be willing to take the time to receive numerous gap insurance quotes. Some companies that offer gap insurance may very well offer you a gap insurance quote that will end up costing you more money than if you were to simply pay the extra cost out of pocket.

Gap Health Insurance

Image Source: Bigstock

Since gap insurance only covers the limited amount of money not covered due to issues related to deductibles, co-pay options, and other situations, you should be able to find cheap gap insurance. This obviously will depend on the type of regular insurance policy that you have.

As a general rule, the better your regular insurance policy, the less expensive your gap insurance policy will be. In order to find the best option, however, you will need to do a gap insurance comparison.

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What Factors Affect the Average Gap Insurance Cost for Gap Insurance for a Used Car or Gap Medical Insurance?

The cost of gap insurance will largely depend on what type of regular coverage you have, either for health insurance or car insurance. When it comes to gap car insurance, your monthly payment will be significantly higher if you finance with no down payment or only a small down payment. The more that you owe on your car will significantly raise the “gap” in relation to the actual value of your car.

Furthermore, gap insurance for a used car will be significantly lower than for a new car because of the price of used cars and their ability to hold their value longer than new cars which lose significant value once they are taken off of the lot. 

When it comes to gap health insurance, the average price will depend on a number of factors including your current health, the type of health coverage on your original plan, your health history, and recent out of pocket expenses you have made for health-related issues. If you are in fairly decent shape, you should be able to find gap medical insurance for a reasonable price.

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Gap Insurance Quotes

Below, please find the detailed review of each gap insurance quote. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed each cheap gap insurance to score so highly in our selection ranking.

Direct Gap UK Review

Direct Gap UK offers information on gap car insurance and can help you to easily carry out a complete gap insurance comparison. This website will only let you compare gap insurance for vehicles bought and insured in the UK. However, they claim to help you find cheap gap insurance that is up to 75% lower than other offers.

If you live or do business in the UK and need to find cheap gas insurance for a personal or company car, this website will give you gap insurance quotes for different types of gap car insurance including finance/contract hire, return to invoice, or vehicle replacement.

Gap Car Insurance

Image Source: Direct Gap

Gap-Auto-Insurance.com Review

Another quality provider of gap insurance quotes for gap car insurance is Gap-Auto-Insurance.com. With this website, you can get a gap insurance quote simply by putting in your zip code and selecting the gap car insurance option from the drop down menu. You can search for gap insurance for a used car as well.

Gocompare.com Review

The last website we will look at that offers gap insurance quotes for gap car insurance is gocompare.com. While this website doesn’t actually offer you a gap insurance comparison, it does offer a complete guide on what gap insurance is. This guide will help you answer the question: “Is gap insurance necessary?”

Furthermore, they offer links to some of the top providers of gap car insurance on the market today.

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Healthinsurancecomparison.com.au Review

For people who either live or travel frequently to Australia, Health Insurance Comparison is a quality website offering gap insurance quotes for gap health insurance. To receive your gap insurance comparison, simply input data for the state you live in and your current life stage. Another unique feature of this website that offers information on gap health insurance coverage is that it has a complete informative section with tables and charts so that you can answer, “Is gap insurance necessary?”

Gap Insurance Comparison

Image Source: Health Insurance Comparison

Medicare.gov Review

If you are looking for information on how to get gap insurance quotes for government gap health insurance in the United States, Medicare.gov is the best place for all the information you will need.

Most people have heard of Medicare, but the U.S. government also offers Medigap insurance to qualifying people. This website offers a complete guide to how to get the best gap insurance comparison. Furthermore, you can find out which insurance companies sell Medigap policies in your area here.

Gap Insurance Quotes

Image Source: Medicare.gov

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Money.co.uk Review

For people from the United Kingdom looking for quality gap health insurance coverage, Money.co.uk is a great place to receive a complete gap insurance comparison. With this website, you can easily find gap insurance quotes from the best health care providers in the U.K.  Furthermore, this website is both easy to use and full of valuable information on whether gap insurance is right for you or not.

Conclusion – The Importance of Doing a Gap Insurance Comparison to Find the Best Gap Health Insurance and Gap Car Insurance

Life is unpredictable, and there is always the risk that an accident or health emergency can occur. Though you could spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month on a complete coverage policy, it might be cheaper to invest in a gap insurance policy to help you cover the “holes” left in your original policy. Searching for gap insurance quotes and comparing them to the price of complete coverage is a good way to find the cheapest option to insure you and your family.

Taking the time to compare gap insurance might help you find gap medical insurance or gap car insurance that could end up saving you thousands of dollars. Instead of spending hours on the phone calling different companies to get a gap insurance quote, there are a number of quality websites that offer a complete gap insurance comparison.

While some people may worry about gap insurance cost, it is possible to find cheap gap insurance. A complete gap insurance comparison will help you find the best option for your needs, whether it be for gap health insurance or gap insurance for a used car.

Whether you choose Direct Gap UK, Gap-Auto-Insurance.com, Gocompare.com, Healthinsurancecomparison.com.au, Medicare.gov, Money.co.uk, or any other website that will help you get the best gap insurance quotes, taking the time to do a gap insurance comparison could very well save you important money.

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