Sites Like Thumbtack | What You Need to Know About Thumbtack Competitors, Alternatives, and Similar Websites

As we move further into the digital age, more and more people are turning to work online. The relative novelty of the Internet connects clients to professionals easier than ever.

No more sifting through the yellow pages to find the one professional group who can pay for their advertisement, no more dodgy ratings, no more squeezing a week’s worth into a month.

Freelance websites like Thumbtack, a freelancing site that connects professionals with clients, are popping up all over the place.

Although Thumbtack is often called a great freelance site for writing and graphic design, the freelance work available on Thumbtack is much more extensive.

This site provides workfor tutors, lawyers, dog walkers, plumbers, construction workers, car mechanics, and even florists—no matter what your profession, all freelance work has a home on Thumbtack.

This wide range of freelance work categories have made Thumbtack one of the biggest online services for freelancers.


Photo courtesy of Thumbtack

However, despite its popularity, Thumbtack may not be the best freelancing site for you to find work or to find someone to work for you. Thumbtack’s pay-for-leads policy ensures that the site get paid, but doesn’t insure that the lead is real.

Lots of these leads are “tire-kickers,” people who just want to see what a professional will quote them for this job so they can get a lower price from a local freelancer.

As freelance work and freelance websites increase in popularity, new Thumbtack competitors are everywhere, as seemingly everyone wants a little bit of the freelancing pie.

However, you might want to consider this list of Thumbtack alternatives and websites like Thumbtack before diving into the word of freelance websites.

Each freelancing site has its own regulations, procedures, and benefits, making it important to research sites like Thumbtack before jumping right in to the world of freelance work. 

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Comparison Review List

The list below is sorted alphabetically (click any of the names below to go directly to the detailed review section):

High Level Comparison Table

Thumbtack Competitors

Best Suited For

Amazon Home ServicesClients & contractors that value the efficiency of an e-commerce platform
Angie’s ListClients who value personal reviews for individual services & businesses
FreelancerFreelancers looking for a platform similar to Upwork
GigSaladWork specific to the entertainment industry
PorchFreelancers & clients operating strictly in the home improvement industry
ProReferralClients who would rather hire through HomeDepot 
TalkLocalFreelancers & clients who prefer to have phone conversations & interviews
UpworkFreelancers & clients who operate solely online
WayUpCurrent students & recent college grads
YP.comClients who prefer a more traditional, independent hiring method  

Table: The above list is sorted alphabetically

Amazon Home Services Review

The Amazon Home Services feature functions a lot like their online store. You select which service you need, add it to your cart, and pay Amazon when the job is complete.

In essence, Amazon Home Services allows you to choose and order a new landscaping service just as easily as you can choose and order a new book.

Amazon Home Services might be one of the more trustworthy services on the market, as every professional that works with Amazon is required to be background checked, insured, and licensed where applicable.

All services also come back by a Happiness Guarantee, which allows clients to file a claim should the service not be performed correctly.

Who Is Amazon Home Services Best for?

Truthfully, Amazon Home Services has a lot going for it as one of the top websites like Thumbtack. Not only is it backed by one of the most well-known companies, but their freelancing site is heavily regulated and verified. 

Rather than simply sign up to be listed on Amazon Home Services, contractors must apply and be approved, marking a stark difference between other Thumbtack competitors.

With background checks and licensing verifications, clients can rest assured that the professionals they hire have gone through a screening process to ensure quality and experience.

Still, it may be off-putting for some to purchase services in the same online cart as a new pair of shoes.  

The e-commerce platform may be difficult for some clients and contractors to adjust to– but there’s no doubt that Amazon is tapping into a growing market of freelancing sites and freelance work.

 Angie’s List Review

Angie’s List is one of the oldest product-reviewing websites on the market and another website similar to Thumbtack. Membership fees and access to the best reviews cost a fair amount of money, but for the consumers, there might not be a better option.

Angie’s List doesn’t have freelancer service like Thumbtack does, so it isn’t really viable for anyone looking for work.

You can advertise your business on the site and get reviews, but you can’t bid on any jobs, which is a key component of sites like Thumbtack. 

Who Is Angie’s List Best for?

Angie’s List is a big website, boasting more than 4.5 million users and over 10 million verified reviews. Most recently, Angie’s List changed their pricing structure, providing free membership and access to reviews

Reviews are integral to how Angie’s List works, and to its steady popularity.

Every review is verified, and anonymity is left out of the equation. This contributes to the validity of each review, each contractor, and each service provider. 

If you’re in need of a contractor or a business, Angie’s List is one of the best sites out there for reliable reviews. However, if you’re a freelancer, Angie’s List isn’t the best place for you—you’d be much better off with a different website similar to Thumbtack.

Freelancer Review

The competition for jobs is stiff on Freelancer, but if you can make a name for yourself it’s very lucrative work. Freelancer works for the client as well, providing 24/7 support and a mobile app for anyone.

It’s a site similar to Thumbtack in many ways: it provides jobs for data entry, writing, logo design, and many others, as well as being a third party in charge of holding and releasing funds.

The quotes on Freelancer fly fast and furious, with most clients getting quotes for jobs in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. In terms of Thumbtack competitiors, it’s easily the fastest. Freelancer isn’t just about speed, though.

The website has been around long enough to guarantee quality from the freelancers that bid on their website.

For the worker or freelancer, if you bid fast enough, it’s a quality Thumbtack alternative. The client is more in charge on Freelancer than they are on other websites similar to Thumbtack.

Who Is Freelancer Best for?

As far as Thumbtack competitors go, Freelancer is nearly identical to Upwork.

Both freelance websites offer online freelance work through similar platforms, allowing freelancers and clients to create profiles, bid for projects, and choose between hourly or contracted work. 

Similar to Upwork, Freelancer is best for writers, developers, and designers that can all work exclusively from a computer.

In contrast, Freelancer has a much lower service charge. At 3% for fixed price projects, Freelancer is likely to be much more affordable. 

GigSalad Review

GigSalad is a website dedicated to getting entertainers work. It’s not similar to Thumbtack in terms of how work is found, but it is a good Thumbtack competitor.

The clients submit quote requests to the entertainers, and then they work out a deal that appeases all parties involved. It’s only used in terms of entertainment, but the basic structure remain the same.

GigSalad has been used by huge corporations like Dunkin’ Donuts, Nestle, McDonalds, and Disney. The quality of clients for good entertainers is through the roof, even if the website is very specific in terms of the services it offers.

Who Is GigSalad Best for?

Compared to other freelance websites and Thumbtack competitors, GigSalad is in a league of its own.

It’s top-notch quality for entertainers and those looking to book entertainers for parties and events, and is the only platform on our list of freelance websites that specifically caters to these industries. 

For those looking for freelance work –or to hire– within the entertainment industry, GigSalad is going to be the best bet.

Porch Review

Porch is like a more focused version of Thumbtack. It’s the exact same business model, just centered around home improvement.

They have a directory of over 3 million professionals and a history of over 130 million projects, making Porch a top alternative to Thumbtack for those who are looking for construction freelance work.

In 2014, Porch partnered with Lowe’s to expand nationally, conveniently connecting homeowners and professionals within Lowe’s stores.

Porch is unique in terms of websites similar to Thumbtack for two reasons: it’s relatively new, and it claims that its reviews can’t be gamed by outside sources.

The data system that Porch uses doesn’t just provide reviews, it provides historical information on your home, the difficulty of the project in comparison to others, and how much it typically costs on homes similar to yours.

This system provides consumers with the information they need to make an educated choice.

Sites like Thumbtack

Image Source: Sites like Thumbtack

Who Is Porch Best for?

Porch is a great freelancing site for local construction professionals to connect with those who need to hire a home contractor. 

One important thing to note, however, is that clients who choose Porch need to ensure that the professional is properly qualified before hiring. Thus, Porch is also best for those who don’t mind doing a little extra research.

Although the Porch freelancing site offers reviews of each professional, the responsibility of verifying certification is ultimately up to the client, and not Porch. 

This is not to say that this freelancing site is making you do extra work– this policy is actually quite similar to other Thumbtack alternatives and even Thumbtack itself.

While finding work through a freelancing site can be much more convenient –and often more affordable– it will always be important to do your research, both for clients and professionals.

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ProReferral Review

ProReferral, formerly RedBeacon, was acquired by Home Depot in 2013. Home Depot is the pinnacle of do-it-yourself projects, and was reportedly very interested in a acquiring a service for clients that preferred someone else to do the heavy lifting.

It’s a solid Thumbtack alternative in terms of finding contractors to finish up do-it-yourself projects for you.

In March of 2016, RedBeacon was completely rebranded as ProReferral, lending their help to homeowners in multiple big cities and making it an effective Thumbtack competitor.

Surprisingly enough, ProReferral is a completely free service. There is no charge to request or receive referrals, making it an ideal alternative to Thumbtack.

Who Is ProReferral Best for?

The partnership with Home Depot cannot be understated in discussing ProReferral’s quality– it’s an independent service with a huge name behind it.

Thus, ProReferral is one of the best Thumbtack competitors for those who prefer to search for freelance work with the comfort of a nationally recognized brand.

ProReferral provides services similar to Thumbtack in terms of vetting its professionals and allowing for interviews of the contractors beforehand. It might fall short in some aspects of vetting, but it’s better than most other vetting processes out there.

There are many websites like Thumbtack available for home improvement and repair services, but if you’re looking for one with a big name behind it similar to Thumbtack, ProRefferal is a solid choice.

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TalkLocal Review

TalkLocal is a site like Thumbtack that helps connect potential clients to freelancers in their local areas. It’s a much smaller company than other Thumbtack competitiors, forcing it to become more personal to survive.

TalkLocal thrives on phone conversation. When you sign up to request a service, an automated system will call up to three professionals in your area that you can speak to personally.

It’s a great model that’s very similar to the Thumbtack business model, just localized.

Signing up on TalkLocal is relatively easy. Their website is easy to navigate, and it takes around five minutes to plug in the needed information.

As a company advertising services on TalkLocal, finding clients is based on the Pay Per Conversation model. This means that you are only charged a fee when you actually connect with a client and choose to have a conversation with them about a job. 

How much is this fee? Unfortunately, there isn’t any specific information available on TalkLocal’s website regarding their conversation fees. 

Who Is TalkLocal Best for?

Although signing up for this freelancing site is relatively simple, it’s good to be wary of TalkLocal too.

Much like Thumbtack, as soon as you’re connected to a client, you lose money in Pay Per Conversation fees, no matter if you ultimately get the freelance work or not.

In that way, it’s very similar to Thumbtack—there’s no guarantee you’ll get the job or the work during the pitch. If you’re okay with spending money every now and then in order to score a big job, TalkLocal is the place for you.

From both client and freelancer perspectives, TalkLocal is also best suited for those who don’t mind talking on the phone.

If you prefer communicating via email or messenger, TalkLocal is probably not going to be a good fit for a freelancing site. In this case, you’ll want to look at other websites like Thumbtack.

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Upwork Review

Upwork might be one the most popular websites like Thumbtack, if for nothing else but the ease of finding work.

It was built in the merger of Elance and Odesk, and more than four million businesses and more than ten million freelance workers use Upwork for everything from coding to ghostwriting books to managing portfolios.

Freelancers apply for jobs by sending in proposals and communicating with potential clients, which is free, though you are limited to the number of proposals that can be sent per month. 

Although using this freelancing site and communicating comes at no cost, Upwork does take a percentage of the earnings.

For freelancers, Upwork charges a 20%, 10%, or 5% fee on each job, depending on the total amount they have billed with a client. For example, once a freelancer has billed $500 with a client, the service fee drops to 10% for all future projects with that client.

This means that freelancers need to work towards creating long-term relationships. When considering Upwork as an alternative to Thumbtack, this is a big difference, since Thumbtack prices remain fixed no matter big the job.

Who Is Upwork Best for?

Upwork is a great freelancing site for a wide range of computer-based work. This includes — but is not limited to — web and mobile developers, designers and creatives, content writers, editors, and more.

While Upwork is one of the top Thumbtack competitors, it supports a completely different type of freelance work. The Upwork model faciliatates remote, online work for professional freelancers, whereas Thumbtack’s business model allows for local, in-person work.

If you’re looking for someone to fix your floor, you’re probably better off signing up on Thumbtack as opposed to Upwork.

That said, if you need a content writer for an SEO-friendly blog, or if you are looking for a web development team to create a mobile app, you’ll want to go with Upwork instead.

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As businesses are moving from print to digital advertising, the yellow pages live on at their new home,

In addition to offering services like Thumbtack offers, offers information on travel services, restaurants, and car rentals, just to name a few. There truly isn’t much that you can’t find in the yellow pages. is a website similar to Thumbtack in the sense that it provides business listings, but unlike freelance websites and other Thumbtack competitors, simply provides information and does not facilitate connections.

Contacting business professionals is done independently from the website, providing more independence –and responsibility– for you, the client.

While other sites like Thumbtack and Thumbtack competitors often offer some sort of insurance or client protection in the case of damage or shoddy work, does not. 

Ultimately, when using the Yellow Pages for websites like Thumbtack, clients are responsible for determining credibility and certifications prior to hiring.

Who Is Best for?

The Yellow Pages are a Thumbtack alternative for those who don’t have enough money to bid for services or to pay for premium accounts.

The downside of not paying for quality professionals is apparent though: there’s a chance that the reviews for the service were gamed, and the guarantee of payment for the contractors decreases.

Still, the Yellow Pages are a traditional form of locating services, and for those who prefer not to navigate through new freelance websites and potentially confusing platforms, may be a great fit.

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WayUp Review

Formerly Campus Job, WayUp provides services and jobs for college aged students all over the United States.

Many college students have no idea where to look when searching for internships and jobs after college, and this website requires nothing more than an .edu email account to sign up for its services.

In fact, even those who are not currently college students can still create an account with WayUp, which fits this freelancing site perfectly within the Thumbtack business model. 

If you’re a college student looking to take the next step in your career, WayUp is the perfect way to go. It offers jobs with companies like Google, Coca-Cola, Adobe, and Microsoft.

There’s no shortage of work on this student-exclusive website. It offers a vetting process similar to that of other websites similar to Thumbtack; prospective employees post their credentials and employers decide which ones would be the best for their businesses.

Who Is WayUp Best for?

Although those who are not in college can still create an account, WayUp makes the most sense for current students and recent college grads.

The freelancing site is heavily designed to cater to this segment of job-seekers, which makes it valuable resource for students and recent grads.

Finding a job during these years can be challenging– but using a top-rated freelancing site designed specifically for those challenges may be the best way to do it. If you don’t fit this specific profile, you would be better off trying Thumbtack or one of the other Thumbtack alternatives.

Conclusion – Thumbtack Competitors & Freelance Websites Similar to Thumbtack

As the presence of technology in the workplace continues to grow, the opportunities for working from home or hiring a contractor remotely will also continue to increase. 

With so many different types of freelance work and freelance websites, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you, regardless of whether you are a client or an independent contractor.

Although Thumbtack is a popular choice, there are plenty of Thumbtack competitors and Thumbtack alternatives that may provide better value for your specific situation. 

No matter which freelancing site you choose, make sure that the terms, conditions, pricing, and the platform itself are all created to support your success. 

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