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Etsy has a reputation for being one of the biggest handmade goods marketplaces out there. There’s a reason for this. It’s simple: everybody has something to offer to the world. You won’t see a real handmade pug outfit sitting on the Walmart shelves.

Since Etsy provides an opportunity for anybody to get whatever product they desire, the platform’s popularity has grown tremendously. Naturally, other competitors saw this and sought to create sites like Etsy. Etsy and shops like Etsy are great whether you’re a buyer or seller.

However, it’s always good to broaden your horizons. If you’re a seller, it’s helpful to use sites like Etsy to sell more of your products. If you’re a buyer, shops like Etsy provide even more interesting things you can add to your life.

There’s no doubt that websites like Etsy can bring even more goodness to your life. That’s why we’re here: to show you the best alternatives out there. Some sites like Etsy are just plain broken. Some aren’t legit. In this article, we’ll fish out the best of the best so that you can buy those one-of-a-kind items without worry. Let’s get to the good stuff!

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The Benefit of Using Sites Like Etsy

When it comes to shops like Etsy, sellers get a fair share of the benefits. Some sellers even rely on Etsy as their primary source of income. However, other online stores like Etsy also provide a solid way to expand a seller’s income.

As a seller, using Etsy alternatives is a no-brainer. You can get your product and word out there and make more money! Who doesn’t want that? Using websites like Etsy has great benefit for buyers as well.

If you’re a buyer, think about all of the cool products you see posted on Etsy every day. There are mountains of products you would never see on the shelf at your local home goods store. There are even more products you can discover waiting in shops like Etsy.


3dCart provides an easy way to have your very own ecommerce store. You don’t have to be a tech genius to do it either. If you want your own ecommerce store up and running today, 3dCart is a great shop like Etsy.

With their simple templates and design features, you’ll have no problem letting your unique products shine. Setting up an ecommerce shop on your own is a serious task on its own. 3dCart is perfect for those who just want to get things up and running.

The backend of a shop can get messy. That’s why 3dCart provides helpful backend support just in case anything goes wrong. With a combination of easy templating and helpful customer support, 3dCart makes for a fantastic shop like Etsy.

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Shopify is one of the most successful shops like Etsy for a reason. Shopify manages to give you more control over your goods while keeping everything user-friendly. In addition to well-made templates, Shopify also gives you insightful data about your customers.

Some sellers who use shops like Etsy have one complaint. That complaint is lack of control. If you want more control over your designs and customer data, Shopify is perfect for you.

From which products customers put in their carts to their spending habits, Shopify’s sophisticated analytics will have you growing your shop in no time. The biggest benefit you’ll see from Shopify is the control.

If you’re looking to expand your shop, there’s no doubt that Shopify is worth branching out to.

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Perhaps you are reading this and are just looking to get started. Sure, fancy designs and control over your shop sound great. However, sometimes the best move you can make is to just get started. That’s what separates Bonanza from other sites like Etsy.

Bonanza is known as one of the easiest shops to use. Even easier than Amazon, one of Bonanza’s big competitors. If you want to get started, just sign up for an account and create your listing. Best thing about starting with Bonanza? Listing a product is completely free.

With its combination of pleasant user experience and free listing price, Bonanza is one of the easiest sites to use among all websites like Etsy. If you have been looking for an excuse to start your shop, Bonanza crushes all of them. Just do it!


Are you the creative type? Do you just love the process of creation, no matter what it is? If you’re looking for websites like Etsy, you probably are. Quirky is the perfect alternative for the creators and inventors out there.

From electronics to hand-knitted clothing, anything you can think of can end up in this shop. The site lets you design your own products with its handy creator. The best thing about this feature? You get to grow as a designer or inventor.

Online Shops Like Etsy

Image Source: Online Shops Like Etsy

As a community member, you are allowed to view and suggest changes to in-progress creations. This means you have an entire community of passionate inventors ready to help improve your product. When great minds come together, you can make something revolutionary.

This aspect alone is what makes Quirky the most unique website like Etsy. Quirky is the perfect way to find some of the most unique products you will ever lay your eyes on. If you’re looking to improve as a creator, head over to Quirky right now!

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Unlike other shops like Etsy, ArtFire focuses mostly on handmade goods. Since that’s what Etsy is great for, Artfire makes for a valid alternative. If you’re a seller looking to expand your products, this platform is a great next step.

What’s unique about ArtFire is its advanced search functions. If you use Amazon, you probably know about search filters, such as searching for products that cost under 50 dollars and include free shipping.

ArtFire brought this great feature to their platform! This means you can search for products based on price, shipping costs, and even color. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, ArtFire makes for a great extension to Etsy.


SilkFair is a great alternative to Etsy because of its large product base and pleasant UI. With their useful search functions, finding what you need shouldn’t be a problem.

What makes SilkFair more than just another shop like Etsy? They have a premium selling platform that gives you the control to take your shop to the next level. With the custom shops, you can create your very own website and URL.

If you’re looking to expand your shop and take things further, SilkFair’s premium shop allows you to do just that. Whether you’re expanding your user base or looking for more unique products, SilkFair’s amazing user experience makes for a fantastic alternative to Etsy.


For a site like Etsy, Amazon may not be the most obvious choice. However, out of all web shops, Amazon has the largest audience. This means that you can expect products to be in organized categories. Among these categories is a handmade section.

If you sign up as a seller, you can be reaching larger audiences within the week. Even with the 12% selling fee, Amazon provides a smart way to expand your audience. You can’t deny Amazon’s success and user base.

The neat thing about Amazon is you don’t need to make your own website or seller’s page. Once you start selling products, Amazon will promote your products for you though recommend purchases and SEO rankings within the website.


If you have the design, packaging, and production of your product ready, Zibbet is the perfect website like Etsy. Zibbet focuses on sellers with a finished product that they are ready to sell.

As a result, Zibbet has many helpful tools that sellers can utilize to sell more of their unique products. Help with web design and customer analytics are among the many tools sellers have at their disposal.  Use them to reach a larger audience!

Unlike other websites like Etsy, Zibbet assumes you have a finished product, so don’t expect any help with creating products. Many Etsy alternatives such as Quirky aid you in the creation process. Either way, it’s hard to deny how useful Zibbet is as a selling platform.


ArtYah is another worldwide marketplace that connects sellers’ products with hungry buyers. If you’re looking for a way to branch your products out, their low barrier to entry is a huge plus. ArtYah doesn’t require a membership to list — plus, there isn’t even a listing fee!

This means you can get your products on the market for very little money. Any website like Etsy that doesn’t have a listing fee should be on your list. If your product gets enough interest, there is potential for ArtYah to promote your product through social media.

Free advertising and no listing fees? Sounds like a deal! When there is no membership or listing fee, there are simply no excuses left. Don’t be afraid to start listing your products today.

Big Cartel

When it comes to an easy-to-use platform with a customizable shop, Big Cartel proves to be a worthy website like Etsy. Often, sellers just want to get their products on the market with no hassle. Big Cartel allows you to do this with ease.

Along with a great user interface, you also get the ability to customize your shop to meet your customers’ needs. If you like control and a pleasant user experience, Big Cartel is a great way to reach a new audience.

There are four monthly packages that determine how many posts you can make. If you don’t need to make many listings, the price will be fairly slim. However, if you plan on listing things every day, you’ll probably have to purchase a bigger package. Aside from the monthly packages, Big Cartel doesn’t have any extra fees.

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Now that you have seen some of the best websites like Etsy, it’s time to get your product out there! Whether you’re in the product making stage or ready to get it in your customer’s hands, these Etsy alternatives should serve you well. If you’ve been using Etsy for a while and are looking to expand your customer base, there’s no better time than now!

Many websites like Etsy have little to no listing fees. Some don’t even require a membership. Many problems that handmade sellers used to have are solved with alternatives such as Shopify and Quirky. Creating a quality web shop is easier than ever!

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