Cheap Travel Insurance for Your Overseas Trip

Planning a trip across the ocean requires plenty of attention to detail. From booking hotels to acquiring a rental car, you want to make sure that everything is in place prior to arriving at the hotel. But did you remember your international travel insurance?

Many people overlook worldwide travel insurance as an unnecessary expense and a hassle. They assume that their usual health insurance will cover them even in a different country, but not all policies will.

Not only that, but sometimes situations arise that leave your trip in jeopardy, including terrorism, natural disasters, or even a medical emergency at home.

Best Sites For WorldWide Travel Insurance

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Where can you go in a pinch to find the best worldwide travel insurance?

Knowing which websites will give you the best comparison of international travel insurance and the best deals for travel insurance can make a huge difference in your trip planning. Save more time for scheduling your itinerary and keep more money for souvenirs with cheap travel insurance.

Our ranking of the top websites for comparing international travel insurance and single trip travel insurance will give you a great starting point.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Best Sites for Cheap Travel Insurance

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the sites below to go directly to the detailed review section for that international travel insurance website):

Top 6 Best Sites for Cheap Travel Insurance | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Best Worldwide Travel Insurance Websites

Residency Requirements


Allianz Global Assistance

United States

-Ten days to request a refund

-Ability to compare multi-trip or single-trip travel insurance options side-by-side


United Kingdom

-Shows Defaqto ratings

-Offers cruise travel insurance, sports travel insurance, and more

Insure and Go

United Kingdom

-Kids are covered at no additional charge

-Three categories with different ratings and pricing

Insure My Trip


-Features only plans with a four-star rating or higher

-Money back guarantee during review period



-Pairs you directly with a company

-Offers family travel insurance, student insurance, and more



-Global alerts easily accessible

-Specific subcategories for coverage

Table: Top 6 Best Sites for International Travel Insurance | Above list is sorted alphabetically

What Does International Travel Insurance Do?

Over the past few years, the prominence of international travel insurance and single-trip travel insurance has been on the rise. A 2014 survey from the United States Travel Insurance Association showed that over 152 million Americans purchased some form of travel protection. This represents spending of more than $2.2 billion.

What exactly does worldwide travel insurance do that causes consumers to place such an emphasis on spending their money in this way?

Consumers who are looking for the best worldwide travel insurance likely already know the many benefits. Different providers and plans will cover a variety of situations, ranging from lost baggage to emergency hospitalization. However, it can also cover you in the event that you never make it to your destination or have to cut your trip short.

The most popular choice, according to the survey, was trip cancellation or interruption coverage. This type of coverage accounted for over 85% of products purchased. In this case, your cheap travel insurance would either partially or fully help cover the cost of a postponed or cancelled trip, depending on your coverage.

However, you can also find cheap travel insurance to assist you with unexpected medical emergencies, rental cars, and lost baggage. Particularly when it comes to medical coverage, you’ll want to investigate whether the best worldwide travel insurance could offer any particular benefit to you.

Not every healthcare policy will cover you in an emergency situation abroad. In some cases, your health insurance may cover emergencies but nothing shy of a near-death event; strokes, heart attacks, and accidents could fall into this category.

Events that are short of this measure, including food poisoning, the flu, or other ailments, might not pass the “emergency test” on this type of healthcare. You may find cheap travel insurance that can assist with reimbursing you for these costs.

Having access to the best travel insurance policy available for your needs can make a big difference in the success of an expensive or significant trip. It gives you peace of mind for the unexpected and can offer some protection from financial disasters. The only thing you need to do is evaluate what type of international travel insurance would suit you the best.

International Travel Insurance

Image Source: Freepik.com

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Sites for International Travel Insurance

Below, please find the detailed review of each website on our list of sites for finding the best worldwide travel insurance. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these cheap travel insurance websites to score so highly in our selection ranking.

Allianz Global Assistance Review

Consumers who reside within the United States will love the cheap travel insurance offered by Allianz Global Assistance. They offer a variety of international travel insurance plans to suit your needs and itinerary perfectly.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

Image Source: Allianz Global Assistance

Their single trip travel insurance options come in four types. They range from economical options designed for domestic stateside traveling to single-trip travel insurance for vacations taken overseas. Within each of these subcategories, you’ll find different degrees of coverage on a specific single-trip travel insurance policy. 

Multi-trip travel insurance is similar, with options including a basic and deluxe annual plan, a premier plan, and a business plan. Their cheap travel insurance can be purchased on a yearly basis to help save you money over purchasing single-trip travel insurance each time you depart.


The major draw that led us to classify Allianz Global Assistance as offering some of the best worldwide travel insurance is their refund policy. You have at least ten days to request a refund. The only exceptions are if you have already started your trip or filed a claim within those ten days.

Another benefit is the ability to review several different types of plans all on one screen. While all options are offered from Allianz Global Assistance, you don’t have to commit to any of the different multi-trip or single-trip travel insurance options upfront.

After your information has been entered, you’ll see a side-by-side comparison of the plans. This allows you to compare the coverage and the price to determine which international travel insurance is ultimately the right fit.

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GoCompare.com Review

GoCompare.com provides resources for consumers who need single-trip travel insurance or multi-trip travel insurance. This website is best used for an all-in-one look at exactly how much cheap travel insurance will really cost you.

As you answer questions on their brief survey before getting a quote, it walks you through what each one really means. Not sure whether you need single-trip travel insurance or multi-trip insurance? Let your mouse hover over each question for a short blurb on what type of cheap travel insurance is the right fit for your plans.

This website can also assist consumers in finding the best worldwide travel insurance for unique situations, including:

  • Cruise travel insurance
  • Family travel insurance
  • Winter sport travel insurance
  • Business trip travel insurance

Unfortunately, in order to receive coverage with the best worldwide travel insurance through GoCompare.com, you must be a permanent resident of the United Kingdom. You also must be ultimately planning to return to the United Kingdom with no plans to cancel or interrupt your trip.

These stipulations may exclude some consumers from receiving cheap travel insurance through the site.


This site includes results from a large collection of providers (53 at the time we requested quotes) to give you options for the best worldwide travel insurance. It only provides cancellation insurance in amounts up to £6,000. For more expensive trips, this could be a major disadvantage.

It also lists the 2016 Defaqto star rating that tells consumers how it stacks up against other plans in the market. While it won’t tell you specifically if a plan is right for your needs, it does give you an indication on whether it is the best worldwide travel insurance available.

Insure and Go Review

Insure and Go offers a number of advantages to consumers who choose to use their services to find the best international travel insurance. From single trips to multi-trip travel insurance for the year, this website assists you in finding policies for the perfect coverage.

Much like some of the other top websites for finding the best overseas travel insurance, it covers a multitude of trip types. You can find coverage for backpacking trips and cruise travel insurance, as well as others.

Almost anyone can receive coverage with some of their best online travel insurance choices. There is no maximum age for policyholders, though individuals over the age of 90 will need to call for a specific quote.

Once again, Insure and Go only provides international travel insurance coverage to individuals who are considered U.K. residents. This is defined as anyone who has lived in the United Kingdom or the Channel Islands for six months of the last twelve.


One of the biggest advantages of using Insure and Go is the ability to cover your children under your policy for free. Whether it is going to be just one trip or an annual policy, the best online travel insurance companies will provide coverage to children at no additional cost.

For those who are considering multiple trips and an annual policy, they have the best deals for travel insurance. Winter sports coverage is included on this type of policy within their all-inclusive pricing structure.

You can choose from the best travel insurance policy in three different categories: budget, silver, and gold. The budget has a three-star Defaqto rating, and each subsequent tier adds one star to the overall review.

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Insure My Trip Review

Insure My Trip features various types of international travel insurance to help you find the best overseas travel insurance for your next trip. They feature hundreds of plans from a variety of providers to give you a vast selection of the best deals for travel insurance.

Defining which will be the best travel insurance policy for your trip will help you to get a more accurate quote. Insure My Trip typically divides their best worldwide travel insurance into five categories:

  • Comprehensive
  • Medical
  • Evacuation
  • Schengen visa
  • Accidental death

You can sort through cheap travel insurance based on price, rating, and claims rating. All of these options allow you to find the appropriate provider and coverage all in one spot. Providers are backed by the A.M. Best ratings.

Even more than that, Insure My Trip maintains a “best plans guarantee.” Customer satisfaction is a great indicator for the quality of the best worldwide travel insurance. When consumer ratings dip below four stars, that plan or provider is removed from the available offerings.


Insure My Trip is beneficial for consumers who don’t meet residency requirements for top comparison sites such as Insure and Go. They can assist in finding the best online travel insurance regardless of which country you call home or where you intend to visit. It is not limited to citizens of the United States or the United Kingdom.

They also offer many policies with a review period. During this time, you can read your policy in greater detail to make sure you understand and are satisfied with all the terms. The best worldwide travel insurance will allow you to cancel or alter your plan at no cost during this time.

Their Money Back Guarantee gives you the right to cancel and receive a refund. However, terms and conditions will vary among the different providers and plans available.

InternationalInsurance.com Review

Consumers looking for the best travel insurance policy are likely to find something that fits them on InternationalInsurance.com. They offer single-trip travel insurance for vacations and explorations that last less than one year or longer than one year. This distinction is a part of what allows them to offer some of the best deals for travel insurance.

Best Worldwide Travel Insurance

Image Source: InternationalInsurance.com

Apart from offering long-term, single-trip travel insurance, you can find a variety of plans to suit your needs:

  • Family travel insurance
  • Business international travel insurance
  • Medical
  • Student insurance

Consumers who are planning to travel the globe can choose from any of their five different types of coverage. You will find trip cancellation, medical, global medical (for single-trip travel insurance lasting over a year), emergency evacuation, and extreme sports coverage.

Unlike some other companies that compare the best worldwide travel insurance, InternationalInsurance.com only has a handful of providers. Examples of providers for their best overseas travel insurance include Cigna Global Health Insurance, IMG Global, and GeoBlue.


One of the main advantages that qualifies InternationalInsurance.com as offering some of the best worldwide travel insurance is their flexibility. Unlike some of the top comparison sites, you can be a resident of almost any country. Citizens of the United States, United Kingdom, and more will all find coverage here.

Based on the type of coverage you select and your residency, InternationalInsurance.com automatically pairs you with a company that can assist. Instead of wading through pages of the best worldwide travel insurance, you have just one policy and company to consider.

It will redirect you to the application from that particular company so you can find the best deals for travel insurance and pricing directly from the source.

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Squaremouth Review

Always available to consumers who are traveling, you’ll find some of the best single trip-travel insurance plans from Squaremouth. This company has assembled a collection of 112 different single-trip travel insurance plans from a total of 21 providers. The incredible selection is what allows them to qualify as offering some of the best worldwide travel insurance.

All of their 21 providers have a Zero Complaint Guarantee when it comes to filing claims. If you are unsatisfied with the resolution, notify Squaremouth, and they will review the transaction and make contact on your behalf. A satisfactory resolution must be reached or the provider is removed from the website.

You can find cheap travel insurance options for a number of traveling options. Squaremouth has plans well-suited for multi trip travel insurance, family travel insurance, and more.

If you have questions regarding policies or how things work, contact their customer service department. Open 24 hours a day on every day of the year, their agents are committed to helping you find the right cheap travel insurance for your next trip.


A major advantage of using Squaremouth is their easy access to global alerts. For those who don’t keep up with current events, you can find natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and more on their home page. Know immediately whether your trip could be affected by one of these alerts.

Cheap travel insurance from Squaremouth is split into a handful of major categories:

  • Cancellation
  • Medical
  • Evacuation
  • Loss or Delay
  • Accidental Death
  • Sports

Unlike other companies that offer only broad categories for single-trip travel insurance, Squaremouth splits each broad category into several smaller ones. This allows you to find the exact type of cheap travel insurance that you need. Choose from five different types of medical coverage, nine types of cancellation policies, and more.

Conclusion—Top 6 Best Sites for Cheap Travel Insurance

Consumers who need to find the best worldwide travel insurance may find themselves overwhelmed by tedious details. Searching for coverage in a single-trip travel insurance policy can easily weigh you down in the details. If you’re looking for cheap travel insurance, you might want to consider starting with one of these websites.

Offering some of the best deals for travel insurance, with these sites, you can take a trip anywhere on the globe and find protection. Medical coverage, cancellation insurance, and more are right at your fingertips with the best overseas travel insurance.

Cheap Travel Insurance

Image Source: Pexels

Many of these providers can offer more than just single-trip travel insurance as well. Look further into an annual plan, cruise travel insurance, or family travel insurance instead.

Armed with the resources you need to make a decision to bring peace of mind to your next trip, you’ll find the best worldwide travel insurance. These details will help you to make your next trip the best one ever.

AdvisoryHQ (AHQ) Disclaimer:

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