What Should You Know About Singapore Airlines Flights? A Complete Singapore Airlines Review

Singapore Airlines prides itself at being among the top carriers in the world, and they have some rankings to prove it. For example, they were chosen as the #2 airline in the world by SKYTRAX in their Singapore Airlines rating.

The company was first founded in 1947 under the name Malayan Airways, and since has become the flag carrier of Singapore. Those that are a Singapore Airlines frequent flyers, will know they have their hub at Singapore Changi Airport.

If you’re wondering where you can go on a Singapore Airlines’ booking, you have quite a few options. Below are some of the Singapore Airlines destinations stats:

  • # of Singapore Airlines International Destinations – 62
  • # of Continents Traveled To – 5
  • # of Countries on Singapore Airlines Routes – 30

What do you need to know before your next Singapore Airlines booking?

You’ll want to read our complete Singapore Airlines review to learn more about this airline and what to expect when you board your next Singapore Airlines flight.

We’ll also touch on where to find a Singapore Airlines ticket sales or packages, see what people are saying about the airline–both positive and negative reviews, and take a look at Singapore Airlines ratings from multiple websites.

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Singapore Airlines Review | How to Earn Miles and Find a Singapore Airlines Sale?

Everyone loves a great deal, and these days you’re missing out if you are a Singapore Airlines frequent flyer, or frequent flyer on any carrier, and aren’t earning miles for free travel during your trip.

We’ve got a rundown below on where to find a Singapore Airlines sale and what type of clubs or programs you can join to earn free miles and other perks when taking Singapore Airlines flights.

Fare Deals

On the Singapore Airlines website they have a special page just to find the best Singapore Airlines sale. Some of the current offerings include flying from San Francisco to Hong Kong for just $625 USD.

You can use the tools on the page to show only the Singapore Airlines destinations you want and at the price range you’re looking for.


KrisFlyer is the Singapore Airlines frequent flyer program that you can sign up for to earn miles and other perks. You can earn these through Singapore Airlines flights and flights on their SilkAir as well as earning on the ground and while shopping with 200 other partners.

PPS Club

Their PPS Club is for Singapore Airlines frequent flyers that travel on First Class, Business Class, or Singapore Airlines Suites. Benefits include things like exclusive lounge access in over 1,000 lounges globally, earning non-expiring flyer miles, and priority reservations.

Business Programs

If you’re a small, medium, or large sized business, there are Singapore Airlines frequent flyer deals for you as well. Your company can earn HighFlyer points, while your employees also earn KrisFlyer miles.

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Singapore Airlines Review | Reviews from Passengers Flying Singapore Airlines

Let’s get right down to it and take a look at the Singapore Airlines review given by travelers that had either a positive or negative experience on the airline.

When we drill down into multiple Singapore Airlines reviews, we can often see patterns developing that tell us overall what are the best and worst things people experienced after making a Singapore Airlines booking. Sometimes it’s the in-flight experience, and other times it’s the customer service on the ground.

Let’s first start with some of the happy travelers and find out why they buy tickets on Singapore Airlines routes time and time again.

Positive Traveler Reviews | Singapore Airlines Review

Here are the positive reviews that we found from those that made a Singapore Airlines booking. Where possible, we’ve noted the seat class of their Singapore Airlines sale, as sometimes the experience can differ between economy and the other classes.

tripadvisor® Singapore Airlines Review:

  • One U.S. reviewer of Singapore Airlines routes internationally said they thought the price was “very reasonable.” They described their experience as “luxury in Economy Class” and wished they could fly Singapore Airlines on U.S. domestic flights.
  • A person who travelled in Singapore Airlines’ Premium Economy Class gave the airlines 5 out of 5 stars, and said that the food onboard was “probably the most delicious meals” they’ve ever had. They also said the crew members “were fantastic.”
  • A New Zealand reviewer said that the extra money to upgrade from Economy to Premium Class was “well spent.” In their Singapore Airlines review they also added that the “fabulous entertainment system and seat comfort” made for such a nice 11-hour flight that they weren’t even dreading the next flight connection.

SKYTRAX Singapore Airlines Review:

  • A Business Class reviewer gave the airline a 9 out of 10 on their Singapore Airlines routes between Munich and Singapore. They enjoyed the Silver Kris lounge and their meal and snack options. They also noted that boarding was smooth and “flights on time, even ahead of schedule.”
  • An Economy Class passenger that gave a 10 out of 10 in their Singapore Airlines review noted the excellent reservation and check-in process, and said the “staff speaks good English and is kind”, and that the meal service “was really tasty.”
  • An Iceland based reviewer flying from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur said their experience on Singapore Airlines was “outstanding.” They noted they are a Singapore Airlines frequent flyer and said the ground crew was “very attentive and supportive.”

Negative Traveler Reviews | Singapore Airlines Review

We do have to note that as we looked through the reviews for Singapore Airlines, there were many more positive reviews than negative, which is a testament to the quality of this carrier. However, there were a few reviewers that had a less than perfect trip. Here’s what they had to say.

tripadvisor® Singapore Airlines Review:

  • A reviewer from the UK had a Singapore Airlines booking for the Premium Economy Class and it “did not meet expectations” for them.  They noted that you “get constant traffic from the cabin staff” and no benefits like “drinks and champaigne” turned up.
  • A flyer that took Singapore Airlines flights in Economy Class said they had “terrible service from flight attendants.” And they had an issue getting water or any other type of fluids between meal service.
  • One reviewer from Australia said in their Singapore Airlines review that “boarding the plane was disorganized.” They also noted that “staff were loud” which didn’t help the passengers trying to sleep. They said that it will be the first and last time they fly Singapore Airlines.

SKYTRAX Singapore Airlines Review:

  • A passenger that traveled their Singapore Airlines routes in Business Class from Rome to Melbourne did not like the airline lounge in Rome at all and said it was “very dated and standing room only.” They also noted that the crew rushed through meal services.
  • It seems that the lack of beverages might be a common thread among the bad Singapore Airlines reviews. One reviewer from Australia was “disappointed by lack of water” and said the dehydration made for an uncomfortable flight.
  • In a Singapore Airlines review from a New Zealand passenger flying from London to Auckland, they gave an overall 4 out of 10 rating due the lack of their own toilet in Premium Economy Class and they felt the food service was at “economy standards.”

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The Big Picture | Singapore Airlines Stars & Ratings

Now that we’ve looked at the individual reviews from travelers to and from Singapore Airlines destinations, let’s take a look at multiple Singapore Airlines rating and reviews for safety, reliability, and overall experience.

  • tripadvisor®: 4.5-star rating out of 5. A total of 8,033 Singapore Airlines reviews
  • SKYTRAX: 8 out of 10 Singapore Airlines rating. A total of 793 customer reviews
  • AirlineRatings: A 7 out of 7 Singapore Airlines rating for safety
  • Flight-Report: 8.6 out of 10 compiled from 387 Singapore Airline review submissions
  • Yelp: 4.5 star rating out of 5 averaged from 118 reviews of Singapore Airlines
  • TravelTruth.com: Overall grade of A+. They said the only down side is that you’ll want to take Singapore Airline flights everywhere you go, and may not be able to on domestic flights.

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Conclusion – Singapore Airlines Review from Global Passengers

While there are some of those bad experiences noted by a few passengers, it was notable that  the reviews of Singapore Air from travelers from just about every continent were mostly positive.

The excellent customer service, ground crew, and check-in process were noted by many reviewers of Singapore Airlines destinations. And we didn’t see any huge divide between Economy Class reviewers and Premium Economy or Business Class reviews as you do at times with other airlines.

Overall, the main threads of the negative reviews for Singapore Airlines seemed to revolve around the lack of beverages throughout the flight (so you may want to bring some extra water), and some passengers had issues redeeming or getting credit for miles.

There is a reason that Singapore Airlines is rated the #2 airline in the world by SKYTRAX, and that was very evident as we poured through multiple Singapore Airline reviews from passengers. They have a stellar reputation and, according to those that make Singapore Airlines bookings, look to live up to that year after year.

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