Intro: Are Stitch Fix Jobs the Best Ways to Work from Home?

Have you been searching for ways to work from home? Do you love diving into new trends? Do your friends often come to you for fashion advice and styling tips?

Does your dream job include flexibility and the opportunity to help empower women to look and feel their best?

If you’ve been nodding your head, then you might want to consider one of the most popular Stitch Fix jobs: you could work for Stitch Fix as an online stylist.

Over the past year, Stitch Fix careers and fashion stylist jobs have emerged as one of many exciting and innovative ways to work from home.

In August of 2016, the company began hiring online stylists for Stitch Fix stylist jobs across the country, making it possible to work for Stitch Fix and be a personal stylist online from the comfort of your own home.

Stitch Fix Jobs

Photo courtesy of: Stitch Fix

Maybe you’re a long-time subscriber and are jumping at the chance to work as a Stitch Fix stylist! Maybe you are interested in ways to work from home, but aren’t too sure what an online stylist does.

No matter where you fall, our Stitch Fix stylist review will examine every aspect of these popular Stitch Fix jobs to help get you started.

We’ll show you how to become a personal stylist through Stitch Fix, including the requirements for fashion stylist jobs and a detailed overview of what the Stitch Fix stylist interview process looks like.

We’ll also take a look at key points of Stitch Fix careers, including the Stitch Fix stylist salary and examine personal accounts from Stitch Fix stylists to see what it’s really like to work for Stitch Fix.

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Stitch Fix Stylist Review | What is a Stitch Fix Personal Stylist Online?

There’s no doubt that a Stitch Fix stylist job is one of the most coveted Stitch Fix jobs around—after all, not only is it one of the best ways to work from home, but it’s a great fit for those who truly love fashion.

But what exactly is a personal stylist online? What does a Stitch Fix stylist do?

As a women’s clothing subscription service, Stitch Fix works by matching subscribers to stylists, who then choose clothing and accessories for them based on a series of surveys on their individual style and fashion preferences.

Stitch Fix stylists are tasked with creating a personal relationship with subscribers through choosing pieces of clothing that will excite, inspire, and empower them. As Stitch Fix puts it,

Stitch Fix Stylists are passionate about fashion, but they also thrive on building genuine relationships to deliver a truly personalized service. They’re natural trendsetters, wardrobe problem-solvers and outfit artists. But, most importantly, they care about their clients. This is why Stylists are the heartbeat of Stitch Fix.

Online Stylist

Photo courtesy of: Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix stylist jobs truly are some of the most important Stitch Fix jobs to have. Ongoing subscriptions are integral to the company, and if a subscriber does not feel like her Stitch Fix stylist can match her individual tastes, it’s unlikely that she will continue ordering from the company. 

For that reason, Stitch Fix makes sure that everyone hired for a Stitch Fix stylist job is well-equipped to meet the needs of their clients.

All subscribers fill out an extensive survey to examine personal taste, style, fit, and preference. After each box is received, Stitch Fix stylists have the opportunity to receive feedback to determine how accurately they matched their clients’ needs.

Subscribers can also communicate directly with their personal stylist online by leaving a note, detailing specific instructions or changes for their Stitch Fix stylist.

Although Stitch Fix stylists work remotely, these Stitch Fix jobs are still rooted in a sense of community.

As part of the Stitch Fix stylist job, each Stitch Fix stylist undergoes ongoing education and training, and can even participate in company-sponsored social events.

Becoming a Stitch Fix stylist might be one of the best ways to work from home, since Stitch Fix jobs combine the flexibility of independent work with the support of social events.

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Stitch Fix Stylist Review | Requirements for Online Stylists

Being a personal stylist online is much more than having an eye for fashion—these Stitch Fix jobs also require the ability to create a personal relationship with subscribers through listening to their needs, understanding their style, and selecting pieces accordingly.

Who are Stitch Fix Stylists?

For those who want to work for Stitch Fix as online stylists, Stitch Fix provides the following characteristics:

  • You should be a creative, inspiring woman that follows new trends and is willing to help them identify their best personal style
  • Stitch Fix stylists should be passionate about empowering women through fashion
  • You must be client-focused and understand the importance of ongoing relationships
  • Stitch Fix stylists must be confident in their ability to make quick, meaningful decisions
  • You should be detail-oriented and thoughtful
  • Stitch Fix stylists must be experts at managing their own time

Having these characteristics is an important part of being a successful personal stylist online. Stitch Fix stylist jobs are best suited for those who are passionate, detail-oriented, client-focused, and of course, for those who sincerely love fashion.

Where Do Stitch Fix Stylists Need to be Located?

Although these Stitch Fix jobs are remote, location is another deciding factor in whether you can become an online stylist.

The company is only offering stylist Stitch Fix careers for those living in select cities, including:

  • Austin, TX
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Dallas, TX
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Sacramento, CA
  • San Diego, CA
  • San Francisco Bay Area

It may seem strange to have location-specific requirements for remote Stitch Fix jobs, but this is the only way to work for Stitch Fix and take advantage of training, seminars, and social events.

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Stitch Fix Stylist Review | Average Stitch Fix Stylist Salary & Work Week

Our Stitch Fix stylist review found that the average work week for the Stitch Fix stylist job can be anywhere between 15-30 hours. For this reason, Stitch Fix stylist jobs may be best as supplemental income, since they don’t necessarily provide full-time work.

Still, with the ability to work for Stitch Fix from the comfort of your home, fashion stylist jobs provide an ideal structure for a part-time job that works around a full-time schedule.

There is at least one initial on-site training for Stitch Fix jobs, which includes about 6 hours of learning how to become a Stitch Fix stylist.

Average Stitch Fix Stylist Salary

According to reports from Glassdoor, the average Stitch Fix stylist salary can range between $14-$16 per hour, though the most commonly reported Stitch Fix stylist salary is $15.

Compared to national averages for fashion stylist jobs, Stitch Fix jobs for stylists are right on par with what is typically expected.

PayScale lists the average pay for an online stylist as $16.40 per hour, with pay increasing along with experience.

The company does not clearly specify whether Stitch Fix careers are eligible for pay increases, but a range of $14-$16 would suggest a lower starting wage and a higher, more experienced wage.

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Stitch Fix Stylist Review |What is the Stitch Fix Stylist Interview Like?

Part of applying for any job—especially Stitch Fix jobs—is being prepared for the interview. Understanding what the Stitch Fix stylist interview looks like is a great way to learn how to become a personal stylist before you even begin!

To become an online stylist for Stitch Fix, you’ll have to submit an online application (based on your zip code). According to reviews of Stitch Fix jobs on Glassdoor, waiting for an interview can take anywhere from 3-6 months.

Each potential online stylist is given 45 minutes to complete the entire Stitch Fix stylist interview process. You’ll also be asked to bring an electronic copy of your résumé and a fully-charged laptop along with you.

If called for a Stitch Fix stylist interview, you’ll first be asked to put together a Pinterest board to practice creating a Fix for a fictional subscriber. You will also practice writing a personalized note detailing why you chose each piece.

Should You Become a Stitch Fix Stylist

Photo courtesy of: Pixabay

The Stitch Fix stylist interview process typically includes in-person styling, as well as traditional interview questions. According to Glassdoor, some sample Stitch Fix stylist interview questions include:

  • How would you make time during the day to do your work?
  • Will it be difficult for you to effectively communicate online?
  • When was a time a customer was unhappy with your service? Were you able to turn it around, and how?
  • How will you fit the minimum 15 hours into your work week?
  • How would you explain Stitch Fix to someone else?
  • What kind of styling have you previously done?
  • Explain a time where you overcame an obstacle with a client successfully.
  • How would you deal with a client that wants a piece of clothing in their Fix that isn’t right for their body type?
  • How would you ensure that you style a client to their specific tastes/specifications and not your own personal preferences/style/bias?  

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Stitch Fix Stylist Review | What is it Really Like to Work for Stitch Fix as an Online Stylist?

Becoming a Stitch Fix stylist may be one of the most popular Stitch Fix jobs—but what do actual reviews of StitchFix careers say?

Are Stitch Fix stylists happy with their fashion stylist jobs? Is learning how to become a personal stylist with Stitch Fix the best career move for you?

In this section of our Stitch Fix stylist review, we’ll look at real reviews of StitchFix jobs from stylists themselves to determine whether the Stitch Fix stylist job is truly as fulfilling as it seems.

Reviews of StitchFix Jobs from Glassdoor

By and large, Glassdoor is the best place to find reviews of StitchFix from an employee’s perspective. If you think you might like to work for Stitch Fix as an online stylist, looking at these reviews is the best way to see what it is really like to have a Stitch Fix stylist job.

There are currently 348 reviews of Stitch Fix, with a total rating of 3.8 stars out of 4. Out of those who reviewed Stitch Fix jobs, 76 percent would recommend to a friend.

Additionally, the CEO (Katrina Lake) currently has a 93 percent approval rating, placing her in the Top 100 Highest-Rated CEOs.

One review of Stitch Fix jobs comes from a remote stylist in Los Angeles, who lists the following as advantages to the Stitch Fix stylist job:

Working from home is the best and biggest perk of this job that keeps me going. If you have another job, have children or attend school then this job can be worked around it. You can literally work at any hour of the day or night. You also don’t have to deal unpleasant co-workers or a supervisor breathing down your back. It’s a great position if you’re self motivated [sic] and an independent worker.

Stitch Fix Stylist Jobs

Photo courtesy of: Stitch Fix

Conversely, there are some criticisms of the Stitch Fix stylist job. In the same review, the downfalls of the position include:

The serious lack of inventory makes it difficult to get the job done sometimes. The merchandise is not the best quality, a lot of it is boring, over priced [sic] and nothing clients can’t find at discount retailers such as Target and Old Navy. Clients will consistently tell you they can get it cheaper somewhere else so it gets frustrating having to hear it all the time. They also tend to take out their dissatisfaction on the stylists so you have to let comments roll of your back and move on. The online system used to style can go down at times which really creates an issue if you have other commitments during our day or the week. There really isn’t that much room to move up in the company unless you’re [sic] goal is to get into management since the majority of the positions will be out of their main office.

The above Stitch Fix stylist review is a great example of the various pros and cons that come from being an online stylist.

In the sections below, our Stitch Fix stylist review has compiled a quick overview of the benefits and the downfalls of becoming a personal stylist online through Stitch Fix.

Pros of Stitch Fix Fashion Stylist Jobs

  • Extremely flexible work schedule
  • Support from team members & training materials
  • Fun, team-based environment
  • Helping others improve their wardrobe is fulfilling
  • Online stylists get an employee discount
  • Opportunity to create great relationships with clients
  • Great communication with the company and other online stylists

Cons of Stitch Fix Fashion Stylist Jobs

  • High price points for clothing and accessories
  • No bonuses and few perks for Stitch Fix stylists
  • Little room for professional development or growth
  • Learning to style correctly can be difficult when done remotely
  • Pay is based on longevity, not performance
  • Available inventory for online stylists is different than shown online
  • Inventory fluctuates throughout the day/evening
  • No health insurance benefits

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Conclusion: Should You Become a Stitch Fix Stylist?

Becoming an online stylist would be a dream job for many women—after all, as part of your job, you are constantly discovering fashionable clothes and accessories!

Reviews of Stitch Fix jobs show that many Stitch Fix stylists also find great personal fulfillment in being able to fulfill their clients’ needs, creating a satisfying and enjoyable work environment.

Compared to other Stitch Fix jobs, being a personal stylist online also offers the most flexibility. Since they are by nature remote positions, they are great ways to work from home.

Before you begin the process to become a Stitch Fix stylist, however, make sure that you thoroughly read through the pros and cons of being a personal stylist online.

Every position has its advantages and disadvantages, and it’s important to understand every aspect of a unique job like being an online stylist.

If you are looking for part-time employment that utilizes your need for current fashion, trendy styles, enhanced customer service, and total independence, being an online stylist just might be one of the best Stitch Fix jobs for you!

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