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There are many reviews online, but this Shoedazzle review seeks to be the most informative. Whether you want information about Shoedazzle shoes or are curious about a Shoedazzle app, this Shoedazzle review has you covered.

To make this review stand out from other Shoedazzle reviews, we will provide detailed information about what Shoedazzle has to offer you as a customer, its shopping process, and the variety of styles offered (like Shoedazzle boots).

We will also help you answer the question many people ask about Shoedazzle before beginning its service: “Is Shoedazzle legit?”

What Is

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This Shoedazzle review will provide one of the most concise reviews and explain what it offers its customers. First, you may want some background information on Shoedazzle.

Created in 2009, is a monthly subscription service for women’s shoes. You sign up for the service for $39.95 per month, and a stylist will pick a pair of shoes based on your style preference and personality. Shoedazzle believes that Shoedazzle shoes should match your personality, while also being trendy and fun.

Although there are a few different monthly subscription boxes for shoes, Shoedazzle shoes seem to be among the most popular. Shoedazzle reviews and Shoedazzle shoes have been featured in top-selling magazines and news channels, like Life & Style, CosmoGIRL!, ABC News, and E!. is not just a monthly subscription service, though. You can choose to be a basic member and simply shop Shoedazzle boots or Shoedazzle heels whenever you want without a montly subscription. Shoedazzle also offers women’s clothing, accessories, and handbags, so you can always complete your outfit.

There is currently no downloadable Shoedazzle app for mobile phones or tablets, but does offer a mobile site that your iPhone or Android phone will automatically redirect to when you visit Shoedazzle. The mobile site streamlines the shopping process with Shoedazzle, so you can get your fix even when you’re on the go.

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What Styles Does Shoedazzle Offer?

Shoedazzle shoes come in so many varieties, it is no wonder women rely on Shoedazzle’s personal stylists to pick them a pair each month! Many online reviews showcase in-depth reviews of specific pairs of Shoedazzle shoes.

But, for the purpose of this Shoedazzle review, we will give an overview of the most popular styles Shoedazzle offers.

shoedazzle boots

Credit: is most notably known for its boots and heels. Shoedazzle heels are diverse, coming in a wide variety of colors, heel height, and materials. offers dress heels, pumps, and wedges, so your outfits can always have a matching pair of Shoedazzle heels.

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Shoedazzle boots are just as popular as Shoedazzle heels and are similar in diversity. Shoedazzle offers trendy styles like Western, lace-up, and hiker boots. You can also find dress boots and booties. With all of the Shoedazzle boots styles, you will never have a shortage of options.

Other Shoedazzle shoes styles include:

  • Flats
  • Sandals
  • Sneakers
  • Metal studs & hardware styles

Most reviews only talk about the shoes, since that is what Shoedazzle is known for. This Shoedazzle review previously mentioned the other items sells: accessories, handbags, and clothing. Shoedazzle strives to create full, personalized outfits for customers, so these items should be mentioned in Shoedazzle reviews.

For this Shoedazzle review, we searched the website to see all that Shoedazzle offers. stocks tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits, swimwear, and more clothing items. You’ll find handbags of every variety—from crossbody to totes to backpacks. And accessories? Shop Shoedazzle for earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and body jewelry!

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How Does Work?

In this Shoedazzle review, we have explained what is and the various types of shoes and other items it offers. Other reviews often focus on a personal experience with the service or one or two shoe specific shoe styles. We feel that, with this Shoedazzle review, it is important to share how works so we can answer the question: “Is Shoedazzle legit?” has two ways customers can use its website: basic and VIP membership. Many reviews only discuss the VIP membership. With either shopping experience, customers are required to complete a quick sign-up process, filling in their name and email address.

shoedazzle shoes


Customers then answer a few quick questions to create their “style profile.” The style profile is what helps stylists personalize customers’ options on Shoedazzle, providing them with styles that match their needs and personality.

Customers are then able to browse through the many styles of Shoedazzle shoes, clothing, handbags, and accessories Shoedazzle offers.

Basic members can shop when they want and as often as they want. They can even use the Shoedazzle mobile website to browse and shop on the go. All of Shoedazzle’s items are available to basic members.

But some members may choose to sign up for a VIP membership on Most Shoedazzle reviews briefly explain the VIP membership, so we would like to go a little more in-depth in our Shoedazzle review.

What Are the Benefits of a VIP Membership?

Since many Shoedazzle reviews focus on the product rather than the ins and outs of the service, we wanted this Shoedazzle review to fully explain the VIP membership.

Once you become a VIP member of, you pay $39.95 per month, which you can choose to spend or save for future purchases. You’ll see in many reviews that VIP members score benefits basic members do not receive, such as:

  • Free shipping and returns
  • Exclusive sales, previews, and events
  • Discounts on retail prices
  • Personalized monthly showroom with customized top selections
  • VIP pricing on every style, all $39.95 reviews

Image Source: Pixabay

If you log into your account by the fifth of the month, you can choose to skip your next delivery if you do not want to make a purchase that month. Many Shoedazzle reviews lead you to believe that Shoedazzle auto-ships you shoes if you do not skip your delivery, or that you can only receive shoes as a VIP member, both of which are untrue.

For this Shoedazzle review, we want to explain how the service actually works.

Shoedazzle VIPs can choose to spend their $39.95 credit how they want to, as long as the item is at least that price. Are you eyeing a pair of Shoedazzle heels? Want some accessories to go with your new outfit? You can use your credit toward any of Shoedazzle’s items meeting the price requirement.

Contrary to what many Shoedazzle reviews say, you are never auto-shipped items. Instead, if you do not skip your delivery, your credit card will be charged the $39.95 monthly fee, and your Shoedazzle account will be credited.

This is called a VIP credit. Through our research for this Shoedazzle review, we found that you can choose to spend the credit immediately or save the credit for a future purchase. Your VIP credits never expire and will remain in your account until you spend them.

VIP members have no commitment to make. You can simply spend or save your credits. If you feel that Shoedazzle is not right for you, you can cancel at any time by calling Shoedazzle.You can sometimes find a Shoedazzle promo code through a quick Internet search that gives you a discount on your first purchase as a VIP member, like a limited-time 75% discount on your first item. Sometimes, Shoedazzle reviews will also have an exclusive Shoedazzle promo code given to its author to share with readers.

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Is Shoedazzle Legit?

One of the reasons you might want to read reviews is to answer your question, “Is Shoedazzle legit?” This is a valid question for anyone intending on making an online purchase; you want to make sure your money is secure and the product you receive is of good quality.

To answer the question “Is Shoedazzle legit?”, we will take a look at the shipping and return policy. This can tell us a lot about Shoedazzle and how they handle returns for unsatisfactory purchases. We will also look at some Shoedazzle reviews written by customers of Shoedazzle to gauge their perception of the company.

Shipping & Return Policy

Our Shoedazzle review research brought us to the Shoedazzle’s shipping and return policy. Shipping is free for VIP members with orders totaling more than $39; the standard shipping method for basic members costs $4.95 for orders less than $49, but is free for orders more than $49. This is a reasonable shipping policy, with extra fees added for express shipping services. also supplies tracking information for convenience.

Customers who are unhappy with their orders may return them at no cost. However, items must be returned within 30 days and remain new and unworn. For example, Shoedazzle shoes that look like they have been worn will not be accepted. If you are missing a return label, packing slip, or any returning items, you run the risk of processing delays.

Customers returning items can choose one of three options for their returns:

  • Shoedazzle credit for price of item(s)
  • Credit to original form of payment with a restocking fee of $5.95 per item
  • Exchange for a different size of same item(s)

Again, this policy is respectable and attempts to create happy customers who love their purchases. Reviews from Real Customers

What do other Shoedazzle reviews have to say about whether Shoedazzle is legit? The majority of reviews confirm that customers had pleasant shopping experiences with well-made items and satisfactory customer service.

Most Shoedazzle customers are impressed with the VIP service and the quality shoes that they receive for only $39.95 per month. Some call the experience “quick and easy,” and others say it is “addicting.”

This Shoedazzle review detailed the Shoedazzle service, compared basic and VIP memberships, previewed some of the most popular shoe styles, and explained some of the website’s important policies. So, is Shoedazzle legit? We are inclined to say yes, it is legit.

The majority of reviews we sorted through showed an impressed and positive outlook on Shoedazzle and its quality items. Because of its easy-to-use interface and by making good on its promises, such as how the service works and its return policy, this company proves itself as a legit business and service.

Conclusion—Shoedazzle Review

Our Shoedazzle review research proves that Shoedazzle also ensures that it has a comprehensive shipping and return policy that is customer-focused. Shoedazzle wants its customers to be happy so they keep coming back for more. That is exactly what Shoedazzle is doing with its current service.

We hope that this article, “Shoedazzle Reviews | The Truth about” was informative and helped you in your understanding of Shoedazzle, its service, its products, and its authority. Please let us know if you have any comments or questions!

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