Intro: Top 8 Best Ways to Sell Stuff Online | How to Sell Online to Selling Sites

Many of us have more stuff around the house than we know what do with. Instead of holding on to unused items in a box in the attic for years to come, a great idea is to sell stuff online.

Yet many people still do not know how to sell stuff online, and many are worried about safety. “How do I safely sell my stuff online?” We are here to tell you that it can be a wonderful and easy experience.

Before you begin, it is important to know what to sell online as well as knowing where to sell stuff online. This comprehensive online selling guide will give you the ins and outs of how to sell online by offering the 8 best ways to sell stuff online.

How to Sell Stuff Online

If you have never tried online selling before, you may be wondering how to sell online. Online selling is easier than ever these days. Website security technology can ease your fears and online selling apps can make the entire process easy.

For all of the ways to sell your stuff online that we detail below, you will need to make sure your items are in good condition (sometimes you simply need to be honest about the poor condition). Then, decide where to sell stuff online and which of the selling sites makes most sense for your items.

Take a picture, write a short description, and then decide on a price. Next, you can make an account through one or more of these selling sites, post your listing, and wait to hear back. You will typically receive your payment online (except for Craigslist, where you receive it in person).

Before you know it, you will have exchanged old, unused items for some extra spending money!

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An Overview of the Best Selling Sites

The most important step when you sell stuff online is to know where to sell stuff online.  Many other selling websites take advantage by charging incredibly high commissions, making returns nearly impossible, or lacking in honesty.

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We have taken out the guesswork for you with this simple guide of online selling sites. You will not only see where to sell stuff online, but also what to sell online.

These are the top eight ways to sell stuff online:

1. Amazon, Craigslist, or eBay: Sell Virtually Anything

The concept is simple: when in doubt, sell your online stuff on Amazon, Craigslist, or eBay. These three websites are the most talked about and highly regarded online selling sites. And they allow you to easily sell just about anything you may own.

Amazon may be known as the best place to buy anything you could ever dream of, but Amazon is also a great tool to sell stuff online. Amazon allows individuals to sell up to 40 items each month. There is a flat $0.99 fee on each item. Some items als o have referral fees and closing fees.

When you want to sell stuff online at no cost to you, Craigslist is a great way to go. It really is as easy as snapping a picture, writing a short description, and answering a few emails or text messages to those in your city.

EBay is a great resource for selling your things worldwide. Though eBay does have a more complex seller fee structure, they are up front with all the fees you may encounter on their website.

2. Tradesy: Sell Your Clothes

No online clothes reseller is perfect. They all take a certain commission percentage from your sales. There is also no way these companies can guarantee an entirely hassle-free way to sell you stuff online. However, Tradesy, and their Tradesy app, is one of the better selling sites out there for online clothing sales.

Here is what to sell online through Tradesy:

  • Women’s Fashion
  • Women’s Accessories
  • Wedding Dresses
  • Wedding Items (decorations, wedding gifts, and more)

Tradesy takes a commission fee of 9% but does offer you three convenient ways of shipping your items. You are allowed to keep your remaining earnings to use as store credit, or you can pull them onto you PayPal or bank account for a 2.9% transaction fee.

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3. Totspot: Sell Your Kid’s Clothes

With children growing out of their clothes so quickly, it can sometimes feel like a never-ending cycle of buying clothes. Totspot allows you to actually sell the clothes your little ones are too big for now.

There are quite a few online selling sites for children’s clothes, but Totspot keeps online selling simple for busy parents.

You simply make an account, put up a listing, and wait to hear when you have made the sale. Totspot takes a 20% commission on everything you end up selling. Bonus: you can also add mom and dad’s clothes for a one-stop selling experience.

4. Gift Card Granny: Sell Unused Gift Cards

When you are thinking of how to sell stuff online, you may have not even considered selling any unused gift cards. Sure, gift cards are wonderful to receive when they are for a place we love to shop. But what about those gift cards that will just end up in a drawer forever?

The Gift Card Granny selling site connects you with their trusted brokers. You can see what each online broker is offering for your particular gift card value. You can either sell your card directly or list it to see if you find better offers.

For the purpose of this guide, we did our own gift card online selling research. We looked up a $100 Target gift card. The highest paying broker was offering $87.01 in return for the gift card. While this does not match value, it can be a great option for those who need money more than store credit.

5. Swappa: Sell Your Smartphone

Swappa is one of the many online selling sites allowing you to sell your smartphone. But there is one desirable difference. When you sell your stuff online, you often simply accept that paying a fee is part of the deal. But this isn’t true with Swappa.

This company chooses to charge the buyers a small flat fee instead of charging the sellers. But if you would like your smartphone to be featured on their website, you can pay a small fee. To make it even better for online selling, Swappa will pay you before you even ship.

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To keep their good reputation, Swappa must review and then approve all listings before they are open to the public. Swappa is a great way to sell stuff online without losing out on sale money.

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6. NextWorth: Sell Your Other Electronics

When it comes to electronics, you may be wondering how to sell online all these items that have high dollar value. NextWorth is a great resource that has even been recommended by CNET as one of the “five websites that turn your used electronics into money.”

Wondering what to sell online with NextWorth? They are currently taking and selling these categories:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Video Games
  • Laptops
  • iPods
  • Action Cameras (like the Go Pro)
  • Wearables
  • Portable Audio

NextWorth gives you a quote on your item, you ship it in for free, and NextWorth pays you. You do not have to worry about privacy issues since NextWorth wipes out all personal info.

When you sell from NextWorth, you get to choose between a PayPal payment and check. They will always honor their quote as long as the product quality matches your description.

7. BookScouter: Sell Your Books or Textbooks

When it comes to selling your books or textbooks online, BookScouter is one of the most convenient out of all the book selling sites.

All you need to do is type in the ISBN numbers of all the books you would like to sell, and BookScouter shows you over 40 online book selling sites and what each is currently offering for your books.

Through BookScouter, you can compare offering prices and also take a peek at each company’s feedback. This will help you decide how to sell online in the best and safest way possible. With free shipping, you cannot beat it.

8. Beepi: Sell Your Car

Figuring out where to sell stuff online may seem like a breeze until you get to large and expensive items…like a car. But don’t worry. Beepi has you covered.

Beepi starts out by giving you a free, instant quote. If you like the dollar range of what they could offer you, you can set up a free inspection. A consultant will assess your car and give you an actual sale price. Beepi guarantees your car will then sell in 30 days, or they will buy it from you.

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. With nearly 800 online reviews of Beepi on Yelp, the company still gets a full 5 stars.

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Important Tips When You Sell Stuff Online

Diving into the world of online selling can lead you to fewer unwanted things around your house and more money in your wallet. But learning how to sell online is a bit of an art form. Here are few tips to get you started:

  • Research: Once you know what to sell online, it is valuable to take some time and figure out how much other people are selling that item for and where they have sold it. Also, do your own research on all the selling sites before listing your items.
  • Know How To Sell Stuff Online With Honesty: Sure, online selling offers the seemingly perfect opportunity to fudge the details of your product for a quick payday. But this is not a good option in the long run. Selling sites are quick to kick out any seller who lacks integrity.
  • Take The Best Photos: One of the best ways to sell stuff online quickly is taking better photos. It may only take you an extra three minutes to take a good photo, but it could help your product sell much more quickly. People want to see high-quality photos, or they might begin to wonder what all the blur is hiding.
  • Write Good Product Descriptions: Remember, knowing what to sell online is not as important as know how to sell online. Your product descriptions should be short, yet detailed. Add in any information a seller may wonder about.

How to Sell Stuff Online: Is It Right for You?

This guide has hopefully answered all your questions if you have been wondering, “How do I sell my stuff online?” Now the main question is: is it right for you?

Choosing to sell stuff online is a great option for anyone who:

  • Wants to make extra cash from home
  • Owns unused and unwanted items
  • Feels comfortable using basic online technology
  • Has a PayPal account or is willing to open one
  • Is willing to lose a small commission percentage to selling sites

Now that you know how to sell online, you simply need to go through your items at home and figure out what you can easily sell on one of the above selling sites. No garage sale set up required.

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