Looking to Sell Clothes Online?

Much of the clothing hanging in your closet hasn’t been worn in years. It doesn’t fit, it’s the wrong color, the style doesn’t suit you – no matter what the reason is, you might need to investigate how to sell clothes online.

Do you know where to sell used clothes online? There are plenty of clothing apps now that allow you to sell used clothes online and to buy used clothes from others’ closets.

Are you interested in how to sell clothes online for cash? AdvisoryHQ wants to help you find the best places to sell clothes online.

We will review how the clothing apps work and where to sell clothes for cash online. Let us help you learn how to sell clothes online to add a few extra dollars to your wallet and gain some room in your closet.

Clothing Resale: A New Trend

In recent years, an industry has exploded around the idea of being able to sell clothes online. In the past, the only option for ridding your closet of unwanted items was to pack them into garbage bags for deposit at the local thrift store. These days, there are too many options to count when it comes time to sell your clothes online.

sell clothes online

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Not only is it becoming easier and easier to find where to sell used clothes, but you can also buy used clothes that are in great shape for a great price. People are finding out that the way to buy used clothes is through high-end consignment stores or online boutiques that specialize in selling nice quality, lightly used items.

They can complete a new season’s wardrobe with the latest trends for less than they would pay in a retail location.

In fact, clothing resale and consignment has turned into a $16 billion industry. According to another source, the industry of selling clothes online continues to grow at a steady 6 percent annual rate.

Each opportunity to sell your clothes online will come with slightly different protocols and standards.

The percentage you receive or the compensation you receive might not be quite what you would expect when you sell clothes for cash. It seems that a lot of consumers believe their items might have more value than they actually do.

Before you know how to sell clothes online, you probably want to know if it’s worth your time. When you sell clothes for cash, how much money can you really make off of this endeavor? Is it worth your time to package up your clothes and make an attempt to sell your clothes online?

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How Much Can You Really Make When You Sell Clothes Online?

There are as many clothing apps on the internet as you can imagine, each one claiming to be the best place to sell your clothes online. But if you want the most money out of your used clothing items and accessories, which one should you choose? How much can you realistically expect to make when you choose to sell clothes online?

First and foremost, it will depend on the variety of clothing you hope to sell. Before you can even figure out where to sell used clothes, you need to evaluate the selection in your closet.

Is it mostly designer name brands or did most of it come from shops like Forever 21 or GAP? The difference in name brand and the original value of the clothing plays a big part in how much you can expect back when you sell clothes for cash.

Most people don’t expect to get rich off letting others buy their used clothes. With sites like ThredUP, you can see in advance what you might expect to make off each item, with some clothes only worth a dollar or two. A reporter from Business Insider mailed in a bag of her own clothing to Twice and received just slightly under $30 for the whole thing.

When it comes to selling pricier items, some people are able to create a whole living out of buying used clothes and reselling them on these pages. Some are able to make several hundred or even several thousand dollars each month when they sell clothes online.

How much can you make when you sell clothes online? Some of it will be determined by how much effort you put forth. If you want to sell clothes online just to make more space in your closet, you may be able to pick up a few extra dollars here and there.

Those who have many items or plan to make a full-time living off of reselling clothing items can make significantly more when they sell clothes for cash through sites that require a little more work.

Where to Sell Used Clothes

If you know how to sell clothes online, the next step is to find out which site suits your selling needs best. Where can you sell your clothes online for the most money and with the most convenience? The most popular clothing apps are advertised heavily these days, popping up on Facebook sidebar ads and all over the internet. Chances are you’ve already heard of a few of these apps to sell clothes:

  • Poshmark
  • Tradesy
  • thredUP
  • Material Wrld
  • TheRealReal
  • Snob Swap

Each one offers a slightly different sort of service to its customers. You can opt to sell designer clothes or regular name brand clothes for men, women, or children with these clothing apps. We will be reviewing each of these popular clothing apps in the next section.

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Poshmark gives sellers control over the pricing and selling of individual items with a platform most similar to forms of social media. Users can list items in a virtual closet, giving others an opportunity to peruse their choices and buy used clothes from someone else’s collection.

Snap a quick picture with the covershot program on the Poshmark clothing app and create a virtual shopping party. You can combine your listings with those from friends for an even bigger selection for others to buy used clothes.

When your items sell, Poshmark gives you everything you need to figure out how to sell clothes online. They’ll provide you with a pre-paid, pre-addressed label that just needs to be slapped on the top of the box.


Tradesy is one of the clothing apps that allows you to do some of the work yourself when you sell clothes online. You take your own photos (but Tradesy will clean them up for you) and set your own selling price, and then Tradesy keeps a percentage of the earnings. In fact, they keep 9 percent while you keep the remainder.

Not sure what price to set when it comes time to sell clothes for cash? Tradesy will also help sell clothes online by sending you a shipping kit for each item that sells.


ThredUP is another place where you can sell clothes online that does most of the work for you. When it was created, users were initially able to buy used clothes for children but they have since expanded their wares to include women’s clothing and accessories. If you’re looking for where to sell used clothes, ThredUP attempts to sell items for approximately 70 percent of the original price. Unwanted items are donated to charity.

Items that are listed on ThredUP are paid for up front if they cost under $60. For items over that value, they will be paid for when someone else comes along to buy used clothes from your collection. Interested in how to sell clothes online and how much you’ll make? Check out their online payment estimator to see how much your used items might be worth.

clothing apps like ThredUP

Image Source: thredUP

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Where to Sell Used Clothes with Designer Tags

Want to sell clothes online but know that your clothes are worth more than average? Fortunately, you can find out where to sell used clothes online, even with designer price tags, with ease.

While you may not be able to sell clothes for cash, you can get what your designer clothes are worth in gift cards or store credit. Three of the most well-known apps to sell clothes with designer name brands are Material Wrld, The RealReal, and Snob Swap.

Material Wrld

Need to know where to sell used clothes when you need to unload designer name brands? Material Wrld collects and pays for your used clothes, even offering to pick them up from your house if you live in Manhattan.

You can sell clothes online through Material Wrld by requesting one of their trade-in kits, featuring their accepted brands list. They won’t allow any name brands other than those included on their regularly maintained list.

You can opt to sell clothes online through their platform or you can request to receive your clothes back once you hear their offer. Unlike many other sites, you can’t sell clothes for cash.

They will give you your earnings in the form of gift cards for Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Shopbop, Intermix, or Barneys. You can also opt for store credit to buy used clothes through Material Wrld.


Want to sell your clothes for cash but the high-end name brands in your closet have you worried you won’t get what they’re worth? TheRealReal focuses its business around brands like Gucci and Cartier, giving you a place to sell clothes that are worth more than what you could pick up at Old Navy.

When you mail in your luxury items, they authenticate them and then list them on consignment. It’s a simple way for you to learn how to sell clothes online, even if they are worth more than average. You can even sell art and home items through the RealReal.

where to sell clothes

Image Source: The RealReal

Snob Swap

If you’re looking for where to sell used clothes with designer labels, you might want to check out Snob Swap. They have a variety of ways you can sell clothes online: sell your clothes online, let their concierge service sell clothes online, or swap your items for someone else’s. Snob Swap is one of the clothing apps most known for designer name brands with flexibility in the way you can sell clothes online.

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Conclusion: Sell your Clothes Online

Are there are other apps to sell clothes available? Endless options exist for finding out where to sell clothes for cash online. New clothing apps are available all the time to give you more variety. If one site doesn’t accept the types of clothing you have in your closet, you might consider finding one of these other clothing apps to sell used clothes online:

Selling your used clothes online can be a great way to not only make room for new additions to your wardrobe in the upcoming season but also an opportunity to sell clothes for cash.

You have the potential to make more through these clothing apps than you do by selling your castoffs in a garage sale early one Saturday morning. If you’re looking for where to sell used clothes online, give one of these websites a visit to determine if it’s a good fit for you.

You can put forth as much effort as you want to: organize all of your items to sell clothes online, let someone else handle the selling, or simply plan to trade your items for someone else’s unwanted pieces.

Not only can you use these apps to sell clothes in order to sell clothes online, but you can also buy used clothes. You can purchase new-to-you pieces at a fraction of the cost of retail prices when you buy used clothes through these clothing apps.

With fall just around the corner, new fashion is calling your name. Make room for it by figuring out how to sell clothes online and how to buy used clothes through the apps to sell clothes.

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