Do Secret Hair Extensions Really Work? All is Revealed in this Review of Secret Extensions by Daisy Fuentes

If you want a longer, fuller hairstyle for an evening hair extensions can make it happen without waiting for your hair to grow out. However, the cost of getting them done professionally can easily be over $1,000, so many look for do-it-yourself extensions.

A reason that Secret Extensions for short hair have become popular is the easy to put on and take off headband. The price point at less than $70, also makes them much more affordable than many other extensions.

headband hair extensions

As with most things, you get what you pay for. So how does the Secret hair extensions headband compare to others in quality? Does it look natural? Is it worth the cost?

You may have also noticed that it’s getting harder to find Secret Extensions in stores. For example, when you search “Daisy Fuentes hair extensions Walmart or Target” you’ll find that they’re currently unavailable at both.

If you like this brand and want to stock up, you’re probably wondering where to buy Secret Extensions or how to find a new headband hair extension when you need it.

In this AdvisoryHQ News Secret Extensions review, we’ll take a look at the quality of the Secret hair extensions headband and their features.

You’ll also get insight into what users say in their Secret Extensions reviews about durability and how they look. And we’ll tell you where to buy Secret Extensions, since it’s getting harder to find them.

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AdvisoryHQ Secret Extension Reviews | Product Overview

Hair extensions are used to make hair look longer and more luxurious and made to blend with your natural hair (if they’re good quality!). Secret Extensions by Daisy Fuentes are one of the easiest types to use because they’re held in place by a nearly invisible headband, instead of having to be clipped, glued, or sewn onto hair.

Secret hair extensions are promoted by model and spokesperson, Daisy Fuentes, well known for being the first Latina MTV VJ. Besides their affordability, there are a few other reasons that people buy Secret Extensions for short hair.

Here are some of the product features:

  • 16” long
  • 100% Polyester fiber made to look real
  • Each color is a blend of 7-11 shades
  • Easy to wear headband
  • Does not damage hair
  • Can be trimmed, straightened, and curled

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How Much Do Secret Headband Hair Extensions Cost?

As we were researching Secret Extensions reviews, we saw a wide range of prices, depending upon color availability and retailer. The Secret hair extensions headband company website is no longer active (more on that later in the review).

This means there are a variety of prices you’ll find online when searching for Secret Extensions by Daisy Fuentes. You’ll typically pay less than $70 for one Secret hair extension. Below is a range of prices you’ll currently find online.

  • Amazon: $42-$65
  • Icing: $40
  • Poshmark: $30-$45
  • Target: $39.99-$42.99 (currently unavailable)

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How Do People Rate the Product in Secret Extensions Reviews

It may sound great to instantly have a lush, full head of hair and take it off again whenever you like, but how do Secret Extensions for short hair look? Are they as full as promised? Do they blend seamlessly with your natural hair?

We’ve scoured multiple Secret Extensions reviews to find out!

Let’s start with the naysayers and hear what people that wrote negative Secret hair extensions reviews have to say, then we’ll take a look at the positive reviews.

Secret Extensions Reviews | The Negative

  • One unhappy buyer said they were initially sent the wrong color and have been waiting over 6 months to get a replacement Secret hair extension from the company.
  • One of the negative Secret hair extensions reviews on Amazon said that one piece is not enough to look good, that they needed 2 to 3 pieces. They also said the color did not match well.
  • Another Secret Extensions reviewer said that the quality was poor, that the headbands keep breaking, and the hair looks frayed after a couple of weeks.
  • A Secret Extensions review at Trustpilot was upset that they paid extra for expedited shipping, yet never received their order and found the customer service phone disconnected and emails not replied to.

Secret Extensions Reviews | The Positive

  • A happy purchaser said that the Secret headband hair extensions are soft, comfortable and blends very well. They noted that it could not be more natural looking.
  • The hair looks very real and you can’t even tell it’s an extension, exclaimed a buyer in an Amazon Secret hair extensions review.
  • Another reviewer said that 1 Secret hair extension looked good, but 2 were even better. They also said the Secret hair extensions headband stayed in place and was invisible to the eye.
  • A happy customer on Amazon said they loved the color and that it takes a little while to get the headband properly placed. One wish they had was that they were more durable.

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Warning about the Website for Secret Headband Hair Extensions

We found a big red flag when researching Daisy Fuentes hair extensions at Walmart, Target, and even on the company’s own website. The company website is no longer up (as of the writing of this Secret Extensions review). Although they do still have a Facebook page, if you click on “shop” you’ll get an error message.

secret hair extensions reviews

The next red flag would be the lack of ability to find Secret Extensions in stores any longer. Places that used to sell Secret Extensions for short hair say they’re no longer available.

The closest Secret Extensions in store product we could find was a color version called Secret Color™ Headband Extension that’s in pink, blue, or purple at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Where to Buy Secret Extensions

With the company website no longer an option and no ability to purchase when you search, “Daisy Fuentes hair extensions Walmart,” you may be wondering where to buy Secret Extensions.

You can find them online if you look on sites like Amazon and eBay, but if you purchase from a 3rd party seller, you’ll want to read their Secret Extensions reviews to make sure you’re getting the product you expect.

You may possibly have some luck finding Secret Extensions in stores that sell beauty supplies or if your local Walgreens has any old stock of the product.

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AdvisoryHQ’s Secret Hair Extensions Reviews Conclusion

Due to multiple reasons, we feel the need to warn you about trying to buy Secret hair extensions. These include the missing company website and the lack of Secret Extensions by Daisy Fuentes in retail outlets that used to stock them.

Also of concern are the warnings from Secret hair extensions reviews that mention a disconnected customer service number, unanswered emails, and unfulfilled orders.

If you really want to try them, there are some places online if you’re looking where to buy Secret Extensions, but you may have to look through several to find the color you want.

On a positive note, happy Secret Extension reviewers did say they looked natural and were easy to use.

Unfortunately, something seems to be happening with the viability of the company that makes these headband hair extensions and it’s looking like the Secret Extensions product may not be around much longer.

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