What You Need to Know about Sebonic Financial Mortgage (Reviews, Rates, Compliances, etc.)

Whether you’re in the market to purchase a home for the first time or you’re seeking a second home, finding the right loan is an important step in the process.

Shopping around with different institutions, banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies will help you discover the best rate based on your financial situation and your objectives.

There are a number of different options for home loans today, and each is contingent upon the loan term, the type of interest rate, and the kind of loan.

Sebonic Financial is a home lending company that offers its customers various choices to best serve their individual situations.

This article will examine the specific aspects of Sebonic Financial that will help you decide whether it is the right resource for your home loan needs. This article will provide a Sebonic Financial review of the following aspects:

  • An overview of Sebonic Financial
  • Details about Sebonic Financial mortgage rates
  • Sebonic Financial complaints made by its customers
  • A major Sebonic Financial Lawsuit
  • Sebonic Financial reviews
  • Sebonic Financial benefits

In order to best determine whether Sebonic Financial is the right choice for you, it’s important to take a closer look at how the company operates and what it offers its customers.

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Sebonic Financial Overview

Sebonic Financial considers itself a new-age company that embraces start-up culture, where employees constantly contribute new ideas, execute them quickly, and use new technology.

sebonic financial review

Image Source: Sebionic Financial

These qualities foster an environment in which Sebonic Financial mortgage services are vast and effective. Sebonic Financial reviews all information about its clients in order to best serve their needs. According to its company website, Sebonic Financial provides its clients with respect, simplicity, and personal attention.

Additionally, Sebonic Financial offers its client regular updates throughout the home loan process and utilizes a unique approach that enables clients to receive the best Sebonic Financial rates available.

Sebonic Financial Mortgage Process

Once you hire Sebonic Financial to work with you on your home loan, you are entrusted in the care of an experienced loan consultant who will provide you with a Sebonic Financial review of your loan options. The Sebonic Financial review will provide important details about the potential Sebonic Financial mortgage rates, monthly payments, and anticipated fees, among others.

Once you’ve selected a loan option, you will embark on an application process with the assistance of your loan consultant. This requires gathering certain documentation, including pay stubs and bank statements. Once your Sebonic Financial loan consultant receives your documents and helps you complete your application, you will be able to move forward in your home loan process.

Sebonic Financial Mortgage Rates

As a national consumer direct home lender, the company offers Sebonic Financial mortgage rates that are competitive in the marketplace. It combines new-age technology with the resources of an established mortgage bank to provide its customers with low rates and fees and an efficient loan process.

Sebonic Financial is a direct lender to such enterprises as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), according to the company’s Facebook page.

Sebonic Financial has its own approach to home lending that is based on a set of specific principles, which enable its loan consultants to offer low closing costs, low monthly payments, and low Sebonic Financial mortgage rates throughout the course of the loan term.

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Sebonic Financial Complaints

While the company itself touts its achievements, unique approach, exceptional Sebonic Financial mortgage rates, and highly qualified staff of loan consultants, some Sebonic Financial complaints have occurred.

According to PissedConsumer.com, several customers were dissatisfied with the service they received, and consequently, posted Sebonic Financial reviews that were highly unfavorable.

For example, one Sebonic Financial review stated that the loan consultants are “not honest people,” as they will simply encourage you to “sign and close on a loan that will net them the most money.”

Another Sebonic Financial complaint was posted by a veteran who stated that Sebonic Financial loan consultants are not well-versed in VA refinance programs, and that they set strict, unnecessary requirements for current or former military employees.

Other Sebonic Financial complaints state that the Sebonic Financial loan consultants do not know how to effectively communicate with their customers, as they are difficult to reach by phone, request a great deal of information over a long period of time, and do not seem to have adequate knowledge about their business.

While the Sebonic Financial complaints vary across multiple websites in the form of Sebonic Financial reviews, the most common Sebonic Financial complaints include the following:

  • Sebonic Financial is an incompetent lender
  • Customers should not use Sebonic Financial mortgage services
  • Sebonic Financial employs incompetent loan consultants
  • Sebonic Financial operates inconsistently

Given this information, customers who are seeking a home loan or Sebonic Financial mortgage should take into account all Sebonic Financial complaints before making a commitment.

Sebonic Financial Lawsuit

In addition to the various Sebonic Financial complaints that exist on a number of different online resources, there is also a great deal of information available about a large Sebonic Financial lawsuit that occurred.

According to a 2013 article in the Charlotte Business Journal, the former president of Roundpoint Mortgage Company, Nick Florez, along with his wife and other associates, stole trade secrets and company records, and recruited employees to start Sebonic Financial as a competing business.

In its lawsuit, Roundpoint Mortgage Company claims that Florez partnered with his wife and other Roundpoint Mortgage employees to take trade secrets related to loan pricing and vendor material, and improperly utilized personnel files for the benefit of Sebonic Financial.

While the Sebonic Financial lawsuit with Roundpoint Mortgage Company was one publicized incident that actually occurred, there is also desire to file a Sebonic Financial lawsuit by other dissatisfied customers. For example, a customer on PissedConsumer.com wrote that given the high number of people who share negative experiences with Sebonic Financial due to their inaccurate information and poor business practices, that customer would like to engage in a class action Sebonic Financial lawsuit.

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Sebonic Financial Reviews

When considering all of your home loan options, it’s important to gather all the information on your lender that is available. This information should include the testimonies and reviews shared by other customers, as they tend to be the most unbiased resources.

When it comes to finding a Sebonic Financial review, you will discover that Sebonic Financial reviews are mixed across different websites. Sebonic Financial customers have experienced both positive interactions, as well as negative interactions, as outlined in the section titled, “Sebonic Financial Complaints.”

Sebonic Financial Reviews

Source: Sebonic Financial

Sebonic Financial reviews shared by customers discuss both pros and cons of the following topics:

  • Sebonic Financial as a company
  • Sebonic Financial loan consultants
  • Sebonic Financial rates
  • Sebonic Financial mortgage rates
  • Sebonic Financial mortgage options

First, let’s examine some reviews of Sebonic Financial as a company. According to LendingTree.com, some customers agree that Sebonic Financial is a “knowledgeable loan originator,” they are “quick, inexpensive, and easy,” and they are an “amazing company to work with.” Conversely, another Sebonic Financial review on LendingTree.com states that Sebonic Financial should be “avoid[ed] at all costs.”

With regards to Sebonic Financial loan consultants, some Sebonic Financial reviews on LendingTree.com state that they are “the MOST ill-informed loan officers,” they provide “terrible service,” and that a lender even “hung up” on a customer. A customer on PissedConsumer.com wrote that his loan consultant did not understand basic mortgage terms, couldn’t adequately inform him of which program he was setting up, and didn’t comprehend basic processes. The result of this experience was that the customer had to cancel the refinance altogether.

Some positive experiences with Sebonic Financial loan consultants shared on LendingTree.com state that they provided “excellent loan service” and that they were “fast and helpful.”

Regarding Sebonic Financial rates, Bankrate.com provides a number of positive Sebonic Financial reviews. One customer stated that the quote they received from Sebonic Financial was the best among five other quotes for their home, and the interest rate of Sebonic Financial was among the lowest. Additionally, another customer shared that they received the best FHA rate and lender fees.

While most of the Sebonic Financial reviews about Sebonic Financial rates on Bankrate.com are positive, a Sebonic Financial review on BestCompany.com states that “Sebonic Financial offers absolutely no information about the types of home loans they offer.”

Sebonic Financial mortgage rates were also reviewed across multiple websites. For example, a customer wrote on LendingTree.com that he received a Sebonic Financial mortgage rate that was reasonable, but the loan officer encouraged the customer to accept a more expensive alternative.

Sebonic Financial claims to work with its customers to provide the best mortgage options available. However, mixed reviews reveal a wider scope of information. On Bankrate.com, one customer shared that Sebonic Financial “rate[s] and closing costs were fair as [he] had a few other quotes for comparison.” In addition, a customer wrote, “My advisor was knowledgeable and even pointed me toward independent resources to evaluate the competitiveness of their options and costs.”

On LendingTree.com, customers shared that the Sebonic Financial mortgage options and process were both “horrific.” One customer of Sebonic Financial who utilized the company’s services on two different occasions said his experiences were very inconsistent. One refinance process took a very long time to close, while the other was handed off to different Sebonic Financial employees, making the experience confusing and more difficult.

As you can see, Sebonic Financial mortgage reviews are quite mixed. While some Sebonic Financial mortgage reviews share the positive aspects of engaging in the process, other Sebonic Financial mortgage reviews warn against utilizing the company for this service.

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Sebonic Financial Benefits

Given the range of Sebonic Financial reviews that are available on a number of different online review sites, it may be difficult to determine whether Sebonic Financial is the right resource for your home loan needs. While it’s important to consider the negative experiences presented by different Sebonic Financial customers, you should also take a look at some of the benefits.

For example, customers across all Sebonic Financial review websites share that Sebonic Financial offers some of the best rates in comparison to other lenders. This is a critical factor in moving forward in a Sebonic Financial mortgage.

Additionally, Sebonic Financial loan consultants work one-on-one with customers, providing a customized experience that promises positive results. While this all depends on the loan consultant with whom you work and the type of loan for which you are applying, your experience may result in a new home with a manageable long-term loan.

Overall, the consensus seems to be that Sebonic Financial is inconsistent with its customer service, rates, and communication. Countless complaints shine light on the fact that Sebonic Financial loan consultants vary in their knowledge of Sebonic Financial mortgage rates, terms, and processes. In addition, it appears that the way Sebonic Financial was started as a company stemmed from unlawful and dishonest activity.

However, depending on which website you visit to read your Sebonic Financial review, you will also find that a number of customers shared positive experiences both with the loan consultants and with the process itself.

It is wise to consider all aspects of your situation, both positive and negative Sebonic Financial reviews, and the type of loan you are requesting before committing to utilizing Sebonic Financial mortgage services.

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