Intro – San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union Review | Ranking

AdvisoryHQ recently reviewed the top credit unions in San Diego, California; a list that included San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union.

Below we have highlighted some of the many reasons San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union was selected as one of the best credit unions in San Diego, California.

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San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union Review

San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union (METRO) is headquartered in San Diego but offers ATM access to members throughout the country.

There are more than 15,000 members, which include employees of the City of San Diego. Founded in 1934, METRO offers low-interest loans, deposit accounts, and convenient online banking options.

San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union Review

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The mission of the San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union is defined by earning the trust of members while helping them build their future, and a firm ethics policy guides them.

Key Factors That Enabled This Credit Union to Rank as One of the Top San Diego Credit Unions

Detailed in the list below are factors leading to the inclusion of METRO on this ranking of the top San Diego Coast credit unions.

San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union Review: Energy Efficiency and Solar Loans

San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union is dedicated to helping members maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle and also reduce their monthly energy costs, which is why they offer low, competitive rates on solar and energy efficiency loans.

These loans have interest rates as low as 5.49% for solar loans when automatic payments are set up. Other upgrade options available to loan participants include high-efficiency furnace purchase and installation, solar panel systems, thermostat shower valves, or energy-efficient cooling, heating, or windows.

San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union Review: Loan Pay

Loan Pay is a convenience available from this credit union in San Diego, in which members can make loan payments with METRO using money from another financial institution, including another San Diego credit union or bank.

With Loan Pay, participants need their member number and their three-digit loan number from their statements, along with their checking account information from another financial institution.

Participants can also use their credit card to make these payments.

The benefits of this online loan payment solution include the option to create automatically recurring payments, no need to write and mail checks, and a level of flexibility for members.

San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union Review: Relationship Rewards

METRO Relationship Rewards are designed to help members build a secure financial future. The goals of this program are to give back to members and encourage increased participation in the various offerings available from this top credit union in San Diego.

No enrollment or application is required to participate in Relationship Rewards. Instead, members receive automatic benefits if they meet minimum balance requirements.  

For Premier Membership, members receive benefits like dividend bonuses and fee waivers when they maintain a total of $25,000 to $50,000 in any combination of deposit accounts with at least $5,000 in savings, checking, or money market accounts.

The next level is the Premier Advantage Membership, rewarding higher balances and including benefits like an annual 0.25% dividend bonus on term certificates or an Individual Retirement Account.

San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union Review: E-Services

San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union offers robust mobile banking options through their app, which lets users see balances and transaction history without having to log into the app itself. Other features include Apple TouchID login technology, options to pay bills, and the ability to view check images.

It’s possible to view account history, transfer between accounts, and locate nearby San Diego Metropolitan branches, shared branches, or CO-OP ATMs.

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