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San Antonio Federal Credit Union was recently ranked and reviewed by AdvisoryHQ as a top-rated credit union. Firms on our top-rated lists were selected after they successfully passed AdvisoryHQ’s ground-breaking four-step banks and credit unions selection methodology

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The San Antonio Federal Credit Union review below provides a detailed assessment, including some of the factors used by AdvisoryHQ News in its ranking and selection of San Antonio Federal Credit Union.

San Antonio Federal Credit Union Review

San Antonio Federal Credit Union (SACU), is one of the most established credit unions in the San Antonio area, with more than $2 billion in assets and a history that spans 80 years.

This credit union was founded in 1935 by twelve employees of the federal government, and now it’s recognized as being a leader in technology and innovations.

The focus remains on developing and cultivating strong member relationships, and it is 100% member-owned, governed, and directed.

San Antonio Federal Credit Union Review

Photo courtesy of: SACU

Key Factors Leading Us to Rank This Firm as One of This Year’s Top Credit Union Firms

Upon completing our detailed reviews, San Antonio Federal Credit Union was included in AdvisoryHQ’s ranking of this year’s best credit unions based on the following factors. 

San Antonio Federal Credit Union Review: Free Checking

The Free Checking option from SACU is a convenient, full-service account that not only doesn’t require any monthly fees, but it also has no minimum balance requirement.

You can open this account with only $25, and it includes access to a debit card as well as unlimited check writing.

As well as Free Checking, another free account option from SACU is My Generation Checking, which is a high-dividend account that also has no minimum balance requirement.

SACU Free Checking Review-min

Photo courtesy of: SACU

Other checking accounts include Gateway Checking and Extra Value Checking, as well as 50 Gold Checking, for members aged 50 and older.

San Antonio Federal Credit Union Review: Liquid Share Certificate

The Liquid Share Certificate is a flexible way to save your money without sacrificing liquidity. This account includes up to 1.10% APY and dividends paid monthly, and can be opened with a $5,000 minimum deposit.

It includes a fixed one-year term with unlimited deposits, as well as two withdrawals.

As with all deposit accounts at SACU, all funds are federally insured up to $250,000.

Other share certificate options from this credit union include the standard Share Certificate, which is flexible with terms ranging from 3 months to 10 years, and the Jumbo Share Certificate for those members who will have higher balances but also want some level of flexibility.

San Antonio Federal Credit Union Review: Rewards Credit Cards

There are three value-creating credit card options available through this credit union, and two of those offer rewards. The first is the SACU Rewards Preferred MasterCard®, which pairs excellent rates with bonus points and cash back.

There is also the SACU Spurs Rewards MasterCard®, which features low rates, low balance transfer rates, no annual fee or balance transfer fee, and participation in the bonus points or cash back rewards program.

SACU also offers a SACU Rate Preferred Visa®, which offers low APR rates for balance transfers and purchases.

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