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Fashion lovers are turning to international wholesale suppliers as an inexpensive way to keep up with the latest trends. Some, like AliExpress, are well-known and others, like SammyDress, do not carry as much name recognition. There are several SammyDress reviews across the web from current and former customers detailing their experiences with the company.

This SammyDress review will give you a thorough overview of the company’s practices, reputations, and product quality based on customer feedback.

Where is SammyDress located? This is a little unclear, and the head office’s location is not included on the site’s Contact or About SammyDress page. That said, a number of reviews indicate that the company is based in China.

It appears that these wholesale companies are hesitant to explicitly say they are based in China due to the growing backlash from online shoppers regarding counterfeit goods that come from the country.

There is a lot of opportunity for deals when shopping through global wholesale suppliers, but, naturally, customers have some concerns like, “Is SammyDress reliable?” “Is SammyDress legit?” and, in some cases, they are even wondering, “Is SammyDress real?”

Is Sammy dress legit? Fair question. International customers rarely have much recourse when dealing with global companies based in China. If there are any issues, they are largely left at the mercy of the company (if it believes their story) or the vendor they buy from. Concern over a possible SammyDress scam is grounded in reality since other e-commerce companies based in China, like Rosewholesale, carry negative reputations

Is SammyDress a scam? As you will see in this SammyDress review, this does not appear to be the case, and the biggest SammyDress complaint put forth by customers is that the shipping times are too long  (which has come to be expected with such wholesale companies).

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SammyDress Reviews: Product Quality

For an e-commerce platform that specializes in discounted and wholesale goods, the company benefits from positive SammyDress reviews regarding product quality. Typically, websites such as SammyDress, that advertise their products as carrying “factory-direct prices,” have reviews that characterize the goods as cheap and of extremely poor quality – sometimes even damaged.

While there are some serious issues with shipping and customer service that this SammyDress review will address later, overall, SammyDress reviews are written by customers who are happy with the merchandise they received. One review about SammyDress stated that the company’s “inexpensive jewelry looks expensive.” The review went on to say:

“[SammyDress] is an addictive website with adorable jewelry at reasonable–make that amazing–prices. I have over 50 watches that I’ve bought, plus numerous necklaces, earrings and other fun stuff. It’s my once-a-month treat to myself. Where can you have so much fun and enjoyment for so little money? Thank you, SammyDress!”

sammydress reviewsWhat You Should Know about SammyDress

The user went on to say in her SammyDress review that, although the shipping took a longer than the normal amount of time, it was a fair trade-off for the free shipping.

Others explained that they experienced the usual trepidation felt by shoppers, wondering, “Is SammyDress legit?” and ran trial purchases to gain the trustworthiness of the site.

To answer the question, ‘Is SammyDress reliable?” one customer ordered a couple of items from SammyDress just to check if they were good products. Turns out that she loved them, and the quality and the experience convinced her to give the company another chance as she writes in her SammyDress review:

“I purchased 2 items from (although I wanted a lot more than 2 items!) just to see how the products were. I LOVEDDDD them!! I bought 2 bathing suits and they fit perfect! They aren’t cheaply made. Shipping does take a while, but I knew that before making the purchase. I will DEFINITELY be purchasing more!!”

The good SammyDress reviews do not stop with satisfaction at product quality. Another common concern regarding products is the variety of options available, although people are more concerned with product quality first and variety second, especially when it comes to determining the question, “Is SammyDress legit?”

Like most websites, SammyDress claims that it carries the latest fashions at affordable prices. Unlike many websites, the reviews about SammyDress indicate that this is true. Below demonstrates what users had to say about availability.

Jennylee M writes:

“This is an excellent website for unique and up to date clothes and beautiful jewelry, they have anything and everything on this website that you will want. The prices are very affordable for everyone.”

Another user writes in a SammyDress review:

“I love this store! I’ve ordered clothes from here many times before and have never gone wrong! Their choice and variety is excellent – I always get compliments when I wear their clothes. The material of the clothes is always good; never experienced cheap or coarse material from them. And if you follow their size guide you won’t go wrong in ordering the right size for yourself.”

The other thing about SammyDress is that it does not only offer clothing. It offers a number of accessories, beauty products, home décor items, and more. One customer said in her SammyDress review that she bought two dresses, hair extensions, and a choker, and that “everything is amazing quality.”

When it comes to product quality and getting your money’s worth, SammyDress reviews indicate that you will get what you paid for. Customers talking about SammyDress express happiness at the clothing they bought for themselves as gifts, and for specific occasions.

SammyDress reviews on YouTube display the SammyDress hauls to show customers exactly what they will receive. One concern for online shoppers is that they will fall victim to a SammyDress scam that shows a picture of a product only to send something completely different. The biggest takeaway from this SammyDress review, in terms of product quality, is:

  • Check the reviews of a specific product to see what other SammyDress reviews have to say about it
  • If you are buying from the U.S., go up a size or two since Chinese sizes are smaller; it will save you the trouble of an undersized outfit later

Overall, the biggest warning this SammyDress review will address is issues with shipping and actually receiving orders.

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Is SammyDress Reliable? (Shipping & Receipt of Purchases)

SammyDress reviews indicate that the most frustrating thing about the e-commerce company is that the shipping times are quite long. This is true of most wholesale retailers who ship to the rest of the world from China. What is frustrating for many customers is that the shipments sometimes do not turn up at all, casting an unsavory shadow of “buyer beware” over the entire company – not a tagline about SammyDress that inspires much consumer confidence.

A number of SammyDress reviews on the same website detail similarly frustrating experiences with undelivered purchases:

“I also have been scammed by this rip off place. I placed an order on February 29th and it is now March 19th. I’ve still have not received it although they claim it was shipped 2 weeks ago. I sent in a ticket and they sent a ridiculous response back claiming that it was shipped after offering a flimsy apology.”

“I have been waiting over a month for my order. I called the 909 customer service number and only got a voice mail that did not even identify it self as Sammy Dress, I thought that I dialed the wrong number.”

“I ordered a polo from and never received an e-mail of an actual invoice. I only received confirmation from PayPal that they took my money. I e-mailed to inform them that I had not received an order when I did not receive it months after ordering it. They could not confirm that they ever shipped my order and refused to make good on it.”

sammydress review

Image source: Pexels

Evidently, SammyDress reviews are consistently inconsistent in their judgment of the site. Typically, e-commerce sites with poor reputations suffer from a majority of bad reviews. In this particular case, it fluctuates. There are enough bad reviews to suggest that there are issues with the company. However, there are also enough positive reviews about SammyDress to indicate that there are decent products on the site and happy experiences.

If there was one good SammyDress review for every ten awful reviews, the accusation might be that some customers are encouraged to write good reviews, but they crop up too often for that to be the case. One user went so far as to explain this division in customer experiences by outlining what he believed was a strategic SammyDress scam:

“I believe they recoup losses from their big discounts by scamming certain people. I have noticed multiple other reviews by people who also did not receive their order. Do not trust this company.”

Another SammyDress review claimed that the individual paid extra money to have the order expedited only to find that the product was shipped out late. The user received it later than the date that it was needed by (and paid to receive it by) and tried to file a report for a refund. While the customer received a response from SammyDress and the shipping company, it was not representative of the service that had been expected, and SammyDress was not particularly willing to remedy the situation, indicating that paying for expedited shipping may not get customers much. The reviewer indicated that when it came to shipping prices, there was a SammyDress scam.

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SammyDress Reviews: Customer Service

When it came to SammyDress reviews regarding product quality and shipping, the positive reviews about SammyDress were mainly in the product quality category while the unsatisfied ones centered on shipping. When it comes to customer service, the reviews are fairly split. This makes sense considering the two reasons you would call customer service would be in regard to receiving your product and the quality of your delivered product.

Those who wrote happy SammyDress reviews about the company’s customer service state that the representatives are friendly, the company is reachable, and the staff is willing to help you solve any problems. One SammyDress review about the customer service expressed surprise at how comfortable the experience was, writing:

“I recently ordered from and unfortunately ran into a problem the first time I ordered! Frustrated, I contacted them immediately, and was quite surprised to find their customer service on the ball and more than willing to help get things straightened out. They were pleasant, knowledgeable, and had everything taken care of in minutes! Needless to say, I never hesitate to contact SammyDress! I’m confident I will always be treated with respect.”

On the other side of the coin are SammyDress complaints about customer service. Some users say they did not receive their orders, they only received partial refunds on returned materials or they were forced to jump through several hoops to prove their claims.

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Is SammyDress Legit? Should I Buy from SammyDress?

Is SammyDress legit? Clearly, there are customers receiving products based on user reviews, video blogs from customers displaying the merchandise, and the fact that the company is still in business.

It should be noted that there are serious concerns regarding the organization and its ability to honor its requests. This SammyDress review is meant to give an overview that answers the question, “Is SammyDress reliable?” For the cautious buyer who cannot afford to lose money or spend a lot of time getting it back, the answer is, “no.” There is just not enough support in place based on these SammyDress reviews.

However, if you are eager for discounts and have the money to risk trying the site, there is a chance you will receive your goods. The thing about SammyDress, like many other similar sites, is that what you save on price you may end up paying for in stress and risk. 

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