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If you’re a small business owner or work in accounting, you’ve likely heard of Sage 50 Payroll and accounting software and Sage One. The accounting and payroll software developed by Sage Software has been around in one form or another for over 30 years.

If you’re not familiar with the company, you might be wondering, what is Sage Software?

Let’s take a look.

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According to Sage, they “provide accounting, ERP, HR, payroll, asset management, and payment solutions for businesses.”

Their core products, such as Sage 50 Payroll and Sage One, are accounting and payroll software designed to help small to medium-sized business. As mentioned above, they’ve been around for a while — over 30 years to be precise. Sage Software operates in 24 countries and, according to their website, is currently assisting over 6 million customers.

Sage Software offers both traditional, onsite software as well as cloud-based options in a variety of industries. They cater to the small business owner as well as larger organizations.

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Sage Software Community

One interesting thing about Sage is the community they’ve fostered.

Through Sage’s website, they offer an area with community-published blogs and a forum-like environment called Sage City. The community appears to be very robust with the ability for both business owners and accountants to interact and exchange insights on Sage Software products.

Sage also appears to host all of their support through Sage City, so if you (or are soon to be) a Sage 50 Payroll or Sage One customer, this is the place to go for all of your support needs. They have pages for all of their products, including tech support chat, a user supported knowledge base, FAQs, and more.

In addition to Sage City, Sage offers the cleverly titled Sage Advice, which offers advice and industry trends relevant to Sage 50 Payroll, Sage One, and Sage’s software offerings.

The company also hosts annual events aptly named Sage Summits. The Summits are headlined by internationally known entertainers like Zooey Deschanel and business leaders like Kickstarter CEO Yancey Strickler.

What Sets Sage Software Apart?

There are a lot of accounting and payroll options out there for businesses. What sets Sage 50 Payroll and accounting Sage One software apart? There’s quite a range of Sage Software reviews out there. We’ll take a detailed look at what these two services offer and why they might be a good fit for your business.

Let’s look at the two services separately and see what sets them apart. Both products offer similar, yet distinct features.

What is Sage 50?

Sage 50, formerly known as Peachtree, is a full service, subscription based accounting and payroll software package. While Sage offers several different packages, they all include desktop software, paired with online, cloud-based access to the software.

There are a lot of Sage 50 reviews on the internet. The opinions can be varied, and it’s often hard to sort out what services are offered by an organization like Sage.

Sage Software offers Pro, Premium, and Quantum packages for Sage 50 Payroll and accounting software. Each package offers increasing levels of features and support.

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Sage 50 Pro

Sage 50 Payroll’s most basic package — Sage 50 Pro Accounting — cost $350 per year. According to Sage, the Pro package allows business owners to, “get organized with basic, reliable desktop accounting and anywhere, anytime cloud access.”

In addition to the software itself, Sage 50 Pro offers users the ability to:

  • Process payments and payroll
  • Pay bills as well as get paid
  • Simple-to-access financial, sales, and tax reports

Sage 50 Pro gives users the ability to manage essential accounting functions such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, and cash management.

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Sage 50 Premium

Sage 50 Premium is the next product in the Sage 50 Payroll family. It offers users access to more features, and Sage markets this product to the growing business. The premium package starts at $549 per year.

What does Sage 50 Premium offer that Pro doesn’t? The list of additional features included with premium is actually pretty long. Here are a few highlights:

  • The ability to manage inventory
  • Add additional users with varying levels of access to the software
  • Create audit trails
  • Advanced budgeting

If more people than just yourself and your accountant require access, you’ll want to go with Sage 50 Premium or its other offerings. Premium allows you to add up to five users.

Sage 50 Quantum

Sage 50 Payroll’s most advanced offering is Sage 50 Quantum. In addition to offering more features than the Pro and Premium packages, Sage 50 Quantum also comes at a much higher price. Quantum starts at $1,499 per year.

The price might seem like a big jump up from Sage 50 Payroll’s other packages, but Sage bills Quantum as a much more robust offering. Sage describes the Quantum package as, “end-to-end business management software with anytime, anywhere cloud access.”

Sage 50 Quantum is a more robust accounting solution for larger organizations. It allows for more users — up to ten — and is designed to handle greater amounts of data.

Here are a few highlights from Sage:

  • Faster processing
  • Industry-specific features
  • Workflow management

If you’re looking for a solution for a larger business and more users require accounting software access, then Sage 50 Quantum is probably your best option within the Sage 50 Payroll product family.

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Sage One

If the options above sound a little more complex — or expensive — than what your business needs, Sage One might be for you.

There are a lot of Sage One reviews on the internet. The opinions can be varied, and it’s often hard to sort out which services are offered by an organization like Sage.

Sage One is a simple, completely cloud-based accounting and invoicing product from Sage. Sage describes One as “bookkeeping essentials for business owners.”

Since it’s cloud-based, Sage One works in all major browsers on both Mac and PC. This is great news for smaller businesses or sole-proprietorships that may need the flexibility to work from anywhere or use their current computing platform. Sage One also offers a mobile app, allowing users to truly take their accounting and invoicing on the go.

  • Sage One allows users to connect all of their financial accounts in one place. Tired of trying to connect the dots for your bank account, credit cards, and other financial accounts? With Sage One, you can see them clearly, all in one place.
  • Sage One allows you to send custom invoices, complete with your organization’s logo. If you’ve been sending generic invoices through another service, Sage can help you stand out with professional, custom forms.
  • Sage One allows you to send invoices in multiple currencies. The ability to accept and track orders in multiple currencies is nearly invaluable in our increasingly flat world.
  • Sage One allows you to add as many users to your account as you need. There are no limits on the number of team members that could be given access to your Sage One account.  The level of access granted to each user can, of course, be managed as well.

Sage One offers customers the ability to bill directly through Sage Payment Solutions. This feature requires users to have a Sage Payment Solutions account, which is subject to additional fees and conditions.

Sage One reviews show that the service also allows users to link their Sage One accounts to PayPal. This makes it simple to invoice clients with PayPal, rather than another merchant service.

  • Sage One costs only $10 per month. Though the features are not quite as robust, that’s a significant savings over the Sage 50 products outlined above.

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Which Sage Software product is best for you?

Both Sage One and Sage 50 Payroll offer accounting solutions for small businesses and start-ups. While the two products may sound very similar, they each provide services that are a bit different.

Based on the Sage One and 50 reviews above, let’s consider the pros of each product and who they might be best for.

Sage 50 Review

Sage 50 Payroll offers several payroll and accounting products for very small businesses to larger small business. One of the biggest differences between Sage 50 and Sage One is that Sage 50 offers payroll services in the product. If your organization has employees and you want to manage accounting and payroll in one product, then Sage 50 is probably the best fit for your organization.

Here’s a quick re-cap of some of the benefits provided by Sage 50:

  • Accounting and business management
  • Payroll processing
  • Inventory and job management
  • Desktop software and online software

Sage One Review

Like Sage 50 Payroll, Sage One offers accounting services. The biggest difference provided by Sage One is that all of the services are cloud-based and simplified. If you need an easy solution that could be managed by someone with no accounting experience, then Sage One might be for you.

The ability to easily input financial data, straight to the cloud, and quickly create professional invoices makes Sage One a great choice for those looking for a simple solution.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind about Sage One:

  • Simple invoicing
  • Easy online accounting
  • Accept online payments through Sage Payment Solutions or PayPal
  • Completely cloud-based
  • Manage accounting and invoicing through mobile app

Sage reviews show that both Sage One and Sage 50 offer great accounting solutions for a variety of small businesses. One of the biggest advantages of Sage Software, when compared with competitors, is the 30 years of experience they have in the accounting software business. They also offer a variety of products to meet the needs of varying organizations.

When you’re considering investing in a piece of software — especially a business expense like Sage 50 Payroll or Sage One — it’s important to do your research. You’re making a big commitment that will require time and resources from your business — so do your homework. Hopefully, this review provided some insight into the unique offerings and expertise Sage Software brings to the world of accounting software.

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