Is Rotita a Legit and Safe Online Shop? We’ll Tell All in this Ultimate Rotita Review

In the growing world of cut-rate fashion sites, it’s hard to know which ones to trust. They all offer great looking clothes for seriously low prices, but do the clothes actually fit or look like the photo? Do they arrive at all after you’ve given them your credit card number?

The internet can be murky to navigate at times and it’s tough to know which sites are legit and which aren’t. That’s why AdvisoryHQ is here to help you find out where it’s safe to shop online.

where is rotita located

We’re taking a look at, a site that offers beautiful swimsuits, dresses, and other fashion at prices that are a fraction of what you’ll pay in department stores. We’ll take a look at Rotita swimwear reviews, clothing reviews, and the main Rotita complaints out there.

You’ll find out what customers that have ordered from the site have to say in Rotita reviews, what the site’s overall ratings are on major consumer websites, and we’ll also include Rotita reviews in UK and Rotita reviews in Canada, in addition to those in the US and other countries.

Is Rotita legit? Where is Rotita located? And does the site offer refunds? We’ll answer all those questions and more in this ultimate Rotita review.

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About the Company | Where is Rotita Located?

The company states on their site that they do not have a physical retail location and are an online only store. But where exactly is Rotita located? After all, they have to be based somewhere.

In our Rotita website review, we found that like many of these sites that offer budget fashions, Rotita is located in Asia. A lookup of the domain registrar shows an address in Shanghai, China. It also shows that the domain was first registered in 2014.

One curious thing we found during writing a Rotita review was the reference to “Rosewe” instead of Rosita when you click over to the FAQ section. This is most likely a sister site owned by the same company since they share some of the same FAQ links.

AdvisoryHQ News Rotita Clothing Review | Prices

In the spectrum of online fashion sites, you can find dresses for anywhere from $10 to $100 or more, where do Rotita’s prices fall? In reviews of Rotita fashion and prices, we found they fall right in the “reasonable” middle of “super cheap” and “too expensive”.

Here is an overview of the types of items they sell and the average price range.

Rotita Reviews of Clothing Prices

  • Rotita Dresses: $35 to $40
  • Rotita Swimwear: $28 to $31
  • Rotita Tops & Bottoms: $28 to $35
  • Rotita Jumpsuits & Rompers: $30 to $38
  • Rotita Outerwear: $31 to $50
  • Rotita Jewelry: $5 to $7

Next, we’re going to hear from customers who’ve ordered from the site and find out what they say in Rotita dresses reviews, Rotita bathing suit reviews, and Rotita YouTube reviews. You’ll definitely want to read these for some insight before you consider making your first purchase at

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Rotita Swimwear Reviews

Certain budget shopping sites have something that sets them apart from others and for Rotita it’s their swimwear. Their colorful and stylish bathing suits really stand out as unique. Many shoppers also like that they have suits that cover you well, and aren’t just string bikinis.

And with pricing of around $30, they’re not so cheap that it makes you question the quality, but low priced enough to still be an excellent deal.

But are they? What are people saying in Rotita bathing suit reviews?

We drilled down into several Rotita swimwear reviews to bring you the main positives and negatives that people mention specifically about their swimsuits.

Positive Rotita Bathing Suit Review Comments:

  • Swimsuit looks beautiful and isn’t too skimpy
  • Impressed by the quality of the material
  • Beautiful design, but bad stitching
  • Quick delivery to Australia, great fit and quality

Negative Rotita Swimwear Review Comments:

  • Swimsuit does not fit right
  • Received suits in the same order that were too big and too small
  • Rotita returns policy wasn’t clear and getting a refund was difficult
  • Item was damaged, and they offered a 15% discount instead of a refund

rotita dresses reviews

Rotita Dresses Reviews

In our Rotita website review of their dresses, which are a big draw on most of these sites, we saw several attractive styles that look right off the fashion runway. It’s easy to see why people would take a chance on ordering from China, when the styles look so good.

They have a wide selection including formal dresses, casual dresses, and dresses you can wear to work or out on the town.

But, is Rotita a legit website and does the dress you receive look like the one on the website? Let’s hear from shoppers. Here’s an overview of their Rotita complaints and compliments from several Rotita dresses reviews.

Positive Rotita Dresses Reviews:

  • Dresses ordered looked beautiful, great customer support allowed them to exchange those that were too small
  • Shipping was slow, but the dresses looked great and get compliments
  • Quality was excellent and would order from them again
  • Dress fit perfectly and was very well made

Negative Rotita Dresses Reviews:

  • Arrived fast, but stitching was poor and zipper didn’t work correctly
  • Ordered a 2-piece dress and it arrived in the wrong style and color
  • Trying to contact them for any Rotita returns is very frustrating
  • Dresses look better in the photo than in person, they’re poorly made

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Rotita YouTube Reviews

If you’re wondering, “Is Rotita legit?”, an excellent way to judge their fashion for yourself is to take a look at a few Rotita reviews on YouTube. Some of these “haul” and “try on” videos are from bloggers compensated in either free goods or money, so you’ll want to check out more than one to get an honest picture of how their clothes arrive.

We watched several Rotita reviews on YouTube to bring you a few key takeaways on how the clothing looks upon delivery.

Reviews of Rotita on YouTube Takeaways:

  • The swimsuits tend to look just like the photos and fit well
  • Colors on some clothes are different than the photo
  • Dresses are a mix, some good quality, some poor quality
  • Sizes on clothing tend to run small, so most people order a size larger than usual

Rotita Review Overview | How Does Rotita Score on Rating Sites?

Ratings and review websites that combine scores from multiple Rotita reviews can give you a great overview at a glance at how much people trust this fashion retailer and issues they may have experienced.

We’ve looked over ratings based upon Rotita website reviews in the US, Rotita reviews UK, Rotita reviews Canada, and other countries for a global bird’s eye view.

Global Rotita Review & Ratings Sites:

  • BritainReviews (1 Rotita review UK) – 9.6 out of 10
  • PandaCheck (469 Rotita reviews)– 3.4 out of 5
  • ResellerRatings (445 Rotita reviews US) – 1 out of 10
  • SiteJabber (4,270 reviews of Rotita) – 2.9 out of 5
  • Trustpilot (2,719 reviews of Rotita) – 6.5 out of 10

We found that Rotita gets better reviews and ratings overall that some of the other budget fashion websites from China. They tend to have clothing that looks fairly close to the website image although in some Rotita complaints stated that the quality and stitching of certain items were poor.

Fit is a big issue for many shoppers with clothing fitting too small (usually) or sometimes being too big. Unpredictable sizes are a common problem with many sites like Rotita.

Rotita swimwear reviews tend to be the best, with shoppers very happy about the fit and quality of their bathing suits.

So, if you’re shopping for swimwear, you have a very good chance of being pleased with your purchase at Rotita. Just remember to check their sizing chart so you don’t order too small.

By far the biggest complaint in many a Rotita review was the difficulty with returns and refunds. We’ll talk about Rotita’s return policy next.

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What is the Rotita Returns Policy?

Nothing makes people wonder, “Is Rotita legit?” like a difficult return and refund policy. Since so many Rotita clothing reviews mentioned this as a negative, we’re going to get into the details for you.

First, we’ll go over Rotita’s returns and refunds policy from, then we’ll highlight what some of the experienced buyers wrote about in their Rotita clothing reviews.

Things to know about the Rotita Return Policy:

  • You must request a return or exchange within 30 days of receiving your item.
  • Do not return the item to the address on the package.
  • You need to request a return/exchange through a ticket in the “My Order” area on the website.
  • Their customer support will provide you with any label needed and instructions for shipping back the item.
  • Shipping charges, including return shipping, are not refunded.
  • Refunds are credited to your balance on the website and from there you can use the balance to buy something else or transfer it to your payment method.
  • It takes 7 business days after receiving the item to issue the refund.
  • If you transfer the refund to your payment method, it can take 10-20 business days for the refund to show up.

Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Well, not so much according to multiple Rotita clothing reviews. Here are some of the complaints about returns from Rotita reviews in Canada, the UK, US, and the rest of the world.

What People Say about Returns:

  • They don’t honor the Rotita return policy and try to offer a discount instead of a refund
  • Items were returned, but refund was never given
  • One refund was given for ½ the amount to save on a higher return shipping cost
  • Then tend to offer partial refunds and allow you to keep the clothes
  • It’s hard to reach customer support, they’re not very responsive
  • Several people said the site wouldn’t generate the needed return request ticket

AdvisoryHQ Rotita Review | Shipping Costs

When you’re ordering from China, it’s natural to worry about shipping costs that might eat up any great discount you’re getting on the clothes. Is Rotita a legit website when it comes to the cost of shipping?

rotita clothing reviews

Yes. They are competitive with other online shopping sites by offering free international shipping on orders over $15.00 USD. You can also pay an add-on fee if you would like the shipment faster than the approximate 2-3 weeks flat rate delivery.

Here’s a review of Rotita processing and delivery times:

  • Order processing time: 1-9 business days
  • Flat rate shipping (free for orders over $15): 10-15 business days
  • Standard shipping: 6-8 business days
  • Expedited shipping: 3-5 business days

How Much is Return Shipping to Rotita?

While you may get the product shipping to you for free, if you want to return or exchange the item you’ll have to pay for the return shipping yourself. That cost is, of course, dependent upon the shipping method and country you live in.

We found a reference in a Rotita review on Sitejabber that the UPS cost to send the item back to China was going to be $20 to $27, so they settled instead for a 50% refund without having to ship the product back.

Several other customers also mentioned the offer of a partial refund and keeping the item in Rotita swimwear reviews and dress reviews. Many times, the cost of return shipping is not worth returning the item.

What is Rotita VIP Membership?

If you’re a big fan of the fashion you can get at Rotita, then you’ll want to know about their VIP membership program. It’s based upon the accumulated dollar amount you spend on their site.

There is no fee to join, but you do need to be a registered member on their website. We did not see this mentioned much in Rotita dresses reviews, so most people may not be aware of the program. Here’s a rundown below.

  • Spend an accumulated $101-$300 and get 5-6% off prices
  • Spend an accumulated $301-$600 and get 7-8% off prices
  • Spend an accumulated $601+ and get 9-10% off prices

TIP: Another way to save is to sign in to the site with your Facebook account for a 20% order discount.

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AdvisoryHQ’s Rotita Review Conclusion

After reviewing several types of shopping sites from China, we’d say that Rotita is better than some others when it comes to clothing quality, especially for their swimwear. Though some manufacturers they use are worse than others when it comes to stitching and quality.

The biggest Rotita complaints were about wrong sizes, difficulty making returns, and poor customer service. The biggest praise was found in Rotita bathing suit reviews. Other than getting a size that didn’t fit, shoppers are really pleased with their swimwear.

Some of the clothes that we saw being revealed in Rotita reviews on YouTube were a little off on the color, but overall the clothing matched the product photos better than some other Chinese shopping sites we’ve seen.

Tips for Successful Shopping at Rotita:

  • Use their size conversion charts, and if in doubt try a size larger
  • Read their Rotita review comments on the item to see if it is true to size
  • Since shipping is free over $15, maybe try 1 item first before ordering several
  • Know that shipping is going to take a while (roughly 3-4 weeks, including order processing time)
  • Sign up for their site so your shopping earns you VIP discounts
  • Pay using PayPal to ensure you can get a refund more easily if you need one through their Buyer Protection Program

Before hitting that purchase button, you’ll want to take into consideration that getting a refund won’t be easy and that you’ll pay the shipping for any returns, which can be a little pricey.

While many Rotita clothing reviews from those that made returns did mention getting at least a percentage of their money back, they also mentioned having to jump through several hoops to get it.

So, ultimately is Rotita legit? Yes, many shoppers are quite happy with the clothes they get at Rotita and the site gets fairly decent overall ratings when compared to other Chinese shopping sites like Rotita.

We’d say this is one of the safer Chinese websites to shop as long as you understand the shortcomings, like their return policy and differing merchandise quality. If all goes well, you could end up with some really nice fashions at a great price.

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