Is Rotita a Legit Company and Safe Online Shop for You to Purchase From? Find out in this Ultimate Rotita Review

If you are considering buying from Rotita boutique, you are probably worrying about a few things. For example, will the Rotita clothes actually fit? Will they look like they do in the photo, or will they be too small or too large? Is Rotita a safe company for you to enter your credit card into the site’s checkout page? What does the return & refund process even look like?

In this Rotita review, we’ll be taking a detailed look at, a site that offers beautiful swimsuits, dresses, and other fashion at prices that are a fraction of what you’ll pay in brick-and-mortar department stores. We’ll check out Rotita swimwear reviews, Rotita clothing reviews, and the main Rotita complaints that other shoppers have shared online.

If you have any feedback or have had a positive or negative customer experience with Rottita, message us to let us know so we can even further enhance our future Rotita .com articles.

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AdvisoryHQ’s Rotita Review

Content– AdvisoryHQ News Rotita Review

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In this detailed review about, you’ll find out what customers that have ordered from the site have to say in their reviews of Rotita, and what the site’s overall ratings are on major consumer websites. In addition to Rotita USA, we’ll also include Rotita UK reviews and Rotita Canada reviews.

Before you make that online purchase, this article will help answer the following:

  • Is Rotita a legitimate company?
  • Are these clothes expensive?
  • Where is Rotita located?
  • Where is Rotita shipped from?
  • Does the site offer returns / refunds?
  • What do customers have to say in their Rotita clothing and Rotita swimwear reviews?

We’ll answer all those questions and much more in our ultimate Rotita review. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any feedback.

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About | Where is Rotita Located?

What is Rotita?

Rottita is an online fashion brand that aims to offer stylish fashion products at affordable prices to every consumer regardless of where in the world you are and help you to “celebrate yourself every day”.

Rotita Location

On its website,, the company states that it does not have a physical retail Rotita location and that it is an online-only store. 

“But is this true? Afterall, the firm has to be based somewhere.”

In our Rotita review to answer questions “Where is Rotita located?”, “Is Rotita a Chinese company?”  and “Where are Rotita clothes shipped from?” we found that just like many other online fashion shops that offer budget fashions, Rotita is actually located in China. The company lists its address in Hong Kong but has noted that this address should not be considered a Rotita shipping and return address.

A Rotita website review of the domain lists the domain registrar as Hichina Zhicheng Technology LTD and shows that the domain was first registered in 2014.

rotita women tops

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Are Rotita and Modlily the Same Company?

So here’s where it gets interesting if you’ve been asking yourself are Rotita and Modlily the same company. An interesting note is that two other online budget retail sites, Rosewe and Modlily, have the same exact physical address listed on their sites. These two sites have questionable reviews from customers regarding poor customer service and product quality.

It’s not altogether unusual for the same company to run sister websites that are targeted to different types of consumers. Reading our reviews of Rosewe and Modlily, may also be a good idea to learn more about the company behind Rotita fashion.

From a positive review perspective, Rotita shop has grown since its founding in 2009 to becoming a popular online fashion retailer which tries to provide exciting and edgy fashion apparel to consumers worldwide.

Do you have any past experience with Rotita Amazon shopping? Is there a fashion seller that carries Rotita on Amazon? We’d love to hear from you if you’ve purchased any Rotita dresses on Amazon in the past!

Rotita Review | What Does Rottita Sell? Is Rotita a Good Company to Buy From?

 Rotita boutique offers a wide range of trendy fashion that’s divided into the following categories.

  • Dresses
  • Sweatshirts
  • Tops
  • Beachwear
  • Outerwear 
  • Plus size
  • Jumpsuits
  • Bottoms
  • Jewelry & Accessories

In terms of popularity among shoppers, Rotita Swimsuits, Rotita Dresses, and Rotita Tops are the most often ordered items.  Each category on Rotita com is divided into additional subcategories to make the browsing experience seamless for the customers.

You can find great Rotita fashions such as a Rotita dress for less than $30 or a wide range of Rotita tops that cost as low as $5. However, is Rotita a good company to buy from? We’ll look into that further in the article. 

AdvisoryHQ News Rotita Clothing Reviews | Reviews of Prices

In the spectrum of online fashion sites, you can find dresses for anywhere from $10 to $100 or more, but where do this online retailer’s prices fall?

In reviews of Rotita fashion and prices, we found they fell right in the “reasonable” middle between “super cheap” and “too expensive”.

Here is an overview of the types of items this women’s online shop sell and the average price range.

Reviews of Rotita Clothing Average Prices

  • Rotita Dresses: $30 to $40
  • Rotita Beachwear and Rotita Swimwear: $20 to $41
  • Rotita Tops & Bottoms: $20 to $40
  • Jumpsuits & Rompers: $20 to $45
  • Outerwear: $21 to $40
  • Jewelry & Accessories: $5 to $20

Next, we’re going to hear from customers who’ve ordered from the site and find out what they say in their Rotita dresses UK reviews, Rotita bathing suits reviews, and Rotita tops reviews. You’ll definitely want to read these for some insight before you consider making your first purchase at sale

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Rotita Sizing Reviews

We’ve looked into many Rotita sizing reviews and have sifted through many Rotita reviews Australia, USA, UK, Canada, and South Africa to check what’s the situation with this brand’s sizing. 

While there were many useful tips and feedback on how to best choose the correct size, Rotita sizing reviews mostly point out directly to Rotitas “How to choose Size” guide. 

One of the biggest takeaways from Rotita sizing reviews is that there is a different size chart for each product. Meaning that for each individual Rotita clothing item you’re interested in, you’ll have to refer to the individual product page in Rotita shop to find the correct size chart. If you checked just one Rotita dress size chart and you’re going to buy an entirely different Rotita dress, there’s a high chance that it won’t fit you right.

On top of that, many Rotita reviews Canada and Rotita reviews Australia point out that each product page also contains a “Model Wear” button so you can check out Rotita fashions model’s size and measurements and better estimate your correct fit. 

reviews on rotita

Reviews on Rotita Clothing Size & Fit

Overall Rotita sizing reviews from customers recommend going a size up when purchasing Rotita tops.

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Rotita Swimwear Reviews

Certain budget shopping sites have something that sets them apart from others and for this online retailer, Rotita dress and Rotita swimwear are the absolute show stealers. Rotita fashion is known for its colorful and stylish bathing suits that attract many shoppers and are a showcase item on the company’s website.

Many shoppers also like that they have suits for all ages and have swimwear that covers you well and is flattering to multiple body types.

With pricing of around $30, Rotita swimsuits are not dirt cheap that it makes you question the quality but are low-priced enough to still be an excellent deal.

But are they? What are people saying in Rotita bathing suit reviews?

We drilled down into several Rotita swimwear reviews on sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber to bring you the main positives and negatives that people mention specifically about Rotita swimsuits.

Positive Rotita Bathing Suits Review Comments:

  • Rotita swimsuits look beautiful and aren’t too skimpy
  • Many Rotita Trustpilot reviewers were impressed by the quality of the material
  • Beautiful design of Rotita bathing suits, but bad stitching on some of them
  • Quick delivery to Australia, great fit, and quality
  • Online chat was helpful when returning a Rotita bathing suit

rotita swimsuits reviews

Rotita Swimwear UK, US, Canada, Australia, and South Africa

Negative Rotita Swimsuits Reviews:

  • We saw a few Rotita swimwear UK comments that pointed out that Rotita swimsuit does not fit right
  • Received several Rotita bathing suits of the same size but some were too big and some too small
  • Rotita returns policy wasn’t clear enough and getting a refund was more difficult than expected
  • Item was damaged and Rotita com offered a 15% discount instead of a refund
  • It took nearly 3 weeks to get Rotita swimsuit, then when trying to make a return the customer kept getting “the server is busy” message

Do you have any Rotita reviews UK or Rotita reviews Canada that you’d like to share with us? Do you know of any Rotita UK stockists? If you’ve purchased Rotita swimwear UK or Rotita swimwear Canada in the past or know any Rotita UK stockists, we’d love to hear from you!

Rotita Dresses Reviews

In our review of Rotita dresses, we saw several attractive styles that look right off the fashion runway. It’s easy to see why people would take a chance on ordering from China, when the styles look so good.

Rotita dresses include a wide selection of styles, including formal dresses, casual dresses, and dresses you can wear to work or out on the town.

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But is Rotita a legit website? Does the dress you receive look like the one on the website? Let’s hear what shoppers had to say on this topic.

Here’s an overview of Rotita complaints and compliments from several Rotita dresses reviews from customers.

Positive Rotita Dresses Reviews:

  • Dresses ordered looked beautiful, great customer support allowed them to exchange those that were too small
  • Shipping was slow, but Rotita dress looked great, and the customer got a lot of compliments when wearing it
  • Quality was excellent and customers would order from Rotita com again
  • The dress fits perfectly and was very well made

Negative Rotita Dresses Reviews:

  • Sizes are completely off, with a large fitting more like a size 0
  • Arrived fast, but the stitching was poor, and the zipper didn’t work correctly
  • Ordered a 2-piece Rotita dress but unfortunately it arrived in the wrong style and color
  • Rotita dress looks better in the photo than in person. Rotita dresses seem to be poorly made
  • A shopper returning 3 ill-fitting dresses the day after they were received, was told they were stained and only received ¼ her money back as a store credit

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Do you have any reviews of Rotita shop that you’d like to share with us? Have you ever ordered a Rotita dress or Rotita tops? Is Rotita a good company to buy from? Get in touch with us and share your story with our readers.

Rotita Plus Size Reviews | Rotita Customer Reviews

While there are plenty online retailers that cater to plus size people, not too many are as fashionable and trendy as Rotita plus size selection. 

You can find a wide range of clothing in the Rotita Plus Size category and still look super fashionable. Based on our review of Rotita and multiple Rotita customer reviews, the most popular items in this category are Rotita plus size dresses and Rotita plus size swimwear. 

While we found multiple Rotita plus size dresses reviews that praise the fit, quality, and affordability of the apparel, but it doesn’t come close enough to the praise that Rotita plus size swimwear reviews share.

While most Rotita plus size reviews are overall positive, Rotita plus size swimwear seems to be the most liked of all. Not only there’s a wide selection of Rotita plus size swimwear styles and models, but it’s also highly affordable and prices go as low as $10. However, the majority of Rotita plus size swimwear is priced in the $20-$35 range.

rotita sale

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Reviews of Rotita | YouTube

If you’re wondering, “Is Rotita legit?”, an excellent way to judge this online shop for yourself is to take a look at a few Rotita reviews on YouTube.

Some of these “haul” and “try on” videos are from bloggers compensated in either free goods or cash, so you’ll want to check out more than one to get an honest picture of how their clothes arrived.

We watched several Rotita reviews on YouTube to bring you a few key takeaways on how the clothing looks upon delivery.

Key Takeaways from Rotita YouTube Reviews:

  • Rotita swimsuits tend to look just like the photos and fit well
  • The colors on some clothes are different than the photo
  • Rotita dresses are a mix, some good quality, some poor quality
  • For Rotita tops, it’s a general recommendation to go a size up  
  • Sizes on clothing tend to run small, so most people order a size larger than usual
  • Stitching and detailing of dresses have issues with things like unfinished hemming or hip areas not falling where they should

Judging from Rotita reviews on YouTube, they do tend to have products that more closely resemble the website image, than some other budget Asian retailers, although several Rotita complaints stated that the quality and stitching of certain items were poor.

We’re definitely getting closer to establishing a clearer picture of this company and being able to answer is legit? Keep on reading to find out!

Do you have any experience or input for Rotita South Africa? We’re looking for more Rotita South Africa reviews so if you have purchased Rotita dresses South Africa, we’d love for you to get in touch with us!

Rotita Amazon | Reviews

While doing our due diligence research for this article we’ve noticed a lot of people are looking for Rotita on Amazon. We were interested to see if there are any Rotita Amazon sellers and if so, what are they offering. When we searched for it, we realized that there are a lot of sellers that tag random fashion products with Rotita on Amazon but when you click into the actual product, there’s no mention of the Rotita brand. 

Similarly to our experience, we encountered a review of Rotita shopping where a reviewer mentioned that they tried looking for Rotita dresses on Amazon and got results that looked like clothes of similar style, but there was no mention of the brand. They got the same type of results when they tried searching for Rotita tops Amazon.

Based on all of the above, we think that the most likely scenario is that Rotita Amazon sellers are not actually selling Rotita fashion and are potentially deceiving shoppers by misrepresenting the brand.

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Rotita Review Overview | How Does Rotita Score on Rating Sites?

Ratings and review websites that combine scores from multiple reviews can give you a great overview at a glance at how much people trust this fashion retailer and issues they may have experienced.

These also allow you to get a fuller picture of the retailer by reading both positive and negative reviews for Rotita shop and uncovering any common themes.

We’ve looked over ratings based on Rotita website reviews in the US, Rotita reviews UK, Rotita reviews Canada, and other countries for a global bird’s eye view of what shoppers think of this e-commerce site.

is rotita a legit company

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Global Rotita Review & Ratings Sites:

  • BritainReviews (5 Rotita UK reviews) – 5.5 out of 10
  • ResellerRatings (554 Rotita customer reviews) – 4.55 out of 5
  • SiteJabber (8,972 reviews of Rotita) – 4.14 out of 5
  • Trustpilot (7,502 reviews of Rotita) – 4.3 out of 10
  • io (434 Reviews on Rotita) – 2.1 out of 5
  • Rotita reviews BBB (32 Rotita reviews on BBB) – 1.13 out of 5

We found that reviews on Rotita get slightly better ratings overall than several of the other budget fashion websites from China, which also have similar complaints about issues with customer service, clothing quality, and shipping. 

Of all Rotita clothing reviews and complaints, Rotita reviews on Better Business Bureau are by far the worst, but also the number of Rotita customer reviews is much lower than on other rating sites. 

Regardless of which one of these sites are looking into, most positive reviews are for Rotita swimsuits, Rotita tops, and Rotita dresses UK. However, those are also the same clothing items most negative comments are revolving around. There’s a huge amount of both positive and negative Rotita UK reviews but most of them are focused on Rotita swimwear UK.

Fit is a big issue for many shoppers with clothing fitting too small (usually) or sometimes being too big. Unpredictable sizes are a common problem with many sites like Rotita com.   

Rotita swimwear reviews tend to be the best overall, with many shoppers very happy about the fit and quality of Rotita swimsuit. We went over multiple Rotita swimwear UK reviews and found out that customers were mostly happy with the quality and looks.

So, based on our 2022 Rotita review, it’s safe to say that if you’re shopping for Rotita swimwear, you have a better chance of being pleased with your purchase than if you’re buying Rotita dresses or Rotita tops. Just remember to always check the sizing chart so you don’t order the size that’s too small for you.

By far the most common of all Rotita complaints was the difficulty with returns and refunds. This amplifies the issue with unpredictable sizes because you may or may not actually get your money back. We’ll talk about Rotita return policy further down in this article.

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Did you purchase from this brand and left your Rotita BBB or Rotita Trustpilot review? Get in touch with us and share your Rotita shopping review.

AdvisoryHQ Rotita Reviews 2022 | Shipping Costs

When you’re ordering from China, it’s natural to worry about shipping costs that might eat up any great discount you’re getting on the clothes. Rotita clothes are delivered to more than 100 countries worldwide.

Rotita USA

Is Rotita a legit website when it comes to the cost of shipping?

Yes. Rotita website is staying very competitive by offering free standard shipping on orders over $69 USD. You can also pay an add-on fee if you would like the shipment faster.

For orders less than $69, their flat rate shipping is still very reasonable at just $8.98, and expedited shipping will vary based on the order value. Rotita shipping time will vary depending on your location.

rotita shipping time

Rotita Reviews 2022 – USA Shipping Methods & Cost

Rotita com processing and delivery times for the USA:

  • Order processing time: 1-9 business days (this is in addition to Rotita shipping time)
  • Flat rate shipping: 9-12 business days
  • Standard shipping: 6-8 business days
  • Expedited shipping: 3-5 business days

Readers interested in Rotita Canada, Rotita UK, and Rotita Australia shipping costs and methods can refer to the below tables for reference on the shipping cost.

early christmas saleDon’t Miss Early Access to Rotita’s Christmas Sale & Get up to $25 DISCOUNT

Rotita Canada – Shipping Methods & Pricing

Customers in Canada can expect to pay CA$12.98 for standard shipping of orders amounting at less than CA$99. Standard shipping is free with all Rotita orders over CA$99.

The price of Expedited Rotita Canada shipping will vary based on the amount spent and we cannot see a free expedited shipping option for Canadian customers.

rotita canadaRotita Canada Reviews – Shipping Methods & Cost

Rotita UK – Shipping Methods & Pricing

Shoppers in the UK get free Rotita standard shipping with any orders over £45. Any order under that amount will cost you £6.99.

If you’re looking into getting your order faster, any Rotita UK orders over £109 qualify for free expedited shipping.

Rotita UKRotita UK Reviews – Shipping Methods & Cost

Rotita Australia – Shipping Methods & Pricing 

Rotita Australia orders over AU$95 will get free standard shipping. If you spend less, the shipping will set you back AU$14.69.

Similarly, to most destinations, Rotita Australia doesn’t offer free expedited shipping to Australian shoppers.

rotita australiaRotita Australia Reviews – Shipping Methods & Cost

Rotita South Africa – Shipping Methods & Pricing 

Rotita South Africa doesn’t offer free standard shipping. If you’re looking into making an order that’s lesser than ZAR 2260.03, you’ll pay ZAR 435 for the shipping. Any Rotita South Africa order over ZAR 2260.03 will approximately cost you ZAR 206.93.

rotita south africaRotita South Africa Reviews – Shipping Methods & Cost

How Much is the Return Shipping?

While you may choose a flat rate to get free shipping from Rotita to you, if you want to return or exchange an item, you’ll have to pay for the return shipping yourself. That cost is, of course, dependent upon the shipping method and country you live in.

We found a reference in a Rotita review on Sitejabber that the UPS cost to send an item back to China was going to be $20 to $27, so they settled instead for a 50% refund without having to ship the product back.

In several other Rotita swimwear reviews and Rotita dresses reviews, we found different customers mentioning being offered of a partial refund and keeping the items. Many reviewers note that the cost of return shipping is not worth returning the item back to Rotita shop.

This is another important consideration when deciding whether or not to purchase from a Chinese retailer. At the end of the day, if you’re not happy with your Rotita clothes, you may end up having to keep the unwanted item(s) and only get a partial refund.

Where are Rotita Clothes Shipped From?

If you have been wondering where are Rotita clothes shipped from, you’ve come to the right place. Similarly to other overseas online retailers, Rotita fashion is shipped from its warehouses in China.

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Do you have any questions about our Rotita boutique review? If you have found any reviews for Rotita that you’d like to share with us, we’ll love to hear back from you!

Rotita Review | What is the Rotita Return Policy?

Nothing makes people wonder, “Is Rotita legit company?” like a problematic return and refund policy. Since so many Rotita clothing UK and US reviews mentioned this as a problem, we’re going to get into the details of Rotita return policy for you.

First, we’ll go over Rotita returns and refunds policy from, then we’ll highlight what some of the experienced buyers wrote about in their Rotita clothing reviews.

Things to know about the Rotita Return Policy:

  • You must request a return or exchange within 30 days of receiving your item.
  • Rotita’s return policy states you can return the item if “you are not 100% satisfied” (jewelry and Flash sale products aren’t included)
  • Do not return the item to the address on the package.
  • To initiate a refund on, you need to request a return/exchange through a ticket in the “My Order” area on the website.
  • Rotita customer support will provide you with the proper return address and an RMA number.
  • Shipping charges, including return shipping, are not refunded.
  • It takes approximately 7 business days after receiving the item to issue the refund.
  • It takes 10-20 business days for the refund to appear in your bank or 1-3 business days in PayPal.


Rotita Returns

Here are a few other requirements and suggestions that Rotita makes about how you ship your Rotita clothing items back that could delay the refund or cost you more if not followed:

  • Do not ship the item back C.O.D. or it won’t be accepted
  • You’re responsible to ship the item back to the address given (you are not provided with a Rotita returns label)
  • Rotita return reviews suggest using the post office to ship the item back to avoid customs taxes
  • Be sure to mail the item with no signature required, otherwise, they are “highly likely” not to receive it
  • Important: Send Rotita your return tracking number and shipping company by ticket, otherwise they can’t apply any refund for a return

Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Well, it’s not always as easy according to multiple Rotita clothing reviews. Here are some of the complaints about returns from Rotita US, Rotita UK, and Rotita Canada reviews. sale

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What Customers Say about Rotita Fashion Returns:

  • Rotita doesn’t honor its own return policy and is offering a discount instead of a refund
  • Items were returned, but a refund was never given
  • One refund was given for ½ the amount to save on a higher return shipping cost
  • Rotita shop tends to offer partial refunds and allow you to keep the clothes
  • It’s hard to reach customer support, they’re not very responsive
  • Several Rotita customers said the site wouldn’t generate the return request ticket that’s needed to initiate the Rotita return process

Here are some direct Rotita return reviews quotes from shoppers – both with positive and negative experiences:

“I went to the website and tried to make a ticket for a return. The page keeps coming up “the server is busy, please try again later”.”

“Finally got my refund by calling the customer service number @1/800/218/1650. And the guy helped to get me refund”

“Returned item and have not received credit. As of today, they say they have not received return. I entered tracking number, and it shows item was delivered to them 3 weeks ago.”

One customer noted an issue that we feel may highlight a crucial mistake some shoppers possibly make with a return by not providing the tracking number to Rotita customer service after shipping the product. Many Rotita USA and Rotita Canada reviews point out that and Rotita. com emphasizes the need for this in its refund and return policy.

“They have a policy that customer pay for return shipping. I was fine with that and packages the product and mailed. 10 day later no refund came.

So, I chatted with customer service and they said that I need the tracking number for return shipping… I went to post office and the lady who helped me had left the job. So as Hail Mary I sent an email to the customer service, and they were nice enough to process the return.”

 Do you have any feedback for our reviews article? Contact us Reviews | Rotita Fashion Discounts

If you enjoy shopping at Rotita despite some of the complaints, there are a few other ways that you can save even more on Rotita clothing.

Rotita T Points

You can earn what Rotita calls T points by doing various activities. Each one earns you a particular number of points that you can then apply the points to purchases for money off your order. 

T points are earned by:

  • Shopping on
  • Posting reviews on their site (you can earn extra points for including photos in your Rotita review)
  • Posting reviews on social media

Examples of how to earn T points:

  • Shopping at Rotita. Each 100 T points you collect, you’ll earn$1 off your Rotita order
  • Completing your profile = 50 T points
  • Writing a Rotita review =120 T points for each of your Rotita clothing reviews
  • Uploading a photo to your Rotita review = $5 coupon
  • Uploading a video to your Rotita review = 50 T points

Signing into Rotita with Your Facebook Account

Another way to save is to sign in to using your Facebook account. This gives you a one-time 20% order discount.

early christmas saleCheck out Rotita’s Early Access Christmas Sale &  get up to $25 DISCOUNT

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Would you like to contribute to future updates of our reviews? Is Rotita a safe company based on your personal experience? If you have any feedback, experience, or reviews on Rotita shop, why not share it with us? Get in touch!

AdvisoryHQ’s Conclusion | Rotita Reviews 2022

After reviewing multiple online shopping sites from China, we’d say that reviews for Rotita are slightly better than some others when it comes to clothing quality, especially for their swimwear.

The biggest Rotita complaints were about wrong sizes, difficulty making returns, and poor customer service. The biggest praise for clothes was found in Rotita bathing suit reviews. Other than sometimes getting a size that didn’t fit, shoppers were generally pleased with their swimwear.

Some reviewers did note being able to finally get their refunds, so it seems like a mixed bag when it comes to how easy returns are, however, the complaints about returns are more heavily weighted on the negative side.

Some of the clothes that we saw being revealed in Rotita reviews on YouTube were a little off on the color, but overall, the clothing matched the product photos better than some other Chinese shopping sites we’ve reviewed.

Tips for Successful Rotita Online Shopping:

  • Check size charts for each item you’re interested in as they’re DIFFERENT size charts on each product page 
  • Check “Model Wear” button to best estimate your size
  • Read the Rotita review comments on each item to see if it is true to size
  • Use the size conversion charts, and if in doubt try a size larger
  • Try 1 smaller item first before ordering more expensive Rotita clothes
  • Know that Rotita shipping is going to take a while as the company is shipping from China
  • Sign up for an account at Rotita com so while you’re shopping, you’re also earning T points
  • If doing a Rotita return, be sure to read all the requirements carefully so you don’t miss any critical step
  • Pay using PayPal to ensure you can get a refund more easily if you need one through their Buyer Protection Program

Before hitting that purchase button, you’ll want to take into consideration that getting a refund may not be easy and that you’ll pay the shipping for any returns, which can be a little pricey.

While many Rotita clothing reviews from those that made returns did mention getting at least a percentage of their money back, they also mentioned having to jump through several hoops to get it.

So, ultimately is Rotita legit company? Is Rotita a reputable company?

Yes, many shoppers are quite happy with their Rotita shopping experience, and the site gets moderate to great overall ratings when compared to similar Chinese shops.

We’d say this is one of the safer Chinese websites to shop for as long as you understand the possible shortcomings, like Rotita return policy and differing merchandise quality.

If all goes well, you could end up with some really nice fashions at a great price, but you still want to remember the old adage “buyer beware” when it comes to any type of international online shopping.

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