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There are several Rosewholesale reviews online, but they are spread out and difficult to see as a part of one larger review.

What this Rosewholesale review will do is take the key points from each of these separate reviews and provide a comprehensive account of Rosewholesale complaints, compliments, and concerns so that you can make an informed decision as a consumer. is an online fashion wholesaler that provides affordable fashion and accessories to its international customer base. It is a fast fashion company that claims to offer trendy, high-quality products at affordable, factory direct prices.

Although it is mainly focused on fashion, it is not limited to Rosewholesale clothing. Along with attire, offers lingerie, shoes, wigs, and men’s fashion.

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Rosewholesale Reviews | What Customers Have to Say

People are always searching for attractive deals, and the Internet has made bargain hunting much easier.

However, there are also a number of companies and individuals hoping to profit off of this desire for international sales and e-commerce platforms. Naturally, people are eager to look for feedback, like Rosewholesale clothing reviews, to ensure that they are handing their money over to trustworthy people.

rosewholesale reviewsImage Source: Rosewholesale 

Rosewholesale reviews vary, and, like many international e-commerce companies, reviews have a mix of satisfied and dissatisfied customers.

Where is Rosewholesale located? The website is not completely clear about where the company’s headquarters are, but the products are shipped from China. The website details Chinese holidays that can affect regular shipping schedules.

Rosewholesale Scam Facebook Page reviews say that the site does not have its act together when it comes to timely shipments and customer service. In fact, Rosewholesale reviews are so bad that its previous customers have largely classified the company as a scam.

A Facebook page, titled “Rosewholesale Scam,” was even set up to warn people about the site and to advise interested individuals to stay far away from Rosewholesale. 

The Facebook page includes horror story Rosewholesale reviews – articles about the rise in counterfeit products being sold in bulk from China, and advice for consumers who have lost their money on Rosewholesale clothing and accessories.

Not only is the website filled with Rosewholesale reviews, but customers are invited to upload photos to document what they ordered and what they received. Many of the actual products received, like the example shown below, are a far cry away from the original product listing.

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One of the biggest complaints in reviews is that the quality of the clothing is extremely poor. Additionally, as mentioned above, the products marketed on the site look nothing like what customers receive.

The Rosewholesale review page posts pictures of the clothing and other products offered on Rosewholesale alongside the actual products that are received with striking differences.

Rosewholesale clothing reviews do not inspire confidence. Rosewholesale reviews frequently mention poor quality clothing, wrong sizes, and just plain incorrect orders. One Rosewholesale review states:

“Bought a couple of shirts from these folks. Ordered XXL. Got one of the shirts and gave it to my size 6 wife. I am 6’3″ and weigh 225 and could not get the shirt over my shoulders. If you order anything from these folks better order about 6 sizes larger than you normally would wear. These folks are a ripoff and there is nothing that can be done about it. Please don’t make the same mistake I did.”

Mistakes certainly happen in business, but the distressing characteristic of these reviews is that they consistently refer to a general lack of concern on the part of the company about these Rosewholesale complaints.

Another user details this in her Rosewholesale review, where she makes note of the company’s unhelpfulness when she received an incorrect order:

“Out of 10 items I purchased from Rose Wholesale only 2 fit. I emailed them immediately to return the items and received this email back.

“We recently received your message on rosewholesale. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority: we are always extremely happy to provide the very best support to customers. Please note your unique ticket ID: T16051102819. Our friendly Customer Support staff will review your ticket and provide a reply to you very soon. Generally, this is within 24 hours (except during weekends and public holidays).”

Two weeks later no call. I emailed again and again and was given more unique ticket ID numbers but never a call back. It’s been 3 months. I guess I’m stuck all this crappy clothing. DON’T BUY FROM ROSE WHOLESALE”

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Evidently, many other customers have had experiences similar to the one explained in the previous Rosewholesale review. The administrators of the Facebook page frequently comment on Rosewholesale reviews such as these, advising customers on what action they should take to try and regain their money. The typical response reads:

“Please contact PayPal or your credit card company and file a dispute against the charge, they will help get your money back. Don’t bother with contacting Rosewholesale, they will not refund you. Follow through with the dispute and if you have any problems, phone a rep. Sometimes it helps to speak to them directly on the phone. Good luck!”

In fact, even the Facebook page’s cover photo makes reference to this course of action, telling visitors that following up with PayPal or their credit card company is perhaps the only shot they have at getting their money back. Almost all of the comments on this photo are negative Rosewholesale reviews talking about lost money and undelivered items.

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Rosewholesale Reviews from Across the Web

One could argue that this Facebook page is not a good source of information, since it is specifically for people who have had a bad experience with Rosewholesale. However, in fairness, the thriving community on this page and the number of negative reviews on the page suggest that this is a persistent problem for Rosewholesale.

Indeed, negative Rosewholesale reviews and Rosewholesale complaints are not limited to this Facebook page. Even on other consumer feedback websites, you are hard-pressed to find a Rosewholesale review that speaks positively about the company.

A detailed Rosewholesale review on Nina’s Bargain Beauty, a blog dedicated to affordable beauty products, discusses the blogger’s negative experience with the company. The blogger ordered her products on Rosewholesale in mid-November in order to have enough time for them to arrive before Christmas.

She had turned to the site as a place to do some affordable Christmas shopping. In her review, the blogger notes that she received no confirmation email and no receipt detailing the money she had paid and the items she had purchased.

After waiting a fair amount of time and still not receiving the packages, the blogger says in her review that she contacted customer support only to engage in a frustrating exchange in which the customer support representative stated that the shipment would now go out – which would mean the products would be delivered long after Christmas.

No longer wanting the products, the blogger requested a refund, which she was told would take a couple of days to process. She notes at the end of her Rosewholesale review that she got her money back two months later thanks to the help of PayPal.

Other Rosewholesale reviews share similar stories: orders that have not even be processed let alone shipped, clothing that is a completely different size than what was requested, and refunds that are not honored until PayPal intervenes.

Hollie E’s Rosewholesale review on SiteJabber reads:

“I ordered a dress in October 2016. It showed the order had been delivered some time in november but i never recieved it. I just gave up and considered it a loss. In may 2017 i recieved an email from the company saying my order had been returned to the company and asking if i still wanted it. I replied yes and they said all i needed to do was pay the shipping (again!?). I told them i would, they said they would send an invoice. I never recieved the invoice, they said they would send it again, i STILL didn’t receive it…big suprise. I eventually asked for a refund. A week later it was refunded to my account on the web site (not to my bank account). Decided i would try to order the dress again and use the refund. I CANT USE THE REFUND! Most frustrating experience ever! Don’t order from What a rip-off!”

Rosewholesale Review | Shipping and Handling

Shipping and handling charges are an expected inconvenience when it comes to online shopping, but the understanding is that these fees will result in speedy shipping and proper handling. reviews indicate that this is a promise that Rosewholesale shipping policies and procedures do not deliver on.

On its website, Rosewholesale shipping estimates are split into three different options: Flat Rate, Standard Rate, and Expedited. Flat Rate shipping takes about 10-25 business days, Standard Rate takes 6-10 days, and Expedited shipping takes 3-7 days.

The website states that once orders have been processed, ordered items undergo strict quality control. Additionally, each item goes through a different processing time, which, on average, can take about four business days. The size of the order or the item also plays a role in the total amount of time for Rosewholesale shipping.

However, Rosewholesale reviews like the one posted on Nina’s Bargain Beauty demonstrate that Rosewholesale struggles to honor these time windows, leaving customers waiting for months at a time–no matter what Rosewholesale shipping option they choose.

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Conclusion: It’s Best to Save Your Time and Retain Peace of Mind

Is there a Rosewholesale scam? Perhaps not, but if you take even a few minutes to read through Rosewholesale reviews, it’s clear that there are many frustrated customers who wholeheartedly believe in a Rosewholesale scam.

Although the company does have positive reviews, the amount of negative unfortunately outweighs the positive. At the end of the day, it’s better to spend higher prices shopping through a trustworthy company than put your peace of mind on the line for a deal that is too good to be true.

Most of the Rosewholesale reviews show that the site deals in poor-quality knockoffs of the advertised merchandise and is not committed to customer care.

After reading through more negative Rosewholesale reviews than positive, there are simply better places to spend your money. When all is said and done, the discounted prices are simply not worth the unsatisfactory customer service, poor products, and financial risk.

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