Rosewe Reviews (Warning) | The Truth About Rosewe Clothing (Is it Legit? Safe?)

Should You Think Twice Before Buying Rosewe Clothing? Everything You Need to Know Before Using Your Credit Card to Shop at Rosewe

Buying a dress for $12 that looks like it costs $200 sounds too good to be true—and in many cases, it is. Today, an increasing number of overseas retailers are being held accountable for stealing images, creating cheap knockoffs, and failing to uphold even mediocre standards of customer service.

With one retailer after the next coming under fire for unethical business practices and scam-worthy social media posts, it can be difficult to spot what is real and what is fake before it’s too late.

One popular site offering beautiful clothing at rock-bottom prices is Rosewe, a global online retailer that offers “the latest (almost daily) in women’s fashion from the high-streets at a price you can afford.”

This AdvisoryHQ Rosewe review will provide an in-depth overview of everything you should know about Rosewe clothing and accessories, answering common questions like:

  • Where is Rosewe located?
  • Are reviews for Rosewe generally positive or negative?
  • What do Rosewe complaints say?

More importantly, this AdvisoryHQ Rosewe review will address key questions like “Is Rosewe legit?” and “Is Rosewe a scam?” to help you determine whether Rosewe is worth trying for your next fashion haul.

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AdvisoryHQ Rosewe Review | Where is Rosewe Located?

When it comes to determining whether a company is legit, location is often a significant factor. So, where is Rosewe located?

Their website lists an address in Shanghai, China as their primary place of business, though they are careful to note that this is not the return address. (Shoppers will only receive a return address once their request has been approved.)

Because Roswe’s location is in China, shoppers can expect drastic differences in customer service availability. Rosewe is available during 9 PM-11:30 PM and 1 AM-6AM Eastern Standard Time.

Rosewe’s location plays a large part in the price and overall quality of their products. While mass production allows the price of Rosewe clothing to remain relatively low, shoppers will find that the quality of their clothing is often low as well.

reviews on rosewe

Rosewe Clothing Reviews

A 2016 journalistic investigation by BuzzFeed News linked Rosewe, Zaful, SammyDress, DressLily, and Romwe, and other cheap clothing sites to a Chinese e-commerce company called ShenZhen Global Egrow E-Commerce Co., or Global Egrow.

The company has been doing well; in fact, it made over $200 million in 2014, and is reportedly ran by one of China’s richest men.

BuzzFeed authors Sapna Maheshwari and Beimeng Fu explain the collective issues with each of these sites, saying:

If and when the garments finally arrive, shoppers say they’re frequently small enough to fit children, their color is off, and they are made from flimsy materials. Sometimes they smell like chemicals. Customer service, typically located in China, is barely reachable, especially when it comes to returns and refunds.

In this case, Rosewe’s location and ownership not only impacts product quality, shipping, and customer service, but also reputation. Many of the sites listed above have been fielding accusations of copyright infringement and poorly made clothing since 2016.

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Rosewe Review | Reviews of Rosewe on SiteJabber

SiteJabber has over 2,700 Rosewe clothing reviews from customers, giving the site an overall rating of 3.5 stars out of 5. The majority of reviews come from highly satisfied customers, with approximately 51 percent of Rosewe reviewers leaving a full 5-star rating.

Positive Rosewe Reviews

Overall, Rosewe clothing scored high marks in terms of service, shipping, returns, quality, and overall value. Positive reviews praise the company for providing high quality items at affordable prices.

This is particularly true when it comes to Rosewe swimsuits. Multiple Rosewe reviewers stated that they loved the fit and feel of their swimsuits and had either made multiple purchases or were planning to in the future. For example, one Rosewe review says:

We have a pool, and I purchase multiple suits each summer. I recently purchased four tankini style suits from Rosewe at super reasonable prices. The cost per suit averaged $27 each, which is amazingly affordable. Locally, similar suits sell for up to $100! Shipping was relatively fast, and the quality is second to none. Thanks Rosese [sic], and I will return for more!

rosewe location

Rosewe Reviews on SiteJabber

While there are plenty of positive Rosewe reviews to choose from on SiteJabber, this AdvisoryHQ Rosewe review did find some instances that may raise suspicion on whether comments are coming from a real customer. For example, some of the phrasing on 5-star Rosewe clothing reviews reads awkwardly, like this review:

I purchased a one-piece cloth from ROSEWE and received it on time. No delays and the cloth was as expected. I am planning more purchases this year.

Similarly, other reviews on Rosewe almost seem unintelligible. In a review titled “Congratulation guys,” one Rosewe reviewer says:

I so happy with all my orders O brought from us I encouraged my friends also buy from us keep like

While awkward phrasing may not be a deal-breaker for many potential shoppers, this is an important detail to note, as many overseas companies have been suspected of posting fake reviews to bring in more customers.

Negative Rosewe Reviews on SiteJabber

Approximately 35 percent of all Rosewe reviewers on SiteJabber left a 1-star rating, the lowest possible score.

Many shoppers report frustration over the refund process, which is complicated and rarely involves a full refund. According to Rosewe reviews, customers must pay the return shipping cost back to China—which is often more expensive than the item itself—or accept a 50 percent refund from customer service.

With an unresponsive customer service department, this process can be challenging, as detailed in a recent Rosewe review:

You have to get a RMA# to return, but I cannot reach them to get the # nor do they provide a return address. Website says the only way to reach them is by submitting a ticket, but you cannot create an account to do so. If you try to email the address you will get a message saying the only way to communicate is via the submit ticket method – which isn’t possible! I was tricked into this site via Pininterst. Never Never again!

Along with unresponsive customer service and a frustrating return process, many Rosewe complaints on SiteJabber involve the poor quality of the clothing they received. These negative reviews of Rosewe claim that the site uses “false product representation,” reinforcing the growing concern that shoppers cannot expect the same quality depicted in product images.

is rosewe legit

Reviews of Rosewe on SiteJabber

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Rosewe Review | Reviews for Rosewe on TrustPilot

TrustPilot has over 1,000 Rosewe clothing reviews, giving the site an overall rating of 4 stars out of 5. The majority of reviews are positive, with 52 percent of shoppers describing their experience as “Excellent.”

Positive Rosewe Reviews

Similar to Rosewe reviews on SiteJabber, shoppers praise the site for their high-quality clothing, fast shipping, and great customer service. Many even say that the Rosewe dresses and clothing that they received looked exactly like the advertised picture, and that they are “quality garments.”

One such Rosewe reviewer explains that shoppers “can’t go wrong,” leaving the following Rosewe dresses review:

I have bought 3 FABULOUS dresses from them, and just love them. Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks for item to come but they offer you, track your package, and that is always updated. My dresses are beautiful…You will be happy every time as I have been with my purchases.

Others advise that, although the shipping times can be long, the wait is well worth it. Additionally, contrary to Rosewe complaints, many positive Rosewe reviewers state that their experience with customer service was “great and prompt,” instead of inaccessible.

reviews for rosewe

Reviews for Rosewe on TrustPilot

Negative Rosewe Reviews

25 percent of Rosewe reviews are negative, with shoppers rating their experience as “Bad.” The vast majority of Rosewe complaints on TrustPilot deal with overall product quality, with shoppers commenting on poor stitching and flimsy fabric.

Reviewers describe Rosewe clothing as thin and see-through, with many shoppers saying that they cannot even wear the items that they ordered. For example, in her Rosewe dresses review, one shopper calls her purchase “the worst dress ever,” saying:

The pictures may look good, but the merchandise is awful. Poor fit, horrible finishing. No hems, just machine-applied whip stitching. Return process does not work. Dress is in my donate pile. No more Rosewe for me!

Many reviewers urge readers to avoid the site altogether, saying that Rosewe clothing “looks good on the website but not in reality,” echoing previous critical Rosewe reviews that buying from the site is simply not worth the money.

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Rosewe Review | Rosewe Complaints

Although Rosewe complaints can be found while looking through negative Rosewe reviews, there are also websites dedicated purely to providing a sounding board for frustrating shoppers.

One such website is Pissed Consumer, which has collected over 700 Rosewe complaints from shoppers across the country. With an overall rating of 1.4 stars out of 5, the most common themes among these complaints are:

  • Customer service
  • Website
  • Exchange, refund, and cancellation policy

When listing Rosewe complaints with Pissed Consumer, users have the option to enter the total amount of money that they lost by shopping through Rosewe, either due to the inability to make a return or ineligibility for a full refund. As reported by website users, the average loss is $146, with over $37,000 total losses from all users.

rosewe swimwear reviews

Reviews on Rosewe Clothing

Many Rosewe complaints deal with inaccurate sizing and the overall poor quality of the clothes that they purchased. Although Rosewe reviews from TrustPilot and SiteJabber were favorable towards Roswe swimsuits, users on Pissed Consumer frequently list complaints on their swimwear.

For example, one of these complaints comes from a shopper whose wife had purchased two Rosewe swimsuits in a size XL but received a size S instead. Upon initiating the return process, they were told that they would have to either pay for return shipping to China (nearly the same as the purchase price) or accept a 50 percent refund.

Ultimately, they call Roswe “a great way to get rid of inventory if you know the game,” warning future shoppers to “read all of the negative reviews. My good wife has learned a lesson to order only from a reputable company.”

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AdvisoryHQ Rosewe Review | Is Rosewe a Scam? Is Rosewe Legit?

Based on positive reviews on Rosewe from satisfied shoppers, it seems that Rosewe certainly has a strong following of repeat customers.

However, routine issues with customer service, returns, shipping, and overall quality detailed by frustrated Rosewe reviewers have caused many shoppers to ask the questions: Is Rosewe legit? Is Rosewe a scam?

In fact, many Rosewe reviewers already assume that they have been a victim of a scam, primarily due to unresponsive customer service, shipments that never arrive, and misleading advertisements.

See the sections below for a detailed discussion on whether Rosewe is a legit site, or if this retailer is looking to take your money and run.

Is Rosewe Legit?

One of the most important aspects of determining whether Rosewe is legit comes from analyzing the security settings. Is Rosewe legit and safe to enter your credit card information? has an “https” prefix and a small green lock. This means that data (like credit card information) is transmitted with Secure Sockets Layer, providing an additional layer of security.

There are also hundreds of Rosewe reviews from customers that have successfully received their packages and spoken with customer service, meaning that Rosewe is more than a website—it is a business with an address, contact information, stock warehouse, and customer service department.

In terms of online security and basic function, yes, Rosewe is legit. However, just because will let you fill up your cart and order, that doesn’t mean that you should. There are plenty of reasons to doubt whether Rosewe clothing is the best way to spend your money, as detailed in the sections below.

Is Rosewe Connected to Other Chinese Manufacturers?

Negative Rosewe dresses reviews and Rosewe swimwear reviews are quick to point out that items received are often not as described, an issue that extends to a wide range of China-based manufacturers.

Complaints on quality are not the only commonality between these sites—in many cases, they also share pictures as well. For example, the image below is one of many Rosewe swimsuits.

reviews of rosewe

Rosewe Swimwear Reviews

However, doing a quick Google Image search (pictured below) shows that this specific product image is linked to multiple retailers, including ModLily, Lilligal, and Rotita.

Not only does this support the link between multiple Chinese manufacturers, but it also raises questions as to who actually owns the image, making many shoppers doubt whether Rosewe is using ethical advertising practices for their clothing.

rosewe dresses review

Rosewe Swimwear Reviews

Is Rosewe a Scam?

With Rosewe reviews detailing issues with customer service, shipping, returns, and the overall poor quality of Rosewe clothing, many shoppers are calling a scam.

So, is Rosewe a scam? From a customer’s perspective, Rosewe certainly does not appear to care about their best interests. Shipping is unreliable, refunds are difficult (if not impossible) to get, and for many shoppers, the quality of Rosewe dresses and swimsuits is significantly lower than expected.

Although concerning, the above characteristics are commonly seen in retailers based in China. Despite criticism on stolen images, low-quality products, frustrating return processes, and dismal customer service, there has not yet been any legal action taken against them as a scam.

While there is no concrete evidence that Rosewe is actively trying to scam shoppers, that doesn’t mean that you should give them your money. Hundreds of shoppers believe that they have, in fact, been scammed through missing packages, non-existent customer service, and poor quality of clothing.

Ultimately, Rosewe complaints demonstrate that the retailer has a number of issues with quality control and customer service to address, which should make any online shopper think twice before filling up their cart.

AdvisoryHQ Conclusion: Is Rosewe Clothing Worth It?

There’s no denying that Rosewe clothing offers on-trend styles at affordable prices—but is the site worth ordering from? Based on Rosewe reviews from dissatisfied shoppers, there are plenty of warning signs that Rosewe might not be the best option, earning the retailer an overall 2-star rating.

While there is a significant number of positive Rosewe reviews from shoppers that were lucky enough to have a great experience, critical reviews show alarming trends in the overall value of shopping on Rosewe.

In many cases, shopping for Rosewe dresses, swimsuits, clothing, and accessories ends up being a “shot in the dark” as to whether customers will receive something that they can actually wear, or something they will have to throw away. Potential customers should consider the following patterns of Rosewe complaints:

  • Orders that never arrive
  • Receiving poorly made (or falsely advertised) Rosewe clothing
  • Contacting customer service is either impossible or extremely challenging
  • Confusing return process and difficulty getting a full refund
  • Shipping times that extend far past the estimated deadline

If you have some extra cash to spend—and are willing to take a significant chance on product quality, shipping times, customer service, and returns—then Rosewe might be worth it. For most shoppers, however, the hassle associated with ordering Rosewe clothing is enough to stay away entirely.

Rather than wasting your money on a chance, look for retailers that put the customer first through quality products, reliable shipping, flexible returns, and a solid customer service department.

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