Should You Think Twice Before Buying Rosewe Clothing? Everything You Need to Know Before Shopping on

Buying a dress for $12 that looks like it costs $200 sounds too good to be true—and in many cases, it is. But when you see attractive photos of dresses or swimsuits at rock-bottom prices, it’s sometimes so hard to resist the bargain.

Over the last decade, there has been an increased number of overseas retailers, which now makes it difficult to spot which ones are safe for your credit card, which online retailers you can trust to deliver a decent product, and which ones you need to run from.

rosewe reviews 2022

Is Rosewe Legit?

This AdvisoryHQ Rosewe review will attempt to answer all the questions you may have about the Rosewe clothing store by providing an in-depth overview of everything you should know and answering common questions like:

  • Where is Rosewe located?
  • Who owns Rosewe clothing?
  • Is Rosewe a reputable company?
  • Where does Rosewe ship from?
  • Are reviews for Roswe clothes generally positive or negative?
  • How easy are Rosewe returns?
  • Is Rosewe a legit company?

More importantly, this AdvisoryHQ Rosewe review will address key questions like “Is Rosewe legit?” and “Is there a Rosewe scam?” to help you determine whether Rose We is worth trying for your next fashion haul.

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Rosewe Reviews 2022 | About Rosewe Website

What is Rosewe?

Rosewe is a popular online fashion retailer that offers beautiful clothing at greatly discounted prices. As a global online retailer, offers “the latest (almost daily) in women’s fashion from the high-streets at a price you can afford.”

about Rosewe company

Rosewe Reviews 2022 – What is Rosewe? 

Rosewe Review | Is there a Rosewe App?

If you prefer shopping on your mobile phone, you’ll be happy to hear that the Rosewe app is available for download on both Google Play and the Apple Store.

While the Rosewe app on Google Play has over 500 reviews and a rating of 4.3/5, the Rosewe app in the Apple Store hasn’t received enough ratings or reviews to display a summary.

According to Google Play Rosewe app reviews, shoppers seem to be quite happy with the shopping experience.

Do you have any questions about this Rosewe store review? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and share your Rosewe online shopping experience

Rosewe Shopping | What Exactly Does Rosewe Store Sell?

Rosewe fashion is divided into the following categories:

  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Outerwear & Coats
  • Jumpsuits & Rompers
  • Bottoms
  • Swimsuits
  • Intimates
  • Plus Size
  • Jewelry & Accessories

rosewe online shopping

Rosewe Online Shopping

Unlike many other fast fashion online retailers, Rose We also offers a Men’s Clothing category. While there’s not as much diversity in Roswe clothing for men as there is for women’s fashion, it’s a nice addition. Many online clothing retailers like Rosewe only offer women’s fashion.

Roseweofficial clothing has been around for over a decade, but does that mean you can trust it?

Many shoppers are drawn to Rosewe dress and Rosewe plus size clothing selection as well as to the drastic discounts on Rosewe dresses, tops, outerwear, and more. But how happy do those shoppers end up being, especially women Rosewe shoppers?

You’ll learn more about how current Rosewe store shoppers feel about the site and what their experiences are further down in this article when we get into the reviews of Rosewe. com.

Do you have any feedback about Rosewe dresses new arrivals? Contact us to let us know. Also if you have used mobile page and have positive or negative customer feedback about, do contact us.

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AdvisoryHQ Rosewe Review | Where is Rosewe Located?

When it comes to determining whether a company is legit, location is often a significant factor. So, where is Rosewe located?

The Rosewe official site used to list an address in Shanghai, China as the company’s primary place of business, but now it is difficult to find an address for the company. (Shoppers will only receive a return address once their return request has been approved.)

We did find on the site’s Terms of Use page that is operated by Hongkong Yuzhen E-commerce Co. This company has an address in Shanghai, China.

Interestingly, when researching Rosewe for a past review, we found that the Rosewe location listed at that time was in the same building as two other similar online Chinese retailers. Both Rotita and Modlily listed the same physical address on their websites.

So, these may be sister sites run by the same company or connected companies. To learn more about those other two sites, look for our AdvisoryHQ reviews on Rotita and Modlily.

rosewe shopping reviews Reviews – Rosewe Women’s Clothing

A 2016 journalistic investigation by BuzzFeed News linked the Rosewe website, Zaful, SammyDress, DressLily, Romwe, and other similar online clothing sites to a Chinese e-commerce company called ShenZhen Global Egrow E-Commerce Co., also known as Global Top.

The company has been doing well; in fact, its current market capitalization as of August 2019 is over $3 billion US, and it is reportedly run by one of China’s richest men.

One might assume that the Rosewe location plays a large part in the price and overall quality of the products.

While low-priced mass production in Asia allows the price of dresses and other Rosewe clothes to remain relatively low, shoppers may find that the quality is sometimes low as well.

Is There a Rosewe Store Near Me?

If you’re hoping to find a Rosewe store location, you’re out of luck.  You won’t find any Rosewe store locations near you.

Roseweofficial clothing store is an online-only fashion retailer and doesn’t have a physical location.

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Do you have any fashion show collection Rosewe reviews you would like to share with us? If so, please contact us. Also, are you a member of the “is rosewe legit” Reddit group and would like to share more information about Rosewe? Please contact us. Customer Service

Because the Rosewe location looks to be in China, shoppers can expect drastic differences in customer support availability.

There are several ways to contact Rosewe’s official site:

  • Live chat
  • Submit a ticket on rosewe. com
  • Email
  • Facebook

The live chat option on rosewe .com allows you to instantly get chat support. However, if you choose any other method such as email, ticket, or Facebook, you’ll get a reply in approximately 1 business day according to the Rosewe official site.

Is there a Rosewe customer service number I can call?

Yes, there is a US-based Rosewe customer service phone number that customers can call.

However, based on our review there are multiple complaints from customers stating that they were unable to get a hold of a customer representative via the Rosewe customer service number.

Rosewe customer service number: (718) 395-9508

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Have you successfully contacted Rosewe clothing store via one or more channels listed on the Rosewe official site? If so, we’d love to hear more about your Rosewe com customer service experience!

Rosewe Shipping | Rosewe Reviews 2022

Rosewe shipping will vary based on where you’re based, but we’ll take a look at a few scenarios just to give you a good idea of what to expect pricing-wise.

In most cases, offers 2 shipping methods:

  • Standard shipping
  • Expedited shipping

Rosewe Shipping Prices

Rosewe USA

For those in the USA, Rosewe fashion orders over $69 USD will be shipped for free using the Standard Shipping Method. If your order is under $69, you’ll be paying $8.98.

If you’re looking to have your Rosewe clothes shipped faster, you may want to opt for Expedited Shipping which will vary in price based on the order total as shown in the image below.

Rosewe USA shipping

Rosewe USA

Rosewe Canada

Canadian customers that are looking to do some Rosewe online shopping, will be getting free Standard Rosewe shipping with orders over $99 CAD.

Just as Rosewe USA, Rosewe Canada Expedited shipping will depend on the value of your order.

rosewe canada reviews

Rosewe Canada

Rosewe Australia

If you’re looking into Rosewe Australia, you will get free Standard Shipping with any Rosewe clothing store orders over $95 AUD.

For Rosewe Australia Expedited Shipping, the pricing fluctuates between $7.98 AUD and $32.98 AUD depending on the value of your Rosewe clothing order.

rosewe australia reviews

Rosewe Australia

Rosewe UK

Rosewe UK customers will be getting free Standard Shipping with any Rosewee orders over £45.

If you’re looking for Rosewe UK Expedited shipping, pricing will go between £11.99 and £16.49 for orders up to £109. Any Rosewe fashions orders over that amount will get Expedited Shipping.

rosewe UK reviews

Rosewe UK

Where Does Rosewe Ship From?

So, where does Rosewe Ship from?

As you may have expected, all orders are shipped from the company’s warehouses in China.

How Long Does Rosewe Take to Ship?

After your payment is authorized and verified, your Rosewe clothing items will be prepared for shipping.

According to, most items take 1-3 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) to be processed. Big sales may result in 6-10 business days Rose-we order processing. 

Roswee will send you an email if the processing time takes longer than expected. On each product page, you can find the estimated Rosewe shipping time which will make it easier to better determine how long does Rosewe take to ship.

We’ll take a look at the Rosewe return policy next to see what it entails.

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Rosewe Return Policy

Even though the Rosewe website says the company has a 30-day “easy” return/exchange, doing Rosewe returns and getting refunded is not always easy according to multiple reviewers.

On a positive note, the Rosewe returns warehouse is now based in New York so even if you have to pay for returns, it won’t be as pricey as it would be when shipping all the way to China.

Here are the main details of the Rosewe return policy.

  • You have 30 days from delivery to make a return for an exchange or refund
  • Items must be in new condition (unwashed, unused, no stains, etc.)
  • Flash sale products and jewelry aren’t returnable
  • You have to apply by submitting a ticket on Rosewee
  • Once approved, you’ll receive the shipping address and an RMA number
  • You are responsible to pay the shipping back to Rosewe official, and should not add “signature required” to the package
  • You need to update your ticket on the Rosewe website with the shipment tracking details
  • Roswee states that refunds are issued within 7 business days of receipt by the warehouse

How to Return Items to Rosewe

Rosewe returns process will vary depending on your location.

How to Return Items to Rosewe – USA

For Rosewe USA orders, there are two ways to return items.

  1. You can get a return label from Rosewe and ship the package with USPS (a more simple way)
    rosewe returns
    Rosewe Returns USA – Option 1


2. You can pick your own courier and ship it back to the Rosewe store, in which case you’ll need to get back to Rosewe official and provide them with the tracking

rosewe return policyRosewe Returns USA – Option 2

How to Return Items to Rosewe – Non-US

Any Rosewe clothes orders from outside of the USA will have only 1 option when opting for Rosewe returns.

Regardless of whether you’re looking into Rosewe Canada, Rosewe UK, or Rosewe Australia returns, you’ll have to pick out the shipping company on your own and send the return information to Rosewe customer service.

Not following these steps may result in an unsuccessful return and leave you without any products or a refund.

return policy rosewe

Rosewe Returns – Global (Non-US) Customers

Reviews on Rosewe Return Policy

While many shoppers say that getting a refund from Rosewee is difficult, some mention that they did receive either a partial or full refund.

One Rosewe dresses UK reviewer, in particular, had posted a negative Rosewe Trustpilot review and then later on updated it to state they had been sent their refund, but still were miffed about being out the return shipping, which in their case was £18 GBP (about $20 USD).

That’s one thing to keep in mind when ordering on or, is that if you’re not happy and want a refund, the return shipping could cost you nearly as much as the product itself.

This is especially the case for Rosewe Australia and Rosewe UK customers as they’ll be shipping Roswe returns to the warehouse located in North America (New York) which could get pricey. Reviews | Overall Customer Ratings

  • Sitejabber reviews – 4.23 out of 5 (4,464 reviews)
  • Rosewe Trustpilot reviews – 4.5 out of 5 (5,738 reviews)
  • Rosewe Reviews BBB – 4.43 out of 5 (42 reviews)

Rosewe Review | Reviews on Rosewe on Sitejabber

Sitejabber has over 4,464 Rosewe clothing reviews from customers, giving the site an overall rating of 4.23 stars out of 5. Risewe reviews are surprisingly more positive than negative, with a majority of shoppers being happy.

Approximately 59% of Rosewe shopping reviewers gave a 5-star or 4-star rating and 39 percent gave a 1-star or 2-star rating. We’ll see what the happy Rosewe shoppers had to say first, then we’ll look at the Rosewe complaints.

Takeaways from Positive Reviews on Rosewe

Overall, Rosewe clothing scored high marks in terms of service, shipping, returns, quality, and overall value.

Positive reviews on Rosewe shopping experience praise the company for providing high-quality items at affordable prices.

This is particularly true when it comes to Rosewe swimsuits. Multiple Rosewe reviews UK and US stated that they loved the fit and feel of their Rosewe swimsuits and had either made multiple purchases or were planning to purchase more in the future.

This is a common theme we’ve found with these overseas retailers, that the swimsuits overall tend to be the closest match to the photo and don’t have as many quality issues as other types of clothing. Rosewe swimsuits are no exception!

For example, one Rosewe review says:

rosewe swimwear

Rosewe Reviews 2022 on Sitejabber

Takeaways from Negative Reviews

Of the 4,464 total Rosewe customer reviews, 1,151 reviewers on Sitejabber left a 1-star rating, the lowest possible score.

Many shoppers report frustration over the Rosewe returns and the refund process, which is complicated and rarely involves a full refund.

According to reviews, customers must pay the return shipping—which is often more expensive than the item itself—or accept a 50 percent refund from the Rosewe store and keep the unwanted item.

With an unresponsive customer service department, this process can be challenging, as detailed in a recent Rosewe review:

You have to get an RMA# to return, but I cannot reach them to get the # nor do they provide a return address. The website says the only way to reach them is by submitting a ticket, but you cannot create an account to do so. If you try to email the address, you will get a message saying the only way to communicate is via the submit ticket method – which isn’t possible! I was tricked into this site via Pininterst. Never Never again!

This is the photo the reviewer shared in her Rosewe jumpsuit review. The product image on Risewe (left) versus what she received (right).

rosewe clothing review

Reviews of Rosewe on Sitejabber

Do you have any Rosewe UK reviews that you would like to share with AdvisoryHQ readers? We’d love to hear from you if you have purchased Rosewe dresses UK or any Rosewe clothing UK.

Rosewe Review | Rosewe Trustpilot Reviews

Trustpilot has over 5,738 Rosewe clothing reviews, giving the site an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. The majority of reviews are positive, with 71% of shoppers describing their experience as either “Excellent” or “Great.”

Positive Rosewe Trustpilot Reviews

Similar to reviews on Sitejabber, shoppers that praise the site mention high-quality clothing, fast shipping, and great Rosewe official customer service. Many even say that the Rosewe fashion dresses and clothing that they received looked exactly like the advertised picture and that they are “quality garments.”

One such review explains that shoppers “can’t go wrong,” leaving the following Rosewe dresses review:

I have bought 3 FABULOUS dresses from them, and just love them. Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks for item to come but they offer you, track your package, and that is always updated. My dresses are beautiful…You will be happy every time as I have been with my purchases.

Others advise that, although the shipping times can be long, the wait is well worth it. Additionally, contrary to some Rosewee complaints, many positive Rosewe UK reviews state that their experience with Rose We was “great and prompt” instead of inaccessible.

Here is one reviewer who praised Rosewe clothes and its services:

Roseww has quality clothing for a fraction of the costs. The customer service is prompt and provides excellent and fast results.

rosewe plus size

Rosewe Women’s Clothing – Rosewe Dresses for Sale

Negative Rosewe Trustpilot Reviews

16% of Rosewe Trustpilot reviews are negative, with shoppers rating their experience as “Bad” or “Poor.”

The vast majority of Rosewe Trustpilot complaints deal with overall product quality, with shoppers commenting on poor stitching and flimsy fabric.

Some Rosewe dresses reviews describe the clothing as thin and see-through, with many shoppers saying that they cannot even wear the items that they ordered. For example, in one Rosewe dress review, one shopper calls her purchase “the worst dress ever,” saying:

The pictures may look good, but the merchandise is awful. Poor fit, horrible finishing. No hems, just machine-applied whip stitching. Return process does not work. Roswe dress is in my donate pile. No more Rosewe for me!

Many Rosewe reviews UK urge readers to avoid the site altogether, saying that Roseweofficial clothing “looks good on the Rosewe website but not in reality,” echoing previous critical Roswe reviews that buying from the site is simply not worth the money.

Another area of concern we found was with Rosewe returns. Many customers noted trouble getting their money back for dresses and other Rosewe clothes even when they followed the proper refund procedure.

reviews for rosewe

Rosewe Women’s Clothing – Rosewe Reviews UK

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Rosewe Review | Rosewe Reviews BBB

Surprisingly, there aren’t many Rosewe Reviews BBB. We checked the company on BBB and found only 42 reviews in total. Rosewe Reviews BBB has a total rating of 4.3 out of 5.

The number of Rosewe reviews on BBB is not nearly as high as on Rosewe Trustpilot. However, we found that customers are praising and complaining about the same issues that we have seen on the other two rating sites.

Reviews on Rosewe | Rosewe Official Site

The Rosewe official site has an entire section dedicated to Rosewe customer reviews.

We were very surprised to see there are over 130,000 Roseweofficial reviews. However, only 16 Roseweofficial reviews are 1-star reviews which makes us wonder about the bias of the reviews posting process considering the number of orders.

Have you purchased any Rosewe dresses in Australia or Rosewe dresses Canada? While we have encountered many Rosewe dresses Canada reviews and Rosewe dresses Australia, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us

Rosewe Clothing Reviews | Rosewe Reviews 2022

With so many polarizing Roswe clothing reviews out there, it’s really hard to know what to trust and what’s a straight-out lie.

In order to help customers make an informed decision about Rosewe online shopping, we have decided to look further into two topics that we get asked most about: Rosewe dresses and Rosewe plus size dresses.

Rosewe Dresses Reviews

In our quest to bring you the best Rosewe clothing reviews, we have sifted through thousands of dresses reviews from Australia, the US, Canada, and Rosewe dresses UK reviews. Dresses Pros

⊕ Great fit and quality

⊕ Easy ordering and returns

⊕ Great choice and fashionable Rosewe dress styles

⊕ Comfortable but stylish Dresses Cons

➖Inconsistencies in Rosewe dress colors when compared to photos on Rosewe. Com

➖ Rosewe dress not fitting right – sizing issues

➖ Poor quality of fabric

Among many Rosewe customer reviews we found that most Rosewe dresses UK and Rosewe dresses Australia reviews were complaining about pricey returns shipping.

Are Rosewe dresses good quality?

If you have been wondering are Rosewe dresses good quality, unfortunately, there isn’t a definitive yes or no.

While some reviewers are praising the quality of Rosewe dresses, others are having less than stellar experiences.

Rosewe Plus Size Dresses Reviews

Rosewe plus size dresses seem to be very popular with shoppers. Rosewe plus size dresses are offered in sizes US 18 W – US 32 W.

While many other online shops offer a limited range of styles and fits, many Rosewe plus size dresses reviews rave about the diversity of Rosewe plus size dresses.

Have you purchased a Rosewe dress or Rosewe plus size dresses? Are Rosewe dresses good quality from your Rosewe shopping experience? Get in touch and let us know!

AdvisoryHQ Rosewe Review | Is Rosewe a Scam? Is Rosewe Legit?

Based on positive reviews on Rosewe from satisfied shoppers, it seems that Rosewe com certainly has a strong following of repeat customers.

However, routine issues with Rosewe customer service, returns, shipping, and overall quality detailed by frustrated reviewers have caused many shoppers to ask the questions: Is Rosewe a legit company? Is Rosewe a scam?

In fact, many Rosewe customers already assume that they have been a victim of a scam, primarily due to unresponsive customer service and Roswe clothes that never arrive.

See the sections below for a detailed discussion on whether Rosewe is a legit site, or if this retailer is looking to take your money and run.

Is Rosewe Legit?

One of the most important aspects of determining whether Rosewe is legit comes from analyzing the security settings. Is Rosewe legit and safe to enter your credit card information?

The Rosewe official site has an “https” prefix and a small lock next to the address bar. This means that data (like credit card information) is transmitted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), providing an additional layer of security.

There are also hundreds of reviews from customers that have successfully received their packages and spoken with customer service, meaning that Rose-We is more than a website—it is a business with an address, contact information, stock warehouse, and customer service department.

So, is legit?

In terms of online security and basic function: Yes, Rosewe is legit.

However, just because will let you fill up your cart and order, that doesn’t mean that you will have a good experience. There are plenty of reasons to doubt whether Rosewe clothes are the best way to spend your money, as detailed in the sections below.

Is Rosewe Connected to Other Chinese Manufacturers?

Some of the negative Rosewe dresses UK reviews and other Rosewe clothing reviews are quick to point out that items received are often not as described, an issue that extends to a wide range of China-based manufacturers.

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Rosewe Review | Is Rosewe a Reputable Company?

With Rosewe reviews detailing issues with customer service, shipping, returns, and the overall poor quality of Rosewe clothes, many shoppers are calling a scam.

So, is Rosewe a scam? From a customer’s perspective, Rose We certainly does not appear to care about its best interests. Shipping is unreliable, refunds are difficult (if not impossible) to get, and for many shoppers, the quality of Rosewe fashion dresses, jumpsuits, and swimsuits are significantly lower than expected.

While there is no concrete evidence that Rose-We is actively trying to scam shoppers, that doesn’t mean that you should just hand over your money.

Ultimately, Rose We complaints demonstrate that the retailer has a number of issues with quality control and customer service to address, which should make any online shopper think twice before making purchases there.

So, is Rosewe a reputable company?

Yes and no. It will depend on who you ask.

Those customers that received their rosewe .com orders will say, “Yes.” But customers that weren’t as lucky may strongly disagree.

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Is Rosewe a reputable company based on your personal experience? If you have any Rosewe clothing reviews that you would like to share with our audience, don’t hesitate to contact us.

AdvisoryHQ Conclusion | Is Roswe Clothing Worth It?

There’s no denying that Rosewe clothing offers on-trend styles at affordable prices—but is the Roswe website or Rosewe app worth ordering from?

It’s complicated because there are both reviews that praise the great deals and those that claim there’s a Rosewe scam.

Based on many customer reviews, there are plenty of great Roseweofficial clothing reviews.

However, there are also warning signs that Rosewe com might not be the best option, earning the retailer an overall 3-star rating in AdvisoryHQ’s Rosewe reviews 2022.

While there is a significant number of positive Rosewe reviews from shoppers that were lucky enough to have a great experience, critical reviews show alarming trends in the overall value of shopping on Rosewe com, including the cost of making Rose We returns.

In many cases, shopping for Rosewe dresses, swimsuits, and accessories ends up being a “shot in the dark” as to whether customers will receive something that they can actually wear or something they will have to give away or pay to return.

Potential customers should consider the following patterns of Rosewe complaints:

  • Orders that never arrive
  • Receiving poorly made (or falsely advertised) Rosewe clothing
  • Contacting Rosewe customer service is either impossible or extremely challenging
  • Confusing return process and difficulty getting a full refund
  • Shipping times that extend far past the estimated deadline

If you have some extra cash to spend—then Roseweofficial clothing might be worth it to get a budget price on trending Rosewe fashions.

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