What You Need to Know Before Using Rosegal (RoseGal Reviews & RoseGal Complaints)

Many people are flocking to a new online shopping site called RoseGal. Naturally, people are also checking out RoseGal reviews to find out if the site is all it promises to be.

With so many hot deals, great clothes, and low prices, it’s easy to understand why people want to seek out a RoseGal review authority to help them understand what the site offers as well as to find out if the good RoseGal reviews outweigh the bad.

RoseGal.com Reviews

RoseGal Reviews

We’ve compiled a full listing of each RoseGal review, both in print and video, to provide you with an overview of this popular site.

In this RoseGal reviews article, we will walk you through the pros and cons of the many reviews on RoseGal, discuss how this online retailer works, take a look at RoseGal complaints and praise, and answer some of the most commonly asked consumer questions, like “Is RoseGal legit?” and “What is RoseGal?”

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RoseGal Review – What Is RoseGal?

If you haven’t heard of this hot online retailer yet, then you most likely will in the near future. You may even already be familiar with similar websites like RoseGal that offer attractive merchandise for extremely low prices that can be shipped for free worldwide.

RoseGal’s About Us page mentions that the website was started by a group of friends who all shared a passion for stunning clothing and other fashion items, especially vintage and contemporary styles.

The site offers quite an array of different men’s and women’s clothing as well as jewelry, wigs and hair accessories, home goods, and beauty and makeup items. The “Free Shipping Worldwide” that the company advertises is also a huge draw.

RoseGal review

Rosegal Review – Everything You Need to Know About Rosegal.com

In AdvisoryHQ’s RoseGal reviews research, we first looked to see where the company is based. After all, part of answering the question “What is Rosegal?” comes from knowing exactly where the company is located.

Our own RoseGal review found that RoseGal has a U.S. phone number listed on its site, but the only address listed on the Contact page is from Alicante, Spain

Further research on RoseGal’s Facebook page shows that the company itself claims to be located in China.

When we researched the Whois database for its domain registrar, we found the domain was registered by Hichina Zhicheng Technology Ltd., a wholesale supplier in international online shopping.

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What RoseGal Reviews Say About the Site

In an overview search of the online reviews of RoseGal, we found numerous negative RoseGal reviews but also some positive ones.

We will provide both sides to you, collected from various sources, followed by the overall ratings so that you can get a better picture of the ratio of positive RoseGal reviews as compared to negative reviews on RoseGal.

Positive RoseGal Reviews

To give you an overview of why this site has become so popular, let’s take a look at what some happy shoppers have written in their online RoseGal reviews.

SiteJabber Reviews on RoseGal

  • One reviewer offers praise in her RoseGal clothing review, stating that it’s a “great value for money” and that the customer was happy with the quality of the dresses and watch that were ordered.
  • An Australian reviewer said in her RoseGal review that she had a “positive experience with them,” and that she was very happy with the quality and fit of the clothes and jewelry that she had bought.

TrustPilot RoseGal.com Reviews

  • In a 5-star RoseGal review, the customer states that she “loves this site!” because of the amazing prices, quick shipping, and customer service.
  • A U.S. shopper gives some excellent advice in her RoseGal review, recommending to “check and double-check” in relation to size when ordering. The sizes are based upon centimeters and not inches. She was able to correctly order the right size because of this knowledge.

ResellerRatings RoseGal.com Reviews

Negative RoseGal Reviews

Now, let’s take a look at some of the RoseGal complaints that people have written about in their RoseGal clothing reviews and overall Rosegal.com reviews.

SiteJabber RoseGal.com Reviews

  • One reviewer that gave a 1-star rating in her RoseGal review said the “sizes were horrible” and were much smaller than she had expected.
  • Another shopper rated RoseGal as “terrible” in one of the 1-star Rosegal.com reviews. After waiting nearly two months for her order to arrive, she was told it could be 180 days before she could receive her items.

TrustPilot Reviews on RoseGal

  • In a RoseGal review by an unhappy customer who had ordered a swimsuit, she complained that she had “paid extra for fast shipping” but did not receive the item when it was expected.
  • Another shopper said that the tops ordered were “poor quality,” and the customer was not happy with the stitching or material used.

ResellerRatings RoseGal Reviews

  • Another customer with a negative RoseGal review said that the products “are some of the cheapest” regarding quality.

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Overall Stars & Ratings of Rosegal.com Reviews

To get a good overall picture of the percentage of good reviews of RoseGal in comparison to the bad, we’ll take a look at the overall stars and ratings from some online sources that provide several RoseGal reviews in both areas.

    • SiteJabber: 3-star rating out of 5. A total of 5,929 RoseGal reviews
    • TrustPilot: 3-star rating out of 5. A total of 3,936 reviews on RoseGal
    • ResellerRatings: 4-star rating out of 5. A total of 2,701 RoseGal reviews
    • BBB (Better Business Bureau): Grade of F with an alert in its RoseGal review

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About RoseGal Reviews Before Buying

While it may seem like the negative reviews of RoseGal outweigh the positive on some sites, there are some reviewers that are either quite evenly split in their Rosegal.com reviews or give more insight into the cons.

You will see, as you’re going through RoseGal reviews, that the company typically responds back to those who are unsatisfied, and it also tries to assist with any RoseGal complaints.

It seems to be a similar story with other websites like RoseGal, such as Boohoo.com and Newlook.com: there are some people that love the great pricing, are willing to wait to get the products, and are satisfied with what they receive while, on the other hand, there are others that are extremely dissatisfied with the size, quality, and long shipping times.

Here are the top 5 elements of RoseGal reviews to consider before you decide to shop there:

1. Incorrect Sizing is Common

Many RoseGal complaints are about wrong sizing. It looks like this may be mostly due to the difference in using inches and centimeters in different parts of the world and shoppers not realizing this.

2. Low-Cost Pricing & Shipping

The low-cost pricing and shipping worldwide is a big draw for many of the people that write positive RoseGal reviews. They don’t mind waiting for their product because they can receive it at such an excellent price.

3. Prolonged Delivery Times

Long shipping times, which can be in the 180-day range, causes some people to question if RoseGal is legit since they may wonder if they will ever receive their shipment.

Since the company is based in China, international shipping times can definitely take a while.

4. Inconsistent Quality of Merchandise

Poor-quality merchandise is one common message in RoseGal clothing reviews. This can be a hit or miss depending upon the item, it seems, where what the customer receives does not necessarily match the photo online.

5. Inconsistent Customer Service

Some RoseGal reviews note poor customer service experiences while others rate the service as excellent. It does seem that RoseGal is not quite so diligent in responding to negative online RoseGal reviews.

It’s possible, however, that timing and language may be a factor here.

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What You Need to Read on the Website

While reading through RoseGal reviews and the issues people write about, we’ve seen that the company does address many questions about shipping, payment, duties/taxes, discounts, and more on its website.

It also has details related to warranty and returns – a subject that we saw brought up in many a RoseGal review.

Here are a few key areas of the website that you should look over before deciding to make a purchase:

Online Article Reviews on RoseGal

As we combed through RoseGal reviews, we ran across some less-than-flattering articles about the company, including a positive RoseGal review with photos by a fashion and beauty blogger.

You may want to read through the below reviews for more details on what people are saying about this popular site:

Rosegal.com Reviews

“SammyDress.com and RoseGal.com Haul Review” by Salina Siu (in photo)

RoseGal Reviews on Video

In this day and age, we can view a RoseGal review via video, which can be quite helpful when you want to see what other people actually received after ordering from the site.

Many of the reviewers will provide links in the comments to the original image and show what they actually received in video. Some have received free $25 gift cards from the site to use for purchase after completing a RoseGal review.

Here are a few helpful RoseGal reviews on video:

Facebook RoseGal Reviews

Another great resource you can use to find RoseGal reviews is through RoseGal’s Facebook page, where customers can post and receive responses from the company.

If you scroll down its Facebook page, you’ll see that many people post RoseGal reviews directly on the timeline, and it appears that RoseGal attempts to respond helpfully to each one.

So, if you’re having trouble reaching the customer service on RoseGal’s main website or want to add your own RoseGal review, you may want to try its Facebook page instead.

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The Bottom Line – RoseGal Review Recap

If you’re still wondering, “Is RoseGal legit?” and whether you should take a chance buying that cute dress for 70% off after reading some negative RoseGal reviews, we hope that we have given you some resources that you can rely on for good information and informative Rosegal.com reviews.

Websites like RoseGal.com seem to be popping up everywhere these days, especially on Facebook, where their ads for stylish clothes at super-discounted prices entice you to buy before the sale is over.

However, as with anything else, do your research and read through online RoseGal reviews to be sure you understand the nature of RoseGal complaints made by customers.

When reading over RoseGal reviews for positive and negative aspects, if you’re looking through a site that seems unbalanced in one way or another, then make sure to check through other sites as well.

There are some websites simply made to give a positive or negative view, so don’t be fooled by reviews of RoseGal that might not be legit.

The bottom line is that you can get some great bargains by shopping with RoseGal–but there are enough negative RoseGal reviews to make any shopper think twice before ordering. Make sure to do your homework first, read its website thoroughly, and be sure to pick up-sizing tips from RoseGal reviews like the one we mentioned earlier.

You may want to test the waters by making a single purchase first to see if you’re satisfied before buying more RoseGal clothing or RoseGal dresses.

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