Romwe Review | Is Romwe Legit? Is it Safe?

The internet has forever changed the shopping experience. Consumers can now find the best online shopping for women anywhere in the world.

There are several retailers to choose from, and one that’s been around for a decade now is Romwe.

Romwe targets the teens and 20-something market and sells their Romwe fashion for both “girls” and “guys.” It offers budget prices, but many consumers wonder, is Romwe a scam?

It can be hard to tell which of the Chinese clothing stores out there are safe to use, so it is fair to wonder, “Is Romwe legit?” and safe for online shopping.

In this AdvisoryHQ Romwe review, we’ll help you answer questions like:

  • Are the Romwe dresses and other Romwe online shopping lines worth it?
  • Is Romwe safe to order from?
  • When I buy Romwe clothes, will they look like the website photo?
  • How easy is it to do Romwe returns for a refund?
  • How long does Romwe shipping take?

We’ll examine reviews of Romwe swimsuits, hoodies, dresses and other clothing, the company’s business practices, and more.

romwe reviews

Romwe Review | Romwe Fashion

Should you look to Romwe online shopping the next time you’re looking for great clothing deals? Our Romwe review will help you to determine if this retailer is the right fit for you.

What Is Romwe?

Romwe is a trademark owned by Zoetop Business, Co., Limited out of Hong Kong. The firm owns multiple online fashions sites in addition to Romwe, including Shein and DotFashion.

When researching the answer to, “What is Romwe,” we reviewed the company’s About page and Contact page. It does not give an exact address. In the FAQ for Romwe shipping, it states that the company has warehouses in the United States, Europe, China, and Dubai.

It does appear that Romwe dresses, shoes, and other items are sold directly from the company, and the site doesn’t just act as an online marketplace (like eBay).

The lack of an address is not an encouraging sign, so is Romwe legit? It’s not unusual for these types of sites to not list a direct address.

What is Romwe? | Items Sold

Romwe clothes are the main products sold on the website, and it offers a variety of other items as well, including:

  • Romwe clothes (dresses, jeans, etc.)
  • Romwe swimsuits
  • Romwe lingerie & sleepwear
  • Shoes & bags
  • Accessories
  • Home & living items

This website that promises some of the best online shopping for women does appear to be legitimate. The site does sell real products, and the Romwe clothes or accessories purchased do get shipped out (at least to some people).

Romwe clothing reviews indicate mixed feelings about the site. Some consumers are quite happy with Romwe dresses, Romwe hoodies, and other products. While some customers ask, “Is Romwe legit?” because of a negative experience with Romwe online shopping.

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Romwe Clothing Reviews Overview

Individuals seeking the best online shopping for women are often open to the idea of a Chinese clothing store. It’s simple to flip through the virtual catalogs or shop via mobile app.

Obviously, if you prefer to get a great deal on a trendy piece for your wardrobe, you’ve landed in the right place. But is Romwe a scam? Is Romwe legit? Is Romwe safe?

We’ve combed through multiple Romwe clothing reviews to find out.

romwe review

Romwe Reviews for Online Shopping

We’ve divided Romwe clothing reviews into several areas to help readers zero in on the areas most important to them when reviewing this retailer.

First, you’ll find Romwe shipping reviews about how long it takes to get orders. Then, we’ll look at Romwe returns, and whether people easily get their money back if unhappy with their Romwe fashion shipment.

We’ll touch on any issues with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) next and if the site’s name came up in a Romwe review.

You’ll also find details on Romwe clothing reviews from top review websites, like Trustpilot and Sitejabber, that can help answer the questions, “Is Romwe legit?” and “Is Romwe a scam?”

If you’re wondering, “Is Romwe safe for credit cards?”, we’ll get into that in a Romwe review of payments and whether any consumers mentioned mysterious charges after shopping for Romwe clothes and Romwe dresses.

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Romwe Reviews of Shipping

One of the biggest complaints when it comes to sites like Romwe is a long shipping wait. In our own Romwe review, we found that this indeed was a big complaint among Romwe fashion customers.

Romwe includes a chart of shipping times on its website. These range from 3-5 business days for express Romwe shipping to 4-6 weeks for slower methods.

However, shipping times do not include processing, which can add another 4-6 days. This is not unusual for a Chinese clothing store. Romwe shipping is free for orders over $9.90, and reasonable even if you pay for it, ranging between $2.99 to $19.90

Romwe reviews for shipping are mixed, with some customers noting “fast delivery” and others getting frustrated at having to wait so long for their order.

In one Romwe review on Trustpilot, the reviewer mentioned having waited a month, only to see a vague statement on the tracking page. This was a problem we saw mentioned in other Romwe clothing reviews as well.

Another Romwe reviewer ordered 14 pieces of Romwe fashion and said their order came within the promised seven business days. They gave the retailer a 5-star Romwe review.

Another negative Romwe shipping reviewer was upset because tracking showed their $60 order stuck in the same place for 1o days.

Many shoppers might wonder, “Is Romwe safe” when they don’t get their items for weeks. But spotty tracking and long transit times are not unusual when ordering from an Asian or Chinese clothing store.

One Romwe review summed things up well, saying they would not recommend Romwe if you’re short on time, but if you have a month or more to wait, then you can order and expect to receive your items.

Romwe Reviews for Returns

Another hot area for Romwe reviews is returns. It’s hard not to wonder, “Is Romwe safe?” if you have a problem returning unwanted Romwe hoodies, dresses or other items.

The Romwe return policy is fairly straightforward and simple to understand.

Customers typically have 6o days from the date of purchase to initiate a return. Certain items cannot be returned (i.e., Romwe swimsuits, jewelry, and more)

For Romwe returns, you sign into your account, find your order in the My Order section, and click the “Return Item” button, then follow the prompts. Those doing Romwe returns may have to pay a fee of $5.99 for a return label.

Many Romwe reviews believe that there is a Romwe scam because of lost shipments that ever arrived and for which they could not get a refund.

In some Romwe clothing reviews, shoppers were upset with the return process, but some did mention eventually get their refund after continually contacting Romwe customer service.

In one Romwe review on Sitejabber, the reviewer complained about the poor quality of the item they received and that they had to pay even more to ship the product back. There was no response from customer service about the refund.

Is the refund problem a reason to ask, “Is Romwe safe for credit cards?” It does cause many customers to wonder. We found that getting a refund is possible from the company, but it may take several interactions with customer support.

Federal Trade Commission Reviews Romwe

When researching Romwe clothing reviews, you may run across information about the FTC reviewing Romwe and other Chinese clothing sites.

Due to numerous outstanding consumer complaints and questions like “Is Romwe legit?” and “Is Romwe safe?” two senators wrote a letter to the FTC in 2016 asking for an investigation.

In a recent follow up in 2019 by news affiliate KGW, the FTC said “no public action has ever been taken” against Rosewe or the other sites. The agency recommended consumers file complaints if they feel they’ve been subject to deceptive practices.

Is Romwe legit? The fact that there are so many complaints as to warrant federal involvement can undoubtedly make one ask. However, the FTC hasn’t taken any action.

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Consumer Romwe Reviews

Now, let’s see how Romwe reviews from review websites stack up. Overall do customers feel they got a great deal on Romwe clothes, or do they feel scammed?

A benefit of looking at Romwe reviews from review sites is that we can see aggregated star ratings from multiple user opinions.

romwe clothing reviews

Is Romwe Safe? | Romwe Fashion Review

Better Business Bureau: Romwe Reviews

The Better Business Bureau does not list a Romwe review; however, it does have 24 complaints about Romwe. Romwe’s overall BBB rating is an F.

The site also has an alert that notes reports of merchandise not being delivered, poor quality products, and difficulty with Romwe returns.

BBB complaints do include Romwe reviews. Many of them noted common issues with shipping and returns; however, one disturbing review makes a person wonder, “Is Romwe safe for credit cards?”

In that Romwe review, the reviewer mentioned being asked to send pictures of their credit card and driver’s license and screenshots of their online bank account. The reviewer’s bank rightly told them not to send the photos.

Sitejabber: Romwe Reviews

Sitejabber, another popular website for consumer reviews, gave the retailer 3.2 stars out of 5 in its Romwe review that aggregated 1,993 consumer ratings for

The issues that most consumers complained about in their Romwe reviews included a complicated return process and horrible customer service.

Is Romwe legit? It might be difficult to determine completely because this site is fairly evenly split between positive and negative Romwe clothing reviews.

TrustPilot: Romwe Reviews

Romwe reviews on Trustpilot gave the online retailer 2.9 out of 5 stars from a total of 2,307 consumer reviews.

Of important note is the notice to visitors on this page, stating that their software detected a “number of false reviews on this domain,” which had been removed. 

We saw the same types of complaints on Trustpilot as other websites, which were largely about Romwe shipping taking forever or items never arriving and difficulty getting a refund.

There were some Romwe reviews that complained about items not looking like the website image and “chemical soaked” clothing.  Others were quite happy with the great deals they got from Romwe online shopping, and they didn’t have any problems.

Similar to Sitejabber, this site’s Romwe reviews were pretty evenly split between “excellent/great” and “poor/bad.”

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Romwe Reviews: Is Romwe Safe?

When buying online, it’s important to determine whether a website is safe to input your payment card details. When it comes to Romwe online shopping, many consumers are wondering, “Is Romwe safe to buy from?”

Romwe accepts payments via MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal. For our Romwe review, the ability to pay through PayPal is certainly positive. It keeps payment card details hidden while purchasing online.

Still, the question remains for many, “Is Romwe safe for credit cards?”

We scoured numerous Romwe reviews, and while we did find the review mentioning the request of photos of a credit card, we did not find any mention of someone reporting fraudulent charges.

For those who are asking, “Is Romwe safe to use?” our Romwe review found that yes, it appears as though Romwe is safe. For additional security, you may wish to order through PayPal.

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Conclusion: Is Romwe Legit?

At the end of the day, is Romwe legit? Should you risk ordering some cute Romwe hoodies or bargain dresses from the site?

Based on the Romwe reviews, we would not describe the site as the best online shopping for women, no matter how well priced Romwe dresses appear to be.

Many Romwe clothing reviews comment on the poor item quality and receiving fashion that looks nothing like the photo.

Additionally, many Romwe reviews state frustration with shipping and customer service, which certainly leaves something to be desired when looking for the best online shopping for women.

It appears that Romwe isn’t really a scam, because there are also many satisfied customers that get their products on time (or don’t mind waiting) and are pleased with their purchase.

For this Romwe review, we’ve scored the site with 3-stars, because of the mixed customer experiences. However, we warn that it’s a big gamble when ordering Romwe fashion. You might be happy, but you could also easily end up frustrated and have a difficult time getting your money back.

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