Romwe Reviews | Is Romwe Legit? Is Romwe Safe? What You Need to Know about Romwe Clothing

In the world of online shopping, a number of Chinese clothing stores are cropping up that promise trendy ensembles at the lowest prices.

One of these new merchants, Romwe, claims to have some of the best online shopping for women, but is Romwe a scam? It can be hard to tell which of the Chinese clothing stores are safe to use, so it is fair to wonder whether Romwe is legit.

Are the Romwe dresses and other Romwe online shopping lines worth the investment? In our own Romwe review, we will examine the quality of their clothing, their business practices, and more, to determine if Romwe is legit or if there is Romwe scam.

Should you look to Romwe online shopping the next time you need to add to your spring or fall wardrobe? Is Romwe safe to order from? Our Romwe review will help you to determine if it’s the right fit for you.

What Is Romwe?

Romwe is the latest in a series of Chinese clothing stores that promises outfits in keeping with the most current fashion trends. It claims to have been founded back in the holiday season of 2009 out of Nanjing, China.

They are indeed a real store, featuring trendy Romwe dresses and shoes at steep discounts.

At the time of writing this, they are even offering up to an 80 percent discount on their clothing, but is Romwe legit? Do you get what you pay for?

Photo courtesy of: Romwe

Their “About Us” page is laden with typographical errors, and certain parts about their story and mission statement make little sense. Perhaps even more alarming are the statements that are easily understood.

It isn’t a hard stretch to figure out why consumers are asking themselves, “Is Romwe legit?”

Like many of the others available on the market, Romwe clothing reviews indicate mixed feelings. Romwe promises new, affordable, quality products available daily. As their company page clearly describes, Romwe dresses and other clothing items for sale are provided by third-party vendors.

Because this is yet another Chinese clothing store that gathers merchandise from third-party vendors, it is possible to find identical outfits and photographs for those clothing items in other stores (including Rosegal or SheIn).

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Romwe Clothing Reviews

Individuals seeking the best online shopping for women are often open to the idea of a Chinese clothing store. It’s simple to flip through the virtual catalogs featured on sites like Romwe and find $50 dresses transformed into $15 Romwe dresses.

Obviously, if you prefer to get a great deal on a trendy piece for your wardrobe, you’ve landed in the right place. But is Romwe a scam? Is Romwe legit? Is Romwe safe?

Image Source: Romwe Reviews

We want to examine all of the Romwe clothing reviews to determine if this Chinese clothing store is all it’s advertised to be.

In an attempt to weed through the various online shopping outlets that make similar claims, Yahoo news correspondent Alyssa Coscarelli wrote her own Romwe review. In her Romwe clothing review, she referred to the clothing service as a “letdown” and “an ill-fitting poor attempt at ripping off a gorgeous lace original.”

Another Romwe review from iDigital Times came to a similar conclusion, calling the site “egregiously cheap” and concluding that the quality is a result of getting what you pay for, which isn’t much.

Their Romwe clothing review included clothing that had little to no structural integrity and a bracelet that broke upon removing it from the bag. However, they did feel that they could adequately answer the question, “Is Romwe legit?”

Although the items were of poor quality, they argue that this discrepancy should be expected with such low prices. Because the items were received, they could also confidently answer the question, “Is Romwe a scam?” with no, it is not a scam. 

Is Romwe the best online shopping for women? The Romwe reviews certainly leave a lot to be desired as far as Romwe online shopping is concerned.

Even though prices can be significantly lower than what you might pay at the mall, is it worth it to pay for Romwe dresses that aren’t likely to fit well or last long?

If you’re wondering whether Romwe is legit, it seems likely that you will receive the items you order at the price you were promised. However, based on Romwe reviews, you might not be happy with the item once it’s in your hands.

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Romwe Reviews of Shipping

When it comes to bargain centers such as Romwe, one of the biggest complaints is the length of shipping time. In our own Romwe review, we would be remiss if we did not address what the expected shipping times on a potential order would come out to.

Romwe includes a chart of their expected shipping times on their website, but it’s important to note that their shipping times do exclude processing time. Processing an order can add 5 to 7 business days onto your wait time.

However, if you opt for the free standard shipping—which is the biggest draw for shoppers looking for the best deal—a quick Romwe review shows that you can expect your shipping to take up to 15 business days to reach North America and up to 28 business days to reach portions of Europe.

Their expedited shipping gets it there between three and eight business days for either location, but it does cost a hefty $15.

Romwe reviews often include the lengthy shipping time as a disadvantage of utilizing their shopping services. While it is certainly less than ideal, a longer shipping time is to be expected from a Chinese clothing store.

In some responses to negative Romwe reviews, the company issued statements stating that processing would take longer than originally anticipated, the courier still needed to take it to the post office, and then it would ship. Of course, each step adds precious time to an already long wait period.

After all, the package does have to make it from overseas. While some Romwe reviews note their package arrived outside of the delivery window marked on the retailer’s website, it can be difficult to give exact arrival dates for packages arriving to other countries.

Unfortunately, another disadvantage to note in our Romwe review is the lack of additional options between the standard free shipping and the expedited option. It would be great to see a third shipping option that features a slightly speedier shipping time and a lower price tag.

Romwe Reviews for Returns

Romwe reviews frequently complain about their shipping times and return policies, and perhaps for good reason. It’s hard not to wonder whether or not Romwe is legit when their official policy states that they “continually adjust” their policy from pre-sale to after-sale.

Their return policy is indeed fairly straightforward and simple to understand, as is mentioned in several Romwe reviews. You will want to be sure to understand this policy in great detail prior to placing an order:

  • Submit a customer support ticket.
  • Returns must be received within 30 days of delivery.
  • Items must be unused, without damage, wear, or perfume.
  • Several categories cannot be returned (tights, lingerie, socks, bathing suits, bodysuits, or accessories).
  • Refunds will be issued one week after the return is received.

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The process for obtaining permission for a potential return seems simple enough also. Romwe is clear about the requirement to submit a ticket to customer service, potentially with photographs attached.

You may choose to return your items to any of their three centers in the United States, China, or Belgium. Once your package is ready to ship, simply get a tracking number from the postal carrier as proof that it was delivered.

Many Romwe reviews believe that there is a Romwe scam because the company will not cover your return shipping fee. As discussed in the Romwe clothing reviews, it is not uncommon for items to arrive with significant differences in quality and style from the description listed on the website.

As a result, paying return shipping for this feature eats into the already small return you were likely to receive for such an underpriced and underwhelming item.

While you are able to process returns on qualifying items, users may still wonder, is Romwe a scam? It does not appear that there is a Romwe scam going on, but the company certainly does not boast glowing Romwe clothing reviews either.

Federal Trade Commission Reviews Romwe

According to The Observer, in 2015 the Federal Trade Commission became involved after being alerted to the numerous outstanding complaints and questions about whether Romwe is legit or if there is a Romwe scam.

It was noted that these companies are on their radar for investigation, with the FTC sharing that they had approximately seventy responsive complaints among the leading Chinese clothing store options on the Internet.

Along with Romwe, they claimed to be reviewing other leading sites that are advertising identical items with similar marketing schemes, complaints, and poor customer service. Leading sites in this category include Rosegal, SheIn, and Tobi, in addition to Romwe itself.

We have yet to find any conclusions in the Federal Trade Commission’s Romwe review, but just the presence of such an investigation is enough to make shoppers wary. Many individuals do indeed receive their items for the price they agreed to, but those items very rarely end up as described.

In fact, in many cases, the photographs are not even pictures of the products you are actually purchasing. (For an in-depth comparison of these fast-fashion Chinese retailers—and how photos sometimes do not match the product—check out this review from BuzzFeed.)

Is Romwe legit? Is there a Romwe scam? The fact that there are so many complaints as to warrant federal involvement certainly makes you wonder whether or not Romwe is a scam.

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Consumer Romwe Reviews

How do the Romwe reviews directly from consumers stack up? Do they feel that Romwe is legit, or do they think there is a Romwe scam?

As most shoppers prefer to take a closer look at what other shoppers are saying, we will take a look at Romwe reviews from end users who received their own shipments.

Better Business Bureau: Romwe Reviews

The Better Business Bureau has a limited number of complaints under their Romwe review. They do also list an alert on the page, remarking that they attempted to reach out to the business to address the complaints filed against them but were unable to make contact.

While this in and of itself cannot determine whether or not Romwe is legit, it certainly seems suspicious.

Romwe reviews from BBB are solely listed as complaints, with a total of 17 complaints closed within the past 3 years. Of these, 12 complaints gave negative Romwe reviews in the category of Product/Service.

Sitejabber: Romwe Reviews

Sitejabber, another popular website for collecting consumer reviews, gave the retailer a 57 percent rating on their Romwe review.

On negative Romwe reviews listed on this site, the same typo-laden text is found in the company’s responses. Some of their replies are difficult to understand due to the communication barrier.

In turn, this makes it challenging for negative Romwe reviews to be resolved. It certainly makes consumers wonder how their concerns with potential orders will be addressed.

Is Romwe legit? It might be difficult to determine due to the communication issue.

TrustPilot: Romwe Reviews

Similar Romwe reviews were found from TrustPilot. With almost 900 Romwe reviews submitted, it received a rating of 5.1 stars out of a potential score of ten.

Of important note is the notice to visitors on this page, claiming that their software detected a “number of false reviews on this domain,” which have been investigated and the fake Romwe reviews removed to the best of their ability. 

Do the potential fake Romwe reviews mean that there is a Romwe scam? Can we answer the question “Is Romwe legit?” based on this disclaimer?

The source of fake Romwe reviews is not identified, so it’s impossible to tell whether these fake Romwe reviews came from the company or from customers.

Regardless, this type of disclaimer should be a warning sign for anyone who is relying on customer Romwe reviews before doing their own Romwe online shopping.

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Romwe Reviews: Is Romwe Safe?

As with any online purchase, it’s important for consumers to determine whether the website is safe to input sensitive information, like credit card or debit card details. When it comes to Romwe online shopping, many consumers are wondering, “Is Romwe safe to use?”

Romwe accepts payments via MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal. For our Romwe review, the ability to pay through PayPal is certainly a positive, as it allows for secure credit card information to remain hidden while purchasing online.

Still, the question remains: is Romwe safe to purchase from? Will my credit card information be compromised? We scoured through numerous Romwe reviews to find evidence of unauthorized credit card charges, and were unable to find any. 

The closest complaint came from a customer who experienced frustration after her refund went directly to her Romwe account, rather than her PayPal. This was explained as a default action, and presumably was able to be reversed.

For those who are asking, “Is Romwe safe to use?” our Romwe review would have to say that yes, it appears as though Romwe is safe to use when considering credit card safety, though our recommendation would be to use PayPal whenever possible—particularly when ordering from a new company.

Conclusion: Is Romwe Legit?

At the end of the day, is Romwe legit? Should you risk making a purchase from this Chinese clothing store in order to secure the best possible bargain?

Based on the Romwe reviews, this definitely is not the best online shopping for women, no matter how cute or deeply discounted those Romwe dresses appear to be.

Many Romwe clothing reviews comment on the poor quality of the items received, as seems to be the norm for many of these online shopping outlets and bargain centers.

Additionally, many Romwe reviews state frustration with shipping and overall customer service, which certainly leaves something to be desired when looking for the best online shopping for women.

In combination with the investigation into their legitimacy from the Federal Trade Commission, the Better Business Bureau, and TrustPilot’s warning of Romwe review manipulation, you might want to choose to spend slightly more money for a better version of the clothing you see on Romwe’s website.

That’s not to say that Romwe is a scam, but there certainly appear to be better ways to spend your hard-earned cash.

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