Rodgers & Associates – Overview

Rodgers & Associates, Ltd. is a wealth management firm that offers investment management, financial planning, and consultation services mainly to individuals who are nearing retirement or have already retired.

The firm touts its specialty as the “retirement specialists” and focuses on affluent individuals who are retired or expect to retire within five years.

Rodgers & Associates’ overall modus operandi is based on the premise that individuals retire earlier and live longer than ever before. The new wisdom, then, is to plan for thirty years of retirement.

Rodgers & Associates was founded in 1996 and is owned primarily by Rick and Jessica Rodgers.

Over the past 19 years, Rodgers & Associates has grown tremendously and now manages about $603 million in client assets. It also offers an alternative form of investment management service to clients with investable assets below $500,000.

What We Like About Rodgers & Associates

1. Rodgers & Associates is fee-only and independent: The firm is never compensated by commissions from the sale of third-party products nor does the firm accept sales incentives, third-party compensation or restrict its list of products to benefit a third party. Its only compensation is the fees it earns from clients. The firm believes that this is the only way to earn the trust of its clients.

Rodgers & Associates Review

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2. With Rodgers & Associates, your funds are safe: The firm’s portfolios are held by an independent qualified custodian, TD Ameritrade. This provides an added layer of security and protection for clients. Client accounts are typically invested in mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs), although other securities may be used depending upon the unique needs, circumstances, and risk tolerance of individual clients.

3. Rodgers & Associates does not charge performance-based fees or engage in side-by-side management.

Fees are computed on total assets under management (AUM) and not based on a share of capital gains or capital appreciation of clients’ assets.

Side-by-side management occurs when the same portfolio manager simultaneously makes investment decisions for a mutual fund and a hedge fund.

Since hedge fund managers earn performance bonuses while mutual fund managers typically do not, there is potential for a conflict of interest in such situations as an opportunistic manager might shift the better trades to the hedge fund.

Rodgers & Associates Review – Services

  • Investment management
  • Financial planning
  • Consulting

Under the investment management service, the firm assists its clients in determining, among other things, the following factors: investment objectives, suitability to the client, time horizons, and risk tolerances.

A client’s investment policy statement is developed from these factors, and the firm then manages the client’s portfolio based on that investment policy statement.

Rodgers & Associates also manages advisory accounts on a discretionary basis. Account supervision is guided by the stated objectives of a client (e.g., maximum capital appreciation, growth, and income). 

Within its discretionary capacity, the firm might purchase or sell securities to meet a client’s investment needs. The firm generally uses a sub-advisor in managing client accounts.

The sub-advisor provides Rodgers & Associates with an asset allocation platform to use in implementing its investment decisions. 

Review of Rodgers & Associates

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Rodgers & Associates might sometimes recommend that clients utilize a rebalancing program that is exclusively offered by TD Ameritrade.

The rebalancing program is called iRebal and is used to assist Rodgers & Associates in maintaining a client’s recommended asset allocation as set out in the client’s investment policy statement.

Rodgers & Associates offers financial planning services to include comprehensive or segmented (limited) financial plans, investment plans, and individual consultations regarding a client’s financial affairs as covered in the investment advisory agreement.

The design and implementation of a financial plan usually begins with the process of gathering data regarding income, expenses, taxes, insurance coverage, retirement plans, wills, trusts, investments, and other relevant information pertaining to a client’s overall financial situation.

This information is carefully analyzed, taking into account the client’s goals and stated objectives, and a series of recommendations and alternative strategies are developed that are designed to achieve optimum overall results.

Typically, a completed financial plan is presented to a client within ninety (90) days of the contract date.

Rodgers & Associates also offers specific administrative and consulting services on an hourly basis.

Rodgers & Associates Address Information:

  • 2025 Lititz Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601
  • Tel: 717-560-3800
  • Toll-free: 888-876-3437

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