Intro: Rocket Lawyer Review – What You Should Know About (Reviews)

Rocket Lawyer advertises itself as “affordable legal services” as well as offering free legal documents and information for those requiring assistance.

It seeks to help anyone gain access to the legal system when needed, regardless of an individual’s situation. In our Rocket Lawyer review, we will take a look at exactly what it is that the company offers and how well it performs according to its customers’ Rocket Lawyer reviews.

What Is Rocket Lawyer?

Before looking at Rocket Lawyer reviews, we should look at its services and goals. What is Rocket Lawyer? Rocket Lawyer claims to offer affordable legal services to people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to lawyers and legal advice.

In addition to representation and advice, it also helps people gain access to documentation for both personal law as well as businesses that need help and advice. legal documents include business contracts, wills, debt recovery, and much, much more. You can find a list of its legal guides here.

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What is Rocket Lawyer doing to help people gain access to affordable legal services? As well as the legal document templates it offers, you can also speak directly to one of its advisors, all who have been trained in law.

Rocket Lawyer reviews legal documents, as well as cases you put forward, and can offer advice for free or at very competitive prices. By having Rocket Lawyer review your documents, it provides the ability to incorporate your business in a very short time or can help you resolve a tricky situation right there and then.

Rocket Lawyer is especially useful for small businesses that can’t afford to hire on a traditional lawyer on retainer but need help with legal documents and advice which they wouldn’t be able to access otherwise. When thinking about the services you need, consider that Rocket Lawyer ratings and reviews from businesses are more positive than those from individual customers.

How well does it do its job, though? Client and customer Rocket Lawyer reviews will help us find out how good it really is.

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Rocket Lawyer Reviews

The Rocketlawyer reviews on the actual own site are, of course, all positive. However, it’s interesting to note that there aren’t any reviews on any of its social media sites at all, not even on its Facebook page. Does this mean that Rocket lawyer reviews are generally negative or that there just aren’t many out there?

Unfortunately, Rocket Lawyer reviews on SiteJabber and TrustPilot tell a very different story. Almost all of Rocket Lawyer ratings and reviews there give a mere 1 star, and the majority of them complain about scamming and illegal practices on behalf of Rocket Lawyer.

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Primarily, it seems that if you use the service, even if you use a free service, it requires credit card details. Once you provide that information, people find themselves automatically signed up to Rocket Lawyer’s monthly subscription service, with no way out. If this has happened to you, see our section below on “how to cancel Rocket Lawyer.”

There are a few 4 and 5-star Rocket Lawyer reviews on SiteJabber, however, which contest these claims. Some of them suggest that if you’re aiming to use Rocket Lawyer frequently, then it does, indeed, offer affordable legal services compared to other lawyers. Others suggest that Rocket Lawyer review complaints about automatic billing are related to problems regarding customers, not the business itself.

Let’s take a look at different reviews and complaints and see if our Rocket Lawyer review can bring about some useful information for you.

Rocket Lawyer Ratings and Reviews

Rocket Lawyer ratings and reviews are incredibly split. There are far more 1-star reviews than 5-star ones; however, the 5-star Rocket Lawyer reviews often directly contradict those with only 1 star, offering solutions to the 1-star review problems.

Most complaints involve the automatic billing service that is triggered at the end of a free trial period. All of the 1-star Rocket Lawyer reviews on SiteJabber and Trustpilot criticize these practices. In particular, one particular individual’s Rocket Lawyer review mentions agreeing to the free trial period but being charged after only 3 days rather than after 30, as advertised.

Meanwhile, the 5-star Rocket Lawyer reviews on these same sites praise the company’s excellent service and affordable legal services. Many 5-star Rocket Lawyer reviews on SiteJabber actively address the concerns of the 1-star Rocket Lawyer reviews as being the customers’ fault, not the company.

This Rocket Lawyer review mentions how the user found canceling the service easy. Another 5-star Rocket Lawyer review blames customers for not being “computer savvy” while a third Rocket Lawyer review compares the prices to that of a traditional lawyer, especially for long-term and heavy use.

Why is there such a disparity in Rocket Lawyer ratings and reviews? Is it really because people aren’t “computer savvy” enough, is it false advertising or is it incorrect expectations?

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How to Use Legal Documents

With some confusion on review sites, regarding whether it offers legit services or is a scam, it’s worth looking at how to use legal documents. They’re advertised as free, but if you end up giving Rocket Lawyer your credit card details, then you might end up losing $40 or more if you get charged as a premium member.

Before being able to use any of Rocket Lawyer’s “affordable legal services,” you have to first create an account with the site and then sign up as a member. If you’re creating a contract, you can choose to pay for this as a one-time fee rather than sign up as a member, which shouldn’t charge you monthly.

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However, this Rocket Lawyer review mentions that, despite only paying for a one-time document, he ended up being billed as a premium member. Another Rocket Lawyer review makes a similar allegation. If true, this is incredibly troubling and would indicate that it would be best to stay away from legal documents, even if you only intend to make a one-time payment.

A different Rocket Lawyer review mentions that the user was unable to access his previously created legal documents after ending his premium subscription, which is also undesirable.

However, 5-star Rocket Lawyer reviews from customers willing to pay the monthly subscription are highly positive about the services paid for. In this case, it might be worth considering using Rocket Lawyer if you need access to affordable legal services for long-term needs, but not if you don’t want to get caught in a premium membership trap.

Even in this case, it’s best to proceed with caution since Rocket Lawyer may be using underhanded practices such as you losing access to the documents if you ever stop paying the monthly fee.

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How to Cancel Rocket Lawyer

What if you signed up for Rocket Lawyer without reading other Rocket Lawyer reviews first and have already been charged for premium membership? You’ll need to know how to cancel Rocket Lawyer before you end up paying even more.

As part of its Terms of Service, Rocket Lawyer has a section on “Auto-Renewals, Free Trials and Paid Accounts” that is worth reading regarding this problem. In this section, it mentions that “you can downgrade an auto-renewing paid membership to a free membership at any time” as well as mentioning that if you fail to downgrade, you may be charged. This section also links to an FAQ section about how to cancel a Rocket Lawyer paid membership. Most helpful is its specific page about how to cancel the Rocket Lawyer free trial.

One Rocket Lawyer review even mentioned that the user received a refund for the months she didn’t intend to pay for after speaking with customer service, though another Rocket Lawyer review specifically says that this individual wasn’t offered the same refund, so this may not be reliable.

A different Rocket Lawyer review does mention that Rocket Lawyer didn’t stop charging the user and automatically renewed the individual’s premium membership, even after he had downgraded. Additional Rocket Lawyer reviews mention having to cancel the direct debit directly through their bank rather than Rocket Lawyer.

If you’ve tried to downgrade your free trial or are otherwise unsure about how to cancel Rocket Lawyer, then directly contacting your bank may be a safer way to avoid paying the premium membership. If you speak to a bank advisor, he/she should be able to block Rocket Lawyer from debiting your account.

Of course, if you haven’t signed up yet, then it might be better to steer clear of Rocket Lawyer altogether rather than try to figure out how to cancel Rocket Lawyer after the fact. Many negative Rocket Lawyer reviews (such as this, this, and this) and even a positive Rocket Lawyer review give advice on how to find affordable legal services in the short term without having to worry about monthly costs.

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Final Verdict: Our Rocket Lawyer Review

For those who are searching for affordable legal services and don’t mind paying a monthly fee, Rocket Lawyer reviews seem to be very positive. If what you’re after, however, is a one-time free legal document or advice, then Rocket Lawyer might not be the best choice for you. There’s the possibility that you may end up paying much more than you intended, even if you did pay a one-time fee.

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