Risk Rating List for Products and Services | Corporate-Wide AML KYC Risk Assessment

When developing their AML risk assessment and scoring methodologies, AML and Compliance officers across financial institutions generate lists of countries in which they operate and then apply risk categories to each of these countries.

Firms also need to analyze and determine the AML risk for every product and service that they provide.

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Below is a sample risk rating and assessment list for a wide range of products and services.

Although most firms use similar types of lists and come to similar risk assessments, please note that the below sample list is only being provided for illustrative purposes.

Sample Risk Rating Products and Services List – For Illustrative Purposes Only

Financial Product and Service TypesRisk Rating Assessment
AccountingLow Risk
AdvisoryLow Risk
Agent Fund TradingHigh Risk
AnnuitiesLow Risk
Bank Loan ServicesMedium Risk
BondsLow Risk
CashLow Risk
Certificates of DepositLow Risk
Credit/LendingMedium Risk
DepositsMedium Risk
Derivative TradingHigh Risk
Distributor ServicesHigh Risk
Enhanced Custody ProductsLow–Medium Risk
Equity TradingMedium Risk
Financial ManagementLow Risk
Financial PlanningLow Risk
Foreign ExchangeHigh Risk
Fund AdministrationLow Risk
Hedge Fund AdministrationHigh Risk
Indirect Research and AdvisoryLow Risk
Insurance AccountingLow Risk
Investment AnalyticsLow Risk
Investment Management ServicesLow Risk
Life InsuranceMedium Risk
Long-Term Care InsuranceLow Risk
Money Market FundsLow Risk
Mortgage Loan Modification ServicesHigh Risk
Municipal FinanceLow Risk
Overdraft ProtectionLow Risk
Payday LoansHigh Risk
Portfolio ManagementMedium Risk
Portfolio SolutionsMedium Risk
Real Estate AdministrationHigh Risk
Refund Anticipation Loans (RALs)Medium Risk
Rent-to-Own FinancingLow Risk
ResearchLow Risk
Retiree ServicesLow Risk
StocksMedium Risk
Structured Products AdministrationLow Risk
Student LoansMedium Risk
Third-Party LendingHigh Risk
Treasury BillsLow Risk
Treasury ServicesMedium Risk
Trustee ServicesMedium Risk
Unit Investment TrustsLow Risk
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