Overview: My CreditGroup

MyCreditGroup is one of this year’s top rated credit repair companies, and below we’ve provided a brief overview of the firm and the services it provides. 

One thing you’ll notice immediately when you visit MyCreditGroup or speak to one of their credit repair specialists is their enthusiasm. Their marketing is unique in that it’s based on the complexity of what they refer to as “real credit repair,” which they note is a lot more complex than merely sending out lots of dispute letters to credit bureaus.

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They claim their service focuses on two problems besides filing disputes. They say that it is rare that anyone simply deletes an item from a credit report. In many cases, it’s necessary to negotiate settlements and delete agreements, which MyCreditGroup goes the extra mile to do.

They also realize that getting rid of bad items on a credit report is only half the battle and that proper credit repair services should include new positive credit entries, as well.

That’s what makes MyCreditGroup different from most of the other top credit repair companies. They negotiate deals in any way that gets the consumer what they want and need.

They will also open up new lines of credit so that the credit score, rather than just going up a little, will soar. As part of their unique three-step method to fix your bad credit, the company doesn’t just assign you with an agent or a manager to write all the letters and to monitor your credit; they actually assign a personal credit coach, who will not only dispute and remove negative and erroneous entries, but who will also advise you with regard to opening new credit card and other credit accounts.

MyCreditGroup gives each client access to their entire staff, which consists of a wide variety of professionals, including experienced loan officers, collection agents and credit experts. Before you officially register, they offer a free consultation, including many issues that other credit repair companies don’t consider.

Remember, they don’t just want to fix your credit; they want to make sure you have the best credit of your life. You may want to buy a house later on, and they want to give you the opportunity to get there.

Prices are competitive; they charge a start-up fee and then a monthly fee after that. Clients can cancel at any time, and they have a vigorous refund policy. Though, given their penchant for improving their clients’ lives, their website is a bit lacking when it comes to educational and informational resources.

It’s possible to enroll with the service online or via telephone and everything is very simple and quick.

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