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Fiduciary Trust was established in 1885 as a means of establishing a company to handle the founding family’s trusts and investment needs.

In 1928, Robert H. Gardiner, son of the founder, incorporated the company.

Mr. Gardiner, who was named president of the company in 1957, chairman in 1979, and was associated with Fiduciary Trust for nearly 38 years, sought to create a company that provided affluent individuals and their families with objective advice to meet their estate, trust, and investment needs.

Headquartered in Boston, today, the company has grown into one of the nation’s largest and oldest independent wealth managers.

Supervising over $11 billion in client assets, the company offers a diverse range of services to its clients, ranging from comprehensive investment management and corporate trustee services to financial, estate, and tax planning for families, trusts, and foundations and endowments.


Fiduciary Trust uses an “open architecture” approach to delivering services to its clients. This enables the company access to a large pool of independent, unaffiliated investment managers and industry professionals, enabling clients to receive the best-of-breed products, advice, and related services.

Advisors with the firm play a critical role in providing access to and a selection, as well as ongoing monitoring, of some of the industry’s most renowned investment managers. As part of their role, should one of the recommended independent managers no longer meet a client’s needs, the firm will recommend a suitable replacement.

The firm’s alternative investment strategy puts tremendous bargaining power into the hands of the firm’s clients when negotiating with professional money managers. It allows the collective mass of Fiduciary Trust’s client assets to be used to attract the attention of some of the most respected investment managers – something that would not be possible for individual clients to do.

Due to the diversity of the firm’s experience and the size of client assets under their supervision, not only do clients receive high-quality, timely advice from the recommended asset managers, but they are also able to leverage highly favorable terms when it comes to fees charged by the independent advisors.

The open architecture approach also enables the firm’s clients to have a trusted advisor of their own, acting as a fiduciary on their behalf, at the table when reviewing and assessing portfolio performance. Clients, therefore, have peace of mind knowing that a professional manager is, in turn, managing and overseeing other professional managers of their assets.

Clients often enjoy multi-generational relationships with the company, ensuring a continuity of service and stability in the advice they receive.

What We Like About Fiduciary Trust

  1. Long history

Fiduciary Trust traces its roots back to 1885, when the founding family established a family office to provide services for the family’s trusts and investments. The firm has been operating as an incorporated entity since 1928.

  1. Independent, unbiased service

The company does not have any proprietary mutual funds or in-house inventories of stocks or bonds. Advisors are not compensated based on commissions earned from selling products to clients. As such, clients have full allegiance of their advisors, making for independent, unbiased advice.

  1. Exceptionally high client retention

The company enjoys an exceptionally high client retention rate of 98% – a testament to the great value that clients place in having long-term relationships with the firm.

  1. Dedicated, experienced team

The average advisor at the firm has over 25 years of industry experience, while the average length of service of advisors with the firm is 15 years. By industry standards, both of these metrics are extremely impressive accomplishments, with the latter ensuring a strong commitment to the continuity of client service.

  1. Access to specialized managers

The firm uses an “open architecture” approach to gain access to some of the most respected and experienced specialized managers to manage client assets. However, advisors from the firm continue to monitor and oversee those managers in order to ensure that clients receive high-quality, timely service.

  1. Personalized service

Advisors view themselves as owners – which they are and, therefore, fully vested in providing a high level of personalized service to their clients. Due to the low staff turnover rate, clients enjoy decades of stable service, which often continues into the next generation of families as well.

Fiduciary Trust Review – Team Members

Fiduciary Trust is owned and managed by a team of highly experienced and trained wealth management specialists. The firm’s team comprises advisors that have an average of 25 years of experience in the investment and wealth advisory industry, with the average advisor on the team having served the firm’s clients for around 15 years.

The advisory team holds industry licenses, professional designations, and accreditations that include BA, BSc, MBA, AB, JD, CFP®, CFA, CTFA, CPA, and RLP®.

  • Austin V. Shapard
  • Walter R. Abbott III
  • Grenville Anderson
  • Thanda Fields Brassard
  • W. Douglas Burden, CFA
  • Jill I. Cabitt
  • …and more

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Fiduciary Trust Reviews – Services

Fiduciary Trust provides trust services, financial planning, estate planning, family office advisory, philanthropic planning, tax planning, retirement planning, and estate settlement services to its clients who are individuals, families, high-net-worth individuals, endowments, foundations, and trusts.

The company invests in public equity, fixed income, and real estate opportunities globally while also investing in private real estate, private equity, hedge funds, timberland, commodities and managed futures, and exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Specific services offered by Fiduciary Trust include:

  • Financial planning
  • Investment advisory
  • Wealth management
  • Estate planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Corporate trustee services
  • Custody
  • Family Office Services

Fiduciary Trust Address Information (Local Office):

  • 175 Federal Street, Boston, MA 02110

To Contact Fiduciary Trust - Address

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To Contact Fiduciary Trust:

  • Tel: (617) 482-5270​​

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