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M&T Bank was recently ranked and reviewed by AdvisoryHQ as a top rated bank union. Firms on our top rated lists were selected after they successfully passed AdvisoryHQ’s ground-breaking four-step banks and credit unions selection methodology

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The M&T Bank reviews below provide a detailed review of M&T Bank, including some of the factors used by AdvisoryHQ News in its ranking and selection of M&T Bank.

M&T Bank Review 

M&T Bank was established in 1856, originally named Manufacturers and Traders Bank.

For more than 150 years, M&T has remained a well-respected, consistent, and trusted financial institution. Founded in Buffalo, it is one of the top banks in Buffalo, NY.

While M&T was first started as a regional bank, it now maintains more than 800 branches throughout many states in the U.S., including New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia.

M&T has current assets of more than $120 billion, and it’s an active participant in the local communities it serves, contributing millions of dollars to charities each year.

M&T Bank Reviews

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Key Factors Leading Us to Rank This Firm as One of This Year’s Top Banking Firms

Upon completing our M&T Bank reviews, M&T Bank was included in AdvisoryHQ’s ranking of this year’s best banking firms based on the following factors. 

M&T Bank Review: College Solutions

One of the signature areas of service offered by M&T are their college-centric guides, which are designed to help students, as well as their parents, in preparation for college.

Along with tips on paying college expenses, some of the topics covered by this service area include the provision of personal checking accounts designed specifically for students as well as customizable bank alerts such as low balance alerts.

Also available through this service are guides to Sallie Mae student loans, a Student Lending Glossary, information on scholarships and grants, and Budget Help for students.

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M&T Bank Review: M&T Bank Rewards

M&T Bank Rewards lets people earn rewards for the purchases they make with their M&T credit card. Applicable credit cards include the M&T Visa Credit Card with Rewards or the M&T Visa Signature Credit Card.

With the M&T Visa Credit Card with Rewards, users automatically earn an unlimited one point per $1 spent on purchases. With the M&T Visa Signature Credit Card, users automatically earn 1.5% cash back per $1 spent on all purchases, with no limits.

Points can be redeemed for cash; travel, including airline and vacation packages; shopping and dining; and merchandise.

M&T Bank Review: Debit Card Benefits

Enrolling in checking accounts with M&T offers customers access to the many benefits that come with debit card usage from this particular bank.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Security features: Debit cards feature encrypted microchips that protect users when utilized at a chip-enabled terminal. Debit cards from M&T also include the Visa Zero Liability protection for reimbursement of unauthorized purchases.
  • Convenience: Along with general ease of use that comes with not carrying cash, M&T Debit cards are convenient because account holders can use Visa Checkout, Android Pay or Apple Pay.
  • Customizable: Debit cards can be customized with photos, including personal photos which can help prevent identity theft and other security issues.

M&T Bank Review: Direct Connect

Direct Connect is an M&T option that lets account holders create a two-way connection between their accounts and Intuit personal finance software, including Quicken and QuickBooks.

This allows users to download data with just their M&T user ID and password and to simplify things such as paying bills and scheduling transfers. It’s also possible to integrate all other accounts from outside institutions with M&T accounts using this feature.

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