Guide to Renting a Private Jet | How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Private Jet?

It sounds like a bizarre idea: shopping around for deals to rent a private jet. It seems contradictory—if you are searching for private jets for rent, you are either someone who does not need to be thrifty or has done away with the pursuit of thriftiness altogether.

But in the same way frugal people still travel or buy vacation homes, it is becoming more and more possible to rent a plane on a budget.

How can this be?

Even the idea of finding private jets for rent sounds absurd. Rent a private jet? Isn’t a private jet something you buy?

On the contrary—you can absolutely rent a plane, and there are services that provide discounted rates and offers so that you can do so at value.

This article will go over how you can rent a private jet, whether it is for an event, travels, or just for convenience.

It will feature a company that has made a name for itself in the industry for its at-value private jets for rent. Additionally, it will answer the question, “How much does it cost to rent a private jet?” by providing helpful average private jet rental costs and private jet rental prices.

We will also provide additional companies to explore in addition to the featured company.

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Private Jet Rental Prices: How Can Plane Rental Costs Be Low?

Shelling out for private jet rental prices can mean spending a pretty penny, but it can also be the reason for a much more convenient travel experience.

The private jet rental cost eliminates wait time at the airport and other annoying parts about air travel like taking off your shoes and racing through crowds with your luggage in order to catch your flight.

Renting a Private Jet

Image Source: Renting a Private Jet

Once upon a time, the private jet rental cost was something only a privileged few individuals could afford. Now, the price is much less cost-prohibitive, especially with the advent of the Internet and online booking. While the private plane rental cost is still no small number, it is definitely more accessible to a larger group of people.

Although a huge chunk of a private jet rental cost is taken up by the hefty hourly fee, the prices also depends on the kind of aircraft, the availability of aircraft, and airport landing fees.

One way in which the Internet has drastically reduced private plane rental costs is by providing a convenient way for carriers to quickly sell out their unused inventory.

The Internet allows people to take advantage of this eagerness to make any money possible and decide to rent a private jet for a significantly lower price. So for those with flexible schedules and travel plans, this is one cheaper alternative to renting a private jet.

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How Much to Rent a Private Jet? Depends on Which Company You Rent a Private Jet From!

There are now several companies online that answer the question, “How much to rent a private jet?” in their own unique way.

You can rent a private jet through any of these companies and compare prices to find the private jet rental prices that work for you.

Rent A Private Jet—JetSuite

How much to rent a private jet? According to JetSuite, not too much when it is through them.

Deemed by CNN as the place for “private jet travel for the not-so-rich,” JetSuite offers the luxury of the option to rent a private jet with a price closer to buying a seat on a regular flight. JetSuite’s answer to the question, “How much is it to rent a private jet?” essentially is by asking how much your time is worth to you

While most people think those who rent a private jet do so primarily to experience luxury, many people do so simply because they want to get from one place to the other as soon as possible. When they ask, “How much is it to rent a private jet?” it is because they want to rent a plane to get them somewhere as swiftly as possible.

What Are My Options if I Choose to Rent A Private Jet with JetSuite?

JetSuite offers two options: the regular JetSuite or JetSuiteX. With the regular JetSuite service, you can rent a private jet entirely for yourself. How much is it to rent a private jet through the regular JetSuite service?

In addition to where it is you would like to go, you also need to evaluate how much plane space you are looking for.

Cost to Rent a Private Jet

Image Source: Cost to Rent a Private Jet

Those who choose to rent a plane through JetSuite can choose to rent a private jet that seats 4, 6, or 30. You can travel privately on your own, cozily with a few people, or in a lively fashion with a group of friends. Private jets for rent through JetSuite give customers the option to use the service purely as a mode of transportation or for a special event.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Jet with JetSuite?

That said, how much does it cost to rent a jet? It depends on the size and model. A private jet rental cost mainly consists of the hourly rate, in addition to any other possible fees. JetSuite provides average block-hour rates based on models for individuals looking for ballpark figures for private jet rental prices. These average hourly rates per model are:


  • Phenom 100: $3,755
  • CJ3: $4,720

Net Jets:

  • Encore: $6,934
  • Phenom 300: $7,134
  • Red Card Phenom 300: $8,000


  • Phenom 300: $7,447


  • $7,867

Those who are seriously asking, “How much does it cost to rent a jet?” because they are certain they want to start flying privately can also consider a JetSuite membership. Members can rent a private jet through JetSuite at cheaper hourly rates.

Within the domestic service areas, members also access competitive pricing.

In addition to these attractive perks for frequent rentals, JetSuite membership provides flexible change policies that allow members to more easily adjust their flights to fit their busy and unexpected lives. Members also benefit from longer cancellation periods getting private jets for rent through JetSuite.

There many perks that JetSuite customers get when they become members to rent a private jet through JetSuite.

That being said, those interested in using JetSuite to rent a private jet do not need to be members or even rent a plane entirely for themselves. Those who are looking for private jets for rent but do not need the entire aircraft for themselves can use JetSuiteX, which is a convenient way of merging the cost-effectiveness of regular air travel with the luxury of a private jet.

Reviews of JetSuite

People rent a private jet for many reasons. Private jets for rent can help people with their vacation plans or business travels. While you can rent a plane for any reason from JetSuite, the company mostly targets business travelers who need to get from one location to another as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Recall earlier when we stated that you can rent a private jet with JetSuite at roughly the same amount it would cost it would take to fly regularly?

That was not an exaggeration. While you may have rolled your eyes at the hourly private jet rental prices, you may see this next cool feature of JetSuite a bit differently.

JetSuite offers something called SuiteDeals that are open to anyone—with or without a membership. They are very last-minute deals that allow people to rent a plane for as low as $536. And you are not just getting a seat. You get to rent a private jet entirely for yourself, meaning you can take it alone or invite friends to come along for the ride.

How are private jets for rent at this price available, even at the last minute? The private jet rental cost is so low because there is someone with a membership who has booked the flight. The flight needs to get to where that member is being picked up. It will need to fly to that destination with or without passengers.

As a result, the company allows people to rent a private jet at these bottom-barrel prices at the very last minute because they might as well make some money from the necessary trip. The catch is that it is a one-way ticket, so you will need to arrange a way to get back on your own.

You can even sign up for a SuiteDeal Wishlist to receive email notifications when a SuiteDeal is leaving from an airport of your choice in order to rent a private jet.

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Rent a Private Jet—Surf Air

Surf Air is a convenient “all-you-can-fly” private jets for rent service. After purchasing a membership, members can travel easily and conveniently, with the added bonus of only needing to arrive fifteen minutes before their flight.

Unfortunately, this service is only extended to the state of California—their tagline is “Connecting California with a new way to fly.” If you were hoping for this kind of service nationwide, then Surf Air is not the company for you.

Surf Air has both individual and group memberships.

Individual Membership

Individual memberships start at $1,950 per month. This basic package provides unlimited travel, meaning you can rent a private jet at any time. In the basic unlimited package, you can book up in intervals of two.

The Unlimited Preferred Package is $2,450 per month. With this package, members can have one complimentary guest flight each quarter. They can make up to four reservations at a time when they want to rent a private jet.

The Unlimited Premium Package is $2,950 per month and comes with up to six reservations at a time when you want to rent a plane—in addition to all the perks from the basic and preferred packages.

You have the freedom to be flexible, enjoy VIP status without constantly booking flights in order to prove your loyalty, and the convenience of last-minute bookings when you rent a private jet with Surf Air.

If you want to take advantage of this program, but you want to split the cost and perks with others, Surf Air also makes private jets for rent membership available for groups. In order to learn more about this, interested parties are invited to contact the company for more details about a monthly fee and more.

Surf Air members can rent a plane that services 11 California and Nevada destinations. There are more to come, and European destinations are set to be available soon.

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Rent a Private Jet—Linear Air

Linear Air is a regional private jet company. It mainly services areas in the northeastern and Mid-Atlantic areas of the United States. It also serves areas in eastern Canada and in the Caribbean.

The main point this company focuses on addressing when encouraging consumers to rent a private jet is the frustration and congestion of commercial airliners and airports. The wait times and lines have made conventional air travel an absolute nightmare, so those who are willing to pay a premium for convenience have the option of using companies like Linear Air that offer private jets for rent.

With Linear Air, you can choose your carrier, be matched to a regional airport closest to your address, and rent a private jet to get going.

The private jet rental prices at Linear air start at $395 per passenger. But keep in mind that the private jet rental cost is by the carrier, so you would bring the price down as close to this number by bringing colleagues and friends along that can split the cost.

Rent a Plane—FLITE Air Taxi

FLITE Air Taxi is another option for those looking to rent a private jet. The private jets for rent are billed at an hourly rate. You can receive a quote to rent a plane from the website by inputting your departure and arrival locations, the same way you would with a regular flight. You can indicate whether you need private jet rental prices for one-way, round-trip, or multi-destination trips.

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Why Rent a Private Jet? Getting the Most for Your Money

The private jet rental cost seems exorbitant compared to traditional air travel, but it ultimately depends on what you are traveling for. Naturally, those with exceptional amounts of money can afford to splurge and rent a private jet for the most basic occasion.

But if you travel often for business, get anxious in crowded airports, or put a high premium on your time, perhaps finding companies that offer private jets for rent is something you are considering. That does not mean you can’t be smart about it.

  • Sign up for last-minute deals. Perhaps you have a flexible schedule and value price over destination. If you are willing to bend a little for a bargain, consider signing up for things like SuiteDeals through JetSuite to find out when there will be last-minute, one-way private flights at regular airfare rates.
  • Travel with friends and colleagues. Companies renting private jets normally charge for the entire aircraft, not just for how many seats you want to take up. A smart strategy is to enlist other interested friends or colleagues and split the private jet rental cost.

Air travel does not need to be a hassle, and you do not need to buy a private jet to benefit from the convenience of one.

The Internet has made it easier and cheaper to rent a private jet. Explore your options and find out how you can affordably rent a plane for your next trip.

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