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Regions Bank Review

Regions Bank was founded in 1971 with the merger of three Alabama-based banks. They’re now considered one of the best banks in the U.S. with approximately 1,500 locations and 2,000 ATMs in the South, Midwest, and Texas.

Regions is often praised for its stability, accessibility and convenience, and expertise. It’s also a bank that works to deliver highly customized service based on individual needs.

Regions has $129 billion in assets, is a member of the S&P 500 Index, and is one of the largest full-service providers of both consumer and commercial banking in the U.S.

Our Regions Bank reviews of their services will touch on highlights that make this bank stand out as one of the top financial institutions to work with. We’ll review Regions mobile banking and Regions Bank mortgage options.

We’ll also do a Regions credit card review and go over one of the most popular services, Regions Bank checking account options, as well as Regions checking account fees. And touch on some of the programs this top bank has that make them unique (like their Video Teller Machines).

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Key Factors That Led Us to Rank Regions Bank as a Top-Rated Bank

The below are factors that contributed to Regions being selected as one of 2020-2021 top-rated banks.

regions bank ranking

Regions Bank Reviews | Regions Video Teller

Regions Bank Review | Regions Mobile Banking

Many consumers do most of their banking online these days, so any top bank needs to have versatile online banking tools. Regions mobile banking does not disappoint as they offer a number of standard and unique features to help your online banking be as helpful as possible.

You can bank online at Regions using their online banking on their website, their mobile app, or via text message. Regions Bank reviews of the features of online and mobile banking include the ability to:

  • Deposit checks
  • Make mobile payments
  • Manage banking alerts
  • Transfer money or send money with Zelle®
  • Pay bills
  • Load funds onto a Regions Now Card®
  • Check balances and transactions

If you’re looking to better manage your money in your Regions Bank checking account or savings account, their My GreenInsights, is an online tool you can use to create budgets, set spending targets, find ways to save money, and more.

With My GreenInsights, users can see all of their financial information, including accounts from other institutions, in one centralized location. This tool also includes charts and categories to build budgets and follow cash flow, and there are simple ways to create and manage savings and payoff objectives.

One other handy tool included with Regions mobile banking is Regions LockIt®, which gives you the power to instantly lock and unlock Regions personal credit cards, CheckCards, and prepaid Now cards whenever you like through the Regions mobile app.

Regions Bank Review | Quicken

Regions offers convenient ways to link accounts to Quicken software, allowing customers to have 24-hour accessibility and simplify how they manage their finances. The two options for linking accounts with Quicken include Web Connect and Direct Connect.

Regions bank reviews of these options show that Web Connect has 1-way connectivity and allows you to download your transaction log to Quicken. Direct Connect has 2-way connectivity and in addition to downloading transactions, you can pay bills and transfer money directly from Quicken.

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Regions Bank Review | Priority Banking

Regions Priority Banking Program is available to certain bank customers and account holders who meet defined criteria. This preferred-customer program ensures the utmost in personal service, and participants also receive special opportunities to save and earn.

To reach priority status, a customer must have a consumer Regions Bank checking account as well as a qualifying first-lien Regions Bank mortgage loan or at least $50,000 in combined assets with the bank.

Business customers are also eligible if they have a business checking account and at least $50,000 in combined assets held by the bank.

The result of participating in Priority Banking with Regions is not only high-level, attentive service, but also the development of long-term rewarding relationships.

Regions Bank Review | Auto Buying Service

The Regions Auto Buying Service offers consumers the ability to find, build, and buy the car they want, and the process is as simple as possible. Their partnership with Carvana allows you to use search tools to locate and customize the vehicle you want, and you have the exclusive opportunity to see what others paid for this car… all online.

You can also lock in the savings you realize by using the Regions Auto Buying Service with a Program Certified Dealer.

Regions Bank Reviews | Regions Credit Card Review

Regions Bank offers four different credit cards to choose from, depending upon your personal needs. No matter which of them you choose, they come with the following perks:

  • Ability to earn Regions Relationship Rewards® points
  • Activity verification alerts
  • Mobile payment solutions (Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay)
  • Personal Service

Our Regions credit card review of the four cards show that there’s something for everyone. Here are the card types you can choose from.

  • Prestige Visa® Signature: For those wanting to earn points on qualified purchases and have a 0% introductory rate for the first 12 months.
  • Premium Visa® Signature: Includes special services like Lost Luggage Reimbursement and Visa Signature Concierge.
  • Life Visa®: A card that has a lower rate for those that plan to carry a balance and need a card for unexpected expenses.
  • Explore Visa®: A secured credit card to help people build a positive credit history.

Regions Bank Review | Regions Bank Checking Account

You have six different options when it comes to a Regions Bank checking account. Some are age-related and others give you simple checking or accounts with more features, depending upon what you’re looking for.

Here’s an overview of the Regions Bank checking accounts you can choose from:

  • LifeGreen® Checking Account: If you have direct deposit and would like unlimited check writing
  • LifeGreen® eAccess Account®: For those that do most of their banking online
  • LifeGreen® Simple CheckingSM Account: The same features as the Checking Account with a low flat Regions checking account fee monthly
  • LifeGreen® Preferred Checking® Account: Earns interest and offers added benefits
  • LifeGreen® Checking Account for Students: For those age 25 or younger, without any Regions checking account fees monthly
  • LifeGreen® 62+ Checking Account: Waived monthly fee and bonus features for seniors

When it comes to Regions checking account fees, they’ll vary according to the account you have. Here are a few to be aware of:

  • For the standard Checking Account, the monthly fee is $10 or less
  • For eAccess, the monthly fee is $8 or less
  • For Simple Checking, the monthly fee is either $5 or $7
  • For Preferred Checking, the monthly fee is $18 or less
  • Regions checking account fees for Students or 62+ are either $0 or have options to be waived

Regions Bank Review | Regions Bank Mortgage

If you’re looking to purchase a home, Regions has multiple resources for you that can help make the process easier.

Regions Bank mortgage page has links to their Home Buyers Center®, details on closing costs, interest rates, and Regions properties for sale.

Current Regions Bank mortgage loan options include:

  • Fixed-rate Mortgage
  • Adjustable-rate Mortgage (ARM)
  • Affordable Home Loans Programs
  • FHA Fixed-Rate Loans
  • VA Fixed-Rate Loans

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Rating Summary

Regions Bank goes above and beyond to make banking convenient for their customers, beyond their in-person and mobile banking services, they also offer Video Tellers that allow you to see and speak to a real person for assistance right at the ATM.

With flexible checking account options and positive Regions Bank reviews from others in the industry, Regions scores a 5-star rating as one of the best banks to consider if you live in Texas, the South, or the Midwest.

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