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Going viral has never been so easy.

When it comes to making web content go viral, it has always been up to the luck of the draw. If you ever uploaded media into the abyss that is the World Wide Web, your chances of having your content get spread around were really just up to the internet gods and chance. All there was to do was hope that your precious hard work would be seen by eyes other than you and the person you emailed the link to.

Sure, having an adorable cat somewhere in your content helped increase viewership, but it was never really enough to get the ball moving to make your content and information go viral.

Until now, it was an almost impossible endeavor; however all it really took was connections to the tastemakers (or internet gods, if you prefer to call them that) to make your projects receive the attention it deserves. And now, these people are available to you. is an online service that, long story short, makes your content go viral. By placing your media into the hands of the people who will distribute it best, PRWeb and their services have the power to push your content in front of more eyeballs than it ever would garner on its own.

The legwork of promoting your uploaded content is all pretty much done for you and guarantees that viewership will be hands down and indisputably higher than just sending out links to everyone in your contacts list.

The following offers a review and a full synopsis and description of what this service can do to spread the awareness of anything from your business to your garage band.

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Just What Can PRWeb Do?

An example: A mom and pop drug store in a tiny town does in fact generate sales because members in the community rely on and pay for their services, but because they are catering exclusively to their geographic area, they severely limit their sales. A single customer can only buy so many cans of shaving cream.

By extending your market base and expanding your sales radius by establishing a strong marketplace presence, your sales numbers will exponentially grow. All of this is done through a boost in awareness, and is a great tool to boost awareness or simply spread the word.

Drive Traffic

  • PRWeb thrives at placing your content directly in the hands of people who will spread it all around the places that eyeballs congregate. Places like the LA Times, the Chicago Tribune, and other highly subscribed newswires. This interconnection between and well-established news services is the heart of what makes them such a viable option for promoting your content. They have the connections, and you need them. It’s an easy match.

Generate Sales

  • In a perfect world, who wouldn’t want higher sales numbers at the end of the quarter or fiscal year? It doesn’t take a business degree to understand that more customers means higher sales. With PRWeb, your sales will spike as a direct result of higher awareness.

Get Publicity

  • You may have heard that any press is good press, and in a sense that is absolutely correct! Unless you are pushed into the media storm for negative services (Ashley Madison, anyone?), publicity is your friend, and—really, for any business or success seeker—publicity is your lifeblood.
  • Soaking up publicity is extremely difficult to do on your own and is no a guarantee, but with’s services of content spreading and publicity sharing, it’s a hard service to ignore.

Save Money

  • Marketing your business is an extremely difficult endeavor and often leads to heart break unless you really know what you are doing. Marketing yourself can also be incredibly expensive, and unless it comes up successful, it can break a business. PRWeb works to severely minimize those chances by pretty much doing it all for you.

Do It Yourself

  • Not everything is magical about PRWeb (though most things are). When it comes to what you want spread around about your business, you decide. Whether it’s a Labor Day sale at your store or just an emergency flare letting the world know that your tiny business exists, PRWeb offers a launching pad that will set you up to say what you want to say, exactly how you want to say it.
  • For those who are a little on the shy side and have no idea how to start writing up a press release, there are tons of press releases on that you can pull inspiration from. You can also ask them questions all along the way with their live services.

See Real Results

  • Once you go through the process of creating a useable PRWeb press release and submit it, you can track the success of your release. Using some pretty detailed analytics, you can track its success down to who has read the entire entry or read just the headline. 

How Exactly Does It Work?

Creating Your Own Circulation Media

  • As we mentioned earlier, the folks described in this PRWeb review are here to help and don’t expect you to create perfectly polished promotional material before you begin working with them.
  • For those in need of a starting point, they offer various templates to get the ball rolling for creating your specific PRWeb press release.

Better Search Visibility through SEO

  • We would love to explain to you what exactly SEO is and what it can do for you in all of its HTML glory, but long story short, you are dodging many bullets if you decide to allow to handle making your content as searcher-friendly as possible.

Your URL Can Set You Apart

  • One aspect of search engine optimized material is the URL emblazoned across the top of the screen and search bar. A unique URL formulated specifically to your potential customers’ searches make it that much more likely that your business will pop up first when they run their service request through a service like Google or Bing.
  • The URL acts as an anchor, and the more specific it is to you and your business compared to a competitor, the better your chance is of being chosen. Why? Because the customer saw you first, and that is how the game is played.
  • URLs influence the outcome of an internet search, and unless you know how to alter a URL yourself, it can be a nightmare followed by a series of headaches. PRWeb, of course, has got you covered in this department.

Build Awareness through Multimedia

  • When it comes to standing out, presenting your information in a memorable format is key. The phrase used to go that “Content is King,”but that is only half true now. Having great written content isn’t enough; when it comes to content that actually works, multimedia is necessary.
  • Videos that illustrate you doing what you do best and well-done photographs that back up your text are now almost mandatory for success. More often than not, you already have those things in some capacity…but no one is looking at them.
  • PRWeb can get those much desired eyeballs onto your videos and slideshows or through the PRWeb press releases that are circulated for you.

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How Does PRWeb Go about Circulation? 

PRWeb Distribution Networks

After all this talk of how can magically send s to millions of people all over the world, you’re wondering, “How does PRWeb get my stuff in front of so many people that easily?” The short answer is that they are made up of interconnected webs of journalists, reporters, and public relations firms that all have the power and influence over their own individual communities. Here is a more detailed breakdown of their distribution networks:

Associated Press Distribution: Premium Package

PRWeb’s Premium Package gives access to one of the widest cast nets of popular news platforms. A detailed “who’s who” list appears here, but to name drop a few, signing up for their Premium Package opens the door for your PRWeb press release to be sent to the journalists of the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Boston Globe, and quite a few more highly subscribed to news services.

The other PRWeb distribution networks offer various publications that specialize in more particular areas of service, which means that when potential customers search for a specific service in a niche publication, they will see your PRWeb press release front and center. The other PRWeb distribution networks are listed below:

PRWeb for Journalists

For members of the media who are on the other side of the wall and looking for interesting press releases to report on, all the official PRWeb press releases are available, or they can search the archives based on topics, dates, and criteria. All it takes is one member of the media to take notice for your business or service to go big.

What Kind of People Should Use PRWeb?

Some examples of the kind of people who typically take advantage of these services include, but are certainly not limited to:

Industry Professionals

How Much Does PRWeb Cost?

As you probably saw coming, this service is too good to be free. The PRWeb Pricing is not bad considering the outcomes. All in all, it really doesn’t cost as much as one would first assume, which really makes their services all that much more attractive.

While you may wonder about PRWeb coupons or coupon codes, the sad answer is that there are none available. Hopefully soon there will be discounts and PRWeb coupons codes that will cut us a little break, but until then, we will have to make do with their current pricing.

PRWeb pricing comes in different packages that cater to areas such as how broad you want your press release spread and how many attachments you want inside of that press release.

Here is a breakdown of PRWeb pricing:


  • Cost: $99 per press release
  • What you get: Your press release is searchable by members of the media who come specifically to PRWeb, and your release will pop up if searched for on popular search engines.


  • Cost: $159 per press release
  • What you get: Rather than your release being only searchable, your release is sent out to a long list of news media outlets, and social media sharing becomes available to make your PRWeb press release spread further.


  • Cost: $249 per press release
  • What you get: SEO practices are applied throughout your PRWeb press release, which makes your message all the more likely to pop up first on popular search engines. Your release is also sent out to a longer list of even more popular news media outlets than are available in the Basic package.


  • Cost: $369 per press release
  • What you get: Aptly named by as the “Own the Media” package, this kit allows users to have their releases sent straight to all news media outlets working with the Associated Press (Think New York Times and USA Today), and you can also have your multimedia attached to your PRWeb press release, allowing you to send pretty much whatever you want to some of the most powerful tastemakers in the media.

For those who intend to send out quite a few official PRWeb press releases over specific periods of time, they do offer subscription-based services rather than individual “pay-per-play” pricing. To get more information on possible deals with PRWeb pricing, you can call them directly to see what kind of deal you can work out with them.

How Do I Get in Touch with PRWeb?

The folks at PRWeb are only a few clicks away from pushing your announcements and press releases out to the entire world. You can get in contact with them with online queries here.

For all other inquiries, you can contact them at the following:

PRWeb Offices:


12051 Indian Creek Ct., Beltsville, MD 20705

PRWeb 24 Hour Editorial Desk:

PRWeb UK Support 24 Hour Editorial Desk:

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