Intro: Private Jets for Sale | What You Need to Know about Airplanes for Sale

When looking for airplanes for sale, there are some tips you need to know, such as how much private jets for sale cost, where to buy private planes for sale, and important information on how to buy aircraft for sale.

In this article, we will give helpful advice for anyone looking to buy private planes for sale, whether you are a first-time buyer, a previous buyer, or someone that likes to dream big.

We will also discuss whether purchasing an aircraft for sale is worth the money when it comes to your personal lifestyle. We will discuss fees that come with buying an airplane for sale. We will also discuss differences in used airplanes for sale versus new airplanes for sale as well as small planes for sale versus bigger jet planes for sale.

All of this information will be helpful in making such a big and important purchase. With the right guidance and research, buying private jets for sale will be an easy task and a life-changing experience for you and your family or your business.

private jets for sale

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First Steps to Buying Airplanes for Sale

Before going into detail about numbers, sizes, and types, it is important to discuss the beginning steps of searching for private jets for sale and what you need to do before purchasing one of these jets for sale.

The first thing to do when looking for airplanes for sale is to take a look at pricing and have an overview of what your expenses will be. Prices on aircrafts for sale can range from one million dollars all the way to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Along with the price of the airplane for sale itself, you have to consider paying for a flight crew and pilot, maintenance fees on the airplane for sale, storage, insurance, parking, fuel, any lawyers’ fees that may occur, as well as takeoff and landing fees.

According to Executive Charter Flights’ website, fees on private planes for sale can range anywhere from $600,000 to $5 million per year, depending on the aircraft size. Purchasing an aircraft for sale is a huge investment to make, and the cost definitely does not stop with the price of the airplane for sale.

After understanding the potential costs of purchasing a jet for sale, you must decide what you can afford and what size airplane will work best for your needs.

Consider how many people can fit in whichever airplane for sale that you consider, but also make sure to choose a private plane for sale based on how often you will use it and how far you will travel.

The next step before purchasing a private jet for sale is hiring a lawyer. It is important to hire a lawyer when buying an airplane because there are a lot of paperwork, regulations, and complicated tax legalities that you must follow. You want to have an expert on your side when buying a private plane for sale.

You will want to test and inspect any jet planes for sale before making the purchase. This is especially important with used airplanes for sale. You want to make sure the airplane for sale is functioning correctly and in good condition before you make such a large purchase.

Lastly, you will want to hire a management company when purchasing a small plane for sale, whether it is a used jet for sale or not. This will make your life much easier, because the management team can maintain your aircraft for you, including hiring the crew and pilot, fuel, any parts you may need, and insurance.

All of these steps are important to consider before purchasing an aircraft for sale. Understanding the overall picture is imperative before making such a huge investment.

Where to Buy Jets for Sale

When you decide that you want to start looking at private jets for sale, you must know how to go about the buying process. There are professional dealers who can show you airplanes for sale and explain all of the costs and specifications to you.

Purchasing jets for sale is similar to the real estate world.  Just like real estate, you can look for an airplane for sale online and then inquire about it. Some popular sites showing aircrafts for sale, including used aircraft for sale, include,, and All of these sites have extensive inventories on private planes for sale. All of these sites also have a great amount of information about buying jet planes for sale as well as selling airplanes for sale.

On, they provide a 2015 market forecast for the next ten years, which can be very helpful for knowing when the best time is to purchase a private plane for sale. The website explains that this market forecast shows:

“Aircraft delivery totals by manufacturer and aircraft class, totaling $271.1 billion through 2024, which aircraft manufacturer will take top position over the next decade in terms of both market share and revenue, the leading avionics and engine OEMs, and the growth in wide body aircraft and why this trend will continue.”

All of this information is extremely helpful for jet buyers looking at jets for sale. also has its own mobile application for buyers to access their inventory of airplanes for sale on the go. On top of all of this, has a Jetstream Journal blog that provides numerous articles on varying topics in the aviation world.

While has some similar resources, such as a blog and a print magazine, the amount of information is much smaller. Also, seems to be the least helpful site when it comes to the information provided on private jets for sale, however, all three sites have extensive inventories on airplanes for sale if that’s all you are looking for.

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Private Jets for Sale—5 Popular Manufacturers

aircraft for sale

Private Jets for Sale

Once you know where to buy a private plane for sale, you will want to know the reputations of different manufacturers and what they offer to find the best small plane for sale for your lifestyle.

The first top manufacturer of private jets for sale to consider is Cessna. This company is based in Wichita, Kansas, which is the aviation capital of the United States. Cessna’s most popular small plane for sale is the Citation Mustang, which holds four passengers. Cessna also holds the title for the world’s best-selling private jet for sale, which is the Citation XL/XLS/XLS+, which holds eight passengers. They have other eight passenger models as well, but Cessna plans on coming out with a 12-passenger Citation model in the next few years.

Another top manufacturer of airplanes for sale is Bombardier, which has its headquarters in Quebec. Bombardier has some much larger jets for sale that can fly across the world with only one fuel stop and seat up to 19 people. However, their popular small planes for sale are in their Learjet series, and these seat eight passengers.

A third popular manufacturer of jets for sale is Gulfstream, which is based in Savannah, Georgia. Gulfstream began by building aircraft for the military but began focusing on private planes for sale in 1968. Gulfstream is most popular for its larger airplanes for sale such as the first ever long-range jet for sale, the G5.

A fourth popular manufacturer of private jets for sale is Embraer. Embraer is a Brazilian manufacturer and similar to Gulfstream, used to produce military aircraft. Embraer started selling private planes for sale in 2002. Though they are relatively new to the game of airplanes for sale, Embraer now ties with Bombardier for being the third largest manufacturer for private jets for sale in the world.

The fifth and final popular manufacturer of private planes for sale that we will mention is Dassault. Dassault is a French manufacturer based in Paris that began by building military fighter jets. They began selling small planes in 1963. Their Falcon 2000 model, which seats 10 people and has a range of over 3,000 nautical miles, is their most popular private jet for sale.

Other popular manufactures of airplanes for sale in the aviation market today include Airbus, Boeing, and Beechcraft.

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More Helpful Tips for Buying a Private Jet for Sale

Some other helpful tips (or mistakes you don’t want to make) when buying a private plane for sale will be listed in this section. These tips can help new buyers feel more confident that they are buying that jet for sale in the right way.

As mentioned above, don’t buy a private jet for sale and base your decision solely on the price. While used aircraft for sale may seem appealing in terms of cost, make sure to find an airplane for sale that has a maintenance program or warranty with it. This will help avoid extensive maintenance fees down the road.

As you can see with the top listed manufacturers above, it is important to look at manufacturers from around the world when buying an airplane for sale. Don’t look at private planes for sale only in your region or you may miss out. Some of the best and top-selling manufacturers of jets for sale may be across the world, but their reputation is what matters.

Jetstream Journal advises buyers of aircraft for sale to trust their broker. While it may seem handy to consult other brokers for the best deal, this could end up sabotaging your deal when other buyers make offers on the airplane for sale that you have in mind. This is just like real estate. Trust the person you chose to help you in the buying process.

When buying a small plane for sale, many people will need financing to make the purchase. It is important to arrange financing at the beginning so that both the buyer and seller are confident that a purchase of the private jet for sale can be successfully made. Without your money in order ahead of time, buying an aircraft for sale can be complicated.

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These helpful hints, mistakes to avoid, manufacturer overviews, and website reviews should help anyone looking to purchase a private plane for sale.  In order to make such a huge purchase, it is very important to understand the basics. You need to know where to begin, where to look, and what to look for.

There are many airplanes for sale around the world that are used for both business and pleasure. There are big planes and small planes for sale as well as new planes and used jets for sale. Whichever aircraft for sale that you find for your business or your family, make sure to consult with professionals throughout the process.

We wish the best for all buyers of private planes for sale, and remember, once the buying process is over, you will have an amazing gift and opportunity to use your plane and travel the world!

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