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Have you ever considered what the best place to buy sports tickets is? Before we answer that question, consider this fact: people today turn to the internet for a larger percentage of their shopping needs. In fact, nearly 70% of all Americans frequently shop online for everything from clothing and cellphones to vitamin supplements and sports equipment. So why should the same not be true when shopping for prime sports tickets?

When searching for the best website to buy sports tickets, it can seem daunting given the vast number of potential sites to purchase prime sports tickets from. Each site makes claims that they are the best place to buy sports tickets, whether they define “best” by things like lowest prices online or best seats.

With all of this jostling for position, it can be hard to determine which outlet is the most trustworthy one to use when making a purchase like this. So, who is the best option?

One of the strongest competitors in the secondary ticket market is PrimeSport.

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Who Is PrimeSport? PrimeSport Reviews

In case you are just now learning of them, PrimeSport is an online ticket and hospitality retailer specializing in the secondary ticket market. They are regularly regarded as one of the best places to buy sports tickets. They offer a wide variety of tickets and travel packages to events across the country, though they primarily specialize in offering prime sports tickets. 

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PrimeSport Reviews

PrimeSport was initially founded in Atlanta as a spinoff of RazorGator Inc. back in 2010. After changing some hands, the Carlyle Group obtained PrimeSport in 2015 and still counts them among their many financial holdings today. 

PrimeSport is an official partner with many teams and events. These partnerships help to ensure that buyers who worry, “Is PrimeSport legit?” can feel more confident in their purchase. 

Through these partnerships, they are able to offer tickets to a number of exclusive experiences at sometimes discounted rates compared to other secondary ticket sellers. 

They currently have partnerships with over 100 events and organizations, including the PGA, the Peach Bowl, and the Daytona 500. These partnerships show the diversity of PrimeSport’s reach into the prime sports ticket marketplace. 

PrimeSport Reviews: What Does PrimeSport Offer?

According to its website, PrimeSport is a “Global Sports Travel and Event Management Company.” This means that they attempt to anticipate not just the ticketing needs of customers, but also to ensure all other arrangements are taken care of. 

PrimeSport’s goal is to be the best place to buy sports tickets. Many prime sports tickets reviewed by verified users tend to stress the value of purchasing PrimeSport ticket packages.

Say you are interested in traveling to Glendale, AZ, to attend the Final Four in 2017. If you opt to purchase a travel package through PrimeSport, you can be guaranteed tickets to both the semifinal and final games, a 4-night hotel accommodation, travel to and from the game, plus with other incentives. The cost per person for this package is currently $3,095.

While this may seem like a premium price to pay for this event, it does take into account travel to and from the event, tickets for each game, and all lodging needs ahead of time, freeing you from the stress of having to organize these yourself. 

With your PrimeSport tickets, you may be provided direct access to PrimeSport-only events and given entrance to other exclusive VIP areas. 

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This is what makes using PrimeSport tickets so appealing to so many users. Many PrimeSport reviews focus on the company’s drive to ensure that events they help organize are as worry-free as possible. This helps them emphasize why they are the best website to buy sports tickets from. 

PrimeSport has an ever-growing list of partnerships with a number of sports organizations and events. These relationships allow them to offer incentives alongside prime sports tickets that other secondary ticket sites simply cannot offer. 

PrimeSport Reviews

Is PrimeSport Legit?

PrimeSport also offers an affiliate option for individuals and groups who feel their website could provide assistance in selling tickets to certain events. Users who worry about buying prime sports tickets from an unknown website may feel more comfortable working with someone they know. The affiliate offers can further help calm the fear associated with the question, “Is PrimeSport legit?” 

The PrimeSport website lists incentives related to working alongside them, including free set up and commissions for all referrals. PrimeSport has also partnered with two well-known affiliate network providers, Commission Junction and Affiliate Window, in order to help address any concerns that may result from working as an affiliate. 

PrimeSport Reviews: How Does PrimeSport Works?

In most cases, PrimeSport does not sell tickets directly. They act as an intermediary between ticket holders and potential buyers. PrimeSport charges a fee associated with both buying and selling prime sports tickets through their site. 

It is standard to pay a shipping and handling fee when purchasing any tickets, so this should not be news to anyone looking to purchase tickets from any online retailer. 

If you are interested in selling tickets on their platform, you will be charged a 10% seller’s fee for all tickets sold. Setting up an account is free, and there is no fee associated with listing tickets to an event. As a seller, you must also have a credit card on file with the company as a safety means. 

PrimeSport does, in fact, guarantee each ticket, so users aren’t left wondering, “Is PrimeSport legit?” Should a seller fail to deliver credible tickets to a buyer, PrimeSport will charge the seller’s credit card the full price of replacement tickets for the event in question. This puts pressure on ticket sellers to ensures that all tickets sold through PrimeSport are legitimate and delivered on time. 

In some cases, PrimeSport works directly with a team or event as a listed hospitality partner. This means that the event or team in question will steer all prospective buyers directly to PrimeSport’s dedicated website for any travel package accommodation offers. Each page lists ticket and hotel accommodations, again stressing the validity of the claim that PrimeSport is the best place to buy sports tickets.

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PrimeSport Reviews: Compared to Others

When compared to the competition, PrimeSport seems to do fairly well. According to PrimeSport reviews, they work both with ticket brokers and individual sellers and cater to the same clientele as many of their competitors. One of their noted competitors is the well-known ticket site StubHub

Many sellers in the secondary market will cross-post their tickets to various sites in an attempt to sell them as quickly as possible. We compared the price of prime sports tickets being offered on the two websites and found the prices to be similar. 

The largest difference between most ticketing sites geared toward the secondary ticket market and PrimeSport is in accommodations. 

PrimeSport identifies as being able to provide the ultimate game day experience. You not only purchase prime sports tickets to an event, but you also have the option to secure access to exclusive events and limited edition memorabilia. According to most PrimeSport reviews, buyers can receive expert concierge services as well as other amenities unavailable to the general public. 

Criticism & Negative PrimeSport Reviews

One of the most recognized criticisms of PrimeSport is the high price of the commission charged to buyers. Some PrimeSport reviews list the fee charged to buyers to be as high as 18%. 

One of the most glaring concerns regarding PrimeSport’s website is the lack of awareness they provide about the multitude of other tickets they sell. While PrimeSport is one of the best websites to buy sports tickets, they also sell tickets to any number of concerts and other local events. The trouble is you would never know this unless you did a search for a particular artist or attraction.

Another criticism, according to available PrimeSport reviews, is their ability to obtain tickets directly from professional teams for both individual games and special events. Many claim this gives them an unfair advantage in the secondary ticket market. 

While PrimeSport is an officially licensed travel partner of many teams and events, their access to premium tickets does not allow for a level playing field, according to their critics. If you can buy a product from two different companies, but one company is able to provide a better version of the product at a cheaper rate, why would you consider buying from the other? This is how many secondary ticket sellers view PrimeSport. 

There were also accusations regarding PrimeSport’s involvement in the 2015 Super Bowl ticket scandal. As a well-known broker and hospitality partner that works directly with many NFL teams, PrimeSport had access to a large number of tickets prior to the event.

While the company did not provide illegitimate tickets, they and many other large brokers were accused of flooding the market with tickets they speculated would be available leading up to the game. They charged fees associated with historical price models assuming they would be able to attain tickets at a later date when the price was lower as the game drew near. However, ticket prices did not fall as anticipated and fans instead were left without tickets to the game. 

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Conclusion: PrimeSport Reviews

So where does all of this leave you, the potential buyer, in the end? PrimeSport goes a long way to convince users that what they offer is the best option for anyone in need of prime sports tickets. PrimeSport reviews support the notion that this company does, in fact, go the extra mile to ensure users the best, high-end experience possible for any event they cater to. 

The ticket guarantee likewise helps to answer the most common question asked by potential buyers: is PrimeSport legit? All in all, the company does all they can to ensure that all hospitality needs are met. Their partnerships with numerous teams and events along with their travel packages truly helps to make them potentially one of the best websites to buy sports tickets today. 

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