2017 Guide: 8 Ways to Find the Best Press Release Templates, Examples, Samples, and Formats

Have you ever sat down in front of your computer to write a press release and didn’t know where to begin?

Many people find themselves needing to promote a business, product, or event with an offline and online press release, but don’t know the proper news release format or where to find a good press release template to get them started.

If you know the right way to write a press release, it can mean the difference between your news getting buzz or not.

In this article, we will help take the mystery out of writing your own PR by giving you eight ways to find the best press release template for your news announcement, show you where to find a sample of press release formats, tell you where the best free press release template is located online, and provide an example of press release announcements from the experts.

We will also touch on how to issue a press release once you’ve written one.

Press Release Template

Image Source: Best Press Release Template

1. Best Press Release Template Tip | Know the Key Components of a News Release Template

One of the first things that will help you identify a resource that has a good example of press releases is to know the key components of a press release example.

There are some main things that media look for in any offline or online press release, and if yours is missing one of them, the editor may just move past it and not announce or share your news at all. So, when looking for a good example of press release formatting, you want to be sure these key parts are included in any press release template you use.

Key news release template components:

  • Headline – should inform, but not be a sales pitch
  • Dateline – provides important data: city, state, day, month, year
  • Lead Paragraph – should give the who, what, when, where, why
  • Body and Summary – paragraphs that tell more of your story detail
  • Boilerplate Statement – this is the “About Us” section at the end
  • Contact Information – name, title, company name, phone, email

Additional offline component:

The statement “News Release – For Immediate Release” – usually only used for offline PR or those sent via email, not when you send through online press release distribution services

2. Best Press Release Template Tip | Research University Websites

Before you jump right into a maze of confusing listings from a general web search, a great way to learn the proper news release format is to search specifically for journalism or English departments of universities that may have a press release example on their website for their students.

By seeing a sample of press release formatting from teachers, you have a chance to download a free press release template that has some extra instructions on it to help you get a better overall understanding of how to write a great press release example.

Here are a few that you can visit for a news release template that is also educational:

press release example

Image Source: News Release Template Search

3. Best Press Release Template Tip | Check the Free Press Release Template Sites

It pays to check for an example of press release writing on a free site before you try any paid options. It’s possible that one of the many free press release template sites out there might have just what you’re looking for.

Spending a little time searching for a press release template that you like can save you from having to pay for one. If you’ve already done your homework on the key news release format components, you’ll know how to sort out a good from a bad example of press release composition.

We’ve scoured several free press release template websites to bring you several below that offer very good press release example templates that will give you a great start to an exceptional news release.

Once you find the perfect one, you’ll be ready to move onto learning how to issue a press release in no time.

This website includes a total of 67 press release template types that include a charity event press release example, a product press release example, a small business press release example, and many more.

You can download, customize, and print each invidually for free, or save time and pay $19.00 to download all 67 at once.

This website provides free downloads for 3 different news release format styles and 16 free downloads that give a press release example by category, such as an app press release template, a book press release template, and a movie press release template.

This website offers 6 press release example templates that have different stylings, including one press release template that includes a handy writing guide along with it.

This website has four templates for download, including a sample of press release types for a wedding engagement and product press release. It also includes two press release template style types.

This website provides a different type of sample press release format, which is specific to an email style template. If you choose to directly email your press release to media, then this site can be useful. It offers four types of emails to use to send a press release example.

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4. Best Press Release Template Tip | Use a News Release Template Wizard

If you’d like a little automated help formatting your online press release, there are a number of news release template wizards that you can use to help you get the perfect formatting for your press release example and ensure you don’t miss any of the key components. Here are a few you can use:

5. Best Press Release Template Tip | Review a Real Example of Press Release Announcements

Reading through a sample of press release announcements that are written by other companies can help you reach another PR level once you understand the news release format.

It will give you a chance to review different writing formats, see the types of quotes that are included in press releases, and give you an overall example of press release styles written and released by others, some of whom use professionals to write their releases.

Here are a few sites that offer a real example of press release writing:

example of press release

Image Source: Sample of Press Release Search

6. Best Press Release Template Tip | Get Specific in Your Search

A press release example written for a product launch is not going to have exactly the same elements as an example of press release writing for a charity event. Getting specific in your search can help you find a great news release template that is laser focused to your exact type of news.

By searching more specifically, you can also run across instructions and links on how to issue a press release to particular media types in that industry, such as if you’re promoting a new app or ebook.

Here are some examples of a specific news release template that you can find by simply searching “press release template for (your type of announcement).”

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7. Best Press Release Template Tip | Research Online Press Release Distribution

There are a number of  PR distribution websites, both free and paid, that you can use when ready to send your press release example. You can also often find tips and tools on these sites on news release format and a sample of press release styles you can use.

Here are several online press release distribution sites you can use:

8. Best Press Release Template Tip | Know Where and How to Issue a Press Release

We’ve seen that there are multiple online press release services you can use, and they give you the benefit of sending your online press release out to multiple media outlets at the click of a button.

However, you don’t want to overlook some of the more “old school” methods of how to issue a press release that can give you a better chance at getting your news into a local paper or a particular trade magazine because of a more personal touch.

If you’re doing a local event or store announcement, by either mailing or emailing your press release example to your local media (newspapers, radios, television, journals/magazines) with a personal message, you can have a much greater chance at not only getting your message in print, but you also might be asked to do an on-air interview.

Likewise, you can try the same with media that covers a larger territory, such as your whole state, the U.S., or international regions.

Once you make a personal connection with an editor who accepts an example of press release announcements for consideration, you lay the groundwork for more press coverage from them in the future.

sample of press release

Image Source: How to Issue a Press Release

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Find the Best Press Release Template | Summing It Up

There are many online press release resources you can use to find a great example of press release writing and easily find a free press release template to utilize for any style of PR.

It does help to begin by knowing the key components of the news release format before you start writing, to make sure you haven’t left out any critical elements and that your release has the best chance at being picked up by media outlets.

There are many free press release template options that you can use, but with so many to choose from, it’s helpful to narrow down your search for a specific sample of press release writing that matches your type of news announcement.

It can also be incredibly helpful to review the websites that show an example of press release writing by professionals, so you can learn tips and tricks from the pros.

Once you’ve decided on your news release format and written your release, knowing where and how to issue a press release is the final step that ensures your news gets out to the right places.

We hope that the tips we’ve provided in this article can save you some time looking for the right resources for finding the best press release template for your news and can help give you a jumpstart on getting that news out to the world.

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