Press Release Guide for Issuing Company, Media, and Product News Releases

A well-written press release has the potential to generate tons of new leads and business opportunities for your company.

Unfortunately, the only way that these advantageous side effects can occur is if you know how to distribute a press release effectively.

Most people who write a media release struggle in finding an appropriate outlet for their press release. This is where online press release distribution comes into play.

Finding the right fit when it comes to press release marketing can be tricky. Should you consider free press release distribution, or is only a paid service worth your time? You should be armed with a few key tricks of the trade in order to make the most of your news release.

AdvisoryHQ wants to assist you in making the most of your media release.

Press Release Guide

Image Source: Press Release Guide for Issuing Press Releases

In our guide to press releases for this year, we’ll provide a few tips for you, as the issuing company, regarding your news release and how to make effective use of press release marketing.

If you’ve been wondering about free PR versus paid PR, it’s time to take a closer look with our comprehensive and objective guide to the services available to you.

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Tips for the Issuing Company

Sending out a press release can generate some stress for your company, so it’s critical to know a few tricks of the trade to help you handle the situation with ease and grace.

If you intend to take advantage of free PR by managing the distribution of your own media release, you may want to consider a few of these tips offered up by various professionals and experts within the PR and reporting industry:

  • Be specific. There’s nothing worse than sending out a business press release to companies that won’t be interested in your company or your services. You should always know who your news release is aimed at and who you are sending it to. Sending personalized notes and versions of the press release is a good way to ensure a return on your time investment. 
  • Give stuff away. If you’re issuing a new product or service, sending free items and coupons to reporters and media outlets might not be a bad idea. If your company can afford the small loss, samples of your product can be helpful when they accompany a specific and personalized press release.
  • Build relationships. If you find that certain reporters or news outlets are generally more receptive to your press release, foster those relationships so they will be available again in the future. A media release isn’t likely to be a one-time occurrence. As new products or company news becomes available, you may need those contacts again in the future. Keep the lines of communication open between each press release, and you may be able to handle your own press release marketing without utilizing a press release distribution service in the future.
  • Make it professional. Some issuing companies may already have professionals on staff that are experienced with handling the writing of a news release and polishing it up for media attention. If not, consider hiring a professional writer to craft and edit your publicity release before sending it out for distribution.

Sending out a press release on your own can be intimidating. These tips will help you to begin uncovering potential reporters and media outlets that would be interested in receiving your media release with excitement. However, you may still find it necessary to defer to the assistance of a professional press release distribution service.

Free Press Release?

Which type of company should you hire to help you learn how to distribute a press release? With so many options for free press release services on the Internet, it can be confusing to understand the benefits and drawbacks to hiring a company that charges for the same service.

A press release online can certainly have the potential to boost your business or increase your brand awareness, but knowing who can help with your business press release is the first step.

If you have the time to spare, utilizing a free press release distribution service might not be a bad investment.

The only resource dwindling with this option is your time. While you may not notice significant hits on your media release through these avenues, it may come with smaller payoffs and media attention that are worth the free investment of your time.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to do research on free press release marketing or learn how to distribute a press release on your own, a paid service might be of more use to you.

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Getting your news release before other people can come with a cost that takes a significant chunk out of your marketing budget for the quarter or the year.

Free PR is great for individuals who have the time to take advantage of it and lack funds for more prestigious companies. However, the return on investment could be higher when using a paid distribution service.

These types of companies typically have better working relationships with large companies, including Google News or USA Today. If you need your media release to hit a wider audience than you can find on your own, consider earmarking funds specifically for press release marketing each year. Entrepreneur magazine’s blog recommends making use of a combined strategy of free services and paid PR to get the most benefit.

In some instances, you can find a press release distribution service that offers both free and paid services.

Companies such as PR Log and offer introductory services that give you minimal added visibility and a slightly wider audience without handing over any money. If you like the service but are hoping for just a little bit more visibility, you can consider upgrading to their low-cost paid distribution service for your press release as well.

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Quality Distribution

You get what you pay for. We’ve all heard the age-old adage in reference to purchasing new vehicles or a custom-built home, and now the same statement applies to finding distribution for your news release. How do you know which services are considered as quality distribution?

According to experienced PR professionals, you should expect to pay money for services that will score you more attention with major publications. If you want others to make note of your press release, it is likely worth spending the money on. Smaller or more local publications may not require the same rates or a paid service at all. You may even find it beneficial to write directly to these reporters and publications. However, big name media outlets will require more attention and services to look at your press release.

Keep in mind that just because something is expensive, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a worthwhile investment – but it could be an important indicator of which publications it has tight associations and connections with.

For example, one professional makes note that using Berkshire Hathaway’s Business Wire repeatedly lands his news release in The Wall Street Journal. That type of exposure comes at a high price of roughly $1 per word and extra fees for photos, videos, social media mentions, and more. Other services, such as those utilized by, will also run around $350 per media release for distribution to these types of outlets.

You will have to weigh the importance of high exposure for your press release with the cost of the various distribution services that are available to you. Find out what their experience is for a press release online, what their rates are, and where many of their audience members may fall. In a service that costs real money, you want to be sure that your business press release is going to have maximum visibility in an arena that applies to you. See what industries they may specialize in before making a commitment.

If you want your press release to be picked up by larger media outlets, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, StreetInsider, Buzzfeed, and more, it’s probably wise to consider some of the higher investment options from paid distribution services. You may want to consider companies such as PR Newswire and These companies have a long reputation for releasing press releases to large media outlets with desirable outcomes for some of their clients.

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Best Time to Issue a Press Release

The secret of how to distribute a press release is partly in knowing when to make the press release online. Timing and presentation of the news release or publicity release can make a huge difference in the visibility and reception of the information among your audience. Do you know the best time and day to send your news release into the world? If you’ve been wondering how best to handle your press release, take a look at some of these tried and true tips for when to make your business press release.

Express Writers recommends Thursday as the best day of the week for issuing a publicity release.

With the weekend taking their minds off of work, Saturday through Monday can be hectic for editors.

Days towards the middle of the week tend to produce more click-through in comparison to online press release distribution done later in the week or over the weekend. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are also good choices if Thursday isn’t the ideal day for your press release to premiere.

news release

Source: Time to Issue Press Release

If your press release is time-sensitive (relating to a grand opening, event or product launch perhaps), it might not be beneficial for you hold off until Thursday for an online press release distribution. Common sense applies here, even if research dictates mid-week time frames as the best period for a news release.

The other important factor in learning when to release your media release is the time of day.

Research has shown that news releases issued between 8:30 and 9:00 in the morning are very effective, as is the 3:00 to 4:00 hour in the afternoon. After this point, people become caught up in their evening routines and will not check their emails or news outlets again until close to 8:00 in the evening.

Don’t forget to pay attention to your calendar when it comes time to issue a press release with an online press release distribution site. Sending out a news release or media release too close to a holiday, extended weekend or slow time of the year may not be the most beneficial period to be directing clients and customers to your business.

Wait for an optimal time when you believe your audience will be the most receptive to the content within your media release.

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Utilizing an online press release distribution service isn’t enough if you aren’t also taking the time needed to manage the syndication of your press release. Reusing materials that were posted through other news outlets is a great source of continued publicity, brand awareness, and credibility for your brand.

How can you manage the syndication of the content and leads that are generated through your press release distribution service?

First, pay careful attention to all of your social media channels. They should be primed and ready to share the views of your media release from other news outlets. Consider more than just Facebook and Twitter.

This is a great time to capitalize on an expanded social media marketing campaign by utilizing Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Reddit, and more, depending on the nature of your business.

When another company shares your media release, take advantage of this opportunity by sharing its article through your various social media sites. You may not want to share the same posting across seven different social media outlets, but giving your news release a little extra attention and spotlight can increase the credibility of the content within your news release.

Managing your social media this way is an excellent way to have free PR, even if you paid for the press release to be distributed through a different avenue. The free extra exposure through the various news outlets being shared on social media is an added benefit to having a successful media release gain a wider audience.

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Conclusion: Is a Press Release Distribution Service for You?

How do you know if a press release distribution service is really for you and your company? You’ll have to weigh your own needs and resources before you can adequately assess what your company needs in the near future. If you can afford the time in your schedule to distribute your own press release or news release, taking advantage of the free press release services in your marketing field is a great option.

However, you may find a wider audience and greater exposure through sharing your media release with a press release distribution service. Online press release distribution can vary in price, likely according to the services they offer and the connections that they have with other companies and reporters. Consider whether your company can afford to manage your news release this way out of your marketing funds.

Managing your press release can be difficult if you are uncertain how to distribute a press release effectively. However, handing the reins over to a more seasoned professional could yield quality results that boost your business.

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