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When we decided to dive deep into the question, “What is PR Newswire?” we came up with some very interesting answers to share. First, if you thought that PR Newswire was just about press releases, you would be mistaken. You would also probably be in very good company.

Looking at the company’s description on, you will see that PR Newswire is a truly global leader in the industry of content distribution and creation, plus public relations analysis.

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In this PR Newswire review, we will discuss some key business and product elements of the company and the broader industry. We will also review cost structures and the competitive landscape for press release services and public relations support.

We will look at other PR Newswire reviews from across the web and beyond. Finally, we will try to make sense of it all and provide some tips on selecting the right press release company for your business needs.

Company Background (PR Newswire Reviews)

Founded in 1954, PR Newswire is currently owned by UBM, a global player mostly known for event organizing and tradeshow management services. In December 2015, UBM agreed to sell PR Newswire for $841 to Cision, which currently owns PRWeb, a PR Newswire competitor. At the time this article was written, UBM and Cision were awaiting regulatory approvals in order to complete the sale of PR Newswire.

While many PR Newswire competitors focus primarily on press release distribution services, PR Newswire is a fully-integrated organization. The company offers a comprehensive lineup of services including content creation, press release distribution, and customer targeting solutions. They not only assist with content and distribution but also provide tools to monitor and measure results and opportunities in the marketplace.

Unlike many PR Newswire competitors though, the company has global reach and the ability to operate across a broad range of media and technology platforms. According to its website, PR Newswire “serves tens of thousands of clients from offices in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region.”

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PR Newswire Review: Overview of the Firm’s Service Model

PR Newswire’s service model is split into four categories:

  • Preliminary and ongoing media monitoring
  • Press release creation
  • Press release distribution
  • Messaging strategy data and analytics

With its Media Monitoring and Agility™ products, the company offers clients the ability to “listen” to what is being said in the marketplace and in the media.

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Services such as these can provide nearly real-time information on buzz about your company or market trends that you may want to capitalize on.

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Unmatched Access (PR Newswire Reviews)

When it comes to creating and distributing press releases and other content, the company has capabilities equal to or better than PR Newswire’s competitors.

With more than 60 years of history and a large network of partners and media contacts, they are able to offer unmatched access to their clients and valuable expertise when it comes to creating messages and content.

Our PR Newswire review also shows that the company offers high-quality data collection and analytics to help clients understand how well their communications strategies are working. For example, utilizing the Agility™ product on the back end allows the client to not only monitor what is being said in the media, but also hone in on what is being said about specific messages and strategies they are using.

There are a couple of other companies that we will discuss that have very strong platforms for analyzing marketing and communications activities. That being said, PR Newswire’s analytical platform is among the best in the industry.

And it turns out that many other press release distribution companies either partner with PR Newswire or utilize their network. Our PR review found that other organizations are able to acquire access to PR Newswire media contacts at a volume discount, and then pass some cost savings along to their clients.

PR Newswire Offers Clients “Cadillac Service” at a Ford Price

So, what is PR Newswire? What makes them tick? As we did our research, we found it to be a strong commitment to the effective use of technology and human capital. For the client who wants it all, PR Newswire has the resources and people in place to deliver impactful results via print, radio, television, as well as the web and social media.

Additionally, they are able to provide access unsurpassed in the industry compared to PR Newswire competitors, with the ability to place content with more than 4,500 websites and 9,000 news organizations across the globe. The company operates in more than 170 countries and produces content in more than 40 languages.

Compared to most of PR Newswire’s competitors, however, PR Newswire typically comes out as one of the costlier options for press release distribution and related services. For many small businesses, the costs may be out of their reach. Also, for those looking for basic press release services and support, the offerings at PR Newswire may be more than they need. Based on our research, a single press release with PR Newswire typically costs between $700 and $1,100.

For the budget-conscious small business, iReach by PR Newswire offers web-only press release services. IReach provides clients with the ability to position their press releases with more than 1,400 websites.

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What Others Are Saying

In looking at other PR Newswire reviews from around the web, there seems to be a clear consensus on some key elements of their service model. Generally, and we tend to agree, PRNewswire reviews tended to focus on quality, access, ease-of-use, and of course, price.

In our own PRNewswire review, we identified some of the same strengths and weaknesses. Again, with the highest-quality and all the bells and whistles, the company enjoys strong market position. That quality and market position is reflected in their pricing, as several other PRNewswire reviews have noted.

PR Newswire Competitors

There are numerous companies providing press release distribution and related services today. Based on our PR review, we have identified some of the prime players in the industry.

24/7 Press Release

24/7 Press Release offers press release distribution services and provides a good array of basic reporting and analysis tools. Through a partnership with Prompt Proofing, they are able to provide their clients with access to press release writing services as well. For service plans of $139 per news release and higher, clients receive access to 24/7 Press Release’s database of 4,500 U. S. newspapers and magazines. Clients at the $389 plan level also get access to PR Newswire’s list of 4,500 websites, online services, and databases. Compared to other PR Newswire competitors, 24/7 Press Release offers a fairly robust distribution product for the price.

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If you look at eReleases founder Mickie Kennedy’s LinkedIn page, it becomes clear that eReleases strives to be the “leader in affordable press release writing and distribution services.” Kennedy worked in the industry until starting his own press release distribution business in 1998.

(Interesting side note, here is a link to a press release about Kennedy and eReleases. It’s distributed through PR Newswire.)

Prices for a standard press release distribution through eReleases range from $250 to $500. Media access is comparable to other servicers in the same price range and costs for service are about in the middle of the range for PR Newswire competitors.eReleases prices

Image Source: eReleases

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eReleases price

Image Source: eReleases

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PRWeb offers itself as an alternative to PR Newswire and its competitors, and the two outlets are often compared to each other in the news and on the web. The recent decision by PRWeb’s parent, Cision, to acquire PR Newswire will make for some interesting industry news in 2016 and beyond. Cision, the successor to Bacon’s Information, Inc., is a leader in public relations information and software.

PRWeb offers press release distribution, creative support, and good-quality analytics. Capabilities and media reach are comparably smaller than PR Newswire, but so are the costs. PRWeb’s top-priced press release distribution package costs $369.

PR Web Prices

Image Source: PRWeb

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A Word About Costs and Services

The companies and services we presented in this article are some of the most recognized in the industry today. That being said, the decision as to which provider to use will be based on a number of factors. Not only should you ask, “What is PR Newswire?” but also question who are the other recognized outlets in the industry—and who is best the fit for your company’s needs. Don’t just take our PR review at face value. We encourage you to do your own research as well.

Of the companies reviewed, PR Newswire and competitors, PR Newswire tended to offer the most services and were comparably higher-priced than the others. As a point of reference, a single 500-word press release with a broad-level of media access from a recognized PR outlet is likely to cost between $250 and $1,100.


Ultimately, our PR Newswire review indicates that the company is a first-rate service provider. Nonetheless, there are good alternatives to PR Newswire out there. Your final decision is going to depend on what your exact needs and budget are.

Here are some final suggestions for anyone trying to decide which press release company to use:

  • Evaluate your needs. Will you prepare press releases in house or will you need assistance? Who are you trying to reach? Do you require public relations consulting services as well? If so, what kind?
  • Set a budget consistent with your needs and desired outcomes.
  • Compare costs and services across several press release distribution companies to identify which one is the best fit — even if it is a PR Newswire competitor.
  • Once you identify which company you are going to hire, compare their various service plans to decide which one is right for you.

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