Poshmark Review — Is Poshmark Safe for Your Credit Card? What You Need to Know about the Poshmark App & Website

In this Poshmark review, we are going to discuss the popular platform called Poshmark. The Poshmark app allows users to buy and sell used clothes online, including shoes and accessories.

We will provide a Poshmark app review about buying and selling on Poshmark, as well as Poshmark review for the company as a whole. We will also consult other Poshmark reviews and answer the question, “Is Poshmark legit?”

We hope this Poshmark review will help users learn about Poshmark and determine where to sell used clothes online and through the Poshmark app.

If you want to find apps to sell clothes online or buy used clothing online, this Poshmark review will help you decide whether using this site is right for you.

Poshmark Review

On the surface, Poshmark is one of the most popular apps to sell clothes.

Beneath the surface, Poshmark represents a vibrant fashion community of buyers and sellers, all eager to participate in the Poshmark buy & sell fashion marketplace.

With 25 million items uploaded via mobile phone and 5,000 brands for sale, the Poshmark app seems to be maintaining its position in the market as a popular–and successful–clothes selling app.

What Is Poshmark?

Poshmark is a clothes selling app and platform that makes it easy for individuals to sell used clothing online.

Through both their website and the Poshmark app, it is simple to sell clothes for cash in minutes with a simple picture, description, and price of the item.

If you are looking for where to sell used clothes, Poshmark is a great tool to sell used clothing online, and has a growing presence in the shopping world for women.

poshmark review

Image Source: Poshmark App

Not only is Poshmark a place to sell clothes for cash, but the Poshmark app also makes it easy to learn about Poshmark and its growing presence in social media.

The Poshmark buy & sell fashion community allows thos who buy and sell used clothes online to connect with one another and shop together.

Buyers of used clothing online can inquire to the sellers of each specific piece of clothing and ask any question they desire. Many buyers try to negotiate the price of used clothing online through the Poshmark app.

The Poshmark app makes buying, selling, and communicating about used clothing online very convenient.

When asking the question, “Is Poshmark legit?” we hope to be able to answer the question through this Poshmark review. When learning about Poshmark, you will see that it is a platform similar to eBay.

While some buyers and sellers through the Poshmark app may not be legitimate and may cause some Poshmark reviews to be negative, Poshmark is a legit place to sell clothes for cash and buy used clothing online.

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Poshmark Policies

In our Poshmark review, we took the time to look at Poshmark policies in order to answer the question, “Is Poshmark legit?” We found that Poshmark is very aware of the fact that they cannot regulate every single buyer and seller.

Protecting Buyers of Used Clothing Online

Poshmark knows that buying and selling used clothing online is a risk, and they want to protect you from being scammed using their website or the Poshmark app.

Poshmark explains that “You are protected every time you place an order on Poshmark. If your order never arrives, we will refund your payment. If your order does not match the description, notify us within 3 days of delivery. After we verify your claim, we’ll refund your payment.” 

Posh Protect is a great way to making buying and selling on Poshmark into a trustworthy, secure, and worthwhile experience.

Our Poshmark review notes that in having this protection policy in place, the company becomes more accountable and more “legit” when answering the question, “Is Poshmark legit?”

While Poshmark does not always allow refunds for buying used clothing online, they attempt to be as fair as possible.

When shopping with the Poshmark app, you can feel protected while still being wary of scammers.

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Protecting Sellers of Used Clothing Online

Poshmark also protects people who sell clothes for cash with the Poshmark app, as well as buyers of used clothing online through their refund policy.

For buyers, payment for used clothing online is not released to the seller until the buyer successfully claims that the correct order has been received. This way, buyers cannot be scammed out of their money with the Poshmark app.

Additionally, the buyer has three days to confirm the successfully received item, or the money gets released automatically. This three-day policy protects the seller of used clothing online as well.

These policies help us answer the question, “Is Poshmark legit?” with a solid yes. Poshmark is a well-established company with many protections in place, as they recognize that selling and buying used clothing online will always be tricky. 

How to Use Poshmark—Buy & Sell

When deciding where to sell used clothes, look no further than the Poshmark app. This Poshmark review shows how easy it is to use this company to your benefit.

In order to sell clothes for cash and buy used clothing online with the Poshmark app, simply create an account and begin the step-by-step journey.

To make life easier for new members of the Poshmark buy & sell fashion community, the company provides a quick checklist of what you’ll need to get started, including how to make the most of the Poshmark app.

Buying Used Clothing Online

If you are joining Poshmark to buy used clothing online, you can enter your size details and start following Poshers (users of the Poshmark app and site) and the closets that match your style. You will learn about Poshmark by using the Poshmark app.

You can shop the Poshmark showroom of all items or attend Posh Parties that are themed to a specific style or item type.

While shopping for used clothing online, you can interact with sellers who are trying to sell clothes for cash in order to negotiate the best deal or ask questions.

Selling Used Clothing Online

If you have downloaded the Poshmark app to sell clothes for cash, you can start by creating your very own Poshmark closet or boutique of your items.

You will take pictures of your used clothing online, report the sizes, and decide on a price for your items based on their worth and condition.

If this is your first time trying to sell used clothing online, never fear–Poshmark has a great online guide to help new buyers and sellers of used clothing online through using the Poshmark app.

Some great aspects of selling used clothing online through the Poshmark app include:

  • Free shipping labels for sellers
  • Easy order cancellation for both buyers & sellers
  • Poshmark credits can be applied to Poshmark purchases 

Poshmark Fees 

Many Poshmark reviews question what they are being charged to use the Poshmark app in order to sell clothes for cash.

Poshmark honestly explains that for all orders of used clothing online that are less than $15, they charge a flat commission rate of $2.95Anything more expensive will be charged a commission of 20%.

While these Poshmark fees may seem steep, this includes a free prepaid shipping label, which is very helpful and saves you money and time as a seller of used clothing online.

Our Poshmark review also found that the commission rate also covers financial transactions (credit card fees) and customer service support.

Although Poshmark fees may seem high, they make buying and selling used clothing online much easier for both parties.

Poshmark Fees for Shipping

Sellers are allowed a lengthy 7 days to ship each item; however, buyers and sellers can communicate in order to make the shipping process easy for both users.

As a buyer, the process of buying used clothing online is simple through the Poshmark app.

Our Poshmark review has pointed to the benefit of being able to negotiate directly with the seller and ask questions about an item’s price and condition–but this benefit also includes transparent shipping fees and policies.

Poshmark fees for shipping are very simple and straightforward–all shipments get a flat rate of $6.49 for expedited shipping.

As long as the total weight stays at 5 pounds or less, multiple items from the same seller can be included in one shipment, and covered under one shipping fee.

Is Poshmark Legit?

Is Poshmark legit? Our Poshmark review, as well as our Poshmark app review, confirms that Poshmark is definitely a legit company.

When learning about Poshmark, we see that this platform is extremely interactive and helpful to both buyers and sellers of used clothing online.

While there will be some circumstances in which people are not trustworthy when using the Poshmark app to buy or sell clothes for cash, Poshmark strives to protects you, your money, and your clothing.

Poshmark makes it simple to sell clothes for cash as opposed to just handing your used items over to a donation center.

Many fashionable women feel that their items are worth something, and when deciding where to sell used clothes, Poshmark may be the right option for you.

Overall, as a buyer or a seller of used clothing online through the Poshmark app, this Poshmark review notes that Poshmark seems to be an established, legit place to earn money for your used clothes online.

When asking of the Poshmark app, “Is Poshmark legit?” this review would say yes, buying and selling on Poshmark is completely legit.

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Customer Poshmark Reviews

Poshmark reviews across the Internet, particularly from Poshmark sellers, are very positive overall. Many people have made tons of money by selling used clothing online through the Poshmark app.

And, of course, this means people are buying used clothing online through the Poshmark app just as much.

One user shares her experience with the Poshmark app on Refinery29.com. At 22 years old, she has now sold more than $100,000 worth of used clothing online through the Poshmark app.

Her Poshmark review undoubtedly is extremely positive. She says,

“There was something about this app that made selling your clothes seem easy and fun—and not like a chore… I was in complete control of everything—most importantly the prices I listed—and could do this in my pajamas. With a few clicks of my iPhone camera and a short description for each piece I was selling, I was building my store. I may have become a bit obsessed, listing basically everything I owned. And it all sold.”

The user’s biggest advice for other Poshmark users trying to sell clothes for cash is to market yourself and your brand. The social network aspect of the Poshmark app is important.

poshmark reviews

Image Source: Poshmark

Another seller on the Poshmark app gave her Poshmark review through her blog at Love & Bellinis. Her Poshmark app review and her Poshmark review as a whole were both very positive.

She includes some tips for selling used clothing online through the Poshmark app in her blog such as posting great pictures of your items, being descriptive about your items, and being open to negotiations on prices.

The biggest negatives that many Poshmark reviews agree on about the Poshmark app and the Poshmark operation as a whole include the 20% fee charged by Poshmark, which is pretty steep, as well as the fact that sometimes it takes a very long time to sell an item on Poshmark.

Both patience and perseverance are necessary for selling used clothing online through the Poshmark app.

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Conclusion: Is Poshmark Legit? How Does This Clothes Selling App Stack Up?

Overall, after conducting a Poshmark app review and consulting with other Poshmark reviews, our own Poshmark review is positive.

The Poshmark buy & sell fashion community provides a great platform for buying and selling used clothing online. Both buyers and sellers can easily use the Poshmark app and feel protected while they do so.

Is Poshmark legit?

Yes, Poshmark is a legitimate company, and besides some negative Poshmark reviews in which users were not who they claimed to be, the company has received praise all around.

When looking at where to sell used clothes, Poshmark could certainly be the right fit for you. Though Poshmark has many protection policies in place to protect users, always use caution when shopping for used clothing online.

For a great deal on fashionable clothing, shoes, and accessories, or to earn money for your used clothes, the Poshmark app seems to be a great place to start.

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