Does Plexaderm Work Well to Smooth Wrinkles? Read this Before You Buy this Anti-Wrinkle Cream

One day you’re looking fine, and then suddenly you start noticing little wrinkles at the corners of your eyes. Before you know it, more lines under your eyes start appearing. If there was just a way to turn back the clock and look as young as you used to!

The anti-aging industry has continued to get larger every year and is expected to reach close to $200 billion by 2022. There’s no shortage of people seeking ways to reverse the aging process, and everyone is looking for the best anti-wrinkle cream on the market.

plexaderm review

Is Plexaderm the best anti-wrinkle cream?

Plexaderm® Rapid Reduction Serum, also called Plexaderm eye cream, is one of the many choices out there that promises the ability to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance. Their advertising says that you’ll notice a difference in your under-eye bags and wrinkles in just 10 minutes.

But are these anti-aging creams just a hoax? Is Plexaderm a scam or can you actually get decent results? Will it be a waste of money or will you actually have fewer wrinkles?

Our AdvisoryHQ team investigated multiple Plexaderm skincare reviews and resources to get to the bottom of this product. In each Plexaderm review, we looked for things like satisfaction with the product, whether it did what it promised, and if they would recommend it to a friend.

Does Plexaderm cost more or less than similar products? We’ve got a price comparison for you too.

BONUS: In addition to looking at reviews for Plexaderm, we’ve also researched the best wrinkle cream from Consumer Reports, to give you an overview of anti-aging cream reviews from consumer testing, and whether these products are worth the price.

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AdvisoryHQ News Plexaderm Review | Company Details

Plexaderm eye cream is distributed by True Earth® Health Products, a seven-year-old company based in Farmingdale, NY. They state that even though their company is fairly new, their team has decades of experience in the cosmetics and skincare industries.

Better Business Bureau Rating for Plexaderm Eye Cream

In our Plexaderm review of the company behind the product, we found that the Better Business Bureau (BBB) states the company has been in business for five years.

Plexaderm has an A+ rating on the BBB’s website. However, the BBB has also received a significant number of complaints regarding Plexaderm eye cream. In the past 3 years, they have received 26 complaints from various customers.

Of the 26 complaints received, 19 of those concerned a problem with the product itself. It appears that a number of customers also alluded to a Plexaderm scam, noting that some of the items they received from the company were defective.

Perhaps Plexaderm is not the best anti-wrinkle cream? We’ll look at this in more detail below.

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How Does Plexaderm Work?

How does Plexaderm work to get rid of under-eye bags and lines under the eyes? It forms a temporary tightening layer on your skin to give you a “quick fix” for sagging skin and wrinkles.

While some anti-aging cream reviews might talk about a collagen boost that works its magic under the skin over time, our review for Plexaderm’s method shows that their product works differently.

The formula uses silicate minerals from shale clay and a few other ingredients to get the quick tightening effect. You can see some dramatic pictures on their website along with their own Plexaderm skincare reviews.

before and after effects of using plexaderm

A reduction in lines under the eyes, as shown on the Plexaderm official website

What Ingredients are Used in Plexaderm Eye Cream?

As mentioned above, Plexaderm eye cream contains silicate minerals from shale clay. It also uses a number of other ingredients including:

  • Purified Water
  • Acetyl Hexapeptide-8
  • Hydrolyzed Rice Protein
  • Soluble Collagen
  • Cellulose Gum
  • Xantham Gum
  • Titanium Dioxide

People around the world are also becoming more conscious when it comes to animal cruelty and testing. Customers who decide to purchase the product will have peace of mind knowing that Plexaderm eye cream is not tested on animals.

How To Use Plexaderm Eye Cream

The product is pretty simple to apply. Here’s a Plexaderm review on how to use the anti-wrinkle cream, step-by-step:

  • Squeeze a droplet of the eye cream on your fingertip
  • Make sure your face is clean and dry before applying
  • Use upward and outward strokes to apply it to lines under eyes, wrinkles, and under-eye bags
  • Wait 10 minutes for results to appear

How Long Does Plexaderm Last?

The company claims that you get nearly instant results with Plexaderm, but you can lose them just as quickly if you wash your face.

In our Plexaderm skincare review for how long the youthful-looking effects last, we found that they last up to 8 hours or until you wash your face. So it’s not going to change your underlying skin elasticity but is more like a “skin makeup” that helps you look better for a short period of time.

Can You Wear Makeup Over Plexaderm?

The company recommends using powdered, not liquid, makeup over areas where Plexaderm has been applied. You should wait 20 minutes before applying makeup over it. The company recommends against using liquid makeup as it can break the tightening bond. 

Are there Any Clinical Plexaderm Reviews?

Before you put something on your face, it’s always good to know how it’s been tested. This is one area most people don’t overlook. And even if it’s named “Best Anti Wrinkle Cream Consumer Reports”, potential customers want to make sure it’s been tested by medical professionals.

A clinical study cited on Plexaderm’s website uses a complexion analysis system called VISIA®, which is a rotating image capture system meant to judge skin condition and is used by skincare consultants.

The study had just 43 participants, which seems pretty low by typical clinical study standards. The results they state from the clinical Plexaderm customer reviews are:

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How Does Plexaderm’s Cost Compare to Other Anti-Aging Creams?

Plexaderm eye cream is one of those “as seen on TV” type products, so you can expect some deals when it comes to their pricing. First, we’ll go over the Plexaderm cost, then we’ll compare that with a few other anti-aging products.

If you want to try Plexaderm before deciding if it’s the best anti-wrinkle cream, they have a special offer on their website. Here they allow customers to purchase an “application trial”, where you get 6 individual applications of Plexaderm eye cream for $14.95. 

In their “TV Special” they offer a 5mL bottle for $59.95 (50% off their list price) with free shipping. If you buy more, then you get a better price.

If you buy 2 for $119.90, you get a third bottle free. All deals come with free shipping.

You can purchase the product directly off the Plexaderm website, and if you’re wondering where to buy Plexaderm in person, we’ll go over your options shortly.

Plexaderm Review of Cost Compared to Similar Products

When it comes to anti-aging cream reviews, there are tons of products out there that claim to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. We’ve researched a few others that promise to be the “best anti wrinkle cream on the market” in order to compare their price with Plexaderm.

When comparing the Plexaderm cost with others, you should also factor in the size of the bottle or jar and whether shipping is extra.

After looking at the Plexaderm review of pricing compared to other anti-aging products, they are definitely at the top of the price scale when you take the size of the product into consideration.

But is the Plexaderm cost worth your money or is Plexaderm a scam? We’ll find out what customers have to say next.

Plexaderm Customer Reviews

Customer reviews cut through the promises of a particular product and get right to the real deal of how it works. While this is a fairly new product, it’s promoted on TV and online, so we were able to find several Plexaderm reviews.

To give you a balanced picture of what Plexaderm anti-aging cream reviews said overall, we’ll show you compiled ratings from multiple Plexaderm reviews.

Below we’ll take a look at a number of Plexaderm reviews that are both positive and negative.

Plexaderm Reviews & Ratings:

There are a few sites that show reviews for Plexaderm. Let’s take a look at which ones make up the majority of Plexaderm customer reviews.

  • Amazon (6,265 Plexaderm reviewers) – 4 out of 5 stars
  • HighYa (90 Plexaderm reviewers) – 1.8 out of 5 stars
  • (1,159 Plexaderm reviewers) – 4.69 out of 5 stars
  • TV Stuff Reviews (280 Plexaderm reviewers) – 3 out of 5 stars

Let’s start with the positive Plexaderm anti-aging cream reviews, then we’ll look at Plexaderm customer reviews that weren’t quite as happy.

Plexaderm Reviews | Happy Customer Reviews

Most of the glowing reviews for Plexaderm are left by reviewers on the site Unsurprisingly, this is the review site that Plexaderm links to on their website.

However, even though the majority of reviews on Amazon, HighYa, and TV Stuff reviews were critical, we did find some happy customers among the negative Plexaderm reviews.

For example:

  • In a positive Plexaderm review on Amazon, the reviewer said that the product worked as advertised and that the tightening effects lasted about 4 hours. Their only wish was that they could get the retained product out of the dispenser tube.
  • One customer who said they were very skeptical ended up pleasantly surprised and had re-ordered the product. In their Plexaderm review, they gave 5 out of 5 and said the results were great and for them the product lasted all day.
  • An excited 55-year-old was thrilled and blown away with the results when they looked in the mirror about 14 minutes after putting on what they now considered to be the best anti-wrinkle cream. They said their wrinkles were gone and they couldn’t believe how well it worked.
  • Another reviewer that was somewhat on the fence, said they would recommend the product to a friend. The pluses they gave in their Plexaderm review was that they did see a difference after using the product. Minuses were that it was hard to get the cream all the way out of the tube and the Plexaderm cost was high.
  • A pleased 75-year-old customer said in their Plexaderm review that the anti-aging cream really works and that it erased about 15 years from their face.
  • One positive Plexaderm customer review on Amazon suggested that perhaps those leaving negative reviews didn’t actually know how to use the product. They stated that “the product works once you learn when and how much to apply”. They went on to say that they dry the cream with their hairdryer.
  • Another overwhelmingly positive review on Amazon appeared to think that this is the best anti-wrinkle cream and described Plexaderm as “magic”. They advised that they’ve been using the product for over a year, and when used for an extended period of time, people should start to see results.

Plexaderm Reviews | Unhappy Customer Reviews

There were quite a lot of negative Plexaderm reviews on Amazon. A lot of recent reviews for Plexaderm have noted that the products they received were defective.

  • One Plexaderm review, for example, stated that the pump was not working. They were dissatisfied with their purchase because they had to open the container every time they needed to apply the product.
  • Another of the anti-aging cream reviews on Amazon told a similar tale. An annoyed customer stated that they had to “bust open” the container to get the cream. When they looked inside the container, it was almost empty.
  • Another Plexaderm customer review complained that the packaging was defective and, as a result, the cream dried up shortly after they opened it.

Many other Plexaderm skincare reviews were negative, as the reviewers felt that the Plexaderm cost was not worth it.

  • For example, “a waste of money” was what one person said in their Plexaderm review on HighYa. They said it does tighten your skin as advertised but is a very temporary fix and if you smile too much, it’s easy to break the tension the product creates.
  • In another negative Plexaderm review on Amazon, the reviewer said the product was not worth the price. It lasted only a couple of hours, and once it starts flaking off, they looked worse than before putting the product on.

Reviewers were unhappy with other aspects of the product as well. Let’s have a look at some more negative Plexaderm reviews.

  • Another unhappy customer said they tried the product several times, but with poor results. They noted in their Plexaderm review that just a little sweat makes it start to flake off and it doesn’t work well at all with makeup.
  • Getting less product than expected was the complaint in one Plexaderm skincare review. They said that because the applicator kept so much product inside the bottle that you can’t get out, they thought it was a Plexaderm scam.
  • One unhappy Plexaderm review said the product was very dry on the skin and that it made their eyes burn. They said they looked worse, not better, after using it. They ended up returning the product

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What is the Best Anti Wrinkle Cream by Consumer Reports?

Many people trust Consumer Reports to give them the honest scoop on multiple products. So, we did a search on “Best wrinkle cream Consumer Reports” to see if they have a ranking and if they’ve done a review of Plexaderm.

We found that a little over a decade ago, there was a study to find the best wrinkle cream Consumer Reports could identify, and the results were not very encouraging if you’re looking for an instant fountain of youth.

We did not find any reference to Plexaderm, specifically because the product came out after that study. Here are some details of what they found.

Best Anti Wrinkle Cream Consumer Reports Study

For the study on anti-aging creams, Consumer Reports worked with an outside laboratory to test 79 people aged 40 to 60 years old. Each person tried two of the best anti-wrinkle cream products, one on each side of their face. Multiple creams were tested.

Close up images of their face were taken at the following intervals:

  • Before application of the anti-wrinkle creams
  • 1 hour after application
  • 6 weeks later
  • 12 weeks later

Trained panelists were used to judge the differences in complexion between the photos, without being told which were taken when.

What they found in their best wrinkle cream Consumer Reports testing was that these products made little difference in the appearance of wrinkles or lines under the eyes.

They also found that price had no correlation to the effectiveness of the product. Luxury brands with high price tags did not work any better than budget brands from drugstores. The price range of the products they tested cost from $38 to $335.

How well did the best anti-wrinkle cream performers do? They found that even the top ones only reduced the average depth of wrinkles by less than 10%. They noted that the best treatment for wrinkles is preventative measures, like using sunscreen and not smoking.

Where to Buy Plexaderm Eye Cream

If you’d rather take a look at Plexaderm in person instead of purchasing off the website, you may be out of luck. We searched common consumer product retailers, like Bed Bath and Beyond and Walgreens, and came up empty.

If you’d rather not do the online shopping thing, you can call their sales support at 800-673-2201 and order by phone instead.

Want to know where to buy Plexaderm other than the manufacturer’s site? There are a few other websites you where can buy it:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Mercari

What Guarantee Comes with this Best Anti Wrinkle Cream?

What if you try Plexaderm and don’t like it? Can you return it?

The short answer is, yes. In our review of Plexaderm’s guarantees and return policy, we found they have a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with the product, you can return it within 30 days for a full product refund, minus any shipping or processing costs.

You have to pay the return shipping charges, and in order to get your refund, you must return either the used or unused package.

The 30-day guarantee only applies to the first month’s supply, meaning one bottle. So if you ordered a 3-pack, you can only return one of them for a refund. Also, if you buy the product on a website other than the manufacturer’s you may not be covered by the refund guarantee.

Are there any Plexaderm Scams?

There are actually some warnings on the official website about potential Plexaderm scams. The company advises customers how to avoid being scammed when trying to buy Plexaderm eye cream online.

Plexaderm notes on their website that they recently received complaints from customers who claimed to have bought defective products from Amazon and other third-party sellers. In some cases, the pump did not work, the container was empty or the cream had dried out.

Plexaderm claims that these customers may have purchased counterfeit Plexaderm eye cream. They warn customers to be vigilant and only buy Plexaderm from the official company and not from third-party sellers.

Perhaps some of the Plexaderm reviews featured on Amazon were from customers who bought counterfeit products. However, a further investigation would be required to determine this and AdvisoryHQ are unable to give a definitive answer about this potential Plexaderm scam at this time.

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AdvisoryHQ’s Plexaderm Review Conclusion

So, does Plexaderm work or not? It depends on who you ask. For some people, it works as miraculously as promised on the website, but for others, it’s a waste of money and doesn’t work very well at all.

We found a few common threads in our Plexaderm review of customer complaints. One was that the dispenser tube tends to keep a significant amount of the product inside without a way to get it out. Another was that the product flakes off quite easily, even with very little moisture.

The short lifespan of the product was another complaint, but the longevity does vary. Some people said the tightening effect cracked after just a couple of hours, while others wore it all day without any problems. This is most likely due to differences in people’s skin and the oil or sweat it produces.

The product doesn’t seem to work well with any moisture at all and starts coming off in white flakes when exposed to it.

When measured against other anti-wrinkle creams, the Plexaderm cost was quite high, especially when you take into account the amount you get for the price. Their “month’s supply” of just 5mL (0.17oz) is about 157% more than their competitor, Instantly Ageless®.

Is Plexaderm a scam? Not quite. They do advertise that the results are temporary and also warn about using liquid-based makeup with the product. It does have a sketchy track record of success, however, with a majority of reviewers giving less than 4 or 5 stars and many being less than happy with it.

The 30-day money back guarantee is a nice safety net if you want to try the product, just know that shipping isn’t included, so your trial of the product won’t be exactly risk-free.

With so many anti-aging products out there with questionable results, according to Consumer Reports, we recommend not expecting too much from one of these anti-wrinkle creams.

But if you really want to try one, using one with a money back guarantee offers the least amount of risk. In addition, make sure that you buy Plexaderm eye cream from the company itself rather than a third-party seller.

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