Personal Capital vs. Quicken: Best Financial Management Software

When trying to decide on the best financial management software to use, it is important to think about your personal financial needs.

There are many personal finance software reviews out there, and a lot of those reviews focus on two specific programs: Quicken vs. Personal Capital.

In this personal finance software review, we will take an in-depth look at Personal Capital vs. Quicken as options for personal financial management.

Our money management software review will compare Personal Capital vs. Quicken and provide all the information you need to make the best decision for your personal financial needs

The History

Quicken was founded in 1983 by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx in Palo Alto, California. Quicken was the first product of the company Intuit, Inc.

Throughout the 1990s, Quicken was considered the leader amongst the best financial management software. Although there were many Quicken competitors, Quicken thrived on its user-friendly and familiarity aspects.

In 2016, Quicken created a mobile application to accompany its computer software.

Along with Quicken, Intuit, Inc. has created QuickBooks, a popular accounting software, and another one of the top Personal Capital alternatives.

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Personal Capital was founded in 2009 by Bill Harris and Rob Foregger. It was originally named SafeCorp Financial Corp, but the name changed to Personal Capital in 2010.

Personal Capital has succeeded against other Quicken alternatives because it provides both free and paid management options.

Personal Capital also has an application for both iPhone and Android systems, making it a top Quicken competitor.

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High Level Comparison Table

Personal Capital vs. Quicken


Best For

Personal CapitalFreeTracking investments, expenses, & net worth over time


Creating & maintaining a personal budget

Table: The above list is sorted alphabetically

Personal Capital vs. Quicken Review

How to Sign up: Quicken vs. Personal Capital

The starter edition of Quicken is available online for $29.99; however, this is a downloadable version. Quicken’s software is also available in stores.

This is a big difference when comparing Personal Capital vs. Quicken, as Personal Capital software can only be downloaded online.

Quicken becomes a desktop icon on your computer, and from there, you will be able to access your account information.

You can also sync your information to the Quicken mobile app, which now features offline use and enhanced search options.

In order to sign up for Personal Capital, simply go to its website and join for free. Once you become a member of the site, you will be able to connect your bank accounts and view all of your information.

As a top Quicken competitor, Personal Capital tools can be accessed from any computer with your login information. It also provides a mobile application to access your information on the go.

What They Provide: Quicken vs. Personal Capital

The starter edition of Quicken allows you to do the following:

  • Track and pay your bills
  • Shows your bank/card balances
  • Imports your bank transactions
  • Puts your spending into categories
  • Projects income and expenses
  • Helps you create a budget
  • Reminds you when bills are due
  • Sends text/email alerts
  • Provides you with a free credit score
  • Syncs with the Quicken mobile app

Personal Capital’s free program option provides you with a list of all of your linked accounts as well as showing your net worth at the top of your Personal Capital dashboard.

Personal Capital allows you to add asset accounts, and shows an overview of your spending, earning, and portfolio, including your individual stocks and other investments.

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How the Features Compare: Quicken vs. Personal Capital

When looking at Personal Capital vs. Quicken, they have many comparable features. Other money management software reviews explain that the adaptability of Personal Capital makes it a dynamic Quicken competitor.

While Quicken has tried to keep up with technological advances and has added features throughout the past two decades, Personal Capital is a newer program, adding revolutionary features like a free retirement planner. 

While both Quicken and Personal Capital provide mobile applications, Personal Capital ultimately wins in this category of Personal Capital vs. Quicken. This is because Personal Capital can automatically provide updates to your finances. 

Personal Capital has successfully created a program that uses cloud storage to keep your information up to date and in your hands at all times, making it a best financial management software for users who are constantly on the go.

When comparing Quicken vs. Personal Capital regarding investment tracking, Personal Capital wins again because of its complete portfolio, net worth, and retirement outlook features.

Personal Capital lets you view your investments and helps you understand those investments in order to make important life decisions.

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The Fees: Quicken vs. Personal Capital

While there are many Personal Capital alternatives out there that have fought to become the top Quicken competitor, Personal Capital beats them all.

Not only does Personal Capital beat their own Personal Capital alternatives, but their extensive range of free services also puts them ahead of Quicken.

While Personal Capital makes money from customers who choose to upgrade and purchase the personal wealth management option offered, its free option provides the average customer with everything necessary.

Quicken’s $29.99 starter package can be closely compared to Personal Capital’s free option, but when considering Personal Capital vs. Quicken, Personal Capital wins, both in features and in cost.

Customer Service: Quicken vs. Personal Capital

Personal finance software reviews of Quicken have been very negative in the realm of customer service support.

Quicken has encountered many bugs to its system over the last few years, and many users have become fed up with the program as a whole, searching for Quicken alternatives instead.

Unfortunately, it seems as though customer service cannot keep up with Quicken’s lack of adaptability to the new Quicken competitors out there. 

Overall, Personal Capital has scored high on customer service support, ranking it higher in our Personal Capital vs. Quicken comparison. 

Even the best financial management software programs have trouble scoring high in this department because of the high need for support and the many frustrated customers.

However, Personal Capital exceeds expectations and allows customers to both call and/or go through its website for support.

Security: Quicken vs. Personal Capital

When comparing Quicken vs. Personal Capital regarding security, both can be trusted with your information. Each software program uses extreme security measures in order to protect your data.

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Quicken uses 128-bit and 256-bit encryption as well as using a Secure Sockets Layer, firewalls, integrity checks, and passwords.

Personal Capital uses 256-bit encryption as well as firewalls and perimeter security, continuous monitoring, and secure authentication.

The only way that Personal Capital really beats Quicken in security is its double authentication process, which includes logging in with your username and password as well as verifying your computer.

Downfalls: Quicken vs. Personal Capital

While we have mentioned some of Quicken’s downfalls, such as its struggle with adaptability over time, there are some downfalls of Personal Capital to mention as well.

Personal finance software reviews explain that, although Personal Capital beats any Personal Capital alternatives, the software is not perfect.

Some mentioned downfalls of Personal Capital include the following:

  • Lack of customizable asset allocations
  • Lack of category customization
  • The spending feature of the budgeting tool on Personal Capital is only available through the mobile app
  • Targeted at up-and-coming investors with a net worth of $25,000 or more

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Other Reviews: Quicken vs. Personal Capital

Many other money management software reviews compare Personal Capital vs. Quicken simply because Quicken seems to be the celebrity of the past. 

Personal Capital is one of the newest Quicken alternatives, and therefore, it gets much of the spotlight.

Most personal finance software reviews believe Personal Capital is superior to Quicken, with few exceptions.

After taking an in-depth look at the two, it isn’t hard to see why Personal Capital would so often win the debate of Personal Capital vs. Quicken.

Personal Capital beats out Quicken on every single stage including cost, adaptability, accessibility, investment tracking, and all other features. It is simply a more valuable option, particularly since you can try it–and keep it–free of charge.


Thankfully for Quicken’s founding company, Intuit, Inc. still has its accounting program, QuickBooks, to keep it afloat.

There really are no free QuickBooks alternatives or competitors that can compare to this best financial management software program provided by Intuit.

While Personal Capital provides some of the same features, such as managing and tracking your expenses, QuickBooks allows users to manage employees, which marks the biggest difference between the two.

QuickBooks provides features to send out estimates and invoices, download transactions from your accounts, print checks, and import data from Excel. It also includes many other money management features for businesses.

This is a program that Personal Capital has yet to create. Luckily for Intuit, QuickBooks has yet to be surpassed by any QuickBooks competitors and remains the leading program for accounting.

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Conclusion: Personal Capital vs. Quicken–Which Software Wins?

When looking for the best financial management software to meet your personal money management needs, consider comparing Personal Capital vs. Quicken.

Comparing these two software programs will reveal how quickly programs must adjust to the ever-changing technological world in order to survive.

While Quicken was once the best financial management software programs nationwide, it is slowly being outshined by newer, more affordable programs such as Personal Capital.

As a best financial management software, Personal Capital has improved on the concept of Quicken and allowed users to utilize the same features–with extras–for no cost.

The cost factor is what truly makes Personal Capital a winner in the contest of Quicken vs. Personal Capital. Since Personal Capital is free, it allows you to test out and use the program without anything to lose in the process.

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Personal Capital Finance App Review

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Personal Capital is the best financial management software for those who want to keep track of their investments, expenses, and net worth over time.

With its retirement planner and endless charts and figures to help you understand your personal finances, Personal Capital is beneficial for anyone who wants to be more aware of an extremely complicated financial world and combination of processes.

By looking at our review here at Advisory HQ, as well as other money management software reviews, you will see that Personal Capital is the leader among Quicken competitors.

Don’t let Personal Capital’s free, accessible, and adaptable software pass you by.

Over time, we hope that Personal Capital will continue to meet the evolving financial needs of their users, adapting and improving with technology as we do.  

As its website says, Personal Capital hopes to “create better financial lives through technology and people.” We believe Personal Capital does just that, making it a best financial management software to consider.

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