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AdvisoryHQ recently published its comparison rankings of the best money management software and the best robo-advisory platforms. Based on a wide range of factors, including a cutting-edge money management tool combined with in-person financial advisors, Personal Capital was selected as one of this year’s best online investment management platforms.

In the article below, AdvisoryHQ News provides a more detailed review of Personal Capital.

Revolutionizing Portfolio Management and Investment Management

Personal Capital was ranked #18 on CNBC’s list of top disruptors, a list that included Uber, Airbnb, SpaceX, and Dropbox. A disruptor is a product, person or company whose entire “brand” changes the status quo. 

Airbnb disrupted the hotel industry. Amazon disrupted shopping. Uber disrupted taxi services. Personal Capital is disrupting personal finance, investing, portfolio and money management, and it is gaining momentum.

What Is Personal Capital? 

​Founded in 2009, Personal Capital is an online financial tool and wealth management firm with a strategy of combining human advisors with automated investing and online account tracking tools to provide a one-stop comprehensive financial solution.

With 1.4 million registered users and a total of $4.9 billion in assets under management, Personal Capital is poised to become the best money management app on the market today.

Most online financial advisors are considered robo-advisors because they only provide automated financial and investing tools. Personal Capital is different. It is a hybrid robo-advisor in that it provides both automated investing capabilities as well as a full suite of services offered by traditional wealth management firms – at a fraction of the cost.

Personal Capital Investment Management Software

Personal Capital has a “one-stop shop” range of tools and a centralized dashboard that provides you with a complete picture of your financial life: investments, assets, checking/savings accounts, cash inflow and outflow, expenses, income, etc. for free.

Consumers are highly interested in the firm’s money management and investment management software because it is offered for free. You can sign up within minutes and use the free Personal Capital software for budgeting, financial management, investment management, and a wide range of other uses.

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Personal Capital Financial Advisors

With the firm’s award-winning technology and personalized attention, you’ll be provided with the same “velvet-glove” level of personalized service that is provided by premier investment banking firms and exclusive private wealth advisors.

You’ll have a global view of your portfolio, a highly personalized investment plan, and comprehensive wealth planning services.

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Basically, you’ll be met with an exceptional level of attention and service, with direct access to a Certified Financial Planner and an entire team of licensed financial advisors and investment managers.

Your customized team will coordinate to construct your portfolio based on your unique situation, with an emphasis on institutional-style diversification and risk management. They’ll provide you with an implementation plan that takes into account your legacy holdings and cost basis.

See the image below for specific details on the benefits of partnering with Personal Capital’s investment advisors:

sign up for a free personal capital account

Holistic Net Worth Approach

A major attraction of using the firm is that, unlike other financial advisors, Personal Capital’s financial advisors take your holistic net worth into consideration rather than just focusing on the assets that they manage. In addition, Personal Capital’s financial advisors are available whenever you need them – by phone, web conference, chat or email.

AdvisoryHQ’s review and editorial team were very impressed with how the firm’s holistic structure approach allowed consumers to understand, manage, and grow their net worth.

By cutting out commissions and minimizing investing/trading, the firm is able to charge a single management fee (with no hidden charges) at a significantly reduced cost when compared to a traditional broker.

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Optimization Strategy

The firm also applies an “optimized risk & return” approach for investing by incorporating five key investing principles:

  • Modern Portfolio Theory
  • Personalized Asset Allocation
  • Tax Optimization
  • Equal Sector & Style Weighting
  • Disciplined Rebalancing

Using Modern Portfolio Theory, assets are chosen within the context of their interaction with the portfolio as a whole, rather than individually. This increases efficiency and sets a portfolio up for the highest return with the lowest possible risk.

Personalized asset allocation means applying individual data and personalized financial goals to determine the proper levels of risk and growth for each portfolio, a methodology best represented by Personal Capital’s Retirement Planner.

Tax optimization can be particularly beneficial for clients, achieved via tax-loss harvesting and reallocating assets to tax-deferred accounts. Equal sector and style weighting help to enhance portfolio indexing by using sector, size, and style to balance portfolio composition. 

Finally, disciplined rebalancing is accomplished through daily portfolio monitoring, keeping portfolios on track to meet long-term goals and eliminate costly mistakes.

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Is Personal Capital Safe? Who Holds Your Money?

Your money is not held by Personal Capital. To ensure an objective and more secure layer, the firm has selected Pershing Advisor Solutions (the largest US custodian firm), a subsidiary of the Bank of New York Mellon, to hold client assets.

As a custodian, Pershing holds over a trillion dollars in global client assets. Personal Capital is secure and safe to use because the firm never directly takes custody of your assets, and only you have access to your money.

Personal Capital reeview

Image source: Personal Capital

Additionally, Personal Capital keeps its financial software and tools at the highest standards of security, allowing users to access their accounts without worry. 

Every device used to access your Personal Capital account must be authenticated. Upon logging in with a new device, users will receive a phone call, email, or SMS requesting identity verification. 

There are added security features for the mobile app as well, including Touch ID authentification for iPhone users, and mobile-only PINs for both iOS and Android.

How secure is Personal Capital app

Image Source: Personal Capital

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Personal Capital Fees

The firm does not charge any fees for using its highly advanced money management and personal finance tool.

Here is Personal Capital’s fee structure for using the firm’s investing services:

Client Assets ManagedPersonal Capital Fee Structure
First $1 Million0.89%
First $3 Million0.79%
Next $2 Million0.69%
Next $5 Million0.59%
Next $10 Million0.49%

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Minimum Investment

There is a minimum investment requirement of $100,000 as a condition for using the firm’s financial advisory and investing services.

Steps to Becoming a Client of the Firm’s Investment Management Services

  • Conduct a virtual meeting with your licensed Personal Capital advisor and provide information on yourself, your risk appetite, financial goals, and an overview of your financial situation.
  • After the first meeting, your Personal Capital advisor will evaluate your information and coordinate with the firm’s Investment Team to develop a financial strategy and plan.
  • You advisor will then share the findings and assessments with you. At this point, if the firm decides to move forward with the relationship, it’ll open an account in your name at Pershing.
  • You’ll then need to fund this account with cash or a transfer of securities.
  • Your advisory team then implements your developed financial plan which will involve portfolio monitoring and rebalancing.

Over the course of the relationship, your advisory team will keep you updated at the frequency you desire.

In Case of an Emergency, How Soon Can You Access Your Money?

In the event of an emergency, you can quickly access your funds within 1–3 business days.

Since Personal Capital’s investment approach involves investing in highly liquid financial securities, these securities can easily be sold and settled within the typical one to three-day settlement period.

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