OpenSky Review | What You Should Know About Shopping On

If you want to shop but are tired of the branded websites or are searching for something new and practical, you can check out the selection available at or on the OpenSky App.

OpenSky is an online retail marketplace that connects shoppers and stores through a social commerce platform. Today, there are over 70,000 independent merchants on the platform.

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The OpenSky online marketplace is a place where small companies and shoppers can meet and socially shop online by engaging each other via social media, discussing flash sales, or just browsing the website’s plethora of clothing, accessories, bags, furniture, and other everyday items for the home and office.

This article will help you discover what it’s like to shop on and how to achieve extra savings when using the site to purchase your items along the way.

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What People Want to Know About OpenSky

If you’ve visited OpenSky, you may have some of the same questions other shoppers had. The following list highlights some of the areas of concern that shoppers on OpenSky have when reviewing

  • Is OpenSky Legit?
  • What discounts can you get with an OpenSky coupon?
  • Is OpenSky free shipping available?
  • How does the OpenSky credit work?
  • What are OpenSky reviews saying about shopping on
  • Is the OpenSky App available for download?

OpenSky Reviews | The Positive 

After browsing OpenSky reviews on review sites and the Better Business Bureau, those who left glowing reviews had a common consensus: price satisfaction. Several positive OpenSky reviews demonstrate how customers were very happy with the prices for the products listed on OpenSky’s marketplace.

It was even rare to find a customer with a harsh review state they were dissatisfied with the pricing on the site.

One recent OpenSky review, a customer praised OpenSky for their great deals and fast shipping, saying that they will “definitely going to continue using OpenSky.”

The few OpenSky reviews that gave the company a 5-star rating seem to love the fact that they were able to purchase items that are hard to find. They also stated the prices for these unique items were lower than what they have seen on other websites.

Another primary advantage OpenSky reviews reveal is that the site has a massive selection of unique items, readily available in large quantities. These marketplace items can include anything from discounted clothing products to new unique accessories.

This allows you to worry less about finding cheaper products to buy or items that are no longer in production from the original manufacturer. OpenSky’s competitive pricing also helps keep shoppers coming back for more fashionable finds.

The company’s pricing reflects discounts that often accumulate to 20 to 80 percent off the retail price. The pricing discount depends on the shop, the length of time the product has been on the shelf, and other factors.

For example, the image below showcases a heavily discounted pair of earrings at the max savings rate of 80 percent off the product. 

OpenSky Reviews | The Negative

Several of the OpenSky reviews highlight an overall negative experience. For example, more than 1,500 OpenSky reviews have given them an average 2.5-star rating on Sitejabber. Additionally, 215 complaints have been filed against

These OpenSky reviews highlighted the lack of helpful customer service and horrible experiences.

For example, one OpenSky review highlighted that a customer trying to resolve an issue with the company was placed on hold for hours with no resolution. Another OpenSky reviewer noted that when they attempted to contact the company with a shipping issue, they were given the runaround, and the company did not fix the issue.

Other OpenSky reviews also claimed that the quality of the product they thought they were getting fell short of their preferences. These OpenSky reviews also expressed that they felt cheated out of their money. Additionally, these complaints highlighted that the seller did not give full details of the quality of the product.

Furthermore, many OpenSky reviews stated that its shipping took significantly longer than the agreed upon delivery timeframes. A few OpenSky reviews stated that in fact no product was delivered to them. The company was also making it difficult to get a refund or even an OpenSky credit.

Moreover, a high percentage of the OpenSky reviews blamed the large number of poor evaluations on poor customer service. One OpenSky review found on Sitejabber noted that it took over one month of constant calling and sending emails to obtain his refund for a product he didn’t like.

During that ordeal, the OpenSky review noted that customer service was rude and placed him on long holds for no reason in an effort to get him off the phone.

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OpenSky Reviews | OpenSky Coupon Code

If you are looking for additional savings, you can use an OpenSky coupon code. Currently, the company does not indicate on its website how to obtain an OpenSky coupon when shopping. 

However, shoppers have found discount codes for OpenSky offers via third-party websites. Also, the OpenSky coupon can be used on the OpenSky app.

The best place to currently obtain new OpenSky coupon codes is the popular coupon site At the writing of this article, the site is offering several OpenSky coupon codes, including 20% off your order and 30% off select items.

Another site to search to obtain an OpenSky coupon is The site will also list OpenSky coupon codes for you to use.  The site is very similar to RetailMeNot, but has a slightly different layout.

Prior to placing your order on, make sure that you check out the or websites to determine the validity of the OpenSky coupon, since it could expire at any given time. While the sites generally do a good job of keeping the most current working OpenSky coupon code available, it’s best to double check.

Additionally, some OpenSky coupon codes are simply replications of sitewide discounts and sales that shoppers receive automatically through the website. 

Other sites might offer OpenSky coupon codes, but RetailMeNot and Fyvor seem to be the most user-friendly and most updated sites. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer these codes on its social media platform, but potential shoppers can get exclusive discounts by signing up for OpenSky’s mailing list and establishing an account.

At the time of purchase, you will be given the option to enter your OpenSky coupon code. If it doesn’t work, more than likely, you’re using an outdated code. Please note you cannot use the same code repeatedly after each purchase as they are limited to a one-time use per user.

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OpenSky Reviews | What is OpenSky Credit?

OpenSky Credit is available to use as an additional discount off merchandise you buy on However, there are limitations to this credit.

First, the credit is only usable on the lesser of two items in your online shopping cart. Second, the OpenSky credit cannot be used toward taxes or shipping fees. Third, merchants are not required to participate in the OpenSky credit program, so your ability to use OpenSky credit works on a store-by-store basis.

To get an OpenSky Credit, you can join as an OpenSky member and sign up for the newsletter. OpenSky Credit can also be attained by getting a refund on a product.

For example, instead of getting a refund on your card, you can use the OpenSky Credit toward another purchase. However, this is difficult to achieve.

OpenSky Credit is heavily advertised on its website. These ads normally come up during your shopping experience and are subject to change. For example, the image below is a current OpenSky ad available for consumers to use:

These ads are typically found in the top center area of the menu after you click on the category you want to explore. In the (*Rules Apply*) section, it will typically tell you which products you will have to purchase in order to obtain this credit for future use, as it is not available on all products.

OpenSky Free Shipping Options

If you are looking for free shipping options from OpenSky, then may be waiting in vain. This online marketplace doesn’t seem to offer any OpenSky free shipping offers. Although OpenSky free shipping is not currently available, it may be in the future.

It is best to check the website’s current ads prior to placing your order. As of 2017, the OpenSky ads primarily focus on giving OpenSky credit and does not mention OpenSky free shipping offers on any type of product.

During your purchase, the site will give you a variety of shipping options available in your area and show the price difference.

OpenSky Reviews | Is OpenSky Legit?

OpenSky is legally registered with the New York State Department of State’s Division of Corporations in the state of New York. The company has been registered in this state since 2009. OpenSky also has an active status in the state’s ledger of corporations.

OpenSky Reviews | What is the OpenSky App?

It’s hard to recall any business that does not have some type of mobile app on either the iTunes store or Google Play store, and OpenSky does not disappoint.

The OpenSky app is available on both Android and Apple platforms. Since the creation of the site, its main focus is for its customers and sellers to integrate social media platforms to help boost awareness of the products.

The OpenSky app currently has nearly 500 reviews with an overall 4 out of 5-star rating on the Apple store. The Google Play store as well has a similar rating, as it carries a 4.1 rating out of 5.

Both of the apps and OpenSky reviews shared the difficulty of changing your address from within the app. Some complaints note that it is almost impossible to change the address on the application.

Some of the OpenSky reviews on the app stated it took almost six attempts to just change the address as the app was just not allowing the change. In fact, most of the negative OpenSky app reviews primarily had issues trying to update customers’ current information.

Overall, the OpenSky app looks to be stable as there was no mention of the app crashing or pausing during purchase. Other OpenSky reviewers of the app loved that the app did not require much space to install and was fast and enjoyable to use.

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OpenSky Review | Final Thoughts

So if you’re still wondering, “Is OpenSky legit?” you can set your worries aside. The company legally operates in the state of New York. However, it can be hard to ignore the overwhelming negative OpenSky reviews that popular review sites offer about the company — they may be legit, but they aren’t perfect.

On the other hand, OpenSky reviews consistently praise the low prices found on the website. If you’re looking for a cheap place to shop online for unique items, then OpenSky might be the place for you.

Don’t forget to check sites like Fyvor and RetailMeNot prior to ordering to determine if the OpenSky coupon codes will apply to your current order. Signing up for their email newsletter may also give you access to OpenSky Credit for future purchases. Finally, don’t forget to check the OpenSky app for additional savings.

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