Working Online: Get a Job Online and Earn in Your Pajamas

We’ve all dreamt of the glorious day when we can earn a living without leaving our homes by finding jobs online. A day when our lives and our livelihoods harmonize, thanks to a new gig working online.

It might be a career switch, where one leaves his or her current employer and finds jobs online which offer more fulfillment.

Or maybe one is seeking to transition away from the stuffy office life to the sort of freedom which comes with work-at-home online jobs.

Online Jobs For Beginners

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Get a job online and forget about the alarm clock, company dress code or endless meetings. And with more companies allowing contractors and employees to work remotely, the market for finding jobs online has never been better.

Or better yet, current job-seekers can ditch the real-world job search for the virtual: apply for jobs online. The sometimes messy process of sending out resumes and going to interviews can be skipped sometimes by working online.

Who wants to spend all that time and nervous energy seeking a job when they could get a job online and begin earning much sooner? That all sounds fantastic, but where does one even begin looking for work-at-home online jobs? Does one need experience, or are there truly online jobs for beginners?

Armed with a computer and high-speed Internet connection? You’re already on your way.

The promised day when one can get a job online and work from home without starving has arrived. But naturally, there are some hurdles. The market for online jobs for beginners is comparatively smaller than the overall picture. Sometimes, it’s harder to break into.

We’ve put together this handy guide to working online, especially online jobs for beginners, to help you get started. We’ll walk you through some of the tricks and warn you of any traps that come with finding jobs online.

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Finding Jobs Online: Get in the Right Mindset to Apply for Jobs Online

It’s more than simply searching for online job websites, though those help too. The odds you’ll find jobs online increase if you:

  • Make finding jobs online your job
  • Target the correct field when you apply for jobs online
  • Concentrate on your strengths and improve upon your weaknesses
  • Let luck play its role in helping you find work-at-home online jobs
  • Be ready to change tactics if you apply for jobs online and get nowhere
  • Don’t give up

Cracking open your browser and typing in “online jobs websites” may be the first move you’re tempted to make in your search for online jobs for beginners, but wait! What do you want to do?

Think about this question carefully.

How to Pick Your Online Job for Beginners

Many job-seekers get so caught up in the perceived glory of working online that they forget to ask themselves: what do you want to actually do at home? It’s a deceptive question, but it is absolutely vital to getting your search for work-at-home online jobs right.

The temptation is to pick your passion, and it’s a fair factor to include in your decision. But the real question should be, “What can I do at home for 6 to 10 hours a day?” The two aren’t necessarily the same.

Working Online

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Passions, while always important, have a tendency to invoke intensity. And while your search for a career working online may be a sprint, the actual jobs will be a marathon. Burnout may be your biggest enemy.

Ask yourself these questions to narrow your search:

  • What’s my budget? A very simple counting of your monthly bills can help narrow down what work-at-home online jobs will cover your expenses.
  • What can I concentrate on for extended periods, despite the many distractions at home trying to pry away my attention? The hardest part of working online from home is setting aside the time and energy to do the actual job. You should apply for jobs online you can immerse yourself in without being distracted.
  • What are my marketable strengths? The market for online jobs for beginners quickly picks losers and winners. Concentrate on the skills and qualities which you’d highlight at the top of a resume or job interview; it’ll help you find jobs online with ease.

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With all these questions in mind, brainstorm a list of potential jobs or tasks that could help you crack the market of online jobs for beginners.

They won’t guarantee you’ll be working online right away, but you’ll lose less time spinning your wheels with work-at-home online jobs that you can’t complete at home, don’t pay well, or require extensive training.

This could be something as simple as bookkeeping, data entry, or writing. Or it could mean extensive freelance coding for major tech companies. Just be sure they are profitable jobs you know how to do.

Do you have a list of potential online jobs for beginners? Good, let’s put it to work.

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Let Online Job Websites Work for You

The Internet overflows with sites claiming to list nearly all work-at-home online jobs. You might be familiar with their names. Perhaps you have visited a few in the past.

Before running off to these online job websites, which can often be broad and ineffective, see if there are sites specializing in any of the positions on your list of potential jobs. Aspiring writers, for example, can get a job online much sooner using than

These sites tend to be favored by industry specialists and veterans, who look for experienced talent at specific sites. Pros know this, and what better way to find online jobs for beginners than by mimicking professionals?

When visiting these specialty job sites, be sure to sign up for any email newsletters, which often contain job tips and gigs that could open the door to working online.

The same goes for broader online job websites, which can be cumbersome and hard to navigate. Skip the prompts to set up a profile to upload your resume, cover letter, or a portfolio if you can; the odds you’ll get a job online via a recruiter are relatively low.

Finding jobs online can sometimes feel arduous. It can seem that a lot of your time is spent scrolling through online job websites, hoping you can apply for jobs online. Try letting the work find you instead.

Set up job alerts that will notify you of any online jobs for beginners. Many sites, such as, make it easy to set up an account and receive alerts for work-at-home online jobs. Try to be specific about which jobs you want to be doing while working online.

An under-the-radar favorite is, which screens its work-at-home online jobs listings and provides a daily email newsletter.

When trying to get a job online, be sure to check the many freelancer sites, such as Upwork, Virtual Vocations, and others, which list many positions for online jobs for beginners.

Apply for Jobs Online, but Remain Formal

Going digital and finding jobs online still requires many of the job-search formalities you’d normally adhere to for a classic job. That means the basics:

  • Freshen up your resume. Keep it one page long, and try to emphasize keywords that will look good for the work-at-home online jobs you want.
  • Network, both the old-school way and its modern iteration. Let your friends—both physical and digital—know what work-at-home online jobs you’re hunting for. You never know who’ll come through with a surprising industry connection.
  • Enhance your social media presence. This means more than just a status update: HR managers often weed out applicants for online jobs for beginners by combing their public social media posts and photos. Prove you’re suited for working online by deftly—and professionally—interacting with the online world.

Be sure to always be professional when dealing with potential employers or even speaking about trying to get a job online. You never know when you’re auditioning.

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The Most Common and Legit Work-at-Home Online Jobs

The market for online jobs for beginners is awash in companies looking for cheap labor. Don’t fall for the trap. While it may be tempting to respond to a promising ad on Craigslist for a high-paying, low-intensity job working online, think twice.

These include ad-clicking gimmicks and random tasks like filling out captcha forms. They’re not actual work-at-home online jobs, and quite often you’ll lose time and money in the process.

If it sounds too good to be true, it often is, especially on online job websites. Never give anyone money to look at a list of jobs. You should never pay to find jobs online.

A safer route is to finding jobs online is to apply to known online jobs for beginners that sound familiar.

Virtual assistants, for example, are in high demand and qualify as one of the better online jobs for beginners. Specialty sites such as or can help you apply for jobs online which could, if you climb the ladder, pay handsomely.

Bilingual? Multilingual? Translators also have their own niche working online. Websites such as offer a directory of potential work-at-home online jobs.

Are you a skilled typist? Put those speedy fingers to good use working online by applying for data entry jobs. It’s a tricky field to break into among online jobs for beginners. While there is plenty of demand, with companies digitizing paper records, scammers offering fake work-at-home online jobs are out there.

Data entry jobs found on should be generally avoided, as too many end up being illegitimate. Instead, check, which thankfully helps weed out fake online jobs for beginners.

Other common work-at-home online jobs include:

  • Transcriber
  • Answering service employee
  • Writer
  • Blogger
  • Online tutor

Any of the above can be easy tickets into getting online jobs for beginners.

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There’s a big difference between dreaming of a job working online from the comfort of your couch and actually doing it. The keys to getting there are persistence, hard work, and a bit of luck.

By smartly focusing your attempt to get a job online and concentrating on your strengths, you’ll increase the odds of landing an online job for beginners.

From there, you can apply for jobs online at an increased pay rate, touting past experience and success working online.

Just be careful and watch out for scammers. Remember:

  • If it’s too good to be true, it most likely is
  • Don’t apply for jobs that don’t disclose the name and contact information of the employer
  • Never, ever pay someone for finding jobs online

Also remember, you cannot abandon the usual job-search formalities, such as an updated resume and professional behavior. Work-at-home online jobs are still jobs. Be sure to put out the best possible version of your professional self.

Finally, be smart in how you devote your time searching online job websites. Done incorrectly, you could waste a lot of energy spinning your mouse’s wheel, scrolling instead of earning.

Put email alerts and newsletters to work for you instead. Many are a free and efficient way to trim down the amount of time you spend fruitlessly checking online job websites every day.

It’s time to quit daydreaming and get to working online.

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