Overview: Things you should know about OASAP

OASAP.com boastfully compares itself to AliExpress.com but solely for women’s clothing. But is OASAP safe? The reviews are in.

What’s all the hype about? In this OASAP.com review article, you’ll find the answers to these key questions:

  • What is OASAP.com?
  • What’s the buzz about OASAP.com?
  • What are the pros & cons about OASAP clothing?
  • Is OASAP legit?
  • Is OASAP safe for online consumers?
  • What are OASAP reviews saying?

This site is attracting a lot of attention with its deep discounts on fashionable and certain designer women’s apparel. It’s no wonder this global online store has grown significantly since it was founded in 2011.

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What Is OASAP Clothing?

OASAP, or Order ASAP, is a website dedicated to women’s fashion apparel and accessories. OASAP.com is a self-proclaimed ‘High Street fashion’ online retailer. It offers various kinds of women’s clothing and accessories (bags, shoes, jewelry, and even beauty products). The primary attractions are the deeply discounted prices and the free worldwide shipping.

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OASAP Review

OASAP.com boasts the ability ‘to get you closer to the planet’s most cutting-edge fashion, no matter where you are or what class or age group you are in.’ They also put it this way:  “Pursuing fashion is the right of every woman.”

An admirable motto, and one that drives the company to keep an ever fresh catalogue of unique and high-end finds at low prices.

The company also has a heart for charity. It incorporates a charity savings provision of 1% from each order placed on its website. These savings are pooled and donated to charities around the world mainly for those improving the health and welfare of refugees and children and helping to combat hunger and limited access to education.

Along with its charity initiative, OASAP clothing is a proponent for fair labor. It only works with factories that can guarantee the fair treatment and adequate rest of its workers, thereby meeting the company’s social responsibility.

What’s the Buzz in OASAP Reviews?

Some of the primary buzz from OASAP clothing reviews are from various fashion bloggers and fashion forward websites. They tout the frequently updated catalogue and the worldwide shipping. But be mindful: many of these promos are sponsored posts, which can sometimes affect what a blogger says about a company, especially as OASAP also offers an affiliate deal to bloggers and online influencers.

The blog/website promotes OASAP.com on their website by doing an OASAP clothing featured article or giveaway. See example below:

oasap coupon

OASAP Online Reviews

Along with the hype, there’s always a downside. And with the OASAP.com reviews, the downside is not pretty.

OASAP Review: The Pros & Cons

Let’s keep it simple. Here is an OASAP review that clearly lists the pros and cons to shopping at OASAP.com.


  • High fashion women’s apparel
  • Frequently updated online catalogue.
  • Deeply discounted/dirt cheap items
  • FREE Worldwide shipping
  • Accepts various payment types
  • Shopping points & coupons for future purchases


  • Items take some time to arrive
  • Cannot guarantee colors/designs are exactly represented on website
  • Returns/exchanges are complicated
  • Customer Service is questionable (per some review websites)

Honestly, you can’t experience vast business growth in both market share and notoriety without doing a lot of things right. And that is exactly what OASAP.com clothing has shown. That it is sustainable and, for the most part, creating happy customers.

On the other hand, the loud, vocal, and seeming majority of online OASAP.com reviews do not have many nice things to say about OASAP clothing, the primary complaint, according to TrustPilot.com, being difficulty with returning items. Some customers expressed feeling ripped off or scammed, receiving poor quality or fake name brands for the money spent.

Complaints such as, “I asked OASAP for a refund but they only offered a discount or a credit. No, thank you,” left customers with a negative impression of OASAP clothing. It causes a significant doubt about whether OASAP is legit.

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Is OASAP Legit?

According to EasyCounter.com, a website data tracking service that checked with Google analytics, Siteadvisor and MyWot, OASAP is legit. EasyCounter.com states that, “According to MyWot, Siteadvisor and Google safe browsing analytics, Oasap.com is quite a safe domain with mostly negative visitor reviews.” It is the consumer provided OASAP reviews that cause EasyCounter.com to give the website a 2.5 out of 5 stars.

is oasap legit

Is OASAP Legit?

The image clearly depicts that OASAP is legit. The OASAP reviews conducted by top site analysis services (Google, MyWot, and Alexa) all show a favorable rating in the legitimacy. But again, most negative feedback comes down to lack of trust on the customer end, which is led by feelings rather than numbers.

Is OASAP Safe for Online Consumers?

This is the question that is looming overall. All companies, whether they sell products or services will get bad reviews from time to time. But the true barometer is whether there been reported fraud or scams perpetrated from using this website. According to scamadviser.com, OASAP reviews give the site a 27 out of 100, and scamadviser.com lists it as a website that one should exercise slight caution in using.

is oasap legit

OASAP Clothing

Caution should be used when accessing this site because there are certain aspects about it that are questionable:

There may be some credibility to the various complaints across the OASAP review sites and social media.

Another site that gives a negative OASAP review and adds another ding to whether OASAP is safe is the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Although all businesses are not required to list with the BBB, it is a highly trusted business review site that consumers rely upon.

The BBB grades OASAP clothing website an F. The BBB rating is based on 13 factors. The main factors that decreased OASAP review ratings are the short length of operation and that the company has 7 or more complaints against them it hasn’t addressed. The customer dissatisfaction comes from faulty products and poor customer service primarily.

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What Are the OASAP.com Reviews Saying?

In our research, we found far more negative reviews than positive ones, so either the satisfied customers are silent or the very many negative reviews across the web have it right. They paint a picture of an online retailer with poor customer service, unfavorable returns policy, and counterfeit/poor quality products.

One complaint on RipoffReport.com mentioned that OASAP does not consistently honor their Unconditional Return Policy; even when it does, the 45-day window for returns leaves the customer little time to ship everything back to China before the due date — while bearing the full cost of return shipping.

If you do not want to pay to ship your return items, you will be given the option to take a 10% refund and keep the items yourself.

The Ripoff Report complaint also mentioned that items are sized based on Chinese sizing, wherein a S is closer to a U.S. XXS.

There are some OASAP reviews that are far more scathing and cut to the core of the question, “Is OASAP legit?”

One such example of questionable behavior described in an OASAP review talks about a customer paying for an item and never receiving it:

“I wish I had also read the reviews on this company before I had ordered Anything. I order some bathing suits back on April 7th. And it’s not May 27th. I don’t have a tracking number and zero communication with the company, I didn’t receive any confirmation emails; however, my PayPal account sure was withdrawn on April 7th. And that was it. I will wait till the end of next week and see what further things need to be done to either get my money back or my items.”

One of the few positive reviews noted something peculiar:. It spoke of lowering your standards and expectations for the products to increase your satisfaction level with the company. What?!?

“Remember you are purchasing a cheap dress-quality isn’t going to be the most amazing thing ever. It will be pretty average. Wearing the clothes (at least the ones I purchased) doesn’t come across as being ‘cheap’ but it doesn’t portray an air of fine quality. Set your expectations accordingly.”

According to this reviewer, the best way to have a good experience with this online retailer is to lower your expectations. She also goes on to say that you must reach out more than once to get a response from customer service, but once they do respond, they are nice.

You must ask yourself, “Am I willing to lower my standards?”

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OASAP Review Conclusion: Is OASAP Legit? Is It Safe?

According to EasyCounter.com, trusted website analysis sites such as Google and MyWot give OASAP.com a favorable mark. Google notes it as safe, and MyWot gives it a good score for overall reputation.

However, in delving deeper, MyWot lists the mounting unaddressed customer complaints against OASAP clothing and factors that into its poor Trustworthiness score. The primary complaints are poor product quality, shipping issues, and poor customer service.

No internet scam issues, such as stolen credit card information were reported. OASAP.com reviews note that this retailer takes all major credit cards and PayPal, which offer secure online payment features. They also offer an OASAP charge card, which is a prepaid card, and online OASAP coupons along with bonus points. On that front, OASAP is legit and safe for online purchases.

However, use at your own risk. Other OASAP reviews that detail customer complaints note never receiving products or being unable to return products of poor quality for a full refund. Keep these complaints in mind when choosing to purchase from this site.

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