Newchic Reviews 2023 | Is Newchic Legit or is There a Newchic Scam?

In a world where fast fashion is king, and your next killer closet staple is available through the click of a button, offering trendy styles at cut-rate prices has become a global retail standard.

It’s easy to get caught up in the immediate desire to get a great deal, but you should first stop and consider if Newchic clothing and accessories are worth it.

In this AdvisoryHQ Newchic review, we’ll answer some of the most popular questions:

  • Where is Newchic located?
  • Is Newchic a legitimate company?
  • Is Newchic safe?
  • Is Newchic good quality?
  • Are the majority of Newchic reviews from customers positive or negative?
  • Is Newchic a scam?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, you’ll want to read on.

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Newchic Clothing, Newchic Shoes, and More

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Our Newchic review will give you all the answers to those important questions and the information you need to make smart decisions while shopping online.

We’ll take a close look at New Chic fashion customer reviews to help you determine whether Newchic clothing is worth the price.

But first, what is Newchic?

What is Newchic? | About Newchic Company Limited

Newchic Company Limited online clothing company was founded in 2015 and is based in Hong Kong.

However, it was difficult for our Editorial team to find information on the history of the Newchic Company Limited on its website other than the company started “with a beautiful vision to make high fashion affordable for everyone.”

Although there are plenty of low-cost options on, how can you tell is Newchic legit?

Next, we’ll take a look into what is Newchic selling!

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New Chic Review | What is Newchic Selling?

Shoppers can find a wide array of products on the site, including Newchic shoes, dresses, jackets, purses, kid’s clothing, cosmetics, and even home décor.

The Newchic company sells affordable fashion and home décor in the following categories:

  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Hoodies
  • Dresses
  • Shoes
  • Outwear & Sweaters
  • Athleisure
  • Kids & Mom
  • Pajamas & Robes
  • Lingerie
  • Plus Size
  • Swimwear
  • Bags & Beauty
  • Accessories
  • Home & Garden

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What New Chic Brands Are There? collaborates with several independent brands to advocate diversity, inclusion, and creativity in Newchic fashion.

A variety of New Chic brands is hosted across Newchic shoes, women’s and men’s clothing, jewelry, beauty, bags, and accessories categories.

Current Newchic brands listed on the company’s site are:


New Chic Brands Reviews

We tried to find Newchic brands reviews but unfortunately, we didn’t find enough to be able to determine which Newchic brands are the best or the worst.

With such a diverse selection of Newchic brands and products, many shoppers are asking: “Is Newchic good quality?” and “Is Newchic clothing legit?”

In the sections below, we’ll examine the answer to, “Is Newchic legit?” by looking at the Newchic location and social media presence.

newchic brands reviews

 Newchic Brands

Is there a Newchic App?

Yes, there is a Newchic app!

The Newchic app is available to both Android and iOS users. We took a quick look at the New Chic app reviews on Google Play and the Apple Store.

We’re happy to let you know that both marketplaces rated the Newchic app with a 4/5 rating and customer reviews seem very positive overall.

Do you have one or more favorite or least favorite Newchicbrands? If you have any Newchic brands reviews that you would like to share with our audience, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Newchic Review | Where is Newchic Located?

In researching one of the most popular questions, “Is Newchic legit?”, we took a look at the Newchic location.

Our review found that, although the company lists its Asian business address in Hong Kong, it also lists its European representative’s address.

So where is Newchic based?

The Newchic location is Hong Kong.

Newchic Address – Hong Kong: Room 38,11/F, Meeco Industrial Center,53-55 Au Pui Wan St., Fo Tan, N.T., Hong Kong (Not to be used as a Newchic returns address)

Newchic Location of European representative: Newchic Office 102, Ionos No.6, 2406 Egkomi, Nicosia, Cyprus (Not to be used as a Newchic returns address)

Multiple addresses can certainly be confusing from a shopper’s perspective, but not entirely out of the ordinary for overseas fashion retailers selling globally. As such, having multiple addresses does not mean that the Newchic clothing brand is not legit.

In addition to its main website, the company also has an international site at

Newchic Location FAQs

Where is Newchic Located in South Africa?

Over the years, we’ve received a lot of emails from our readers asking: “Where is Newchic located in South Africa?”

While it seems that New Chic clothing South Africa is very popular, there is no Newchic official store in South Africa. There are however individual Newchic clothes sellers all around South Africa.

Are there any Newchic Australia Locations?

There are no physical Newchic Australia locations where you can go shopping. Newchic sells clothes primarily online.

There are plenty of New Chic Australia sellers that are part of the site’s wholesale program but there’s no Newchic official shop in Australia.

Is there a Newchic Store Near Me?

Have you been wondering, “Is there a Newchic store near me where I could check out the products in person?” If so, we’ll have to disappoint you. The Newchic shop is an online-only store and doesn’t have any Newchic official stores where you can go to shop in person.

newchic brand

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Newchich Social Media Presence

A good way to determine whether the Newchic company is legit is to look at how it interacts on social media. Is the Newchic shop responding to customer inquiries? Does its page post fresh content regularly? If it does, these are both signs that may point to Newchic Company Limited being a legitimate company.

Our Newchic .com review found that the company is active on a surprising number of social media platforms, including:

  • Facebook: @LoveNewchic
  • Instagram: @Newchic_official
  • Pinterest: @Newchicstylist
  • YouTube:
  • Snapchat: @Newchicfashion
  • Twitter: @LoveNewchic

The New company posts regularly and replies to comments, keeping an open line of communication with shoppers.

So, based on our review of all these factors, is legit?

With regular postings and well over a million followers and friends on the combined platforms, it’s safe to say: Yes, Newchic is legit.

What is Newchic Stylist?

Newchic Stylist is the company’s Pinterest account where you can find, pin, save, and buy New Chic clothes directly from their Newchicstylist profile.

newchic stylist

Newchic Stylist Reviews – Pinterest

Newchicstylist gives you an opportunity to plan and build out an entire fashion look using the products available on Newchic /com, or you can just grab clothes right from New Chic Stylist pins.

Newchic Stylist seems to be very popular with Pinterest users as it has accumulated 1.3 million followers and growing.

We haven’t encountered any Newchicstylist reviews but based on the following, we’re assuming it’s a hit among shoppers.

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Have you ever used New Chic Stylist? How was your experience? We’d love for you to get in touch if you have any Newchic Stylist reviews you want to share so future customers know how to best utilize this service.

Newchic Review | Newchic Shipping

Our review of Newchic shipping found that New Chic com offers different international shipping methods. You can choose your preferred shipping method on the checkout page.

Before we get into details of Newchic shipping methods and pricing, you’ll want to know the answer to this question: Where does Newchic ship from?

Newchic Shipping FAQs

Where does Newchic ship from?

If you’ve been wondering where does Newchic ship from, the answer is not simple.

New Chic orders are shipped from the company’s warehouses located in the USA and China.

If you’re shopping the Newchic USA website, your orders could be sent either from the shop’s warehouses in China or warehouses in the USA.

However, if you’re shopping New Chic Canada, UK, Australia, or anywhere else in the world, there’s a high chance that your New Chic order will be shipped only from warehouses in China.

How long does Newchic take to ship?

For those potential Newchick shoppers that are looking to find out how long does Newchic take to ship, we’re happy to say that regardless of where you’re located most New Chic fashion orders will take 1-3 business days to process for shipping.

newchic brands reviews

Newchic Review

Newchic Shipping Methods

The cost of Newchic shipping varies based on the shipping method selected, your location, and which warehouse your order is shipped from.

Additionally, your New Chic order shipping will be based on the number of items, item type, weight, and volume of all the Newchick items in the cart.

Newchic USA

Newchic USA customers can choose between multiple options depending on whether their New Chic order is being shipped from the company’s warehouses in China or the USA,

If your Newchic US order is shipping from the Newchick warehouse in China, you’ll be able to pick the following shipping methods:

  • Priority Air Mail: With this method, Newchic US customers can expect Newchic shipping time of 15-20 business days and cost from $7.99 USD all the way up to $400 US.
  • Standard Shipping: Those Newchic USA orders that get sent with standard shipping will take about 15-25 business days and customers can expect to pay between $7.99 USD and $400 US.
  • Express: Those that just can’t wait to receive their Newchic US orders and want to speed up the process will be paying between $10.99 USD and $101 USD. New Chic order shipping time with this method is around 10-15 business days,

If your Newchic USA order is being shipped from the warehouse in the US, it will be shipped using US standard shipping.

  • US Standard Shipping: If your Newchich order is being shipped from the USA, Newchic shipping time is estimated at 3-7 business days. However, Newchic USA shipping price won’t be much lower, and it will cost you between $5.99 USD – $99.99 USD.

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Newchic Canada

New Chic Canada shoppers will only be able to order from the company’s warehouses in China which means they can choose between Priority Air Mail and Expedited shipping service.

Those New Chic Canada orders that get shipped with Chinese Priority Air Mail can expect a shipping time of 10-25 business days and shipping that starts at $15.32 CAD.

Should you opt for New Chic Canada Expedited shipping, you’ll be paying between $43 CAD and $70 CAD, and shipping time between 10-20 days.

Regardless of which option you decided to go with, the final Newchic Canada shipping price will depend on the value and weight of your order.

Newchic UK

If you’re ordering New Chic UK clothing, you may be surprised to see that the only option offered to Newchic UK customers is Express shipping from the company’s warehouses in China.

While New Chic Canada and USA offer several shipping methods, Newchic UK customers are the only ones that can qualify for free New Chic clothing UK Express shipping for orders over £61.60.

If your New Chic UK order is under that amount, you’ll be paying between £6.24 and £62.45 depending on the weight of your New Chic UK order.

Newchic Australia

Similar to Newchic Canada shoppers, Newchic Australia customers will have the option to choose between Priority Air Mail and Expedited Shipping service from Newchic warehouses in China.

So, if you order those New Chic shoes Australia or some New Chic .com clothing, what can you expect to pay?

Priority Air Mail will take between 15-20 business days and cost between $14.37 AUD and $89.50 AUD.

If you want to cut down the shipping time to 10-20 business days, you may want to opt for New Chic Australia Expedited shipping which will come with a price between $31.95 AUD and $95.89 AUD.

Next, we’ll take a quick overview of is Newchic safe in terms of dropshipping, affiliates, and wholesale.

Newchic Review | Newchic Dropshipping, Affiliate, and Wholesale Programs

In Newchic reviews of additional offerings, we found that the site has programs for

  • New chic .com affiliates
  • Resellers that want Newchic dropshipping
  • Those wishing to purchase in bulk at wholesale prices

The fact that the company takes the time to put together and administer these three programs does lend more legitimacy to the Newchic store and allays some of the fears of any Newchic scam.

Here is a brief overview of each of the three Newchic /com programs offered by this retail site.

Newchic Affiliate Program

For those wanting to promote Newchic and get paid a commission, the Newchic affiliate program offers a chance at earning some referral fees. The program is free to sign up for.

Newchic affiliates earn up to 16% commission for referring traffic using an affiliate URL. They can also receive free review samples in order to provide a Newchic review.

Newchic Dropshipping Program

The Newchic dropshipping program is for website owners that would like to sell apparel on their site without dealing with purchasing merchandise, warehousing, and shipping.

They can get unbranded images of Newchic fashion, and the company will ship directly to their customers, without the Newchik branding. The reseller website owner then earns money on items sold.


newchic brand

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Newchic Shop Wholesale Program

For resellers that want to go a step further and purchase New Chic fashion in bulk at a warehouse and sell either online or in a physical shop, they can sign up for the wholesale program.

Purchasing Newchic clothing wholesale means a reseller can buy for up to 35% off the already low list prices, enjoy exclusive deals, and gain access to the company’s online Wholesale Center.

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Newchic Reviews | Overall Customer Ratings

  • Newchic .com reviews Sitejabber – 4.32 out of 5 (73,046 reviews)
  • Newchic Trustpilot reviews – 3.5 out of 5 (11,869 reviews)
  • Newchic reviews on – 2.6 out of 5 (421 Newchic Australia reviews)

Let’s take a look into new reviews from customers on different rating sites and see what they have to say about New Chic clothing and shopping experiences.

Newchic Review | New Chic Reviews on Sitejabber

Over 73,000 shoppers have left reviews of their experience with New Chic clothing on the review website Sitejabber.

With 2,466 1-star Newchic reviews, 41,693 5-star Newchic customer reviews, and over 25,000 Newchic .com reviews ranging from 2 to 4 stars, the company has an overall rating of 4.32 out of 5 stars.

Positive New Chic Reviews

Interestingly, the majority of positive reviews praise the quality of New Chic clothing. Additionally, many shoppers describe receiving Newchic brands refunds for delayed shipments or shipments that never arrive.

For example, one recent Newchic review says:

I bought one pair of Newchic shoes before this order to try New Chic out. They were great, hence the 2nd order. Stylish, inexpensive, good quality. Love it.

In a similar positive review, another shopper says:

Once again NewChic came through with a product that was exactly what was advertised, was VERY reasonably priced and, considering the long distance it was shipped, arrived in a good time frame. Will definitely buy from NewChic again. (Also- great communication and shipment updates, etc.)

new chic shoes stores

New Chic Shoes Reviews on Sitejabber

Negative New Chic Reviews

Many of the critical reviews on Sitejabber address issues with product quality, sizing, delivery, and customer service.

For example, one Newchic clothing review says:

The clothes are nothing like pictures, the sizing is way off, the quality is poor, the delivery is beyond a joke, they take payment straight away and send 8 weeks later. Returns and refunds are nonexistent.

Generally speaking, shoppers leaving negative New Chic reviews express extreme frustration, and in some cases, even outright anger. While this is not entirely uncommon on review sites, it is worth mentioning that some shoppers have experienced serious issues with their New Chic brands orders.

For example, one shopper wanted to get a size up after purchasing the wrong size of Newchic shoes but could not return for a refund or exchange without paying for shipping back to China.

While the Newchic shoes order came from a US-based distribution center, returns could only be made overseas which turned out to be quite pricey.

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Newchic Review | Newchic Trustpilot Reviews

Currently, there are almost 12,000 Newchic reviews available on Trustpilot, giving the site an overall rating of 3.5 stars out of 5.

In total, 33% of reviewers rated their shopping experience with 5 stars,” while 45% of reviews described their experience as “Bad” aka given the shop a 1-star review.

is newchic clothing legit

New Chic Trustpilot reviews

Positive Newchic Reviews

While reading through 5-star reviews on Trustpilot we found that a large number of Newchic Trustpilot shoppers applaud the site for the quality of Newchic clothes and Newchic shoes. Many make comments such as “excellent value” and “love the products!”

Newchic shoes reviews boast of how comfortable they are. We’ve noticed that shoes and dresses seem to be well received by Newchic Trustpilot reviewers.

We found a lot of Newchic UK and Newchic Australia reviews that seem to be extremely happy with their Newchic dresses.

There are also a few mentions of Newchic website customer support being responsive and helping with exchanges when a product arrived that was the wrong size.

One US Trustpilot Newchic review tells a story of accidentally purchasing a dress in a larger size than they wanted, and noted the ease of resolving the issue with Newchic store customer support:

The email contact with the customer service was very nice and very fast. I have returned the dress and have already received the dress in the correct size (within 10 days). I am very satisfied and will buy again at Newchic.

Newchic Australia and Newchic UK reviews

Newchic UK and Newchic Australia Reviews

Negative Newchic Reviews

Many critical Newchic Trustpilot reviews deal with customer service issues, specifically where returns are concerned. A common theme is the length of time it takes for Newchic refunds to process, as well as the responsibility of the customer to pay for return shipping.

There are also a significant number of negative New Chic reviews that address Newchic quality issues, with a few consumers raising concerns over a Newchic scam.

Other common complaints include products that do not match the advertised photograph, inconsistent sizing, and accepting payments for out-of-stock products.

We should also note that we did see the company responding to negative reviews on Newchic with an offer to help resolve the issue.

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Newchic Australia Reviews on

Out of all reviews on Newchic that we looked into, Newchic Australia reviews on are the ones with the lowest rating of 2.6 out of 5. However, it’s important to note that this site has the lowest number of Newchich reviews out of all of them.

Out of 421 reviews, only 18% of New Chic Australia reviewers gave the shop a 5-star rating. In total, 25% of the reviewers rated their New Chic Australia shopping experience from 2-4 stars, which leaves 57% of New Chic Australia reviews unsatisfied with the experience thus rating the company with only 1-star.

Positive New Chic Australia Reviews

Similar to reviews on other rating platforms, New Chic shoes Australia and New Chic dresses are the items shoppers seem to be liking the most.

Among many positive New Chic shoes Australia reviews, we also found some that are praising the quality of New Chic dresses and New Chic clothes in general.

newchic australia shoes

New Chic Shoes Australia Reviews

Negative New Chic Australia Reviews

Among Newchic Australia reviews on, we found that most customers are complaining about Newchic quality, sizing, and color inconsistencies, delays in New Chic order dispatch, and trouble with returns.

However, we didn’t find many Newchic Australia reviews that complain about never receiving their NewChic fashion order which is a positive sign.

Newchic Canada, UK, and South Africa Reviews

Among over 100,000 Newchic .com reviews on multiple sites, we dug a bit deeper to see what Newchic UK, Canada, and South Africa reviewers had to say about the Newchic brand.

Newchic Canada Reviews

Similar to New Chic Australia and Newchic USA orders, most positive Newchic Canada reviews praised the quality and style of New Chic shoes.

While we did encounter some Newchic Canada reviews that stated they never received their order or that the product didn’t match their expectation, the majority of Newchic Canada reviews were actually positive and customers wouldn’t hesitate to order again.

newchic com shoes

New Chic Shoes Reviews

Newchic UK Reviews

We found a lot of Newchic UK reviews on both Trustpilot and Sitejabber. Most positive UK reviews are sharing just how happy they are with New Chic UK clothing and shoes.

Unlike, Newchic Canada reviews and Newchic USA reviews, we found it interesting that many of the shoes reviews are actually about New Chic men’s shoes UK.

While the majority of New Chic men’s shoes UK reviews were positive ones, we did find some negative New Chic UK reviews.

Among negative Newchic UK reviews, we found that many of them we’re dealing with sorting out all the difficulties that come when making New Chic UK returns.

Newchic South Africa Reviews

Positive New Chic clothing South Africa reviews are mostly focused on the timely delivery and quality of Newchic South Africa orders.

While we weren’t able to find as many Newchic reviews South Africa that were complaining about this website, we did find a lot of positive ones.

So, if you were to ask is Newchic legit in South Africa, many Newchic South Africa reviews would say: Yes, Newchic South Africa is legit, and the majority of customers haven’t experienced difficulties with the shopping experience and delivery.

Is Newchic legit in South Africa from your shopping experience? We’d love to hear from you if you have any Newchic South Africa reviews that you think shoppers should be aware of before shopping on the Newchic app or Newchic website.

Newchic Reddit Reviews

To further investigate where potential customers are standing, we looked into Newchic reviews Reddit. We were hoping to find out what Newchick customers are saying about the company, and ultimately get to the bottom of is Newchic legit Reddit reviews and is Newchic good quality Reddit reviews.

While there are hundreds of Newchic Reddit threads, we didn’t find a whole lot that are actually Newchic clothing Reddit reviews.

Among many Newchic Reddit coupon threads, we found a few NewChic Reviews Reddit where customers and potential customers are discussing this online shop.

More than one Newchic review Reddit customer left comments regarding Newchic quality of clothing.

We found one Newchic review on Reddit from a customer that received a hoodie that was smaller in size than expected. Regardless of sizing issues, this customer was very satisfied with the quality in their Newchic clothing review and recommended the shop to others.

We didn’t find many Newchic reviews Reddit that weren’t happy with their purchase.

If you asked Google, “Is Newchic legit Reddit,” most reviewer results would say: Yes. Additionally, when asked is Newchic good quality, Reddit would answer: Yes, Newchic official shoes and clothes are good quality, but be careful with size.

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Newchic Review | Is Newchic a Scam?

Overseas manufacturers like Rosewe, Modlily, Romwe, and Newchic .com frequently attract reviews from shoppers accusing the company of running a scam.

Whether it’s due to prolonged shipping, lack of communication, fraudulent charges, poor quality, or sketchy refund policies, it’s rare to find a Chinese manufacturer that hasn’t had at least a handful of scam accusations.

Some of this is due to the difference in customer service in the retail culture between countries. Part is due to serious issues with providing an honest representation on the website of the product that a consumer is actually receiving, once they do receive it.

So, what about Newchic .com? Should you be worried about a Newchic scam?

On the surface, the Newchic website is not a scam—there are positive reviews from real people who seem to have had genuinely good experiences. While the Newchic return policy is not ideal, it is publicly advertised, leaving the consumer to buy at their own risk.

Newchic Clothing Return and Refund Policy

Newchic return policy and refund policy are not necessarily created with the customer in mind. If a customer returns an item that does not have a manufacturing defect, the customer is responsible for “both the shipping cost we paid and also the shipping fee you pay to return the item back to us”.

Newchic fashion returns need to be made within 30 days after delivery, and they note that if the item is damaged or the size or color doesn’t match what you ordered, you can get a replacement or a full refund.

What happens if you have another reason for a New Chic clothes return? The Newchic policy says that “after auditing your order, we will refund according to your situation.”

Newchic Clothing Reviews – Quality Complaints

It’s also worth mentioning that many New Chic fashion shoppers have issued complaints about product Newchic quality, claiming that NewChic clothes are cheap, poorly sized, and in some cases, unwearable.

We’ve also noted a few examples already where Newchic clothing reviews stated the item they received was not the item represented on the Newchic website and not made of the same materials that were advertised.

However, we’ve also seen a lot of Newchic shoes reviews and Newchic clothing reviews that seem to be genuinely impressed with Newchic quality and would order again and again.

So, is Newchic good quality?

Yes and no! Although there does not seem to be a Newchic scam going on, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be getting what you expected. Overall, consumers using Newchic /com should not expect to get the same quality of clothes or customer service as they might from a US-based or locally-based online fashion company.

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AdvisoryHQ Conclusion | Is New Chic Clothing Legit? Is Newchic Shop Safe?

Ultimately, Newchic seems better than other websites that sell cut-rate fashions that originate from China and other Asian countries which is why we’ve given it a 3-star rating.

Is Legit? Is Newchic trustworthy and safe?

Based on all the reviews, most customers would say: Yes, Newchic is legit and trustworthy as an online shop.

A positive for many shoppers is that the Newchic brand seems to warehouse and sell the products themselves, rather than simply being a marketplace to connect buyers with sellers. This gives some shoppers comfort to at least know they’re buying directly from the company.

Although there are certainly some shoppers that are satisfied with the site, many had to experience lost or missing packages before leaving a positive review.

Additionally, our Newchic review found a substantial number of disgruntled customers that raise serious questions about multiple different issues including, clothing quality, shipping, and return policies, and Newchic customer service.

If the low prices and positive experiences of some customers encourage you to want to give Newchic website a try, then just go in eyes fully wide open, understanding you might be taking a little risk to get that great New Chic official deal.

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