NewChic Reviews | Could NewChic Clothing be Your New Favorite Wardrobe Addition, or are There Scams You Need to Watch Out for?

In a world where fast fashion is king, and your next killer closet staple is available through the click of a button, offering trendy styles at rock-bottom prices is quickly becoming a global retail standard.

It’s not surprising that global retailers are growing in popularity. Not only do they offer the convenience of shopping from your living room, but they also provide deep discounts on trendy clothing and on-style accessories to build a wardrobe on a budget.

For those that can’t resist a good deal, NewChic claims to be “one of the best stores on the internet,” offering a wide variety of clothing and accessories for both women and men across the globe.

NewChic Clothing

Before you rush online and start loading up your cart, how can you tell if NewChic clothing and accessories are worth it?

Are NewChic reviews from customers positive or negative? Is NewChic legit? Could you be buying into a NewChic scam?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, read on—our NewChic review will give you all the information you need to make smart decisions while shopping online.

We’ll take a close look at NewChic customer reviews to help you determine whether NewChic clothing is worth the price. We’ll also answer the question, “Is NewChic legit?” and explore whether you should be worried about a NewChic scam.

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NewChic Review | Is NewChic Legit?

NewChic clothing was founded in 2015, providing affordable, fashionable clothing to over 30 countries across the globe.

Shoppers can find a wide array of products on their website, including cosmetics, shoes, dresses, jackets, purses, kid’s clothing, and even home décor.

Although there are plenty of low-cost options on, how can you tell if NewChic is legit? In the sections below, we’ll examine whether NewChic is legit by looking at the company’s location, social media presence, and affiliations.

Where is NewChic Located?

Part of answering the question, “Is NewChic legit” comes from looking at where the company is located. Our review found that, although the company lists a London billing address, their operating address is in Hong Kong.

We also found another shipping address for returns listed in Guangdong, China, which is likely the location of their warehouses.

Multiple addresses can certainly confusing from a shopper’s perspective, but not entirely out of the ordinary for overseas fast-fashion retailers. As such, having multiple addresses does not mean that the NewChic clothing brand is not legit.

Social Media Presence

A good way to determine whether a company is legit is to look at how they interact on social media. Our review found that the company is active on a surprising number of social media platforms, including:

The company is active on all of these platforms, keeping an open line of communication with shoppers. With regular posts and well over a million followers and friends, it’s safe to say that yes, NewChic is legit.

NewChic & Banggood

Interestingly, while researching the website domain, our NewChic review found that the company’s administrative emails are connected to Does this mean that NewChic and Banggood are the same company?

According to this thread, a representative from NewChic explains that the two companies are “business partners owned by a different boss, but located in the same building.”

In the same thread, NewChic customers express frustration over receiving packages labeled “Banggood”, and confusion over being forwarded to Banggood customer service.

Both Banggood and NewChic are legitimate companies in the basic sense — they are actual companies with real addresses and real products — but it is disconcerting that one company would be shipping for the other without fair warning to the consumer.

For some shoppers, the failure to disclose a connection between the two may decrease the overall legitimacy of NewChic.

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NewChic Review | NewChic Customer Reviews on SiteJabber

Approximately 1,200 shoppers have left reviews of their experience with NewChic clothing on SiteJabber.

With 532 1-star NewChic reviews and 410 5-star NewChic customer reviews, the company an overall rating of 3 out of 5 stars.

Positive NewChic Reviews

Interestingly, the majority of positive reviews praise the customer service, rather than the quality of products. Many shoppers describe receiving refunds for delayed shipments or shipments that never arrive.

For example, one recent NewChic review says:

I’ve ordered shoes which I didn’t received. I was pleasantly surprised, when they returned the money to me, without problem. I recommended this site to shop.

In a similar review, another shopper says:

Ordered a lovely warm looking coat that didn’t arrive. Each time I emailed the company referencing this I was immediately sent apologetic and polite email.

After waiting the agreed extra time, as soon as I said that I wanted refund I was told it would be through in 72 hours. In fact it was refunded within only 24. I’d have no hesitation in using New Chic again and cannot fault their customer service.

While NewChic customer reviews do seem to applaud their customer service policies, it’s worth mentioning that there are a significant number of reviewers that report shipping issues. Even if the customer service team is top-notch, the hassle of dealing with missing shipments may not be worth it for some shoppers.


Negative NewChic Review on SiteJabber

Negative NewChic Reviews

Many of the critical reviews on SiteJabber address issues with product quality, sizing, delivery, and customer service. For example, one NewChic reviewer says:

The clothes are nothing like pictures, the sizing is way off, the quality is poor, the delivery is beyond a joke, they take payment straight away and send 8 weeks later. Returns and refunds are non existent.

Generally speaking, shoppers leaving negative NewChic reviews express extreme frustration, and in some cases, even outright anger. While this is not entirely uncommon on review sites, it is worth mentioning that some shoppers have experienced serious issues with their orders.

For example, one shopper calls the company “NewFraud,” saying that upon receiving women’s shoes instead of men’s shoes, customer service was “unapologetic and uncooperative.”

Another shopper expresses frustration over having to “jump through hoops” to return clothing, including taking photos, contacting customer service, and paying for return shipping to China.

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NewChic Review | Reviews on TrustPilot

Currently, there are nearly 900 NewChic reviews available on TrustPilot, giving the site an overall rating of 2 stars out of 5.

In total, 34 percent of reviewers rated their shopping experience as “Excellent,” while 38 percent described their experience as “Bad.”

Positive NewChic Reviews

While reading through 5-star reviews on TrustPilot, we found a significant difference between positive reviews on SiteJabber.

Rather than focusing on great customer service experience, a large number of shoppers applaud the site for their shoes and hats. In fact, nearly half of the first page of NewChic reviews are from shoppers that have purchased shoes.

According to positive NewChic customer reviews, NewChic shoes tend to be both durable and comfortable, which is surprising considering that most fall within a range of $15-$50.

In fact, one NewChic reviewer even says that “they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn besides the Clark’s brand”.

NewChic Clothing—Women’s Jackets

Negative NewChic Reviews

Many critical reviews on TrustPilot deal with customer service issues, specifically where returns are concerned. A common theme is the length of time it takes for refunds to process, as well as the responsibility of the customer to pay for return shipping.

There are also a significant number of negative NewChic reviews that address product quality issues, with a few consumers raising concerns over a NewChic scam.

For example, one NewChic reviewer states:

Trust me on this one. I ordered the fleece waterproof pants. I can say without fear of contradiction that the item I received from China (took 4 weeks to deliver) has utterly no fleece on it. Not a square inch. I believe I could claim – and win in the court of law – that NewChic is engaged in false advertising.

Other common complaints include products that do not match the advertised photograph, inconsistent sizing, and accepting payments for out of stock products.

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NewChic Review | Is NewChic a Scam?

Overseas manufacturers like Wish, Liligal, Rosegal, Romwe, and NewChic frequently bring in reviews from shoppers accusing the company of running a scam.

Whether it’s due to prolonged shipping, lack of communication, fraudulent charges, poor quality, or sketchy refund policies, it’s rare to find a Chinese manufacturer that hasn’t had at least a handful of scam accusations.

So, what about NewChic? Should you be worried about a NewChic scam?

On the surface, NewChic is not a scam—there are positive reviews from real people who seem to have had genuinely good experiences. While their return policies are not ideal, they are publicly advertised, leaving the consumer to buy at their own risk.

Unfortunately, NewChic’s return policy is not necessarily created with the customer in mind. If a customer returns an item that does not have a manufacturing defect, the customer is responsible for “both the shipping cost we paid and also the shipping fee you pay to return the item back to us”.

For many consumers, this generates situations that certainly feel like scams, where obtaining a full refund is either incredibly difficult or impossible.

It’s also worth mentioning that many shoppers have issued complaints about product quality, claiming that NewChic clothing is cheap, poorly sized, and in some cases, unwearable.

Although there does not seem to be a NewChic scam going on, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be getting what you expected. Overall, consumers using should not expect to get the same product quality or customer service as they might from a US-based company.

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AdvisoryHQ Conclusion: Should You Shop at

When it comes to shopping on, the old adage rings true: buyer beware. In the case of fast fashion from overseas retailers, lower prices don’t always make a purchase worth it.

Although there are certainly some shoppers that are satisfied with the site, many had to experience lost or missing packages before leaving a positive review.

Additionally, our NewChic review found a substantial number of disgruntled customers that raise serious questions about product quality, shipping, and return policies, and customer service.

Given these issues, you will be better off paying higher prices from more reliable manufacturers, rather than risk having a negative experience with NewChic.

If you do choose to purchase from NewChic, you should be prepared to deal with common issues like excessively long shipping times, no tracking numbers, poor customer service, and lower product quality.

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