NastyDress Review | Is NastyDress Reliable? Is it Legit? What You Need to Know about NastyDress

While scrolling through your Facebook timeline or your Instagram feed, have you ever stumbled upon advertisements with photos like these?

nastydress reviews


Stunning outfits for insanely cheap prices — that’s what you can find at and on the NastyDress app. It can be hard to resist the urge impulse buys when you see prices like that. Those deals are too good to pass up — or are they too good to be true?

NastyDress is notorious for its remarkably low costs, but is NastyDress legit? Can prices that cheap for products that tempting be real?

We want to dig a little deeper into and help online shoppers decide if and the NastyDress app are safe to use. Many online shoppers are asking, “Is NastyDress legit?” and “Is NastyDress a scam?”

Well, we’ve done some research for you and created our own NastyDress review that will help you draw your own conclusion. Through this article, we aim to determine if NastyDress is legit or if NastyDress is a scam.  

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What Is NastyDress? is a global online shopping destination from the UK and their website was founded in 2011. NastyDress considers itself home to “today’s most exciting and edgy fashion apparel,” with free shipping on every item. The website’s “About Us” page promises a “shopping experience that’s 100% safe and secure.”

NastyDress sells men’s and women’s clothes, shoes, accessories, lingerie and more. Much of their clothing comes from somewhere in the UK or from China. There are a number of other websites, including, and, that offer very similar clothing choices for comparably irresistible prices.

A BuzzFeed Analysis showed that eight different companies alongside NastyDress and the aforementioned websites are all linked to one e-commerce company from China that made more than $200 million in sales in the year 2014. These websites definitely don’t lack a customer base, but that still leaves us with the question, “Is NastyDress legit?”

Why Shop at NastyDress?

Imagine you’re browsing your social media when you come across an advertisement from It pictures a beautiful young woman wearing a dazzling purple dress. At the bottom of the photo in bold red font, it displays a shockingly reasonable price, boasting that the original price was almost double. You’re filled with excitement — you must have that dress.

Nastrydress reviews

Image Source: Nastydress Reviews

You go to the NastyDress website and see that all of their products are affordable, so you load up your virtual shopping cart and proceed to check out to discover that shipping is free! All you need to do now is enter your credit card information and wait for your brand new dress to arrive. It’s that easy — or at least it seems so.

is nastydress legit


NastyDress promises easy shopping, low prices, and quality products. They use beautifully photographed advertisements to lure shoppers to the site (check out this article that discusses “photo snatching” — when companies steal advertisement photos from other stores).

It’s obvious why online shoppers would be attracted to Nothing about the website would lead the shopper to believe that NastyDress is a scam. They even offer a NastyDress app to make online shopping even easier, but how can you know for sure that NastyDress is legit?

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About the NastyDress Website

The NastyDress website is impressively easy to navigate. Browsing the products is a breeze using both a computer and the NastyDress app. Once the shopper has selected an apparel item that they like, they are given a detailed sizing chart. The sizing chart offers the product’s measurements in both centimeters and inches for the bust, waist, hips, sleeve length, and more depending on the article of clothing.

It even offers a very descriptive “product details” section that includes the material, style, season, etc. of the product. These steps can shore up the customer’s confidence in the site. Judging solely by the looks of their website, it seems that NastyDress is legit.

nastydress app


The website also provides abundant resources for getting in touch with the company should a problem arise. They even have a politely worded disclaimer that gently reminds customers that colors and product sizes may not be accurately displayed on the website.

Under “Company Information” the website walks the customer through what customer information they collect and what they use it for. They promise a very strict privacy policy.

As far as payment, shipping and handling, order status, warranties and returns, the website doesn’t skimp out. NastyDress appears to maintain a very transparent relationship with their customers.

They assure visitors to the website that customer satisfaction is their number one priority. With all this, how can NastyDress be a scam?

NastyDress even has a photo gallery of what appears to be satisfied customers wearing the products they purchased. This is even better than a written NastyDress review because the shopper can physically see satisfied customers who received their orders.

By sharing photos of themselves wearing their purchases placed neatly next to the website’s advertised image of the product, they are rewarded coupons or “N points,” a NastyDress point system that earns shoppers deals and discounts. What isn’t there to trust about that? Let’s take a look at some NastyDress reviews.

is nastydress a scam


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Negative NastyDress Reviews

In determining whether NastyDress is legit, we researched a number of NastyDress reviews posted by past and present NastyDress customers. Despite the company’s apparent concern for customer satisfaction and the promise of quality products, there were a shocking number of negative NastyDress reviews.

While it’s often been said that unhappy customers are significantly more likely to post a review than happy customers, it’s hard to combat the negative reviews.

The biggest complaint among negative NastyDress reviews appears to be that many customers do not receive their orders despite payment being taken from their bank accounts. Though it’s always a risk to shop online, a number of customers find it hard to believe there can be so many slip ups. Check out these real-life NastyDress reviews:

From TrustPilot:

 I placed an order September 2015. I have tried to contact them with no luck. I still don’t have my order and it’s been 7 months since I placed it. I will never be ordering anything online again.”

From SiteJabber:

 Wow! I spent $175USD ($220AUD) and they arrived fast I will give them 1 star for that. BUT THAT IS IT! The clothes were the cheapest, most disgusting things I have ever seen…I tried 1 shirt on and it tore just like a tissue! [And] the sizing… OH MAN! As per their website an XL should fit a small adult, I am slim…WHAT A JOKE! The sizing is way off!

Negative NastyDress reviews have a common theme of poor quality of material, incorrect colors and sizes, and lack of response from customer service representatives. Despite the website’s gentle disclaimer on advertised images, many shoppers feel like NastyDress is scamming them and that customer satisfaction is not at all their first priority.

Take this example that was featured on written by blogger Lindsay Ferrier.

nastydress review


After doing a certain amount of research, Ferrier decided that despite negative NastyDress reviews, NastyDress is legit, and she ordered a number of products from the website, but upon their arrival, not a single one fit.

She claims that she even ordered a size larger for each product just to “be on the safe side,” yet she ultimately gave all of her purchases to her 10-year-old daughter, who wore them much better.

In the photo above, Ferrier tries on a coat that was supposed to be a size larger than what she normally wears. Also, the coat was advertised as “woolen” but it turned out to be fleece. Immediately Ferrier posted a NastyDress review online. Check out Ferrier’s full blog for the details on her experience with NastyDress.

Ferrier, along with several other NastyDress reviewers, claimed that her purchases came with holes and lose strings. Despite the website’s convincing concern for customer satisfaction and service, many disappointed customers seem unable to reach anyone for help. A NastyDress customer service representative comments on all negative NastyDress reviews, but it appears to be nothing more than a copied and pasted response.

Despite the large number of positive NastyDress reviews, these poor real-life customer experiences make it harder to believe that NastyDress is legit.

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Positive NastyDress Reviews

On the online review website, there were 682 one-star ratings and only 113 five-star ratings out of 912 total NastyDress reviews. On, there were 148 NastyDress reviews, 56.8% of which were one-star reviews and 28.4% that were five-star reviews. Also, the NastyDress app receives dozens of negative NastyDress reviews.

While websites like these have an overwhelming number of dissatisfied NastyDress reviews, there is no denying the positive ones out there. On these review sites, a handful of four- or five-star ratings pop up with comments such as, “best online shopping experience” or “great store, low prices” and “completely satisfied.” Also, don’t forget the photo gallery of happy customers mentioned earlier.

nastydress reviews


Is this a fluke? Maybe NastyDress is legit and safe? Some shoppers researching NastyDress wonder if these reviews are posted by the company itself.

Often times it’s been said that companies may create monetary incentives for reviewers to leave positive feedback (see article “For $2 a Star, an Online Retailer gets Five-Star Product Reviews”). While this is entirely possible, there is no way for us to prove such a statement. So does the good outweigh the bad? Is NastyDress legit?

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Is NastyDress a Scam? – Our Opinion

While there are both positive and negative NastyDress reviews floating around the internet, it’s hard to develop a concrete answer. We wouldn’t go so far as to say NastyDress is scamming its customers, but it seems that there is plenty of room for improvement in NastyDress’s systems.

There has been research done on and its sister sites including,, and more. An in-depth analysis by BuzzFeed tells its readers all about the e-commerce company that runs these websites.

We will concede that it comes down to chance when ordering from and when using the NastyDress app, as the dozens of positive NastyDress reviews and the millions of likes on their Facebook page show that there are satisfied NastyDress customers out there. Is NastyDress legit? Probably, but there are also plenty of trustworthy shopping websites that don’t require the customer to leave so much to luck.

Always keep in mind the risks that come with shopping online. Online retail revenue saw a 13% year-over-year growth rate for the year 2014. It’s not uncommon to shop online anymore.

It has become such an accepted form of shopping that many people forget the risks that come with exchanging money over the internet. Check out this Forbes article about the risks of shopping online if you’d like to learn more.

We hope that our NastyDress review has given you some insight on and that you now feel like you can confidently make your own judgement on whether or not NastyDress is legit.

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