Intro: What is Namely and is it Legit?

Human Resources software is no longer just about tracking and gathering information; it’s about engaging employees, and newcomer Namely is forging the path for the future of cloud HR software by doing just that. 

Namely is a customizable Human Resources software platform that integrates everything from payroll to goal-setting management tools for mid-sized companies. Namely HR’s new-wave tech is changing outdated HR systems by offering cool, new features and packaging the system in a familiar social media-like platform.

Namely HR is looking to put your company at your fingertips.

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Namely Review: Whats Namelys History?

Namely HR is a startup headquartered in New York, San Francisco, Austin, and Atlanta. In 2015, the tech-startup raised more than $20 million. Namely has gained another $30 million in venture capital. The company is growing fast; estimations are that its customer base has doubled since 2015.

Right now Namely HR works with about 400 companies, managing more than $2.5 billion in annual payroll and approximately 60,000 employees around the world. They focus on mid-sized companies that are too big for other HR software provider like Zenefits and yet too small for the giants like Workday.

Why Does Namely HR Software Utilize the Cloud?

Experts have been saying for years that companies will gradually switch to the cloud—including their HR systems. What’s different about the cloud is that it’s more flexible than the closed server-based systems of the past. The cloud gives a lower risk path to delivering integrations and business support while also lowering costs.

In an interview with Forbes, Namely HR CEO Matt Straz said, “Until the emergence of the cloud and inside selling, it was really impossible to build an end-to-end HR platform and bring it to market.” But now the cloud is everywhere and utilized by many in our everyday lives. It only makes sense to integrate cloud storage into our businesses and HR systems, too.

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So, What Does Provide for HR Solutions?

With Namely HR, you get a seriously modern HR upgrade. Your company, your employees, and all the information in between are at your fingertips. Namely HR integrates the standard HR solutions into a modern package that engages employees and empowers the company. Here are the basics:

Talent Management

With Namely HR, you can easily onboard new employees, set goals, conduct performance reviews, and give feedback. This is a great way to keep all of your employee information on hand, and at the same time keep employees engaged with your organization and goals.

First, we’ll discuss the integration of the goals, which Namely HR calls their “cascading goals.” This allows you to align employee goals with team and company goals, track progress, make notes, and really show people how their work is affecting the company’s mission. And at the end of the day, you can seamlessly incorporate these goals into performance reviews.

The performance reviews from Namely HR are another major asset to talent management. You can manage your entire review cycle with templates and reminders, import goals, and export performance data for compensation and further planning. You can also make reviews available for your entire company by offering peer reviews or self-assessments.

Namely HR also provides the option for feedback so you can create customized surveys to engage employees in a way that fits with your company culture. These surveys can range from peer feedback to self-assessments and even entire company assessments.

Finally, Namely HR’s talent management allows you to track and measure competencies. You can assign competencies for specific jobs for your employees to see, automatically surface competencies in performance reviews, and produce reports that evaluate these competencies in your employees.

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Namely HR is a full-service payroll provider and is totally integrated with all the HR information they help you aggregate and organize. This reduces errors and saves time.

You get all the basics: easy employee enrollment, automated tax filings, and payroll integrated with timesheets. But Namely HR also goes above and beyond to give you the best payroll to keep your employees happy.

Namely’s tax and filing compliance is completely up to standard. Namely HR ensures the timely and accurate calculation, filing, and deposit of taxes, and they also handle tax withholdings, year-end reporting, and ongoing compliance with regulators.

Namely HR also offers payroll reporting right at your fingertips. Viewing headcounts, seeing hours, tracking attendance, and understanding your people-related costs is now easier than ever—and it’s also directly transferable to your HCM for a comprehensive view of the company.


Namely HR offers medical, dental, and vision plans from many of the world’s leading carriers, while also allowing companies to keep their current plans and just take advantage of Namely’s software.

With Namely HR, you can offer your employees the ancillary plans they look for in a job: life or disability insurance, 401(k)s, FSA, and other financial benefits, as well as perks and commuter benefits for qualifying employees.

Another great benefit of Namely HR is their pay-as-you-go workers’ comp, which is great for medium-sized businesses. It allows you to adjust premiums based on your actual payroll so that you can protect your employees with quality workers’ comp insurance, protect your company from liability, and protect your cash flow by avoiding unexpected payments at the end of the year. This is a great feature for a growing mid-sized business.

And if you need help figuring out just what plans, benefits, and insurance is right to offer for your company, just ask Namely HR’s expert benefit consultants. They’ll help you chose the right offerings tailored to your company, design effective plans with the right deductibles and premiums, and optimize your employee experience with great support.

With the Affordable Care Act in place, it’s important that your company knows the rules and regulations. But Namely HR also takes care of that for their clients by automatically generating the 1094C and 1095C forms, electronically filing ACA forms with the IRS, and distributing copies to your employees. Plus, they’ll answer any additional questions you have to make sure they walk you through the entire process correctly.

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What Makes Namely Modern HR?

Namely provides its customers with an HR cloud software that’s smart and super-effective at tracking and engaging with employees. They’re always looking for ways to improve the system with new features, but these highlights show just how they’re turning the HR cloud software industry on its head:

Employee Profiles

Namely HR profiles are totally configurable and allow the company to not only visually see each employee, but also to store, search, and report on all employee data. Each profile can also include goals set by the company team and employees in individual profiles.

Teams and Organization Charts

Want to visualize your entire company? With Namely HR, that’s not a problem; in fact, it can be configured in just a few clicks. Use Namely’s charts to organize and visualize the entire company, from division all the way down to the team level. The cloud HR software also allows you to analyze team costs and projections, see open positions, and view the company’s hierarchy.

Time Off Tracking

Nearly every company has trouble tracking paid time off. But with Namely HR, those days are part of the past, no matter what policy you use. Namely automates requests, lets employees see available PTO, and tracks request—all in one system.

It allows you to configure your exact policy into the system, dictate the company holidays, ensure accurate accrual, and automate PTO request with email and site notifications.

Robust Reporting

Data on your employees is crucial to keeping your business running and growing. And with Namely HR, you can easily get any report you need and even see real-time data.

Namely HR allows you to report on multiple variables of employee data ranging from performance to compensation and career progression. You can even get headcounts for teams and customized reports that show just what you need. Another great feature of Namely HR is your ability to update these reports quickly and easily by adding filters or additional data.

Social News Feed

Namely hasn’t only created an HR cloud software that boasts the familiarity of a social media platform; it has created a social feed that keeps your company connected with updates, goals, and feedback.

On the Namely HR social news feed, you can welcome new employees, celebrate achieved goals, post important announcements, and continue building your company culture.

Namely HR

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Mobile App

The Namely HR mobile app makes it easier than ever for employees to see their coworkers’ contact details, view team, and role information, and stay connected with the company. This means you can access important information anytime, anywhere.

A Calendar

The Namely HR calendar keeps everything that’s going on in your company in one streamlined place. Events, time off, milestones—you name it. You can even sync your company’s Namely calendar with your own third-party calendar for easy integration.

Workflow Approvals

Streamline your approval requests with ease. Approval workflows by Namely HR allows companies to easily change job titles, make salary adjustments, or any other employee profile field by assigning certain participants access to request permission. You can also easily approve or deny any of these requests.


The tasks section of Namely HR allows employees to keep track of projects, events, or any group tasks. You can create tasks, mark them completed, trigger tasks that still need to get done, and even make tasks only visible to certain people. This integration allows for increased productivity and awareness among employees.

A Place to Store Documents

Handing out all those company handbooks, rules, regulations, and schedules takes time and takes up space. But with Namely HR, your company can digitally upload documents that all employees can access, including set permissions to determine who can see and download what.

Open API

Having an open API means that Namely can easily integrate into your company’s customized needs that lie outside their HR solution. That means you can integrate your Namely data with internal applications, connect Namely HR to a partner ATS (Applicant Tracking System), and even pull information from Namely to any other outside application you need.

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Is Namely HR Right for Your Business?

Namely HR is taking HR cloud software by storm with their modern approach to Human Resources. If you’re a mid-sized company that really needs to track your metrics and learn more about the employees you have now to enable growth, and if you want to create an open and engaging environment for your organization, Namely may just be for you.

Their wide range of features, like the app, employee profiles, goal tracking, and storage and document sharing, all facilitate the modern workflow we’ve created in our businesses; it only makes sense to use these to your own advantage to keep track of your organization.

Namely HR’s hands-on approach to counseling and advising their clients through the integration of Namely into their workplace plus the implementation of payroll and benefits means they’re going to save you many headaches and a lot of time.

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